A Day to Remember Ch. 02


Today, I met up with Erik again. We met in the movie theater. I had to wait for him to get out of work because I wanted to go to my place. I waited for 45 minutes while he was working. My penis was ready to rock and roll but I had to wait until everyone left to take him. All the people had finally left the theater. I finally had him to myself. I was ready to do this again. He looked a bit sad. He said, “I have to stay here for at least another couple of hours to get my hours in cleaning and stuff.”

I said, “What? I thought we scheduled it for today.”

He replied, smiling, “Meet me in theater 3 in about 10 minutes.”

“Okay,” I said, a little apprehensively. I went into the bathroom to take a dump and prepare myself. After using the bathroom, I took my favorite comb out and ran it through my hair. I loved the smooth feel of the comb running through my hair. I wet my fingers and messed up my hair again. I like it in this sort of style. I walked out of the theater bathroom to find that the hallway lights are all dimmed except for a few small lights. I blinked heavily a few times in order to get my eyes used to the light. I walked over to theater 3, stumbling over some trash on the floor.

When I arrived, I saw that the lights were a little brighter than the hallway’s but not by much. A film began to play. bahis firmaları I sat down. This was not a film that was supposed to be played in the theater. It was called, “Bears and friends.” I knew what it was going to be about.

I started to watch the film. My discovery of man-on-man love made me horny all the time but this video made me even hornier. “Damn, where is that Erik?”, said I. I took a seat in the front row. I started watching the film.

I’m not going to lie, this film made me hornier than hell. I kept wondering where Erik was. I then figured that he wanted me to have some viewing pleasure while he cleaned up. I pulled out my dick. It was hard, very hard. I began to slowly message the head. I was engrossed in the film and my masturbation.

All of the sudden, I felt another hand take over for mine, Erik! I was so excited I almost got off there and then.

“Enjoying the film… Don’t answer that, Don’t speak, Just do as I say!”

I didn’t respond.

“Sit there and keep watching,” he barked at me. He slowly pulled down my pants over my feet; my shoes had already been off. In the flicker of the film, I could see that he was completely naked and completely hard. I turned my attention back to the film.

In the movie there was a scene where two black hairy beasts were fucking this small kaçak iddaa white guy. One was taking his ass and the other his mouth. They were filling him up.

Erik had already removed my underwear and shirt. He began to lick my nipples, while still messaging my dick. First the left, than the right; this aroused me even more. I knew that I would get off soon.

He licked his way down to my penis. He took it in one hand and then began to lick just under the dickhead. I am uncircumcised. His lapping made me want to explode, but I wanted to stay as long as I could.

In the film the last scene was ending. I watched the black man’s cum drip out the white man’s ass as had happened to Erik last week. He began licking my entire head all the way around. This was even better than before.

I felt like there was no way I could stop the inevitable but I held it back. He began to take my whole dick into his mouth. This impressed me. Even though I was just a bit above average size, it would be hard to take all of it into your mouth.

He lubed up one of his fingers with spit. While he was sucking, he began to rub the outside of my asshole. This was a feeling I had never experienced before. I liked it. His finger slowly worked its way in as he was still sucking me off. I felt him touch my prostate. I wanted to do it now but kaçak bahis I knew something amazing was coming so I tried to hold off a little longer. He pulled out his finger and wet his dick over with his spit. His penis was rather long but also rather thin, but I didn’t care. He pulled his mouth off of mine and replaced it with his hand. He rubbed his dick all around my ass, poking and prodding.

He began to enter. Slowly and steadily, I could feel the mushroom-like head of his dick enter into my asshole. It did not hurt but a little. He put the whole thing in there. Nothing but spit was on it. I was proud of myself.

He began to fuck it like a jackrabbit. This became a little painful but the pleasure in my prostate made up for it. I was going to blow there and then but first I felt a warm liquid enter my ass. He slowed his fucking and pulled out.

As soon as he pulled out, he was still jacking me this whole time. He put his mouth back on my dick. He said, “Let’s give this a proper ending.” About 10 seconds later If filled his mouth with cum. He took it all and swallowed it. He loved it.

At this point the film was at its climax. There was a scene where there were 5 hairy white men all standing around another who was rather large. They all 6 cummed within 30 seconds of each other and the 6th’s one’s body was covered in the stuff.

We cleaned up. He still had to clean the rest of the movie theater. I thanked him and we parted planning on the same time next week but actually going to my place this time…

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