A Day With My Son And Daughter

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I got up early in the morning, took a shower, wrapped a towel around me and went downstairs to the kitchen.

I cleaned off the dining table and started washing a few dishes in the sink. The sun shining through the window on me is making me feel sexy, so I take off the towel and throw it over the back of a chair and go back to washing dishes. Oh yes, that feels better. I will put the towel back on in a few minutes before my family gets out of bed and comes down for our Saturday morning breakfast we have about 10 o’clock.

Now the sun can shine on my perfect, firm breasts, with their hard nipples. For being 38 years old and having two children, I still have a body that most women would die for. My long legs are toned. My ass is tight and round. My stomach is flat. I stay fit by swimming in our Olympic size pool everyday.

In fact, I look so natural without any clothes on, everyday at noon, I walk naked down our long driveway to pickup the mail. My dark tan accents the tan lines I get from laying out in the sun in my bathing suit. When I am strolling down the driveway on a bright, sunny day, it looks like I am wearing a white bikini. When I get to the road, I open the mailbox and spend a minute looking to see what I have received.

Most cars drive past me and do not even notice I am completely nude. However, a few times a week, a car will slow down and stop. I turn around and see they have their window rolled down and are taking digital pictures of me with their cell phone.

I just wave at them, then, turn around, and go back to looking at the mail. They take a few more pictures of my naked ass and then drive off. Then, I close the mailbox door and casually walk back to the house.

Anyway, back in the kitchen, I am still leaning over the sink washing the last of the dishes. I hear someone come into the room and see it is my son, Tommy. He looks like he has just gotten out of the shower and is completely naked. His huge 10 inch cock is sticking straight out from his body!

Tommy! Your father and sister may come downstairs at any minute! Go upstairs and put some clothes on!

Okay Mom, but, just let me give you a hug and a kiss first.

He immediately steps over behind me, reaches around with both hands and begins to caress my naked tits. I can feel his hard cock nestled between my ass cheeks.

My son begins to push his cock harder against me while he starts kissing and sucking on the side of my neck. From experience, he knows what he is doing is making me horny. I start to moan slightly as he continues moving his cock up and down between my ass cheeks while playing with my breasts.

Tommy! Stop! You know what kissing on my neck does to me! Go upstairs right now and get dressed!

I am finished washing the dishes, so, I dry my hands with a towel and turn around. My son takes a step forward, reaches behind me with both his hands and grabs my naked ass cheeks. His hard cock presses up against my stomach.

He says “Mom, just give me one kiss and I will go upstairs.”

Well, okay, just one kiss. My son pulls me closer to him and we begin to passionately makeout. Our tongues play with each other. I automatically reach down between us and start to stroke his cock back and forth. After a couple of minutes he stops kissing me, leans over and begins to suck on my hard nipples. I keep a tight grip on his big cock and do not let go.

Tommy! You had your kiss! Stop sucking my tits and go upstairs like you promised!

He immediately drops to his knees and burys his face in my smooth, shaven pussy. He runs his tongue feverishly up and down. I am getting horny as hell! I should push him away from me, but, I grab the back of his head with both hands to hold him still while I grind my pussy into his face.

After a few minutes I can feel an orgasm building up in me. I am moaning louder and louder while I thrust my hips forward. Suddenly, an orgasm rips through me and I release my grip from the back of his head. Jesus Christ that felt good! My son gives me the best orgasms!

I am still reeling from the experience when Tommy grabs my hand and pulls me towards one of the kitchen chairs. He sits down, then, starts pushing me around until I am facing him and straddled over his rock hard cock.

He grabs my ass cheeks and pulls me down until the head of his big cock is pressed against my pussy. Then, he thrusts his hips upward and 4 or 5 inches of his cock slide inside me.

Tommy! Stop what you are doing right now!. We can’t fuck here in the kitchen! Your father may come downstairs at any minute! Let go of me!

I plant my feet firmly on the floor and try to get up, but, my sons hands grasp my ass cheeks even harder. He pulls me down and his cock moves further and further inside me.

Tommy! Let go of me! Let me up! He ignores my pleading and continues to thrust his cock upward until all 10 inches are buried completely inside me.

He then starts to raise and lower me up and down his huge cock. After a minute I felt him release illegal bahis the grip on my ass cheeks, so I start using my legs to bounce up and down on him. I grasp his shoulders for support as I raise up a few inches then drop myself all the way back down. Jesus Christ his cock feels good inside me!

Tommy! We should not be doing this! Someone may come downstairs at any minute!

Just as I said that, my daughter Krissy walks into the kitchen. She says “Hi Mom! Hi Tommy! Looks like you two are having fun this morning!”

She looks so cute in her little bikini. She steps over towards me to give me a kiss, so, I stop bouncing up and down on my sons cock. Krissy leans over and sticks her tongue in my mouth while she moves her right hand all over my naked breasts. After a couple of minutes she stands up straight, turns around, and gets a cup of coffee.

Tommy is anxious to get back to fucking me so he immediately grabs my hips with both hands and returns to thrusting his cock into my tight pussy.

My daughter sits down at the other end of the kitchen table and begins to talk to me. I can’t see her, so I get to my feet, turn around, then lower myself back down onto my sons cock. Tommy reaches around me, grabs my tits and pulls me back against his chest. Then, he continues to thrust his cock upward into me faster and faster.

I immediately noticed Krissy has removed her bikini and is completely naked. She is fingering her pussy while she watches me and her brother fucking just three feet away.

After about 10 minutes, my son pushes me forward off him and his cock pops out of me. Then, he turns me around, and tells me to sit on the edge of the kitchen table. I sit down and open my legs as wide as they can go. Then, Tommy positions his cock at my pussy, and with one thrust his 10 inches disappears inside me. It took the breath out of me and I had to gasp for air.

Suddenly, Krissy says “Mom! I am going to get my camera to take pictures of you and Tommy!” She jumps out of her chair and returns in a few seconds.

Tommy starts fucking me while I am sitting upright, then, after a few minutes, I lay down flat on my back. He then leans forward, puts both hands on the table for support and begins to fuck the shit out of me. My legs are dangling around in the air as he rams his cock into me over and over. Over and over again he rams his cock into me while Krissy takes pictures of us.

Another five minutes go by, then, Tommy suddenly puts his arms around my waist and leans back. He pulls me off the table and stands straight up with his cock still inside me. I immediately grab the back of his neck for support as my feet dangle a few inches above the kitchen floor.

Moments later he releases his grip from my ass cheeks, reaches up behind his neck and grasps both my wrists. Tommy! What are you doing? If you do not let me hold my arms around your neck, the only thing holding me off the floor will be your cock!

Tommy looks me directly in the eyes and says “Trust me Mom, you will like this!”

My son spread his legs apart further and bent his knees slightly. He then leaned back a little more and pulled my arms from around his neck and held them down next to my sides. Jesus Christ, his cock slid another inch or two up into me! I have never had a cock this far inside me before!

Krissy says, “Mom! Look! The only thing holding you up off the floor is Tommy’s hard cock!”

Then, my son lowers me to the ground and pulls his cock out of me. Mom! Yes honey! Turn around, and lean over the kitchen table so I can fuck you in the asshole!

Jesus Christ Tommy! Please do not fuck me in the ass! Your father may come down here at any minute and see us! You must be out of your mind wanting to fuck me in the ass!

My son pushes me around and forces me to lean forward over the table. He puts one hand on the back of my head to push me down so I can’t move, then, with the other hand, he grabs his cock and presses it against my tight asshole.

He moves his hips forward a little bit and the head of his cock pops inside me. Jesus Christ Tommy! Please do not fuck me in the ass right now! We can do this later today, but, not at this time! Your father may come downstairs at any minute and see us!

I try to push myself up and get away from him, but he lets go of this cock and holds my head down with both hands. He leans forward and the pressure on his cock makes it slowly slide forward into my tight ass. He keeps holding me down while his cock inches forward into me. I start to moan from the pleasure he is giving me, but, at the same time, I am fighting to get up and run out of the room.

While he has both of his hands on the back of my head holding me down, his cock keeps going further and further into me.

Tommy! Please do not push your cock into me any farther! I can’t take any more of it!

My son ignores me and continues to lean forward and thrusts his cock even harder into me.

After a few minutes my asshole has enlarged enough to accommodate illegal bahis siteleri his huge cock. Wonderful sensations rack my entire body. I am really enjoying being bent over the kitchen table with my sons cock in my ass. I relax and Tommy releases his grip from the back of my head.

For the next 10 minutes Tommy continues to ram his cock in and out of me. In and out, in and out.

Suddenly he pulls his cock out of me and says “Mom! Get on your knees in front of me!” I immediately climb off the table and get on the floor.

I automatically opened my mouth and he shoves his big cock in as far as it will go. I gag a little and push him away from me. Then, he takes his cock and starts slapping my face with it. This is very enjoyable to me. It is very erotic to have my son smack my face over and over with his huge cock.

He tells me to put my arms down along my sides then he grabs me by the back of the head and forces his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I reached up to push him away, but, he did not let go of my head! After about 5 seconds he pulls his cock out of me. I take a few breaths, then, he shoves it back in again. We repeat this over and over for the next few minutes.

We have done this before, and I am enjoying myself immensely. I just love it when he treats me like a cheap slut.

After a few minutes he starts feverishly jacking his cock back and forth and tells me to keep my mouth open. He aims it at my face and a huge load of sperm shoots out and sprays all over my mouth, nose, eyes and hair. I have to blink several times to get my vision back.

Then, he does it again! He strokes his cock a few more times and blasts another load on me! Jesus Christ, my son must have shot a quart of sperm all over my face! My hair is soaked and it is running down my face onto my tits and creating a puddle on the kitchen floor!

Tommy says “Mom! I better go upstairs and get dressed now!”

As my son walks away, I say “Tommy! Remember, your father is going on a hunting trip this weekend! You will be sleeping with me tonight! Okay Mom!”

I start to get up on my feet, then, Krissy says “Mom! Stay on your knees! I want to take a few more pictures of you!”

My daughter walks over to me and stops with her smooth, shaven pussy about an inch from my face. Krissy! What kind of pictures do you have in mind?

I look up at her beautiful, naked body as she points the camera down at me and begins to snap some more pictures. Click, click, click.

Mom! You look so sexy with Tommys sperm all over your face! I want to take a bunch of pictures of you licking my pussy! I want to show them to my girlfriends. They do not believe me when I tell them stories about us having sex together.

Jesus Christ Krissy! I have just had the living daylights fucked out of me for the past hour, now, you want me to eat your pussy! You must be out of your mind!

My daughter grabs the back of my head and forces my open mouth against her pussy. I automatically push my tongue inside her as far as it will go and look up at her. She releases her grip from the back of my head so she can hold the camera steady. I continue to lick her pussy lips while she snaps pictures of me. Click, click, click.

After a couple of minutes, Krissy is moaning loudly and thrusting her hips forward against my face. She is having a hard time keeping the camera pointed down between her legs.

Suddenly, she sets the camera down on the kitchen counter and grabs the back of my head with both of her hands. She violently starts moving my face up and down her pussy a few more times, then lets go of me.

She immediately has such a powerful orgasm that her bladder opens and she starts urinating all over me! A strong, steady stream of piss squirts out of her and begins to splash all over my naked body.

I close my eyes while her piss sprays all over my face and hair. It fills my open mouth and overflows onto the floor.

After a couple of seconds she stops urinating on me and leans back against the kitchen counter. Mom! That was the best orgasm I have ever had in my life!

I stand up and examine myself. What a mess my children have made of me! I am completely covered with my sons sperm and my daughters urine!

Krissy! Yes Mom! Take a few more pictures of me covered with your piss! I am sure your girlfriends will like to see them! Okay Mom!

She picks up the camera and gets a closeup shot of my wet hair and sperm covered face.

Krissy! I am going to punish you for pissing all over me. You have to take a shower with me right now and help me get cleaned up!

She follows me upstairs and we stop at my sons open bedroom door. He is still naked and playing on his computer. Krissy! Give Tommy the camera and tell him to upload the pictures to his computer so we can review them after we get out of the shower.

I continue down the hallway, step into the huge shower room and turn the water on. In a couple of minutes Krissy joins me and we step together under canlı bahis siteleri the waterfall showerhead that drops down from the ceiling.

We hold each other tight, kissing passionately while the warm water cascades down our naked bodies.

After a couple of minutes, I step away from the shower spray. Krissy! Yes Mom! Get the bottle of soap and start washing me!

My daughter grabs the bottle of soap from the shelf ands squirts a lot of it all over the front of me. I just stand there with my eyes closed while my daughter runs her hands over every inch of my body. After a couple of minutes she tells me to turn around, and continues to wash my backside. Then, she gets the shampoo and does my hair for me.

Okay Mom! You are all done! Get back under the shower!

While I stand under the warm water, Krissy quickly soaps herself up, then joins me. We spend the next few minutes caressing one another, then I shut the water off. We grab a couple of towels and stand in front of the full length mirror drying ourselves off.

Suddenly, Tommy walks into the room with his hard cock bouncing up and down with each step he takes. He walks over to me and pushes me up against the mirror.

Tommy! What are you doing? Mom! Those pictures Krissy took of you eating her pussy have made me horny! I am going to fuck you again! No Tommy! No! I have had enough for one morning! You can fuck me all you want later today after your father has gone on his hunting trip!

He then grabs both my wrists, raises them over my head and pins me against the mirror. His hard cock pokes me in the stomach as he tries to kiss me. I keep turning my head back and forth to avoid him. Stop Tommy! Stop! Unable to kiss me, my son starts sucking on the side of my neck. This is very pleasurable to me, so, I begin to relax a little bit.

Tommy! Yes Mom! Okay, you can fuck me. He then lets go of my wrists and I immediately start running out of the room. I almost make it to the door but he quickly takes a couple of steps and grabs my hair. He yanks me backwards, then pushes me around so I am leaning forwards against the full length mirror. With his left hand, Tommy grabs the back of my neck and forces me to bend over. His right hand grabs his rock hard cock and presses it up against my asshole.

Jesus Christ Tommy! Do not fuck me in the ass again! Please Tommy! Please!

I try to constrict my muscles to prevent him from getting in, but, he pushes even harder. After a few seconds his cock pops inside and begins to slide into me. He then releases the back of my neck and grabs my hips with both hands. After a few minutes his cock is moving steadily back and forth in my asshole. My sons cock feels fucking wonderful inside me! I am really enjoying myself!

While my son is fucking me in the ass I hear a familiar sound. Jesus Christ! My husband just opened the door to our bedroom and is walking down the hallway!

Krissy! Yes Mom! Your father is coming to take a shower! Grab a towel, wrap it around you and go out and stall him for a few minutes!

Mom! What should I tell him? Krissy, tell him you are a virgin and you want him to describe what it is like to have sex for the first time! Now get out of here right now!

My daughter grabs a towel, wraps it around her, steps outside the bathroom and shuts the door.

Hi Daddy! Hi Krissy! Daddy, Mom is busy in the bathroom telling Tommy about the birds and the bees. She said you must do the same thing with me! She wants you to go down to the living room, sit on the couch with me and have a long talk about having safe sex.

Well, maybe some other time Krissy! I have to take a shower and get going. I only have an hour before I am supposed to meet the guys and go hunting with them.

Daddy! Please! Please! Come downstairs with me and tell me about sex! I am a virgin and want to know more before I play around, and get pregnant.

Okay Honey! Let’s go downstairs and I will have a talk with you. Krissy! Yes Daddy! Are you sure your mother wants me to teach you about sex? Yes Daddy, she just told me a minute ago!

Krissy is doing an excellent job! I hear them walk down the hallway and it is quiet again. Meanwhile, my son keeps ramming his cock into my asshole over and over. After about 5 minutes he groans and shoots a big load of sperm inside me.

I stand up, take a towel, wrap it around me and go downstairs. Jesus Christ! My husband and Krissy are sitting on the couch kissing while she is jacking his cock up and down!

My husband notices me and starts to pull his boxer briefs up and over his hard cock. Krissy pushes them back down and continues to masturbate her father.

My husband says “I am sorry honey! Krissy just reached into my shorts and pulled my cock out! She has never seen one before, and wants to feel it!”

I sit down in the chair next to them and say “It is okay with me! Continue with what you are doing!”

Krissy says “Mom! Is it okay if Daddy fucks me while you watch?.” Yes honey! I think that your father should be the first one to have his cock inside your virgin pussy!

My husband looks at me with shock in his eyes for a second, then, immediately pulls the towel away from Krissys body and begins to suck on her hard nipples.

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