A Dominant Wife Takes Another Slave

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“You love your wife, don’t you, baby?”

She reaches down and runs my erect penis through her hand. I whimper, shudder at her touch. She smiles down at me as she sees me quiver. Her hand covers the entire length of my erection and then some, something she teases me about. The CB-6000 penis harness I wear at all times, except for reward or punishment sessions like this, sits on the table off to the side of my stool, next to a bottle of k-y lubricant and a small 5″ braided penis whip. The whip is always present even during ‘reward’ sessions, ‘just in case’ as she reminds me often.

“Yes, Ma’am, yes, oh yes…I love you. You know I do, adore you, Mistress.”

I look up at her, stammering as I stare into her beautiful eyes. I could not love her more. I am addicted to her and the way she has trained me with her hand to be her completely submissive husband. I have become her slave and crave her as my Dominatrix. She has actualized my deepest S&M fantasies. She has turned it all into a reality.

The only sound in the room is that of the wet and squishy noises her k-y jelly covered hand makes as she slides my penis through it. She stands before me in the clothing she left the house in yesterday. Tight black below-the-knee skirt, almost a hobble skirt, wide black leather belt, crisp white blouse, her hair up in a severe bun behind her head, her hair-style is the only thing different then when she left with her lover. Her hair was down when he took her out yesterday. She is wearing the same black heels and stockings.

As soon as she came home this afternoon she found me doing housework. She stopped me and quickly took me to the basement and had me sit on my stool, cooing to me all the while, telling me she missed me, thought about me, couldn’t wait to get home to me. She led me by my wrist down the basement stairs, her other hand on my bare bottom, cupping it as she led me to the basement. And after sitting me on my stool she meticulously and tightly restrained my wrists and ankles. She said nothing while she putting on my wrist and ankle cuffs, fastened my cuffs to eye hooks in the stool. She just smiled to herself.

“I feel so playful today, baby. I was thinking of you and what you are to me all last night when I was with him. I really did. I didn’t tell him that but I was thinking of you. My kinky little boy, you really are the love of my life. If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I’d have ever discovered my naughty S&M Mistress side. You know that’s true. I certainly can’t play like we do with my boyfriend. I love our kinky marriage. I couldn’t be more satisfied with a man than I am with you. Well, a submissive slave-like man like you anyway, you are the perfect husband to for me, honey.”

She giggles, leans forward and kisses my lips. Her hand slides over my erection. I feel it throb in her hand as her fingers brush over my baby smooth shaved balls. I am sitting on a wooden stool. The stool is three feet high, just high enough for her to look down on me slightly as I sit on it, but not low enough for her to have to bend to touch me. This is my ‘reward’ stool. It sits anchored by its four legs to the floor in the middle of my punishment room. It is a stark and somewhat cruel ‘chair’ centered in the middle of the mirrored room, capable of any number of restraint positions. And she has used them all. Off to the side is a whipping horse with restraints at each of the four legs. An ‘X’ cross with leather straps at the four ends for wrist and ankles and at the center for waist restraint is securely mounted to the wall. A large variety of riding crops, paddles, whipping and spanking straps of different thickness hang in an opened closet built into the wall next to the large screen HD television in front of me. Two Go-Pro cameras are mounted on tripods at the sides of the television screen, not in use at the moment. They are used to record my punishments, my rewards, whatever she wants to record with them. All the ‘dirty little shows’, as she calls them, that take place in this room. She has an extensive collection of it all. We are in the fourth year of our Mistress-slave marriage. She has done all of the web-based homework and research necessary to not only blossom as a real life Dominatrix but to oversee the construction of this state of the art punishment room she had me build for her as well. Her lover has never been in this room, knows nothing of it. This room is for me.

I am wearing leather wrist and ankle cuffs with D-rings, securing me to the cold wooden stool. My ankles are locked and pulled tight to the back legs. My wrists are pulled back behind me and secured to eyehooks in the bottom of the wooden seat, making me bend slightly forward. I am restrained completely. Escape is impossible. I am naked.

“I know you love me, baby, believe me, I know. And I love you deeply. I couldn’t love you more. I’m the perfect wife for you. Don’t think I don’t know that.”

She smiles, giggles girlishly. She strokes the head of my penis, plays with the pre cum on the end of my erection and rubs her index finger over the hole. She is rewarding me for not questioning her, not having a ‘selfish and spoiled little jealousy hissy fit’, as she canlı bahis puts it, over the fact that she has been gone almost twenty four hours with her lover. This is also, as always, for her amusement and entertainment too. She is truly in touch with her sado-erotic side and she enjoys all of this immensely.

“You know, I fuck him but his is the best part of my sex life, baby. It really is. And you should know that. I know others may not understand that but we certainly do. And I want to talk with you about that today. But first I want my little man to feel the pleasure of my hand. I love doing this for you. I think of it as one of the most intimate and loving acts a Mistress can offer her slave. Other ladies I talk with on the internet agree. And the effect it has on you, oh my. I love doing this for you.”

She whispers seductively, talks to me girlishly as she strokes me and watches me respond to her hand. She listens as I start to breathe heavily, my quickening breath as she strokes me harder. I melt, whimper, as she works me, masturbates me. She smiles as she looks down on the effect she is having on me. She stares down at my penis and strokes me silently, listens to the noises I make for her. She drives me crazy for a good five minutes before she speaks.

“That big dick of his is nothing compared to the thrill I get seeing my little man like this. Do you know how wet I am right now? Do you, baby? I’m fucking soaked.”

She is breathing deeply. She takes her hand off of me. She raises her skirt, shimmies it up over the curve of her hips with her dry hand. She puts her hand down into her panties. She rubs herself and the pulls her hand back out. It is glistening with her wetness, soaked. She puts it to my face. I can smell her scent. I see her delicate hand shine with her wetness. I can also smell his cum on her hand.

“See what you do to me?”

She rubs it across my lips, my chin. She laughs as she hears me moan. I kiss her hand, worship it. I can taste his cum on her hand along with the taste of her wetness.

“Now you just stay right here. Don’t you move, as if you could, all fastened up tight like that.”

She laughs loudly as she wipes one of her hands on my cheek and on the side of my face. She wipes her other hand all over my chest and shoulder, wipes the k-y off herself and onto me. She pulls her hands away from me leaving only her wetness and her lover’s cum behind all over my face. That, and a slippery mess all over my chest and shoulder. I catch a glimpse of her white lace panties. I think about helping her dress before she left with her lover, one of my many duties. They are soaked in the front. A huge wet spot shows clearly. She wiggles her hips slightly and slips her skirt back down and quickly turns to the door.

“I have a special treat for you, honey. You stay right here just like that. That little slippery thing bobbing in front of you, I don’t think I’ve seen anything cuter. I am a complete mess down there, his cum is still dripping from my pussy. You could probably taste it. He fucked me twice last night and once before we left the hotel room this morning. The man is insatiable. I’ve had no time to clean myself, honey. I want get pretty before I play with my husband, before I show him the special treat I have decided to share with him.”

She took my face in her hands. Pulling my face up gently toward her squeezing my cheeks, she French kissed me deeply, a long and passionate kiss. She smiled at me as she pulled away, her lipstick slightly smeared.

She moved away from me, turned at the door, her tight skirt accenting her hips, her beautiful rear end. Her breasts strained and pushed out against her blouse, 3″ spike heels shoes clicking on the tile floor as she walked, she could not be prettier, sexier. I feel my erection throb and bounce in front of me. I taste her kiss.

“Tell me you love me.”

She says that to me not even looking back at me as she walks away.

“I love you, I love you, I do…I love you so much, Mistress…”

I stammer, cannot say the words fast enough.

I hear her footsteps on the stairs. I am left alone in the room. I see myself in the mirror for a brief moment before she turns the lights in the room off from the top of the stair. I sit in total darkness. I can smell her, taste her. I taste his cum too. I feel my erection throb thinking of her, her touch. The thoughts of her and him flood my head. I feel my erection fade slightly as I think about her being with him for the past day and night, leaving me alone and naked, forbidden to leave our house, alone to think about the two of them together as I performed the myriad of my chores she expects to be down flawlessly.

After what seems like forever the lights come back on sharply, hurting my eyes as the room bursts into bright light. I hear her on the stair.

She is wearing white heels, 3″ spikes with ankle straps, thigh high hose with little pink bows at the lace tops in front. She wears a short silk robe that barely covers the lace panties she wears under it. The robe barely covers her rear end. Her hair is down, soft and long, bouncing and resting over her shoulders. She is perfectly bahis siteleri made up with dark eyes and glossy pink lips. She is gorgeous. She is holding an iPad in her hand.

“You like?”

She turns, primps, models. She giggles girlishly as she looks at me.

“You are beautiful, Ma’am. I love seeing you like this, you know I do. I love you, love you…”

“I hope so, honey. I dressed just for you. I want to please you. A wife should look pretty for her husband.”

She sits the iPad on the table next to the couch along the wall. She walks to me. She takes my semi erect penis in her hand. She moves up close to my face. I can smell her sweet scent, feel her warm breath.

“I couldn’t love you more.”

She says that softly, cute and little girl-like, as she brings me to full erection. She kisses my ear, the side of my face. She slowly masturbates me, teases with her hand, drives me crazy as only she can do.

“Now, don’t you dare cum. Not yet. I want this to be a reward session, a play session. Not a punishment session. We both know what happens to bad boys that can’t control themselves.”

She smiles wickedly at me.

“No, Ma’am, no, I won’t. No…”

She puts her free hand index finger to my lips, shushing me, as she continues to manipulate my penis.

As her hand runs over my erection I squirm, shiver on the wooden stool. She methodically masturbates me slowly, maximizing my pleasure. She is an expert at this form of conditioning and reward. She has perfected it all. And she knows I am hopelessly addicted to it all, addicted to her and all that she is.

“I know you’ll be Mama’s good boy. I have a real treat for you.”

She moves away from me, dropping my penis from her hand, letting it bob in front of me. She moves to the couch, picks up the iPad off of the table. She sits and turns it on, starts to scroll through things on the screen. She looks at it intently.

“This Mistress-slave thing is an absolute turn on and I’ve been wet for the past week thinking about taking it to a new level. I’ve been thinking about this for some time, actually been on S&M blog sites both researching and commenting. I’ve never been more turned on in my life, sweetie. And I guess you could say I owe it to you. I owe it all to the man I love, my husband, the man that started me down this wonderfully erotic and hot path.”

She is smiling as she looks at the screen, talking to herself more than to me as she searches on the screen, sees whatever she is looking at. She stands and moves to the television in front of me. She turns it on. She plugs a cable from the television into the iPad. The screen bursts to life with a picture of her. She is on her hands and knees, on a bed. It’s a shot from the side and back. She is bent down resting on her forearms, her face to the bed. Her rear is pushed up high, her back arched, her legs spread slightly. There is a man behind her. His hands are on her rear thighs, his fingers firmly grasping them and holding her legs apart from behind. He is licking her or kissing up into the crack of her rear. It is not her lover, not my boss. She is looking back at the camera in this picture, smiling slightly, the side of her face on the bed. Her hands are clutching the bunched up sheets, clawing them. I feel my penis go semi-soft, feel shame and the jealousy I can never escape.

“I didn’t want that one, not yet. But it is hot, no?”

She giggles slightly. She scrolls through as pictures of her doing various things with this man flash to the screen almost too quickly to see. She stops at one and steps back. She looks at the screen, then to me.

“That’s the one. That’s it. He’s fucking beautiful.

A young man, probably mid-twenty-something, well-muscled and very handsome with jet black hair stares into the camera. He is naked. He is erect with a huge bulging hard on in front of him. His hands are on his hips pushing his erection out toward the camera. He stares dispassionately into the camera as if he was told to pose like that, ordered to do it.

“My new boy-toy, baby, that’s him. And the dirty little secret I’ve been keeping from not only my husband but my boyfriend too. I’m a very bad girl.”

She moves to me, giggles. She starts to stroke my semi-erect penis.

“Your boss doesn’t know about him. I met him in the office, on the job so to speak. I’ve been seeing him for about two months now, lunch dates mostly. He is such naughty boy. Kinky like you, I like that. Your boss is a good lover but this one is a submissive and a great lover. And he’s very much submissive. You know that I like that. I’ve been grooming him, honey. And he’s so fucking young. I love that too. He needs an experienced woman like me to teach him.”

I feel my heart sink, feel my penis move through her hand, semi-erect, almost soft. I stare at the boy on the screen. He is model like.

“I can tell that you are having a hard time with him. That pathetic little dick of yours doesn’t lie, sort of like you did with your boss being my lover at first. But you’ll get used to him. And you’re going to get a chance to do that soon. You’re going to meet him. I’ve decided to bring him home, bahis şirketleri play with him here. I think you two submissive little boys have much in common and should get to know each other.”

She feels me go completely soft in her hand as she stares at the screen while talking to me. I feel fear, feel afraid. She takes her hand off of me, moves to the front of me. She takes my face in her hands and leans forward.

“Please, Mistress, please…no, please…”

I start to whimper, stammer, feel panic, feel tears in my eyes.

“Baby, it’s okay. I couldn’t love you more. I’m not mad, not going to punish you. I’m going to help you through this. This is going to be a good thing. You have to trust me on this. He’s right for what we do. More important, he’s right for what I do now. He’s right for me.”

She reaches up with one hand, pulls her robe off to the side. She is bare breasted under it. She moves one breast to my lips, cups it with her hand.

“Shhh, little man, just kiss. Kiss me, baby. Kiss me and listen.”

I kiss her nipple. She pushes it into my mouth. I start to nibble and suck as I feel tears well up in my eyes.

“Now you listen to me, little man. This is going to be a very good thing. When we started to play these kinky games you know we both agreed that this would be for real, not a stupid fantasy of yours. I want this. And you should love that about me. What other wife would give you the dirty little dreams I give to you? And I think we both know what you are. You’re my slave, completely. This fits and you will accept it.”

I feel her hand go to the back of my head and take me by my hair tightly, feel her reach down and take my penis again.

“Oooo, that’s it, that’s my little boy. Suck. I love it when you nibble me like that. You’re very good at that, you know.”

She moves to the side slightly, moves such that I can see the large screen in front of me.

“That boy is as kinky as you are. More so, I think. He craves a strict Mistress. His stupid little girlfriend has no idea what he wants and needs. I’m going to see that she is gone, fast. He’s the perfect lover as well as a submissive one. I’ve taken him to places he’s never been before. And he just craves more. He needs to go further. He needs a severe and strict Mistress and I’m going to be that for him. I’ve used a belt on him, taken him to the point of tears. He thrives on cruelty and that makes me wet. And he has no safe word, baby. Just like you. He gets hard when I whip him, not like you, go all soft on me. You know how I am. You know what I need. He is the perfect find. And I need to be able to use him down here. I need to be able to have all my toys available to me. My boy toys as well as my reward and punishment toys, I need this.”

She is getting more excited as she talks. She is lost and thinking about the boy on the screen in front of me, breathes heavily as she goes on. She pushes her finger into the hole of my penis softly, starts to make small circles over the head of it. She knows it is my favorite thing, that it makes me dizzy. She breathes deeply as she purrs, turning herself on as she uses my mouth on her breast.

“First time I saw him naked was at his apartment. He took me there at lunch time. I was interviewing him for an internship placement. We were alone in my office and he started flirting with me. He kept staring at my shoes. I asked if he liked them. I pushed back, got aggressive with him. I told him that if he was a good boy he could touch them, that if he was discreet, could keep secrets and be a very good boy, he could kiss them, maybe see me in nothing but them. I thought he’d cum right there. I could see the hard on in his pants. In fact I reached over and touched it. I was so bold. You’d have been proud of your hot little wife.”

She pulls her breast from my mouth, moves to the side of me. Her hand still on my penis, she coos as she talks about him, stares at him on the television in front of us.

“We went to his place for lunch. He started making out with me as soon as we got there, feeling me up. I let him, wanted him addicted like I have you addicted. He’s a fabulous kisser too, by the way. I asked him if he’d ever been with a Dominant woman before, a real woman that makes demands. I kept feeling him through his pants as I talked to him. I had him eating out of my hand. He was naked and on his knees in less than fifteen minutes, all hot and bothered for me. I didn’t even undress. First lunch date and I had him naked and in front of me. I spanked him, slapped his beautiful butt as I talked to him, asked him questions as I walked around him and inspected him. I was probing. He started saying ‘Yes, Ma’am and No, Ma’am’ right away, didn’t even have to be told. That was a very good sign to me. We played a little bit. I went down on him but didn’t let him cum. That, and I did to him what I’m doing to you. I’m very good with this hand, baby. Then I had him masturbate for me. I told him, ‘Show me!’, ordered him to do it. He did. He came in front of me, masturbated for me on his knees. I had him do it onto my shoe and told him to lick it clean. He did it. No hesitation, none. I knew I found a keeper. And he’s so fucking pretty! Look at that. And he calls me ‘Mistress’ too. You know I love that. Not that I’d let him know that. I treat him somewhat coldly. That keeps him hot and hard. He truly is slave material, baby.”

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