A Dream Come True


I should have known something was going on when Ryan asked if I wouldn’t mind waking him because his phone’s alarm wasn’t always going off on time, and as I naïvely entered his bedroom totally unprepared for what was waiting for me I was soon confronted with a sight so erotic that it nearly buckled my knees. The truth is that I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the thought of catching him masturbating hasn’t fueled some of my lonely nights lately, and for me to stand there and watch as his hand slid up and down his long thick organ until it exploded with thick white globs of semen being pasted all over his chest made me wonder if I was actually still in bed dreaming. But it wasn’t a dream, and the fact he was wearing his night mask because of his sensitivity to light made me at first suspect he was the one who was really dreaming. Of course I quickly dismissed that theory as I just stood there completely paralyzed watching as he so calmly milked the last of the venom out of his gorgeous serpent in a way even his father never managed to do comfortably in front of me.

I have to wonder just how many other mothers have ever fallen under the spell of watching their teenage son masturbate like I have now, and even though a part of me knows how wrong it is for me to be standing there as he brings himself to another unbelievable orgasm the reality is that I’m totally helpless to resist coming back each morning for another fix. He’s only nineteen and already he’s mastered the art of seduction in a way men two or three times his age can’t even come close too, and of course the fact his cock is so big clearly is the main reason I can’t keep myself from coming back for even more. Maybe it’s because I’m so vulnerable because of being both widowed and celibate for so long that may explain why my ability to resist his advances have failed so miserably, but deep down inside me I know it’s the thought of having him slide inside me that is fueling my rage every time my eyes witness another one of his monstrous ejaculation’s.

There’s just no denying though that it’s the size of his organ that I’m just so totally infatuated with now, and how it’s possible that he’s blessed with such an incredible specimen that even rivals some of the ones in the videos on his computer makes me wonder if it’s actually a blessing or a curse for him to be so well-endowed. I thought at almost seven inches his father was huge, and even though it’s been nearly five years since he passed I can still remember so vividly how I whimpered and moaned every time he slid inside me. For far too long now I’ve lived the life of a grieving widow, and even though some of my friends have suggested that it’s time for me to get back out there and start enjoying myself again there’s always that tinge of guilt I feel whenever I think about actually doing it. But the funny thing about watching Ryan masturbate is that I haven’t felt any of the emotions I thought I would, and far from being consumed with guilt and shame the truth is I haven’t felt this alive in years.

Of course everything changed this morning when I suddenly found my hands smearing all that thick white sticky semen all over his stomach and chest, and as he moaned so softly because I was doing to him what every other boy his age wishes their mothers would do to them I just couldn’t help myself as one by one I licked his tasty treat off each of my fingers. I just knew instinctively as soon as my taste buds feasted on the salty elixir that my fate was already sealed, and as much as there was a part of me that wanted to flee all I could do was stare at his still rock hard organ and imagine myself slowly sliding down its entire length. I’ve suffered far too long now to know that this just feels so right, and even though I’d certainly be universally condemned for what I’ve allowed to happen thus far I’m sure I’m not the only mother who has flirted with these forbidden desires like I’m doing now.

In so many ways I’m aware that I’m just not the typical mother of a teenage boy, and being tall and lean has garnered me countless stares from both young boys and old men alike. The funny thing about it is that I lack the big boobs and swagger like so many of the women my own age, and essentially having the same body that I had in high school certainly explains why I feel so many eyes whenever I stroll through the Mall. I guess the sight of a slender redhead with long thin legs leading up to a tight little heart shaped ass in old blue jeans is just too irresistible for so many of them not to sneak a peek at me, and even the look of jealousy on the faces of the young girls because they know I could so easily steal away any of their suitors merely confirms it too. I think for a woman like me who is so painfully shy those stares have kept that hope alive inside that one day I’d find a lover to rescue me from my life of loneliness and frustration.

Pastor Morgan said just this Sunday that whenever he looks up and sees me singing casino şirketleri in the choir all he can think of is a heavenly angel serenading our holy father with a voice filled with innocence and purity, but if he only knew that the thoughts going through my head as I look down at my own son with my panties soaking I’m quite sure he would be quite mortified to say the least. It just doesn’t seem possible that someone like me who is perceived by so many as being a timid church mouse is literally on the verge of losing control, and yet as I walked to the ladies room this morning suffering because my tiny knob had become so swollen I just knew that my will to resist what my body is demanding of me is rapidly eroding. In all my years of being sexually active I’ve never had to go and sit in a stall and get myself off like I did today, and the glazed look in the mirror after I orgasmed told me that this is only the beginning.

The truth that I can’t deny any longer is that I knew the second I brought his salty treat up to my lips my world was going to be turned upside down, and the sooner I embrace what every fiber in my body is screaming for now will end not only my suffering but his as well. It’s just so obvious there’s a tension that is building between us, and even though we’ve always managed to banter back and forth as though we were best friends there is a silence developing now because our bodies are so under siege. It’s as though we’re both trying to suppress our primal instincts now as we desperately wait for the morning so I can come in and watch him masturbate again, and no doubt he heard my soft moans as my tongue licked his cream from my fingers as my eyes stayed locked on his still erect member. I think we both knew instinctively the significance of what happened, and now I’m about to push us even closer to the abyss.

“You’re not going out tonight with Bobby and Chris,” I ask him with my voice nearly cracking because I’m standing in front of him dressed only in my black leotards.

For years his eyes have followed my every movement whenever I’ve been dressed like this, but never before have I allowed him to see me the way I am now. Out of modesty of course I’ve always worn a t-shirt and panties to conceal from him what he most wanted to see, but not tonight, and the expression on his face says more to me than any words could ever possibly hope to convey. I knew when I looked in the full length mirror before coming down that I was going to offer myself to him in a way I’m sure most boys wish their mother’s would do to them, and as I feel his eyes locked on my hairless slit it’s just so obvious how enchanted he is with the gift that I’m offering to him. The fact is that I’m virtually naked now, and the enormous bulge in his sweat pants tells me that he wants a lot more from me than just my hands massaging his semen all over his chest and stomach again.

“Think I’d just rather stay in tonight,” is all he says as his hand slowly slides down to where his already erect member is and begins to rub it in front of me in a way that makes me wonder if all of this is just a dream I’ll wake from with my fingers buried deep inside me.

I still can’t fathom where he’s getting all this poise and confidence from considering that he’s only just recently turned nineteen, and as much as I’ve become a hostage to witnessing him spewing shot after shot of semen I’m still finding it so hard to believe that it’s really him lying there completely naked seducing me with each new ejaculation. But it is him, and the fact it took his father years before he was comfortable enough to masturbate in front of me just underscores even more how incredible what is happening between us. Somehow though he must have sensed just how vulnerable I’ve been lately, and as much as I know I shouldn’t be standing here with my vagina lathering herself into a frenzy it’s the thought of him stretching my poor neglected princess that won’t allow any of my maternal instincts to deny from me what I most need now. It’s just been too long since I’ve felt like this, and how can it be wrong if all of my instincts tell me it isn’t is the only thought that’s been going through my head for the last few days?

Surely I just can’t be the only mother who has been put in a situation like this, and between being divorced or widowed at such a young age like I am it’s just the perfect recipe for a love starved wretch to succumb to desires too tempting to ignore. Of course I can’t blame Ryan since all he’s doing is what every boy his age thinks about as they’re stroking themselves each night, and from what some of my friends tell me his behavior isn’t all that different from what they encounter on a regular basis with their son’s. The cum filled towel next to the computer with a pornographic image on the screen is what we all have to deal with on a routine basis, and although I’ve become accustomed to it the fact that somehow he’s managed to make that giant leap casino firmalari from thinking about exposing himself to me to actually doing it just makes me appreciate him all the more now.

But of course he has something that all those other boys don’t have and for most women the thought of a huge organ slipping inside of them is just one of the many secrets we have to keep from our husbands and boyfriends. If it’s all right for them to leaf through a Victoria Secret’s catalogue imaging themselves screwing one of those long legged models then why is it so wrong for us not to fantasize about taking a lover with a really big cock? It’s just so sad that we can never dare voice our desires out loud for fear of wounding our partner’s delicate male ego even though we have to watch as they so shamefully leer at the young girls in the Mall without a hint of shame. It’s just a double standard that probably will never change either, but for me now it’s the sight of an incredibly large organ that is the only thing I can focus on, and even though it’s attached to my own son I’ve already reconciled myself to dealing with whatever the emotional consequences maybe at another time. I need this, and for all the therapy and self-help books I’ve read I doubt any of them will come close to healing me the way having him sliding inside me and bathing my insides with his thick white semen.

“What do you want to do tonight,” I hear the words coming out of mouth as my body begins to tremble because of the implications of what it is that I really want to happen between us.

Without a hint of shame on his part I feel his eyes roaming up and down my body and devouring every millimeter of the gift that I’m offering to him, and as the pounding of my heart seems to be getting louder with each beat it’s sensation of the elastic waist band on my leotards being tugged by his fingers that is threatening to make me think this just can’t be happening to me. There’s definitely a part of me that thinks I should play hard to get, and yet the thought of being treated like one of the girls in the videos he has hidden on his computer is clearly exhausting my will to deny myself from pleasures that I’ve been denied for almost five years now. It’s just been too long to go without the feeling of my vagina being completely stretched, and considering his size and the amount of semen that comes gushing out of him I have feeling he’s about to become an addiction that I won’t be able to live without for any length of time.

“I always knew you had a hot body,” is all he replies as he slowly begins to slide his sweat pants down his legs freeing the creature that I hope will ravage me again and again until it thourghly exhausts itself completely.

Can any women honestly say that they would be unmoved by what I’m looking at now, and as much as I know there should be some sort of alarms going off inside my head the only sound I’m aware of is that of my heart methodically beating at a rate that I’m sure is being influenced by the thought of sliding myself down the length of my own son’s organ. Surely this is a scene that has played itself out countless times throughout history, and whether through fate or just circumstance I’m sure the feelings I’m having now aren’t really that far out of the ordinary considering how human nature can allow us rationalize away nearly any behavior. After all, we all crave the touch of another, and I’m quite sure that if I were to re-read The Swiss Family Robinson there no doubt would be subtle clues that the castaway matriarch was tending to the needs of her four teenage sons in a way that no one would ever dare speak about out loud. The truth that no one will ever say is that she would have had to at some point offer herself to them in order to maintain order, and there’s nothing so powerful for a young boy as having his penis exploding on a regular basis that will keep family discipline intact.

So now it’s my turn to deal with an issue no mother will ever admit to having out of fear of being condemned, and as I slowly begin to unpeel my legs one by one from the sheer barrier that’s been keeping me technically still clothed in front of him it’s the look on his face as he stares at my hairless slit that is just one that I know I will always cherish. It’s just so obvious to me now that he’s probably done this before with someone else, and the image of the skinny Shafer girl spreading her long thin legs for him instantly pops into my head as I pull my top over my head revealing my tiny breasts to him. I always wondered if they were doing more than just cramming for finals up in his room, and as much as I was tempted to turn the knob on his bedroom door I always wilted out of fear at what I might discover. But that doesn’t matter to me now, and the thought that he’s a seasoned lover rather than a bumbling novice is just making this all the more tempting for me to allow him to take me as many times as he wants too.

For güvenilir casino a while now I just thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me as I’ve watched him masturbating but the truth is he has to be at least eight or nine inches long, and as I gently pull his t-shirt over his head revealing his still boyish chest it strikes me just how much he looks like some of the young boys in the videos he has stashed away on his computer. I can’t explain why but for some reason as I’ve walked the Mall for the past few years I’ve noticed more and more just how drawn I have become to the teenage boys huddled together in the hallways watching me intently as opposed to the men my own age that I know I should be gravitating towards. But for whatever reason the thought of wrapping my lips around one of those innocent looking boys always seems to fuel my fantasizes night after night as my fingers bring me to ever more unfulfilling orgasms. There’s just a part of me that knows a young lover will try to keep ejaculating for as long as he has an erection, and from what some of my friends say about their husbands only being able to last a minute or so I just know that isn’t what I need in my life right now. I may not like to admit it to myself but the truth is I want a lover who will take me until he can’t get it up anymore, and the fact it looks like it’s going to be my own son isn’t phasing me in the least.

“Small tits and a bald pussy,” I hear those forbidden words coming out of his mouth that a son is never supposed to say to his own mother, and yet as I feel my face beginning to flush with embarrassment I know it’s just one more thing pushing me way beyond anywhere I’ve ever been before.

As much as I know how wrong it is for him to talk to me that way the reality is its exactly what I want from him right now, and somehow he’s already mastered at such a young age the ability to sense what his partner needs are as I take his fingers and slide them against the nearly invisible scar from my C section. The look in his eyes tells me he clearly gets the meaning of the subtle message I just sent him, and the fact that I’ll squeeze him just as tight any virgin will is just one more thing going in my favor. I’m sure as much as Amy may have tried to please him she no doubt must have been intimidated by the size of this beautiful organ, but I’m not and obviously he knows it too. It’s funny how lovers can get to know all the little nuances of each other’s body language in such a short amount of time, and even though we’ve yet to become one the look on his face tells me just how close he is to ejaculating. How could he not for God sake, and the thought of feeding on him like he use to do to me so long ago almost makes it seem like karma coming full circle. Who would have ever thought that for a woman so sexually starved like I am the idea of suckling from my own son’s erect organ is almost the equivalent to when he use to wrap his lips around my nipples for his daily feedings.

“And it’s a very tight pussy too,” I whisper almost sheepishly as my knees seemingly bend themselves on their own as if obeying the orders from his swollen member.

For some reason it’s the voice of sweet old Mrs. Jenkins that I’m hearing now as I’m about to do the unthinkable, and all the times she’s said that I remind her so much of a character in a children’s movie almost makes me want to chuckle. If only she could see me now, and even though I was taken aback the first time she likened me to the painfully shy Miss Honey I soon had to accept after watching the doe like actress play her role so masterfully again and again that in so many ways I am just like her. Isn’t it funny that whenever we hear our own voice’s on a recorder for the first time how startled we are because of the way our own perception of how we think we sound is so different from reality, and when I first watched that poor tortured creature my heart ached because I could see why I was so likened to her. But of course no one would dare suspect just how hot the passion is that burns between my legs, and once I become aroused there’s just no satisfying me.

“Just like Miss Honey’s,” I hear Ryan saying as though he’s able to read my mind now.

Somewhere deep inside the depths of my consciousness I hear the screams pleading with me that it’s not too late for me to stop, and as if instinctively knowing what I’m going through now the feeling of a hand on the back of my head gently encouraging me to make that final break with all the moral codes I’ve ever known is exactly what I need from him right now. We both have to want this if it is truly going to work, and as I open my mouth and allow my tongue to scrape the tiny drops of pre-cum out of the slit on the top of his swollen head I feel a shiver beginning to surge throughout his body. Isn’t this what every teenage boy dreams about before they drift off to sleep? And whether it’s his mother or sister who steals into his room to pleasure him and give that heavenly release that only comes with a pair of lips riding up and down his erect member.

“OH God,” I hear him moan as I wrap my hand around him and begin to search for that magical rhythm that will make him fill my cheeks with his salty nectar.

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