A Dream Come True Ch. 03

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My beautiful sexy Filipino wife is obsessed with getting me to knock her up so our Daughter can have a little brother or sister and she knows everything about my impregnation fantasies so it’s evolving into the perfect storm every month around her fertile time. I have gotten to the point that I can tell just by looking at Ester when she is ovulating and at her most fertile.

For two days each month she has that glow about her that people talk about and I can smell something different about her that makes my cock hard so fast that it aches. I can tell by the way her pussy feels and tastes as well as the slippery clear stringy cervical mucus that I find dripping from her juicy pussy lips to her inner thigh so often during her “Lucky Time”.

Ester had just finished with her monthly visitor and we were getting close to the point where her flower would be ripe for pollination as she began her routine of coming up with ways to avoid sex while mercilessly teasing me about how good it would feel to tickle the tip of my hard cock against the fertile slippery opening to her womb and spray it all down with a hot thick load of fresh potent sperm.

We had run out of condoms and I was trying to wait until her safe time to go bareback and just blast away and fill her up with a huge potent load. It had been six days and the day after her ovulation she was extremely horny and started teasing me with soft little kisses, flashes and touches for most of the day. After a nice relaxing dinner she came over and sat on my lap grinding against my erection while kissing me with an intensity driven by her feminine instinct to be filled and fertilized.

As our kisses grew in intensity I slid my hand up her thigh under her skirt and discovered she was not wearing panties tonight and when I ran my finger along her pussy lips I confirmed how ripe and ready Ester was. As my finger slipped between her lips and found the tight little hole I felt my cock pressing against her amazing ass and so did she, at that point I’m sure she was thinking “yes, game on” She reaches between us and squeezes my hard dick thru my shorts and looks me in the eyes and says.

“We are out of condoms and I fully intend to test you’re will power by playing up you’re fantasy about fucking my tight little ovulating pussy bareback while I’m fertile and tease you about pumping every last drop of your hot potent sperm deep inside my thirsty womb inseminating me and hopefully impregnating me too, can you control yourself and pull out or should we go watch TV?”

I scooped her up in my arms as she wrapped her arms and legs around me I carried her to our bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. I could tell from the look in her eyes that tonight would be a night to remember. I stood to look at my beautiful wife while I removed my shorts and shirt before I reached out pulling her top off exposing her hard little nipples causing her sit up on the bed in front of me.

Ester really knows how to get me worked up and tonight she is using all her tricks, she knew when I discovered she wasn’t wearing panties it would get me hard and then she pulls out her second trick and goes after my nipples with her lips and tongue while slowly stroking my hard shaft, she knows she can make me cum really fast like this and in no time at all I am really close to blowing a huge six day load. Ester tuzla escort stops just before pushing me over the edge, she looks down at my throbbing cock, slides her hand from the base to the tip three times causing a big gob of precum to ooze out and I see her grin from ear to ear as she lays back on the bed and looks up at me, waiting.

I am standing beside the bed with a painfully hard erection, I look down at my sexy little wife and she is tweaking her nipple with one hand and sliding one finger from the other hand slowly around her clit while smiling up at me and waiting to see how I am going to deal with being this worked up with no condoms. She looks so damn sexy laying there rubbing her clit. I look down to watch her fingering her pussy and it’s so erotic it causes my cock throb and a big drop oozes from the tip and drips from my cock onto her pussy right next to her finger, she just reaches over and scoops it up with her finger and slides it right between her pussy lips and says.

“Oh babe, your precum is so slippery, I love the way it feels, may I please have more.”

Without waiting for my answer she reaches up and wraps her little hand around my shaft, her soft touch produces a throb and a jerk, she slides her hand firmly up and down the length coaxing three big drops to fall in nearly the same place as the first one, again she reaches over and scoops it up with her finger and slowly rubs it around her clit until it is wet and shiny and then rubs the rest between her puffy pink lips while smiling up at me with those eyes that make me melt.

I am so worked up right now and Ester looks so damn sexy, all I want is to sink my cock balls deep in her sweet little box and blast her full of six days’ worth of fertile spunk, but I am not ready for another baby yet and I know that she just ovulated yesterday and a huge load combined with her little cervix alignment trick and she would surly end up pregnant. She reaches up to me, wanting me on top of her so she can get my leaking cock buried inside her fertile little sperm catcher.

I look at her and tell her “no babe I am way too excited and this is too risky, we have to stop before this gets out of control.” She thinks for a second and reaches up wiping another drop of precum from the head of my cock and rubbing it on her clit she smiles at me and says.

“If I get on my hands and knees and you get behind me and slide that big fat cock in my little pussy you can just pull out when you get close and cum on my ass, can you control yourself long enough to make me cum first?”

I nod yes and she quickly rolls over and spins around as I climb up on the bed and squeeze between her sweet little ass and the headboard. As soon as she feels me behind her she reaches between her legs and grips my cock at the base and stokes it a couple times to coat the head with juice and then starts rubbing the thick slippery head between her pussy lips until my cock head and the opening to her sweet pink paradise are covered in slimy precum. Ester moves back until just the tip is wedged between her juicy lips waiting for me to make the next move.

I’m on a hair trigger now and I am afraid to move yet and blow my load without even getting all the way in first, after a couple seconds I calm down and slowly start to slide into her very tight pussy, now that she feels my hard cock tuzla escort bayan spreading her tight pink walls she knows I have made my decision and she pushes back at me wanting to feel my hard cock deep inside her hungry little pussy. When she feels the head touch her cervix she lets out a sexy little moan of satisfaction and reaches between her legs and gently squeezes my heavy ball sack while squeezing her pussy muscles, making my shaft jerk and coat the entrance to her womb with slippery precum.

She is so tight and wet around my shaft that I can feel my rock hard cock throb with each beat of my heart and I have to grab her hips and pull her back harder and farther onto my cock to keep her still and keep from cumming. I feel her pussy squeezing and massaging my hard cock and it feels so good I look down to where we are joined together and I can see all but the last inch buried deep in her wet little pussy and she says.

“Oh Michael, please fuck me.”

I slowly pull out just until the crown is stretching her lips and then while I am pushing forward she pushes back to bury my cock deep inside her. We build up to a nice rhythm and I can feel her getting wetter and tighter, her breathing is getting faster, we are both getting close. I look down to see my cock shiny with her juices and starting to swell getting ready to deliver a massive load, I change to long slow strokes to keep from cuming and I can feel her pussy fluttering and pulsing around my throbbing shaft, she is really close now, each time I push my cock head all the way to the end of her tunnel she lets out a little moan and squeezes down on my shaft.

I am so close to busting a nut but I know I have to hold out long enough for Ester to cum first, she won’t let me stop until she has her orgasm. I tell her, “Ester sweetie, I’m going to cum soon, I need to pull out,” she says.

“I’m almost there just a couple more strokes please wait for it babe.”

I look down and now she takes over and starts to slide her tight wet pussy back and forth, long hard deep strokes and I can see her wiggling her ass as she gets down to the last couple of inches trying to align the opening of her cervix with the tip of my cock head, on the next stroke I feel the head hit the back of her pussy and with a slight twist and push she gets the head to slip into her cervix and the last inch of my cock to slip balls deep into her tight wet throbbing pussy.

That’s all it took to push her over the edge and send her into one of the most intense orgasms I have seen her have, as her pussy starts squeezing and throbbing around my cock head I lose control and feel my cock swell and get ready to deliver a massive load. I start pulling back to get my cock out of her wet pulsing fertile pussy and blow my load all over ass and back. I get all but the head out of her tight little pussy and before I can get the head out she pushes back again burying my cock to the base and getting the head to slip into her cervix again.

I feel my cock jerk hard and I know I can’t hold back my load any longer, I know for a second we are safe, the first jerk of my cock just fills the shaft with the first blast, It’s the second jerk that launches the first blast and reloads the shaft to prepare it for the second and most dangerous blast, the second blast is always twice as powerful as the rest and full escort tuzla of fresh thick potent sperm.

I know I have to get my throbbing spewing cock out of her fertile little pussy before it jerks a second time and starts blowing the biggest and most dangerous blasts straight into her womb, she has me pinned between her sweet little ass and the headboard and I have to push forward first burying my leaking cock head further before I can pull back and get my throbbing cock out of her fertile cunt before the second blast. I start to pull out as I look down and see and feel my cock jerk, I see it bend up slightly getting ready to spew and just as the head starts to come into view it straightens and starts blasting the first of many thick ropes of fertile sperm.

The head was still lined up with her pink opening when the explosion started and a little bit of the first blast made it inside her wet opening before it lifted and the rest of the blast shot out from the tip laying down a thick line of cum from her wet pussy lips across her little ass and all the way up her back to her shoulder.

Here I am in the middle of one of the most intense orgasms I can remember as I look down and watch my cock jerk and spew laying down nine thick ropes of cum from her ass to her shoulder right on top of the first one. She turns her head to look at me and smile, she says.

“Wow that was a huge load”

Ester lifts up turning to kiss me as I see the cum on her shoulder start to slide down her back. It’s like slow motion and it looks so erotic as it all follows the path of least resistance picking up mass as it moves downward, by the time it reached her lower back it was forming a good size puddle and moving quicker, she could feel it now too and just as it rounded the curve of her ass cheek she lowered her head to the pillow and I had a perfect view as my huge load followed the cum trail along the curve of her right ass cheek and instead of dripping off her fine ass, at the last second the whole load takes a left turn and follows the wet trail straight to the little gaping wet pink hole and slides right inside, gone.

I hear her moan and see her reach between her legs to confirm what she feels and see her finger slide into her still quivering pussy feeling the big gooey load filling the entrance to her pussy, thinking quickly I grab her hair and pull her up, turning her head to kiss her passionately, I know in this position that my sperm will drain back out of her opening and minimize the chances of her getting pregnant, what I didn’t realize was that this position would pull us back together with me pressed up against her little ass and my still hard cock between her legs, so when the cum started dripping out it leaked right on the top of my cock and covered the head and most of the shaft with thick sticky sperm.

When I felt her fingers sliding up the bottom of my cock I let go of her hair and she breaks the kiss and looks me in the eyes, giving me her sly sexy little smile she presses up on my cock lodging the head just between her lips then she turns and lowers her head to the pillow again burying my sperm covered cock all the way to the base, as she takes the last inch she squeezes my cock with her pussy making my cock jerk one last time, I hug her from behind and roll us to the side spooning her, with her tight pussy wrapped around my cock we drifted off to sleep. We were sure that we knocked her up this time but were really surprised when her period showed up on time. I know my luck is running out and she will eventually get what she wants.

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