A Dream of Thee


As she wanders around the shop, tidying here, straightening there, keeping an eye on the customers in case someone needs assistance or is up to something nefarious, she wonders idly whether he will visit today. She knows she probably barely registers on his radar as anything other than the helpful shopgirl, but it does no harm to go on these little flights of fancy, and so she flies:


She turns from the art shelf in the corner, having sorted the books by artist, and he is there, right behind her, verging on too close for comfort.

“Hey,” he says, “do you have any John Donne collections?” He might as well have said “God, you’re beautiful when you’re dusty” judging by the thumping of her heart and the electric throb in her nether regions.

“Yes, follow me and I’ll show you…”

As they make their way into the bowels of the store towards the poetry section, safely tucked away in an oversized alcove, she feels him moving behind her and imagines his breath on her neck. They reach the nook and she shows him the books they have.

Suddenly, he moves much closer than is appropriate and says “Can I touch you?” – she doesn’t know how to respond to that and looks up at him with her mouth slightly open. He takes this as assent and reaches his hand towards her face, brushing it lightly down her cheek, over her jaw and down her throat, then around to her nape, where he laces his fingers into her hair and pulls her slowly towards him, giving her every opportunity to pull away. She doesn’t, and he dips his esenyurt escort head for a light kiss on her lips, there and gone as quickly as a butterfly.

“Is there somewhere we can go?” She realises what he means and flushes. But she wants this, more than anything else she has ever wanted, so she nods.

“There’s a secret door around the corner which leads the the fire escape stairs. No one ever uses them.”

She boldly takes his hand and he grins and follows her to the door, tucked behind a display of Japanese literature. They slip through the door and as soon as it closes behind them he pushes her against the wall and kisses her again, this time much more urgently. His hands are everywhere at once, running over her arms, her waist, up her sides and under her tight, aching breasts. She gasps into his mouth as the tip of his thumb brushes across a tight nipple and she feels his smile.

He moves his lips away from hers and down her jaw, finally settling to roam across the side of her neck where she has a particular weakness for kisses and tiny licks. As he does this his hands reach under her T-shirt and up across her belly and ribs until they reach the bottom of her bra. He pushes it up to free her tiny nubs and runs his hands over them until she wants to scream with pleasure. But she stays quiet, apart from the panting, and the occasional little moan.

He suddenly lifts her up and brings her legs up around his waist, pushing into her so that she can feel exactly how much he avrupa yakası escort wants to be inside her. Now that she is higher, he can taste her sweet, hard little nipples, and he does. He flicks his tongue and he nips her gently with his teeth and he suckles her until she feels just about to come undone.

She is suddenly immensely grateful that, in an effort to be girlier, she wore one of her gypsy skirts to work. His hands are doing some admirable work, brushing up her bare, hot thighs and around her arse, gripping the buttocks as he rocks into her core and works on her poor, tortured breasts. She desperately wants him to be deep inside her so that she can come around him, and he seems to understand.

He lowers her until her feet are touching the floor, a necessary pause in the proceedings whilst he removes her knickers and stuffs them into his pocket.

“Keeping these,” he says, smiling up at her and then rising as she reaches down to undo his fly and push his jeans down. He does not appear to be wearing any underwear, so that gripping his hard, hot cock is immediately possible. He groans and lifts her back up, and they rock and thrust against each other, enjoying the feel of bare skin and hard muscle against wetness. She takes him in hand again, guiding his wonderful long cock into harbour. As soon as he feels her pussy around the tip, he looks at her face, asking with his eyes whether it is okay to proceed.

She smiles and nods, anadolu yakası escort mildly amused and yet glad that he is willing to give her this last chance to stop. Then all thoughts rush from her head as he begins to fill her up, all the while keeping that eye contact, until he is as far into her as he can go and she can feel his balls against her skin.

He pulls out and then suddenly thrusts back hard and fast and she wants to scream with the pure pleasure she feels. He seems to sense this and moves his hand up to cover her mouth and she bites down on the side of his palm as he thrusts again. He likes it when she does that, and grips her buttock with his other hand as he nuzzles his face into her and gently bites the spot where her shoulder becomes her neck.

She moans into his hand and wraps her legs more tightly around his waist, pushing her heels into his arse as he pushes into and out of her hot, wet pussy again and again. She feels the climax coming, deliciously building as she contracts around him and finally, just when she thinks he can’t possibly go any deeper, he shoves into her so hard it almost hurts and makes a low, guttural sound into her neck. She finally explodes, seeing stars as if she has been struck, and the orgasm rips through her like a tidal wave.

They continue to rock together until his cock stops pulsing and her pussy stops contracting and then he sinks onto a step, bringing her down with him so they remain joined together.

“Wanna do this again sometime?” he says between breaths. She nods.

“Next Thursday, same time and place.” She smiles and looks into his eyes. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


Her reverie is interrupted by a low, familiarly sexy voice behind her. She turns and looks up into his beautiful green eyes as he says “Hey, do you have any John Donne collections?”

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