A Dream?


I want to sneak in your window in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. After a few minutes of just admiring your naked body I slowly remove my clothes and slip in the bed behind you.

Slowly, I push my right arm beneath you until my hand find your nipple and just slightly pinch it enough to make you stir slightly. With my left hand I slowly rub the side of your leg until I reach the top of your thigh.

I lean down and slowly inhale your sweet aroma and slowly my lip finds the back of your neck. Slowly and gently I kiss the back of your neck making my way around your neck to your ear. As I start kissing your ear my left hand winds down your thigh until I feel the “v” where your legs meet. My finger extends between your legs to find its way between the tender folds of your lips.

As this point you start to wake and squirm with the desire building inside although you still don’t have any idea who is behind you. All you are aware of is the heat building inside.

As a moan slowly escapes your lips, I run my fingers through your hair and pull your head back with a slight tug to expose your ivory neck. I move my mouth from your ear to start gently biting on your neck, covering every inch of it with little bites. At the same time my other finger moves up and down between the folds of your pussy from your clit to just inside your tight opening. It makes slow sweeping motions up and down and in little circles around your hardening clit then slowly back down to your hole as your legs spread wider to allow me better access to you.

You then reach back still not caring who this stranger is making you feel like you never have before. With your hand you grab the back of my head and wrap your fingers in my hair and pull as hard as you can and pull me in closer to keep biting on your neck. Still the moans keep coming from your red lips as your nipples harden like tiny pebbles on the end of you luscious tits. I can feel your juices gathering around my finger from your pussy like condensation from a glass of ice water.

With my other hand I let go of your hair and again move it to your ever hardening nipples. As the tips of my fingers close around it, the electricity of my touch makes your body jump. Your body moving brings your thigh on contact with mine and you feel my hard cock on your leg. The heat of it and the throbbing against your leg is too much to bear and your body responds.

My fingers feel your pussy clench around it trying to pull it in deeper. When it relaxes I feel a small river of your juices flow from you and down between your full round cheeks. Curious as to how wet you are, my finger leaves your clit and slowly makes its way down until I feel your rosebud. It’s so wet that my fingertip easily slides in just a centimeter or so. I pull it out and rub my finger around the outside in small circular motions and I feel it responding my clenching and unclenching. Still the moans increase in volume and two words slip from you so slight I can barely make them out. “Oh fuck”.

Hearing this, my finger leaves your ass and makes its way back up to make contact with your clit once again. Just as I touch it a small but powerful orgasm wracks your body. Your sweet aroma fills the room and my nostrils flare as I inhale them deeply. Intoxicated by them I start to slowly start humping your leg. My right hand slowly opens and wraps itself around your tit. Closing around it I feel your heartbeat increasing. I start massaging it gently at first but increasing in firmness. As the intensity increases you legs spread even further apart. As they open, the lips of your pussy open on their own much like a rose opening in the morning light begging for something more. Feeling them open I decide to accommodate your needs by putting two fingers inside your waiting hole and with my thumb move it down to play with your tight little ass again. I slowly move my fingers in and out of you squeezing more juices from you with every thrust in. As my fingers get in deeper and deeper you open your eyes and turn your head to see who is in your room bringing you to new heights that you did not know existed prior to now.

I look up to see the rapture on your face and see your eyes starting to open and I quickly react. I command you to not open them and I scramble from the bed. Rummaging through your dresser I find a old scarf and rush back to your side and tell you to roll over on your stomach. Obeying me only because of the pleasure you have found with this stranger you shiver as you feel the heat from my cock as it brushes against your thigh. Quickly I put the scarf over your eyes and tie it loosely just to keep it from falling off. You open your eyes slightly just to test it and see that it is sheer enough to look through and make out shapes in the room, but thick enough to keep you from seeing the stranger in your room.

While you are looking through the scarf I once again turn my attention to your ecstasy. I start kissing your exposed neck and again I hear the bahis firmaları moans escape from your lips. Spurred on my your sounds, I start to make my way down your back, planting a kiss here, and letting my tongue slightly part my lips to let it leave a moist little spot there. Still moving my way down, it seems to you that it is taking a lifetime, but then I am there. The spot just at the top of your sweet butt where it starts to make the crack between your two round cheeks and to raise it in the air to allow me more room to you.

Once there I let my tongue slip out a little each inch further down I get just so that I keep constant contact with your hot flesh. Ever so slowly I make my way down further and further until I reach my goal. I use both of my strong hands to pull your cheeks apart and I start circling my tongue around your tight asshole. Making sure I not to leave a single millimeter untouched I keep circling around it with my tongue until I can’t take it anymore. With a single thrust, I shove my tongue in as far as I can and a piercing scream fills the room. Torrents of juices fill your pussy as you have a orgasm so powerful that you don’t realize that it was you screaming. Still I keep up my pace, in and out and in again, fucking your ass with my tongue.

Curious to see how wet you are I let one my fingers trace its way down your groin until it finds your moist slit and as the tip pierces your opening it lets out what seems like a quart of your juice. Enough so that my entire hand is covered by it and runs down my forearm. Excited by your aroma I decide I need to taste you. I flip over onto my back and move between your legs so that my head is just below your box. I just lie there for a moment mesmerized by the small droplets still clinging to the lips of your pussy, slowly getting larger and larger until the weight of the drops can no longer adhere to the lip and drops onto my chin. Feeling my head between your legs you softly whisper “taste me”.

I raise my head to you and slowly snake my tongue from between my lips and gingerly touch it to your lips. Tasting your intoxicating flavor excited me even more and my cock starts throbbing even more and making it harder than it has ever been. Growing more and more excited I have to have more of you. I eagerly force my face on between your folds and lap at your pussy like a starving man. I have to have as much as humanly possible. I lap at it over and over again trying to satisfy desire for you.

Taking over by the lust in your body, you ask to suck my hard cock not caring who I am at this point. You raise your leg and I rotate my body never letting my tongue leave the folds of your pussy. You feel me still turning until you can sense that my cock if just inches from your lips. You slowly reach for it, still not able to see what is waiting for you until you feel it in the palm of your hand. Once there you can’t take it anymore and wrap your fingers around the base of it as if it was going to get away from you and are pleasantly surprised there is no hair on it. You lower your head until you feel the heat from its head searing your lips. Unable to resist you open your lips and thrust your open mouth upon it and feel it jump within your mouth.

Feeling the warmth spurs you on and you suck on me feverishly. You are surprised to find a ring in the head of the strange dick in your mouth and start playing with it. You pull it from your mouth for a moment and feel the sticky pre-cum form a string from your lip to the head of my dick. Unable to stand the suspense any more, you release me for a moment to rip the scarf from your eyes. You need to see the ring in my head as is excites you. After admiring it for a minute you feel the need to once again feel its heat and throbbing deep in your throat. You once again lower your head and wrap your red lips firmly around the base, feeling my balls on your chin. My cock again jumps in your throat. Renewing my efforts I plunge two fingers into your juicy pussy while still trying to lap every inch of your womanhood. I start see-sawing them in and out as deep as possible but slowly to increase your desire. My goal is to take you to heights you never thought possible but taking all night long.

I continue my in and out motions with my fingers trying to find your g-spot when I find your hard clit. I wrap my lips around it and gently start tugging at it with my teeth ever so gently. After a few tugs at it I start feeling it throb much like a small cock. With my teeth still tugging at it I start sucking on it trying to coax another orgasm from you. I keep pumping my fingers and sucking keeping pace with the sucking on my dick.

I try to keep my mind wandering, trying to think of anything besides the sucking that you are giving me. President’s names, capital cities, streets’ I used to live on, anything, but I can’t take it anymore. It starts as a small boiling deep in my balls but soon builds so that my cock is jumping as if it is alive the heat searing the inside of kaçak iddaa your throat. You feel the excitement building and increase the action with your mouth. Then it is there, you feel my cock make a lunge in your mouth waiting for the sperm to erupt.

Feeling my sperm start to erupt I quickly pull it from your mouth as well as your grasp. Not wanting to end this so seen I slide out from under you and stand at the side of the bed. Feeling empty I hear a moan of a different tone leave you, disappointment is at the root of it. So as to not leave you unsatisfied I reach for me pants. Finding what I was looking for I drop them to the floor to speak. “If you want me to stop, just ask me to leave and I will”. Knowing that nothing would want you to have this night end I smile as I look at you.

You turn your head in the direction of my voice and slowly open your eyes. Anxious to find out who is in the room with you and the fog of ecstasy clear from your head you look. You are however disappointed as you realize that every light in the house had been extinguished in the house. Try as you might all you can still see are shapes highlighted by the street lamp outside your room and nothing more, just a lone figure standing next to your bed looking back at you.

Already knowing the answer to my question, I once again return to your bed. I again lie on my back with my face underneath your still wet pussy. I once again raise my head to your box as I make contact with your lips, you feel something else touch your clit. Curiosity crosses your mind but just as it does your feel a jolt jump from your clit and rocket through your body. I had gotten a small but powerful vibrator has been added to the assault on your body.

I move my tool in slow small circles around your clit while gently lapping at the folds on your sweet pussy. Every once in awhile I stop the motions around your clit and place it directly on it’s tip just pausing there for a moment. Every time it stops there, I feel your body tighten, your legs clenching and trapping my head between them, your pussy swelling within my mouth and your head thrown back with a scream trapped in your throat. When I feel that you are at the crest of a major orgasm I remove the vibrator from your clit to rob you of the pleasure. Each time I do, your scream turns to a whimper.

After this pleasurable torture going on for what seems like I hours I decide to reward you. I plaster my face at the hole of your box to let nothing escape and once again place the vibrator on your clit. It starts slowly, with your muscles once again tightening, your pussy once again expanding as if trying to expel something deep inside of it, your head slowly rising as if an invisible hard pulling your hair. And then it happens, you scram at the top of your lungs and we are both rewarded. You have an orgasm like you have never had and me with a fountain of your juices. Your eyes clenched so tight tears start streaming down your cheek and still it doesn’t end. Wave after wave washes over your body, colors flashing past your vision and still your pussy is expelling what seems like a gallon of juice pouring down my throat and I savor every sweet drop. After the onslaught of pleasure ends it takes at least 2 minutes for you to regain your senses. Breathless, you roll onto your back unaware that I have even left the bed. After you regain sense of what has happened you hear a sound from your bathroom.

In the bathroom I turn on your shower and wait for it to warm up. Once it has reached the desired temperature, I return to your room. I stand there for a moment just admiring, even more so now that I have enjoyed every inch of your body. Well almost every inch. I return to your side and wipe droplets of sweat from your brow. I again grab the scarf that you had removed and again tie it around your eyes. I take you by your hand and gently kiss each fingertip and then lead you from the bed. As we near the bathroom a slight smile crosses your lips as you here the shower getting louder. Once inside, I draw back the curtain and lead you into it and you feel me enter behind you.

I move you under the showerhead and watch as you let the water wash away the sweat from your body. I am mesmerized and see everything as if in slow motion. Tiny rivers of water rolling down your body, some of them rolling down your firm breasts and hanging just off the end of your nipple until their weight can no longer hold them, as another falls in line to take its place. Your sigh breaks my trace and I drop to my knees in front of you. I trace the outline of your full breast with my tongue and after a moment let it wander down to your bellybutton, where I play with it for a minute. From there I keep moving lower until I reach the top of your lips. Once there I just kiss it lovingly for a minute or two just to keep you aroused.

I once again stand up and turn you around so that I am behind you, relishing the heat of your body against mine. Still as hard as ever you can feel my hardness kaçak bahis in between your full cheeks and you push back against me just to let me know how bad you want to feel in inside you. I reach around you to grab both of your breasts in my firm hands and massage them. To keep you on the sexual high, I gently pinch your erect nipples between the forefinger and thumb of each hand. Feeling this you let out another sigh of pleasure, and I start to slightly tug and roll on them. You once again push back against me in hopes that my dick will enter you from behind, not caring which hole, as long as you feel me within you.

So as to make this last I let you loose so as the bathe your beautiful body. I grab the soap and wash cloth and start to lather you. Although you feel robbed of the pleasure you were wanting so relax and enjoy the soap against your skin, but anxious to get this done in hopes that you will soon get a chance to have me. As my hands are washing you I lean in and again start kissing the back of your neck, and as I do you throw your head back to rest it upon my shoulder. Once I have covered every inch of your body with soap I set it aside and let the water wash away the suds. As the water is washing over your body I let my hands wander again. As I do I pause every once in awhile to massage your body. While still massaging you, I never stop kissing the back of your neck, and nibbling on your ears hearing a soft moan every so often.

Once the soap has washed away, I quickly shower myself so that the sweat of our previous encounter is washed away, as if when we return to your bed, we are starting again new. Once I am done I turn off the water and pull aside the curtain. First I help you out and then join you at your side. Spying a towel I reach for it and as you feel me brush past you, you turn and grab me as if I was going to leave your side. I pause and look down at you, looking at your beautiful face, I lower my lips to your and they lock together. Still dripping wet we stand there and let our tongues’ entwine with each other, desperately grabbing at each other so as not to let each other go. Letting the passion build between us, hearing no other sounds but the moans of ecstasy from deep with each other, we stay like that not wanting to let it end.

I break the kiss after what seems like a lifetime and decide to end the suspense and rip the scarf from your eyes. When you feel it gone you slowly open your eyes not sure if I am wanting you to see the person in front of you, but to let your eyes adjust to the light as well.

Once your eyes adjust a single word leaves your ruby lips, “Scott,…..” As you say my name, you rush into my arms and I hold you not wanting to let you go. Our lips lock and our tongues entwine with each other. Not wanting to stop but needing more room, I scoop you into my arms and leave the bathroom still dripping wet from our shower.

I carry you from the bathroom and head to the kitchen deciding that we need some nourishment to continue our night. I find the kitchen table and gently lay you on your back after sweeping aside things with my arm. Once I make sure you are comfortable I head to the refrigerator to see what is there to give us the energy to continue for hours to come. Opening the door I first see strawberries that you had just purchased that day as if you knew they would be put to good use.

I grab the box of them and then see something out of the corner of my eye. Sitting in the door is a fresh can of whipped cream. I grab it as well with a devious gleam in my eye. I close the door and return to the table with you lying there resembling a roman queen waiting to be fed by your subjects. I grab one of the plump berries and start at the bottom of your foot and gently drag it across your sole. Upon reaching your toes and drag it across the top of your foot and make tiny circles around your delicate ankles. After a few seconds I continue my journey and start up your legs, making “s” curves as I drag it from your shin and your calves. Once I reach the lips at the top of your legs I gently push it in slightly between the folds and drag it between them. This causes you to sigh and arch your back. From there I drag it across your flat stomach and circle it around your belly button then make my way to your breasts. Once there I make lazy figure eights around each one, and as I do slowly decrease there diameter until I am circling them around your still hard nipples.

At the same time I reach for the can of whipped cream and spray a small amount on your pussy although its sweetness pales in comparison to your natural flavor. As I do your open your legs and raise your knees to open yourself to me. Seeing this I move the berry from your breasts to your neck and then make my way to your open mouth. As I lower it into your waiting mouth I move myself between you and lower head between your knees. As my head nears your sweetness, I snake my tongue out and gently lap at the cream. While I am cleaning you with my tongue, you savor the sweet berry in your mouth as well as the attention you are receiving from me. Hearing you moan softly encourages me and I keep cleaning away the cream from you savoring the taste from your juices mixing with it.

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