A drunk night

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A drunk nightOne evening my friend took me out to a party that was near by. When we got there he gave me a cup and i started drinking from it. My head started to feel fuzzy and i felt someone pushing me upstairs. I was in a room and i found myself naked. I opened up one of the drawers and pulled out a pair of pink panties and black leggings. I found a black shirt and stubbled out of the room. I could feel someone was grabbing my ass. I found myself laying down on bed and closed my eyes for a bit. I woke to a salty taste in my mouth. I looked down to see white stains on my shirt and pants. I got up and fell to the ground. I looked up to see a black dick in my face. I felt the dick enter my mouth spreading it wide. I grabbed the dick and sucked on it to relieve it. The dick left and i got to my feet and moved onwards. I looked around and saw there was a lot of guys in the house. I found my way down the stairs and in the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and someone walked into the bathroom and pulled his dick out and shoved it in my mouth. This one fucked my mouth for a few mins and then left. Another guy followed in after and pulled his dick out and demanded me to jerk him off. I grabbed his cock and gave him a handjob. His cock was wam in my hand and my other hand was grabbing onto another cock. I had two cock and then a third cock came up and went right into illegal bahis my mouth. After a few mins he shot cum in my mouth. The guy who was there first pushe his dick in my mouth and shot a load in there too. The last guy was just standing there as i played with is cock until he shot a load on my face. I got up and stumbled around and found another cup was in my hand. I sat down on the couch and dozed off. I awoke to having some guy jerking off in my face. As I opened my eyes i felt his cum land on my lips and shirt. I looked down to see my thighs and shirt had cum stains. I looked up to two guys coming up to me with their dicks hanging out. One guy shoved his cock in my mouth and face fucked me until he shot cum in my mouth and as he pulled his wet dick out the next guy shoved his dry hard dick in. I dozed off to this stranger fucking my mouth. As i opened my eyes again i was kneed down on the floor and a dozen guys around me jerking off there dicks. Each guy would come up to me and stick his cock in my mouth and unload his sperm filling my mouth up. After each load I swallowed the cum and i could hear the guys cheering. One after another they unloaded their sperm in my mouth fillling me up with sperm. As i dozed off again i awoke to laying on a bed with a guy sitting on top of me jerking off his cock. My eyes closed again and opened to me laying illegal bahis siteleri on my stomach and my butt perched up into the air. I felt something grabbing my butt and looked back to see this group of guys all black grabbing squeezing and touching my butt. I felt my leggings and panties get pulled down exposing my butt. As i dozed off again i felt a sharp pain and awoke to a black guys dick in my ass fucking me rough. The pain soon turned to pleasure and i heard him laughing as he fuck my ass. I could feel my little white dick was rock hard and this black guy was about to bust a nut in my ass. His dick pulled from my ass and I felt cum hitting my thighs. Another dick entered my butt and fucked it for a few mins until this guy shot his cum in my ass. As he pulled his cum soaked dick out the third guy thrusted his black dick in my butt. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard i felt his balls slapping me with each thrust. His dick pulled out and i felt his cum hitting my butt. I dozed off an awoke to seeing my friend dick was in my mouth fucking my mouth. I looked back to see another guy was fucking my ass. As they both cum at the same time i fell asleep. I woke up the next morning between two naked black guys. My hand was grabbing one dick and the other had his dick in my butt. I got up and pulled the panties and leggings up. I looked for canlı bahis siteleri my clothes but could not find them. My ass was sore, my mouth tasted nothing but sperm, and my shirt was covered in sperm. My thighs were soaked in cum. I walked out of the room to see my friend was laying on the couch. I went down and tried to wake him up but he wouldn’t budge. I got on my knees and thought my mouth tasted like cum already what could one more dick hurt. I pulled his pants down and wrapped my lips around his soft cock and began to suck him. After a few mins his cock was rock hard in my mouth. I looked over to see him waking up and felt his hand on my head as i suck. Within a few mins he shot a load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed it down and he asked “do you remember last night” i nodded saying “a little bit I think i sucked a couple dicks” he laughed saying “a couple you sucked almost every guy here, i think you sucked my cock like six times last night, funny how you were sucking my cock again were you that hungery for more.” I replied “no i couldn’t think of a better way to wake you up, what else happened” he said laughing “you were sucking every guy who came up to then later on up in one of the beds i saw three black guys fucking your ass, then two more guys went in after they left and fucked you too. I think i was maybe the sixth or the seventh to fuck your ass. After that two more guys went into the room and continued to fuck you.” I said “explains why I woke up to two black guys sleeping next to me one of them had their cock in my ass still and the other one’s cock was covered in cum.” Wild night

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