A Dude Loves Jude Ch. 02


Before the month of February was out, Tristan got the phone call he had been expecting almost impatiently. Jude spoke in a terse demanding tone. But it was good news for Tristan. “She’s seen the pictures from our Valentine night tryst. She wants you to get your queer man buns over here ASAP so she can watch as I fuck you silly between them.” He hung up before waiting for any response. Tristan smiled to himself and his gender organ tucked in his pants sprang to life in an instant of electric buzz and strained swollen against the fabric.

He had had to seduce a woman in a manner of speaking to get at his very masculine love interest. He expected that the clothes would be off fast (don’t wear much to the destination despite the cold day and night) and that Jude would have him laid out supine and splayed open so that he could easily stab his supreme specimen of excited manhood into his hungering love hole and hump in a brusque theatrical sort of way for the benefit of an intensely curious audience of one. That was fine by him. All he could think about since that magical evening was the spell binding tool of the man he lusted for with such pining intensity. The rougher his little orifice was ravished by the thrusts and strokes of such treasured flesh, the better.

After that Valentine evening, Jude had teased Terri and told her that they had had such a good time, that he had forgotten all about taking pictures of Tristan. He was right that Terri would crave a “ménage a trois” of sorts. But less than 2 weeks later when Jude was out on a training class, the young woman checked their digital cameras and saw the photos. A couple of them were timed as the two of them were together, arms around their backs and shoulders in friendly partnership. The ones of 5′ 8″ Tristan alone had him stretched out on the motel room bed in exaggerated poses of alluring seduction. Although not as broad-shouldered and carrying the barrel-chested body mass that Jude presents, he was in evidently excellent tone and Terri found the visages convincing and even stimulating. She was even impressed with his high arched well-formed small bare feet. Nice hairy legs but otherwise smooth chest and ribbed abs were only punctuated with a cute trim of dark pubic tuft. His poses exhibited him both flaccid and erect. “Nice cock and nuts,” she thought to herself. His male package was not as impressive in size and stature as Jude’s, but a respectable length of uncut man meat with a promising peeled-back mushroom head prompted Terri to yearn for an up close and personal encounter. It pleased her to think that it had already been pumping away in her fiancé’s splendid ass.

But it was the small but sharply rounded bubble-butt ass cheeks that nearly caused her to faint in a swoon. She instantly drifted into a fantasy where she allowed herself to bury her face into those warm billowing mounds and take in all the male sensuality of feeling, taste and odor. The most explicit picture of all was the close up of the subject’s ass, where he reached back to spread his cheeks and reveal the brown puckering tiny starfish that was the opening to physical ecstasy for so many gay men. She knew this was the expression of a dare and an invitation to the most personal of all intimacies between humans. She was determined to take him up on the offer. She could hardly wait for Jude to arrive back at their spacious two bedroom apartment. He could tell by the look on her face that she had experienced some sort of erotic revelatory epiphany. “You smart-assed son of a bitch, I saw those pictures you took. I want him here and you two naked together, tonight”


When Tristan arrived at the apartment that night to commence what he hoped would be a long intimate affair, it was Terri who shuffled up to him and gave him a heartfelt earnest hug, He basked in the scent of her perfume. In the embrace, she more spoke to him softly than whispered. “I need for the two of you to take off all your clothes and come back into the bedroom where I can watch Jude fuck you.”

“You liked the pictures?”

She responded with a pert little coy grin. “I loved the pictures, my gay friend. You are a cute guy. But like my man over here, you are gorgeous nude. Now let’s not continue with the chit-chat until you two are buck naked.”

As Tristan and Jude approached to embrace, “Don’t worry, queer guy. She is going to be so carried away with the moment, that she will be peeling off all her clothes to play with herself. Not that it may be of special interest to you, but you will be able to see everything.” The female among them could canlı bahis şirketleri only respond with a suppressed grin and feign annoyance by swinging a half-hearted punch into her love partner’s shoulder. She knew there was nothing deceitful in that remark. Tristan was a veteran of sex with females and he was interested in witnessing the female in the new three-way in the altogether.

Tristan made the next move as they were intent on undressing each other. He reached up with lips slightly opened and pursed and made contact for a very wet kiss that featured plenty of passionate dueling tongues. At first Jude played along to entertain his fiancée, but he was swept by the moment and enjoyed the interplay of tongues and lips and started to nibble at the shorter man’s neck. Before they reached the bedroom, pinching, nibbling, and sucking hard brown nibbles was a central event in the foreplay. The female frantically assisted in the unzipping and unfastening of belts and shirt buttons. When they were both shorn of clothes except one sock by Tristan, she was shoving them across the room to the bedroom, her lover tugging at her sweatshirt and brassiere fixtures at her back along the way. Her panties were already nearly soaked. Tristan was raging hard and Jude was swelled and on his way.

Finally they were horizontal on the broad king bed. The female studied carefully as the two naked men kissed and thrust their hips to slap their two excited meats together. Jude with unnecessary wrestling moves yanked the other man about to the position that he would impale him. “I am going to fuck you now, my queer friend.”

“Oh yes, please! Fuck me Jude. Shove your beautiful cock in my horny hole and take me any way you want.”

They both could see that he had prepped himself up the ass with lube before arrival. He was facing ass up on the bed with his legs open and a pillow under his raging cock to keep his ass propped up slightly. Terri did not care about any ensuing cum stains.

“Hmmmph!” the first grunt from the larger hovering penetrating man. Terri helped guide the battering ram to its appointed target. Tristan sensed the pain of the forward pressure and the linings of his horny vessel have to spread and stretch to allow the advance of the cherished and simmering male one-eyed monster insistently be intimate in that most personal of all ways. It was the magic moment he had yearned for, for so many months and years and he adjusted his muscles back there as best he could to give gratification to his new lover for the friction of the experience. Three or four jabbing and thrusting strokes and he was filled with the splendor of the beast. The tickle of the fulsome fuzzy pubic weed pressed against his ass at maximum forward stroke was erotic icing on the cake. “Ugh …, oomph, ooooooo”

She was naked with them now, frantically fingering herself almost absentmindedly. “Oh sweetie, is he tight against your tool the way I am?”

Jude responded breathily. “He is not as tight as your goddess snatch, Baby. But he has a good grip and he is giving my bad boy a good workout.”

Tristan was grimacing and wincing with the delicious shocks of pain mixed with a glow of pleasure unsurpassed by any other affairs of the flesh. “Oh yeah, man. Fuck me like that. Fuck me as hard as you want.” Terri had started to moan as well and it was an added bonus to have a naked stimulated female investigate all the action. The nipples on her small pert breasts were the biggest and hardest Tristan had ever seen. She slid her midsection so that the two men in carnal play could smell her scent of female excitement and start to taste her available slick labia and ultimately run their tongues across her swollen clitoris. Tristan was attracted to the hairless opening and thin dark line that sprang up from her pubic zone. He had encouraged an old girlfriend to get one of those fashionable wax jobs, but she never seemed to get around to it. The female thrust her hips from the waves of hot pleasure and squealed her multiple orgasms.

The multiple stimuli to lover of longstanding was too overpowering. He felt that point of no return in his loins and he thrust his horny thick sausage as deep as he could into the cavern of gripping male pussy, past exercised prostate and through battered bowels into the very viscera of the naked man he had impaled with such vicious ardor. “Ohhhhhhh cripes! I am going to cum something fierce.” He felt the wave of heat and the tight springs in his mid-section unwind again and again. He was so big that Tristan could feel every blessed throb of man flesh in his tight cavernous love hole in an canlı kaçak iddaa ejaculation of seemingly endless spasms. He relished every flinch so deep inside him and delighted in the sensation of soothing warm wetness so deep that flowed its way down the passage discharging the slick and sticky elixir that seals the bonds of love between men.

Jude collapsed on the smaller man and within seconds his softening dangler popped out of the man pussy like pressure from a releasing cork. All warm and sultry now, the female watched approvingly as the two naked men breathily handled their soft kisses and tender caresses in the glow of post coital relaxation. Before rising from the bed to saunter in the bathroom and shower together, the three hugged, kissed, joked and laughed. The female watched intently as both men peed into her toilet before stepping into the tub.

Tristan tried to think of a way to compliment Terri for her really classic nude female good looks without offending or making Jude jealous. “Jude is an especially lucky young dude. He speaks of you as a goddess and he is right.”

“You are a real sweetie to say that. I often think of myself as the lucky one. We are both lucky that you have come to join us tonight.”

While in the shower, Jude demonstrated to his woman that he had become adroit at giving ever-hard Tristan a blow job. When dressed and ready to return to his apartment for a needed night’s rest before work the next day, Terri went up to him at the door to give him a final hug. She was careful to look directly into his eyes and say things to him that were worthwhile to Tristan even if they had not had any physical relations that night. “Jude is my man and he is going to become my husband in May. But for our sake, I also want him to be your gay lover. He has a very respectful but sexual attitude about women and I do not think he is gay. But in time, I want him to be able to lust for you and love you as you do him.”


That happened, and in a very short order. But he still retained a fierce preeminent loyalty and love for his fiancée. It was blissful paradise for Terri to have two toned and buff frequently nude men hang about in her apartment. Since sexual activity began in her teenage years, she had made an unwavering rule that any man who slept in her bed had to be naked, sex or not, whether she was clad in any clothes for the night or not, he had to be nude. She could more readily benefit from all his natural warmth and when she awakens, she could easily check the disposition of his male parts, whether he was afflicted with a nocturnal erection or not — another one of those endearing qualities of the opposite sex. Now frequently she had two nude men in her bed and it felt wonderful.

She loved the physical affection they shared and the boisterous locker room “naked guy” play they frolicked in. Spontaneous wrestling matches always provoked a hard and leaking bone to sprout from Tristan and sometimes Jude as well. She loved the way if there was ever a pass in motion between them, they would not only move in with pursed lips and tongues ready for oral exploration, but the way they would simultaneously reach to fondle and caress exposed and available ding dongs, simultaneously and brazenly stimulate each other without compunction. Preludes to three-way encounters were often the two men subduing Terri and stripping her of all her clothes. There were no barriers in three-way sexual encounters including mutual masturbation. Even vaginal penetration by Tristan was common and she thought he was not a bad fuck at all for a gay guy. After some clumsy first attempts to get their rhythm right, sandwich fucking was frequent and common. Sometimes she was the meat in the middle with one cock up her pussy and another up her back hole. Licking and sucking gender body parts was a staple to satisfy their appetites.

Even before they were married, while their families were ignorant of the new domiciled arrangement, most of their friends learned of the loving “ménage”. A change was made in the wedding plans, and Tristan served as their best man. The maid-of-honor and Terri’s lifelong friend was so turned on by the whole idea, they loaned Tristan out to service her during the honeymoon. Later that summer, the three vacationed at a “naturist” camping resort but had to “cool it” because of the presence of so many families with small children. A gay man was obviously very attracted to Jude and Tristan and seemed to stalk the three of them wherever they went. The presence of so many happy energetic naked children made the vacation worth Terri’s canlı kaçak bahis while and it prompted that special urge that will be related at the end of this story.

All the permutations of sexual activity seemed to only encourage Terri’s curiosity and imagination about male anatomy. By the fall, she was intent on experimenting with them. She would gently insert her slicked 7″ vibrator into one or another’s ass as he anticipated the insertion naked on all fours. She would then test his responses as the stick buzzed away in his ass, stroking in and out in different increments of length, different depths, different angles, and different paces of stroking. Her objective was to stimulate their prostates and rectal flesh in such a way as to make them cum their loads of climactic jism without either themselves or anyone else touch them in any other way. She and the other male would look on in fascination as the plastic device would pump away and they would look to facial expression, muscle twitches, and dangler excitation for signs that they were on the right track to achieving the objective. It took many attempts and several weeks to find out what could get them both off — what could get their cocks to stiffen to attention, leak, and finally a dilated piss slit signal that the cock will do its little up and down dance and squirt its small portions of fresh smelly man jizz, the subject groaning his ecstasy the whole while. It would take only a few minutes, but they both responded to short but rapid strokes. Tristan liked it deep with short jabbing strokes forward. Jude liked it more shallow but stroking at an upward angle.

Christmas time came and the men especially went on buying sprees like small boys with new toys. They could hardly contain their excitement and would hand over gifts days early. They were able to wait on the big gift until Christmas morning however. Terri awoke in her bed with the two men having already arisen. She thought she heard some low pitched tittering in the living room. Next to the tree was a big box wrapped in a variety of patterns of cheesy and juvenile holiday wrap. “How original!” she thought, her eyes rolling upward. She contemplated leaving them there for the remainder of the day, but thought the better of it. She opened the box to let them out. Of course they were only clad in Santa hats and cock rings. No surprise there. But they sprang out of the box to strip her out of her flannel top and panties. They carried her naked over to the sofa to sandwich her and make special sure she enjoyed many orgasms for Christmas morning.. Santa Claus had been good to her this year. Later she noticed a smaller but still large more tastefully wrapped garment box under the tree. They had given her a lavish leather dominatrix outfit. She looked sweetly authoritative in it and it made her feel empowered. The week between Christmas and New Years, she compelled them to play many doggie and horsey games.

But on to New Years, visions of things more domesticated, and the card that was laid into both their hands for the occasion.


My dear bad boys, my horn doggies, my nudist buff love monkeys, Happy New Year

What a year it has been and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But your mistress, angel, and sex goddess has set New Years resolutions for all of us. Your propensity to poke your stupendous turgid meats in the variety of holes available among the 3 us of will need to cease for a while ~~ as much fun and hot times as that has been. All your good lovin’ and surfeit of physical affection reminds me that my biological clock is tickin’. I want the 2 of you to pour some of all that sugar you got into a little warm bundle of joy I hope to drop from between my legs before the beginning of next year. You two will do most of the work of taking care of it and attending to its needs. We run the risk that the kid will be a completely spoiled brat before it is 3 and a devoted nudist after its potty trained, but I think I can cope with that. You are both good kind compassionate love monkeys of good character and it makes not the slightest difference to me who technically sires the kid biologically. I just figure double the shots from the both of you will quicken the eventuality that I feel that special something baking in my belly.

Yes, that means our focus will have to be on that one hole special to the female persuasion that only I have among the 3 of us. But I have never heard any complaints about that particular selection from even you Tristan, and you are supposed to be gay. So let’s make the change starting now in the New Year. I am dripping into my panties even thinking about the fun we will have even narrowing down our options.

Much love, hugs, kisses, and intense orgasms to my favorite daddies-to-be from the woman who will love you to your dying breaths, Terri.

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