A family obsession.


I had moved out of home and into the University dorm. It was a shock at first. I had to fix my own meals, clean the apartment and wash and iron my own clothes. But I worked it out. But I missed my parents and would go back home on Saturdays to have lunch with my parents and make them laugh as I told them how difficult life was. “Oh you poor dear” my dad would say sarcastically.

It was a Wednesday when one of my tutors got sick. I was sitting in my dorm and decided to go home and con my parents into inviting me for dinner. It was about 7pm when I arrived. I realised I had forgotten my key. I tried the front door but it was locked of course. I wandered around the back to see if the back door was locked. As I walked past the lounge room window I glanced in and stopped dead in my tracks. I stood wide-eyed. Shocked to my very core. Dad was naked and sitting on the couch. Mum was on her hands and knees sucking his cock but what really shocked me was that our Rottweiler Barney was on top of mum. Dad had his eyes closed and didn’t see me. I could hear mum’s muffled moans so it did not take a genius to know what the dog was doing.

I quickly turned around and left and went back to the dorm. I sat there trying to forget what I saw but it was too late. That image was permanently burned into my brain. My head was spinning. I had often wondered why we had such a large dog and now I knew. Shit, my parents were into animal sex. I couldn’t believe it. How could they? I don’t know how long I sat there trying to digest what I had seen. Finally I went and had a shower. In bed I couldn’t sleep. I began to realise that what I saw actually turned me on. In the end, to relax, I masturbated while the whole scene replayed in my head. Barney had, on several occasions, pushed his nose under my shirt. I just laughed and pushed him away. Was he signalling he wanted a piece of me? My God, was he wanting to fuck me?

I rang on Saturday and told my father I had a special tutorial on Saturday so I wouldn’t be over. The truth was I didn’t know how to face them with what I knew. Even talking to dad make me remember his lustful smile and his naked body as my mother performed oral sex on him. I found myself turned on by the image. “Stop it” I said to myself “he is your father”. But at that moment he was a man enjoying sex and after hanging up I again masturbated. After the pleasure of my orgasm faded I felt shame. How could I not be ashamed for the lust I felt? How could I rid myself of these terrible thoughts? I decided izmit escort bayan I had to face my parents with what I saw. It seemed the only way.

Saturday I went home for dinner. I waited until mum was alone in the kitchen. “Mum, I need to speak to you” I said “I called in on a Wednesday night and I saw you, dad and Barney”. Mum immediately knew what I didn’t need to say. She stood there for a few seconds and then said “Oh Tammy, I wish you hadn’t seen what I think you saw”. “Well mum I did and it has shocked me ever since” I replied “how could you do such a thing?” Again she hesitated and then said “well honey what exactly do you want to know? I mean, really want to know”. I took a breath. “Yes mum, I want an explanation. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Was it an accident or something?”

Mum sat me down at the kitchen bench. “Ok honey” she began “I will tell you everything. Some time ago I was in that position you saw me in with your father. For some reason Barney saw me and mounted me. It was completely by accident that he found my pussy and began to hump me. I was shocked and tried to get away but I was trapped. Then I found myself enjoying it. That until his knot was pushed into me and it hurt. Then he came. It took ages for him to get off me. From that moment I wanted more. It took a couple of weeks to train him properly. I hope that answers your questions”. I sat dumbstruck. When I found voice. There were many questions. Mum attempted to answer them. “Why” she said “because your dad’s penis is six inches and Barney’s penis is nearly ten inches if you count his knot. The knot is a swelling near the base of his penis. It is nature’s way of tying a dog to his bitch. And yes, he cums several times”. I just shook my head. I could not believe we were having a discussion about how she enjoys sex with our dog.

There was a minute of silence and then asked how many times she mated with Barney. “Maybe 3 or 4 times a week honey” she replied. “My God, does dad know?” I asked and then remembered she was sucking his cock while Barney had his way with her. “Of course he does Tammy. He helped train him” she said. Just then dad came into the kitchen. “What is the hold-up?” he asked. Mum told him that I had seen them with the dog in a compromising position. “Oh, I see. That is unfortunate” he said “I guess it isn’t our little secret then love” and he hugged my mum. “Did you tell her everything?” he asked. Mum nodded. “Well let’s get dinner underway and talk more afterwards.

Dinner was eaten izmit eve gelen escort in silence. My mind wasn’t on the food. This talk would be so uncomfortable. I even thought of running out of the house. Finally dinner was over. Mum turned to dad and suggested he go for a walk. “Just give us an hour alone” she told him. He got up and left. I guess he was embarrassed about the whole situation. Once he was gone mum turned to me. “Listen honey, it doesn’t mean I don’t love your dad” she said “it is just that I have grown to really enjoy mating with our dog”. “Oh God mum, how could you even contemplate such an unnatural act” I countered “it is so disgusting”. “Well I think you wouldn’t think that way if you experienced it” she said, her eyes filled with lust “I love the feeling of that huge cock inside me”.

I sat stunned by my mother’s words. I had seen her with Barney and heard her moaning. There was no doubt that she was enjoying it. Now she was telling me in great detail why she did. “I don’t think you know how that feels honey” she continued “feeling a huge cock opening you up beyond what a man can do. That knot holding him inside you while he cums. I just get excited just thinking about it. I wish you could experience it for yourself”. My God was she suggesting I try it? My mind was screaming “no way” but at the same time my pussy was trembling. “Honey, dad will be away for an hour” she said “would you like him to lick you. I promise you have never had oral sex that felt so good. I will let him inside and you slip off your panties”.

Mum walked to the side door and let Barney inside. He rushed up to me and I patted him. I was shaking. There was no doubt that hearing mum wax lyrical about the pleasure she felt was having an effect on me. I tried to justify what happened next by saying I needed to understand what she meant. I slipped my panties off and Barney immediately dived between my thighs. When his tongue touched me I screamed. It was wide and rough and he seemed to be trying to push his tongue inside me. My screams soon turned to moans. God, I was enjoying it. What sort of slut did that make me? But I just spread my legs wider. I looked across at mum who was sitting opposite with this knowing smile on her face. I felt my orgasm building. “Oh shit I am cumming” I groaned and squealed with pleasure as it washed over me. “Nice isn’t it?” mum said and I just nodded.

“Why not go the whole way honey?” mum said as I drifted down from my peak. “I couldn’t mum” izmit otele gelen escort I muttered but as I said it I got onto my knees. Barney saw me in position. I pulled up my skirt to encourage him but he didn’t need it. He immediately mounted me. “Oh no mum, I have changed my mind” I yelled but Barney would not be denied. Finding his target his cock grew larger with each thrust. He was manic as he fucked me. I moaned, I squealed, I shouted as he had his way with me. Although I knew about his knot I wasn’t ready for how it felt. It was as if he was splitting me in half. I screamed again as I was stretched like never before and suddenly he was tied in me.

My moans continued as I knew what he was doing. He was filling his bitch with his hot cum. I could feel his cock twitching as he came several times. Having satisfied himself he attempted to pull out but the knot wouldn’t allow him to. Frankly, I didn’t want him to. I was so full of his huge cock I just wanted to savour it. “Oh shit mum he is so big” I sighed. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t have to. She knew what I was feeling. It took him maybe five minutes to finally pull out. My pussy oozed cum down my thighs and down on the floor. I stayed on my knees for several more minutes as I reconciled what had just happened. When I finally straightened up I looked over and Barney was licking mum’s pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning.

I was to learn that dogs have amazing powers of recuperation. “I will have him later” mum said “would you like him again”. I looked at her and then at Barney. “Come on boy” I said “come and have your bitch again” and I swear the second time was even better than the first. After he finished I staggered off to the bathroom to take a shower and clean myself up. My pussy was so tender but still I got myself off. I got dressed and walked back to the lounge room. Dad had returned early. Was he hoping to catch me? “Is it all sorted out?” he asked and mum told him that it was. He looked at me and smiled. A smile that said “I know what you did”. I could only smile back.

I returned to my dorm and sat in the dark contemplating what had occurred. From being disgusted with my parents I now had a deeper understanding of what had transpired. I found myself smiled as I remembered what it had felt like under Barney. Life would never be the same. Now my Saturday visits are to have dinner with my parents including sessions with Barney. It took a few weeks but I no longer feel embarrassed having dad watch me. I told mum I could never suck dad’s cock or let him fuck me though. There has to be line that I will never cross. I even enjoy watching mum with Barney. I think that if I ever get a real boyfriend he will have to love dogs.

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