A fantastic night


A fantastic nightI had met Chris a male friend off the internet a couple of times for some fun and had enjoyed it that much that I wanted more. So here I was sitting at the computer talking to some of my friends asking if they wanted to fulfil another of my fantasies, it was simple I wanted to be fucked senseless until I couldn’t move.Chris was already on board, as he put it he wanted to make sure I was safe and was taken care of, so I just had to find some others who would fit in with my plan. The second one would be jack, he was single 23, 5’10 and a body to die for, he had the loveliest chocolate skin, that made me want to lick him all over. The third was Bill he was 52, 5’11, again a good body, was going slightly gray and had a beard.So I had arranged to meet them all in the same hotel that Chris and I had our first meeting, I wanted to get there before they all turned up so that I could get myself ready and prepared for them, I let myself into the room that I had booked for the night, Chris was meeting the other two in the bar and was going to bring them up. I ran myself a bath placing scented oil into the water and then stepped in, leaning back letting the water flow over me, relaxing my body, its not that I was scared of what was going to happen, but I have to say I was very nervous but also very horny at the thought of having 3 men there to please me.I could feel my clit swelling slightly but didn’t want to touch myself yet, I wanted to save it for them. I got out of the bath and dried myself off, being careful not to touch myself. I reached into my bag and pulled out my short black silk gown and my lace top black hold up stockings and put them on. As I was brushing out my hair I heard the door opening and male voices, which made my stomach do a flip.There was a knock on the bathroom door so I reached out and opened it lettingChris in, he looked me in the eyes and said “MMM babe you look good enough to eat” and with that he reached his arms around me pulling me close to him and placing his lips onto mine and kissing me deeply.Pushing me back from him slightly he asked if I was ready to meet my other two guests, I looked at him and nodded, taking me by the hand he led me into the room where Jack and Bill were both waiting. Jack walked over to me and placed his hands either side of my face and gave me a light kiss as if to say hello to me, he stepped back and Bill done the same thing, I slide my fingers across his beard feeling it for the first time.My stomach was in knots knowing that I was going to have the time of my life here tonight. Chris was the first to speak saying “Guys I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get things started” and with that he walked over to me and placed his lips against mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth and his hands cupping my face, I could see Jack out of the corner of my eye sitting down and watching, while Bill walks up behind me and starts to kiss across the back of my neck, while his hands bursa escort stroke across my back.I reach my hands to Chris and start to unbutton his shirt, pulling it off him, then stroking my fingers over his chest. He then pulls away and motions for Jack to take his place, Chris stood at the side of us and I could see that he was stripping down to his boxers. Jack’s mouth found mine and he starts to kiss me deeply, I reach my hands to him and start to pull his top off, wanting to see his body. I break the kiss and pull his top over his head and I reach my mouth forward and start to kiss across his chest.Bill moves from behind me and starts to undress, also to just his boxers, I can see the sprinkling of hair running across his chest as his shirt falls to the ground. Jack then pulls away from me so that he can undress as well, while he is doing this Chris and Bill walk back to me standing either side of me, a hand of each stroking across my back, there mouths on my ears and my neck licking and biting against me gently.Jack comes over to the front of me and pulls my robe open, placing his hands over my breasts, his fingers flicking against my nipples. Chris and Bill grab either side of my robe and pull it off me till it falls on the floor. I have 6 hands stroking over me, my back, breasts and also my ass. Jack leans forward and takes one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking it gently and lightly grazing it with his teeth. I was in heaven already, my body having all these different areas touched, was making my pussy ache.They must have sensed this because I could feel myself being pushed back slowly to the bed until I could feel it at the back of my knees, then all I could do was sit down. Jack was now kneeling between my legs, stroking up my thighs and then kissing where his hands had just been. Chris and Bill were standing at the side of me still stroking and kissing me all over, they both took a hold of a breast each and started to tease on the nipple with there fingers.I reached a hand out either side of me until I could feel Chris and Bill’s hard cocks, reaching my hands into there boxers and pulling them out and I begin to stroke them. Jack opens my legs wide and starts to stoke his hand against my pussy lips, opening them, I feel his mouth against me and then his tongue sliding in between my lips till he finds my clit, his fingers slide across my opening before pushing into me.My body is on fire and I could feel Chris and Bill moving up the bed, pulling me up at the same time, pushing me back so that I am laying down, jack lifts my legs up so he has better access, Chris and Bill take a hold of a leg each opening me wide for Jack’s assault on my pussy. I feel his lips wrap around my clit sucking it into his mouth. I reach for Chris’s boxers and pull them down and then do the same to Bill, placing my hands back onto there cocks stroking them, they move further up to the bed closer to my mouth, I pull them to me and start to use my tongue bursa escort bayan and my lips on them, taking turns on each of them.Jack begins to fuck me faster with his fingers and his mouth, making me moan louder around the cock in my mouth, causing vibrations to travel up and down there shaft. I could feel my body begin to shake and I knew that I was going to cum soon, making me suck harder on the cock, while stroking faster on the other. Then it happens and my whole body arches of the bed as I begin to scream in orgasmic bliss.Jack stands u and drops his boxers, taking his cock in his hand he slides it over me, teasing my swollen clit before pushing himself deep into me, stretching me, making me lift my hips up to meet him. My legs dropping down onto his shoulders as he begins to fuck me, slow but deep. I go back to sucking each cock in turn, taking them deep into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around them, there hands still on my nipples pulling at them, as I feel Jack’s cock deep into my now soaked pussy.Jack moves his hand to my clit and starts to stroke across me, my moans filling the roam, letting them know just how much I am enjoying this. Jack pulls out of me and Chris and Bill pull themselves away from my mouth. There hands on my turning me around so that I am on my knees. Chris lays down on the bed beside me and pulls me on top of him, sliding his cock into my pussy, moving in and out slowly. Jack appears at my head and places his cock at my mouth, I open wide and let him push himself in so that I can taste myself off him.Bill moves down to the bottom of the bed and I feel his hands stroking across my ass, feeling him pouring some oil over me and letting it run down the crease of my cheeks. Chris starts to move faster in me, as I take Jack deep into my mouth sucking and licking on him, then I feel Bill push a finger into my ass, letting it slide in slowly stretching me till he gets two fingers into me. He moves behind me while Chris stays deep in me, I can feel Bills cock head pushing against me, finding a little resistance to start with, but he is slow and gentle and gets further in, going in inch by inch until he is deep in my ass. He begins to move in and out of me and Chris does the same and I feel completely full, my pussy, ass and mouth getting fucked at the same time, the feelings send me over the edge again and I shudder around the 3 of them.All three of them move in and out of me, pounding me faster. Jack places his hands at the back of my head and start to push his cock into my mouth. Chris and Bill are both moving faster and faster into me, in time with each other, I buck between the two of them as much as I can, while I keep my mouth open for jacks cock as he pushes it into me. I hear Bill groan and feel him filling my ass with his cum, shooting it deep inside me and filling me up. He pulls out and Jack moves from my mouth to my ass and pushes straight in, fucking me hard. Bill offers me his cock to clean which I take escort bursa in my mouth sucking and licking all his cum off him.Bill moves to sit on the chair taking his cock into his hand and stoking it slowly. Jack pulls out my ass and offers it back to my mouth, I let him slide in as Chris begins to really buck under me, hammering my pussy hard and deep with his cock. Jack groans and I feel his cock twitch in my mouth, then feel his cum shooting deep into my throat as I swallow as much as I can. Chris starts to fuck me as hard as he can and I can feel his cock begin to swell in me. I lift myself off him and take him deep into my mouth and start to suck him hard and fast with my mouth, then he shoots his load into my throat as well, feeling it running down my throat as I swallow it.Jack is stroking himself and as I look over at Bill I can see him getting hard again, I motion for him to come over to me and I get him to lie on his back, I straddle his face pushing my pussy down onto his mouth, as I lean forward and take his cock in my mouth, licking and sucking all around him, taking him deep. I can feel Bills mouth on my clit sucking it with his lips. Jack and Chris are both stroking themselves as Bill really goes to town on my pussy, licking me all over. Making me grind down hard, sliding myself over his face as I take his cock deeper into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around his shaft while I slide up and down.Bill pushes 2 fingers into me and fucks me hard with them and my body explodes again, shuddering and shaking above him, moaning around his cock in my mouth. I move off his mouth and slide down his body and taking a hold of his cock I slide it deep into my pussy. Chris and Jack come and stand either side of my head and I start to suck and stroke on them as Bill grabs my hips and helps me raise up and down on his cock, licking and sucking around each cock then moving down to the balls to tease them a little.Bill lifts me up and takes his cock out of my pussy and slips into my ass, pounding it hard. Jack moves in between my legs and lifting them up slips into my pussy pushing hard and deep into me. Chris moves so I can pay all my attention to his cock, licking all over his balls and shaft before taking him deep into my mouth, he grabs my hair and starts to fuck my mouth, pushing his cock in deep.Bill and jack start getting into a rhythm, both fucking me hard and deep as I start to cum again really hard this time, my whole body is shuddering in ecstasy, while wave after wave of pleasure runs thru me. Jack and Bill pull themselves out of me and all three kneel over me and start to stroke hard and fast, Bill is first to cum and hits me across my breasts, then Jack adding to Bills load. Chris begins to shoot his load over my mouth and then down over my breasts. I take one in turn into my mouth cleaning there cocks off.I then lift my breasts up towards my mouth, licking what I can reach and scooping the rest up with my fingers, then licking it off them. Each of them lean in to give me a kiss before we all collapse on the bed. Well for a couple of hours anyway until we all get some energy back and start all over again.It defiantly was a night to remember!!

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