a fantasy

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a fantasyJust a short story of a fantasy I would like to experience. I may add to it and would like any suggestions you may have. I hope you enjoy it :)I arrive at the address you texted me. I walk up to the door and notice something hanging on it. Its a pink blindfold and a note, the note reads ” Hi slave I want you to put this blindfold on, open the door, walk in and close the door behind you. Then you are to take 4 steps forward and remove all your clothes, but the blindfold stays on. Fold your clothes neatly, and set them on the floor behind you. Then kneel on the floor knees apart and arms crossed behind your head.”I nervously fold the note and put it in my pocket. I put on the blindfold hoping your neighbors don’t see me. I turn the door nob and walk in. Doing what you told me I close the door walk 4 steps forward, and nervously strip down to nothing but the blindfold. Folding my clothes as best I can without being able to see them, and set them down behind me I kneel in the position you commanded.I kneel for what feels like 30 minutes but is probably not that long. When I hear a foot step, not knowing if you have been staring at me the whole time or just walked in. I straighten up my back trying to look my best for you. I hear you say one word “stand” the authority with witch you say it sends chills down my spine and I quickly stand. Keeping my arms crossed behind my head. My knees a little sore as I stand.”Turn around” Is the next thing I hear you say. I obey and start to turn in a circle before your voice cuts in louder “slower slave” I turn slower as I hear you chuckle and say “you really are pathetic slave that thing between your legs is nothing canlı kaçak iddaa but a little clitty.” I feel my face turning red. “Right slave?” I answer “yes mistress” you reply ” yes what?” “yes mistress I don’t have a dick I have a clitty” “good slave””You may lower your arms slave” “thank you mistress” I lower my arms not realizing till now how sore they were. “Take my hand slave” I reach out my hand and feel you grab a hold of it “follow me” I feel you pulling as you walk. I blindly follow still unable to see anything. I feel the floor on my bare feet as it changes from carpet to hard wood. As we turn I feel a wall to my left and imagine I’m in a hallway. You stop for a minute and then I hear a door open and we walk in.”Now slave this is just our first session and I already have learned alot about you. So far you have obeyed me with little to no hesitation. That may change soon.” I swallow nervously wondering what is going to happen next. You guide me forward a few steps before letting my hand go. “Slave do you trust me?” “Yes mistress” “Good slave. Bend over slave” I lean forward feeling my chest resting on a table. “Stretch your arms forward slave” As I do I feel you grab my left wrist and pull it tight. I feel something around my wrist tighten and realize you are tieing my wrist to the table. You then do the same with my right wrist.I am now laying on the table face down arms tied to it. My feet on the floor I feel you tieing my ankles to the table legs. Leaving my bare ass exposed. “Slave do you trust me?” “yes mistress” I hear you walk away for a second before walking back. I feel something cold and wet on my ass, then pain canlı kaçak bahis as I feel what seems to be a large butt plug sliding all the way in me. As I adjust to the invader you say ” Do you trust me slave?” “Yes mistress I trust you”I hear you walk away leaving the plug in me. I hear nothing again for what seems like 30 minutes. And then all of a sudden stinging pain followed by a cracking sound. I realize you have just whipped my left ass cheek. I hold back a scream of pain and just moan into the table. “What do you say slave?” before I can think of a response CRACK another pain this time on my right cheek. “What do you say slave!?” I feel the anger in your voice and say the first thing that comes to my mind. “Thank you mistress”CRACK,CRACK,CRACK three in a row “Thank you mistress” I manage to whimper. This goes on for awhile until my ass hurts so much I’m fighting to hold back tears. CRACK I sniffle realizing I’m no longer holding back tears. Grateful my blindfold is still on, hiding the fact that I’m crying. My ass on fire now I wait for the next one but it doesn’t come. “Do you trust me slave?” “Yes mistress” my voice cracks revealing my crying.I feel your hand caress my sore ass. “Your ass is so red slave. But I think it can get redder. Just 5 more slave” “Yes mistress” I swallow hard not sure I can take anymore. CRACK I yell out as that one was harder then the others. “Thank you mistress”By the last one I’m full on crying not caring anymore about hiding it. “Good slave its ok to cry” “Thank you mistress” I say through my tears. My blindfold soaked in tears now. I feel you grab the plug and pull it out of my sore ass. “Do you trust bahis siteleri canlı me slave?” “Yes mistress” I scream out in pain as I feel your hand slap my ass. “Thank you mistress” I barely manage to get the words out through the pain. “Good slave” I feel you untie my ankles and then my wrists. “Stand up slave” I stand, my back sore as are my wrists. “Take my hand slave” I reach out and feel you grab my hand and lead me back out the door into the hallway. My ass so sore it hurts to walk as I follow you down the hallway back onto the familiar carpet.”You did very well slave for our first session” We stop walking. “Your clothes are at your feet slave you may get dressed, but do not take off the blindfold” I drop down to my knees feeling for my clothes. My hand brushes them as I feel for my shirt. I put it on then my socks. I feel around but cant find my underwear. “Looking for something slave?” “Yes mistress I cant find my underwear” “I threw them out slave you don’t wear boy underwear anymore. You wear panties, here put these on” I feel you hand me a small soft cloth. I feel it and realize its a thong, what color I have no idea. I fumble with it as I get it arranged right and slide it up my legs. I pull it up to my waist and feel it slide into my crack and fit my tiny clitty nice and tight.I put the rest of my clothes on my ass in pain as my jeans rub against it. “You may take off the blindfold once you step outside and close the door behind you slave. And keep the blindfold you will need it for our next session” ” Yes mistress, thank you mistress” ” You did very well slave I will text you for our next session” “Yes mistress, thank you” “You may leave now slave” “Yes mistress bye mistress” I turn and fumble for the door nob turning it and opening the door. I step outside and close the door behind me. I take off the blindfold and put it in my pocket. It’s dark out now, as I wonder how long I was in there.

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