A Fantasy


There was this girl I knew, a good friend of mine. A beautiful mix of Latin and European genes. Standing about 5’7″, maybe 130lbs. Wavy light and dark brown hair always worn held back by a headband. Beautiful and deep brown eyes. The most beautiful smile one could image. She kept herself in shape, doing yoga and visiting the gym regularly. What always looked like firm, C cuppish breasts. A tight looking ass (which she knew I was always looking at), with firm, strong legs. There was always this strong sexual tension between us but we never slept together, though I’m sure both of us thought about it. I had once told her about a sexual fetish of mine, I liked to be called Daddy in bed.

She would bust my balls for it every chance she got, and though it was all in good fun (and annoying at times) I also found it really erotic. The way she would say it, in a cutesy sort of voice, or the little smirk she would always have on her lips made my cock twitch. Even though she found it completely ridiculous, she had let slip that in the heat of the moment, it might be kind of hot. I felt that it was all building to something. That “something” was something I’d thought a lot about.

I couldn’t wait for her to call me Daddy in that mocking way again. I knew when she did I would finally do something about. I’d grab her roughly by her arm, or the back of her shirt and march her down the hall to the bedroom. Despite her protesting and struggling, I would push her through the door and hold her tight as I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her over my lap. Doing my best to pull her pants and panties down over her ass, which would certainly be wiggling and struggling to get off my lap. Though not too hard, I knew she loved to be handled roughly. I also knew she loved to be spanked, which is what I was about to do. Rubbing my hand over her ass-cheeks. Fingertips brushing lightly down her crack before I raise up and bring my hand down over her ass-cheeks with a hard smack.

“So you think it’s funny to keep teasing me, huh?”


“Ow, stop!”

“I told you I had a plan for the next time you called me Daddy like that.”


“OW! Patrick! Stop, you’re hurting me!”

“Tell Daddy you’re sorry.”


“Owwuh, let go.”

“I said, tell Daddy you’re sorry.


“Uhhh, noo.”

“Tell me.”


“Uhh! Daddy…I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”


“UHHHH GOD! Daddy I’m sorry for teasing you!”


My hand paddles light brown latina ass red. Suppressing illegal bahis moans, as not to give away that she’s actually enjoying this. She loves the stinging pain of my palm coming down on her. The jolt of pleasure/pain she feels through her body with each slap, ending at her clit. The look in her eyes, welling with tears, slightly glazed as her lust builds, searching the room for something to focus on as her ass gets paddled.

I can tell she’s had enough, her body is shaking ever so slightly over my lap. Her hips bucking her ass up in expectation of my hand coming down. I can feel her starting to drip over my lap. I slip my fingers slowly down the crack of her ass. Down under her, feeling her hot, wet slit. So aroused from the spanking. I tease my fingers along her slit, my fingertips dipping between, feeling how slick she is. She parts her legs a little on my lap as I find her hole, so hot, so wet and snug around my fingertip. Just one sliding slowly in. She moans and lifts her head, turning to look back at me. She pushes back a little against my finger, making it sink in to the first knuckle. I push more in, to the second knuckle. Her pussy grips it and she moans louder.

“Uhh, Patrick, more. Put another finger in me.” She pleads.

So I do. I pull my single finger back and add a second. Sliding it in deeper as she moans out even louder. Pushing them in, to the last knuckle. Pulling them back and pushing back in. She moans out the loudest yet, through gritted teeth. She bucks her hips harder back at my hand. Her pussy clenches my fingers and drips all over them. Her stomach and pelvis writhing over the hard lump of cock in my pants. I know she can feel it. I’ve been growing hard since the moment I grabbed her arm and started walking her to the bedroom.

After only a few minutes I stand her up, she’s more eager to move with me now. I can see her biting her lower lip as she steps out of her pants. She turns to me with big brown eyes, awaiting instruction now.

“Kneel for Daddy.” I tell her.

She kneels.

I stare down at her, on her knees as I unbuckle my belt and unsnap my jeans. I pull the zipper down. I open them and let the drop to my ankles. I strip off my shirt and add it to the pile of clothing. She reaches up to pull my boxers down but I slap her hands away.

“No hands, keep them behind your back.”

She puts her arms behind her back, holding a wrist in each hand.

My boxers are pushed down to my ankles. I step out of them and kick them aside. Looking down at her, I see glance at my cock illegal bahis siteleri and lick her lips before looking back up at me. She told me she always liked giving head, but first she had to really like the guy.

“Open your mouth.” I tell her.

She opens her mouth. I lay the head of my cock on her bottom lip. Average at 6 inches long, but 3 inches around, her lips close around it. I feel her moan on it more than hear it.

“Mmm, you’re a good little cocksucker for Daddy”

Her eyes flicker with anger, she doesn’t like being called names like that. She slides her lips down the shaft, deeper, no gag, and then back up over the head. It sends a shiver through me as she suckles. Lapping her tongue over it, around it before sliding her lips back down, all the way. I cup the back of her head, fingers curling in her hair. Not guiding but more appreciating her efforts on my cock. Smiling down at her, moaning as she sucks. My cock disappearing into her mouth before it reappears, like magic.

My fingers curl in her hair, securing her head. She tries to slide her mouth up my shaft again but stops only after an inch or two. Looking up at me with confusion and frustration this time. I only grin and rock my hips back, pulling my cock between her lips, leaving only the head in. Thrusting back in her mouth slowly, closing my eyes and sighing out as I sink all the way in. Balls pressing to her lips. Thick shaft pumping back and forth, not too fast, but not too slow. Gurgling and wet sucking sounds filling the room, I can smell her excitement. Her thighs opening and closing under her, little wet pussy aching for attention.

I know she wants to touch it. I know she wants to rake her fingertips over her clit. Touch and rub it. Squeeze the slick little button. Feel it throb. I know she wants to spread her lips apart and plunge her fingers deep in her pussy. Push them in deep, stuff herself as full as my fingers had her. I know she wants to fuck herself silly, make her pussy gush with release. But she doesn’t. She keeps her arms behind her back, grasping each of her wrists in her opposite hands. Like a good girl for her Daddy.

Before long I tug her up to her feet by her hair. Hard enough that she knows to spit my cock out and stand. I spin her around and bend her over the edge of the bed. She complies willing and gets down on her hand and knees before arching her back some and propping her ass up, arms outstretched forward across the bed. I can hear her breathing into the comforter, her head turned to the side, resting on her cheek. canlı bahis siteleri She shifts her legs and wiggles her as little as I stand behind her. Her slight whimpers as I press against her slit, pressing my cockhead int0 her. Both of us moaning as I stretch and fill her. She can’t resist pushing back at me, pushing back on more of my cock. She can’t suppress the pleasure she feels being filled by me either. My balls resting against her slit as we grind slowly against each other.

With hands on her hips I start pumping. With her hands and knees on the bed, she pushes back. Both of us moving and moaning, fucking in time. Rocking her body back on my cock, giving a little grunt each time I bury myself inside her. Thick shaft and tight wet pussy sliding back and forth.

“Mmm fuck, do you like Daddy’s cock inside you?”

“Uhh yes, I do.”

“Tell me you love it.”

“Mmm, I love it. Fuck me.”

Thrusts coming harder, the slapping sounds of skin on skin coming louder.

“Tell Daddy you love getting fucked.”

“Ohhhh god, Daddyyyy, I love getting fucked by your cock.”

Groaning as we grind against each other, her pussy gripping my cock tighter, she squeezes it, causing me to grind harder just to keep my cock inside. Pulling back and slamming harder, both of us groaning out. She tosses her head back as she pushes back on me. Reaching up I take hold of it, pulling just enough to force her head back. I pull back and slam/grind into her again, the same loud guttural groans coming from both of us.

“UHHH goddd yessss, fuck me Daaaaaddyyyyyyy.”

The bed creaking and squeaking under us, wet fucking sounds growing louder and louder. Ragged, hard breathing coming faster. Her fists gripping the comforter tight, pulling at it. I feel her growing tighter and wetter. Her moans sounding like one long, drawn-out growl. Her body tenses, her pussy clamps down as I feel her gush hot liquid down my thighs. Her head back even farther than I’m pulling it, eyes rolled back as she groans at the ceiling.

“GRRRRRUHHHHHHHH HAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Is the only sound she makes as she shakes and shivers as she cums. Her orgasm drawing me deep inside her, triggering my own. One hand gripping her hair tight, the other gripping her left hip, groaning out through gritted teeth. My body as tense as hers, my cock exploding inside her, filling her with my cum, flooding her with it, thick and hot. My eyes shut tight, my hips grinding and bucking into her.

Gasping for breath, both of us collapse on the bed. My cock slipping out of her, half hard and slimy. The sensitive head slipping out of her pussy, both of us shivering at the sensation. She falls in the puddle of cum, and whimpers, closing her thighs tight and curling up in a ball. I lay down beside her, facing her, arms around her.

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