A Fantasy of Susan Ch. 3

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: “A Fantasy of Susan” is the first in a trilogy of stories as related to me by my wife Marie. Be on the lookout for the 2nd installment “Erica’s Real Bridal Shower”, coming soon. WARNING: If you are offended by group sex, lesbianism, marital infidelity, or incest then this series is not for you.

The moist paradise created by Anya’s suckling of my ear had me growing increasingly wet in other places as well. Judging by the warmth of her crotch on my legs and the stiffness of her nipples through the sheet between us, I could only guess she was equally as turned on.

My hands slid up and down her arms, often slipping to touch her sides and then getting lost in the tangle of her hair. My only “words” were a series of moans and my eyes fluttered in my head in a seizure of sexual delight.

“I’m not a lesbian.” I weakly protested, my words seeming faint and hoarse.

“Neither am I.” she whispered, her lips grazing the flesh of my ears with each move. “I’m just a woman helping her sister relax.”

As she emphasized the word “woman” she ran her hand over my breast, rolling the nipple against the smooth flesh of her palm. It was then that I became aware that the sheet had fallen away and we were touching flesh to flesh. Something inside me no longer cared and I closed my eyes tightly, trying to find some anchor in this heavenly storm.

“I know you miss Craig.” She cooed. “But I’m here to help you.”

With that she kissed me, gently at first then harder, her hunger slowly rising to the surface.

My eyes opened and I looked at her. Her features seem to fade in and out. Her blonde hair seemed to darken little by little until it was the shade of burnt auburn and her deep blue eyes became pearls of blackest night. In an instant I realized what was happening. It was Susan, my own sister, I was seeing. It had been Susan all along. That moment in the shower when my hand made contact with my breast, it was my sister’s hand. That tongue I had pictured between my legs as I rode my own hand into orgasm was Susan’s, not Craig’s. The gentle, soft breast I had leaned against in despair on the bathroom floor.

I guess I had associated 18 year old Susan with Anya since the first day we had met. There were the long muscular legs and the perky delectable tits. The long flowing hair, the well-defined mouth and facial feature, even the wicked though seemingly innocent smile.

Anya’s tongue was snaking between my lips and I opened them to allow her access. Our tongues danced around each other as our hands traced lines along one another’s bodies.

“Tell me what you want.” She begged.

“Susan…Anya…” And then I kissed her. Kissed her in a way I had only ever kissed a few boys in my life. I was giving my body and soul to her and I wanted it as badly she did.

My hand slid up beneath her shirt until it was filled with her athletic but creamy breast. I cupped it again and again, molding van escort it with my hand, making it mine. The results were instantaneous as her skin warmed over a pale shade of pink and her nipple grew long between my thumb and forefinger. Anya moaned into my mouth, her body now rolling against mine in a damp and sweaty ballet. Effortlessly I lifted the shirt over her head, aching for a moment at the loss of our kiss.

When she leaned back down I took one of her breasts into my mouth, suckling like a starving baby. Anya purred her consent and her claws dug into my hair, holding me to her as her crotch pounded mercilessly against my bare but soaking pubic mound.

Her body was the world to me as I lay there, eyes closed, experiencing every sensation through my mouth, my hands and my sex-starved cunt. To me she was Susan, the wanton and wild young woman I had fantasized about for years and been jealous of my whole life and now she was mine.

My tongue ravaged the entire surface of her juicy tit, trying desperately to pull her love juices right through the skin. Time and again I circled around, moving ever closer to the wonderfully sensitive center which I would then take and suck deeply into my mouth before raking it against the roof and then releasing it again. If Anya felt any pain she never let on, her only reflex a desperate, hissing “Yessss!” and the movement of her rabid hands over my own ample and heaving tits.

My hands moved down her incredibly slim waist until I was touching her legs. Outside and in, lingering on her sweat-dampened thighs, I searched her entire body for as far as I could reach. My fingertips seemed to move as if with a mind of their own to the edge of her shorts, upward, ever upward. I was surprised to realize she had no panties on as my hand moved to grab the cheek of her ass.

I pulled her to me more tightly, my mouth moving to her free breast as she petted my hair and pinched my nipple with her other hand. I realized that there was no going back now and moved my fingers into the damp cleft of her ass, looking for the sweet treasures to be had.

“Marie…” she moaned, “I’ve never…”

She was lying and I could tell but I didn’t care. Anya wasn’t there. This was my little slut of a sister in my arms. I suckled her nipple into my mouth hard as one finger swept past her puckered backdoor. She gasped and pushed her ass up into my hand while trying to feed more of her engorged breast into my mouth. I was in heaven.

“Susan” was at my mercy and somehow it seemed her shorts just melted away.

Slowly my finger traced the delicate pink skin between her ass cheeks, teasing her, making her squeal in delight. Her body shivered and I took the nipple in my mouth between my teeth to regain control. My finger crept lower, passing a sensitive patch of skin before I suddenly found it sucked into the most wonderful, moist pussy I had ever touched.

“Oooohhh, escort van fuccckkk…” Anya moaned, her entire torso spasming against me and then collapsing onto me. I broke my suckle hold and looked deep into her eyes. Her face was contorted into a mask of passion, teeth clenched, eyes blazing. Her hand slid down into the dampness of my own folds, glancing off my clit before beginning its fluid motion between my swollen nether lips. I inhaled sharply and then looked at her again. Every fantasy of Susan I had ever had since that first touch rushed back to me. I fucked her first with one finger and then two, my thrusts savage and intense. Every see-saw of my hand sent a quake through her and I watched in awe as she smiled that once innocent looking smile through those clenched teeth, it was the look of an animal preparing to devouring its prey.

Soon we were matching each other movements, my own hand focusing on the silky soft interior walls of Anya’s spread cunt while she focused on my swollen labia and even more rigid clitoris. The wet, slapping sounds of our hands didn’t seem clumsy at all but instead were rhythmic and fluid like a symphony. The intensity became so overwhelming that I found myself grating my own teeth together.

As if on cue, Anya sat up and moved her face down between my legs. I couldn’t believe how natural it seemed. Her finger made one final circuit of my slathering outer cunt and then slid out to be replaced by her tongue.

There isn’t a word to describe the sound I made. It’s the feeling that all the air has been sucked out of your lungs, that every neuron or synapse in your brain has fired at once. All I could do was rock my body back and forth. I recall thinking it strange that my thighs instinctively spread apart to give this sexy creature better access.

I had been eaten out before but never like this. There is no way to humanly describe the tender but erotic way a woman can touch another woman. Every inch of me responded to her, to the powdery touch of her hands, the wet slickness of her tongue, the way her face rested in that little v-shaped alley that seemed built just for her. My clit stood at attention like a miniature cock, begging its nordic mistress for even the slightest attention. My juices coated her face and I could tell she was enjoying lapping up every bit of them. My pussy hole quivered, aching to be filled, which Anya did again and again, sinking her tongue as deeply inside me as she could, rolling it around my tender sugar walls.

Curious, I removed my now coated three fingers from Anya’s snatch and lifted them to my face. The smell was … intoxicating. I had expected it to be sharp and somewhat unattractive but it was like an aphrodisiac. I lifted a finger to my mouth for a taste. The digit slipped into my mouth effortlessly and I sucked on it like a mini-cock. The taste was as surprising as the scent, like fresh sour van escort bayan honey.

“Ready for the real thing?” Anya asked, a manic look on her cum coated faced.

With that she lifted a leg over me and I found myself staring directly at another woman’s twat for the first time. Granted I was as horny as I could possibly imagine being but I wanted to remember this moment forever. She was shaved and the lack of even a layer of pussy fuzz made her seem so clean. Her pouty lips were flushed and pink, the little hole beneath them sucking desperately at the air. Her thighs were like ivory, moist and soft. Slowly she lowered herself to my waiting tongue, her own attentions returning to my sweaty, cum covered crotch.

Anya’s scent was somehow not as raw as my own and I wondered to myself if this was how Craig felt with his head between my legs. Every drop of her juice made me hungry for more. Every twist and convulsion of her body into mine made me more eager to please. At one point I found myself with my tongue buried deep in her snatch, savoring the sweetness of her as I watched her sweet ass hump up and down above me.

And her clitoris, like a pearl of sweet nectar it seemed like God had made it for me. I attacked it gently at first, loving the torment it seemed to cause as Anya bucked wildly against me and buried her own tongue in my tangy honey pot.

Then it became a duel as we both took turns teasing each other’s sweet spots, our tongue’s time and time again completing some sexual circuit. Our cries and grunts were so loud that I was sure the whole campus heard them. I went over the edge more times than I could count, the first after Anya plunged multiple fingers into me while nibbling my love button. Finally she collapsed on top of me. I was glad she had, another minute and I probably would have passed out. I could tell that Anya had more than one orgasm herself and the look on her face was one of utter contentment.

I smiled. Susan’s features melted, her hair, eyes, and skin all lightening. All the frustration drained from my body. A lifetime of curiosity and sexual repression had just been lifted from my shoulders. Maybe I would never know what it meant to lie with Susan but I had a new sister now and in the month before we left to go back to our respective universities I made sure I left behind no regrets.

For her part, Anya never seemed to mind being a surrogate in my sexual fantasies. Whether it was mutual masturbation on the trolly or a game of who can lick who in a movie theatre bathroom. Most of her spare time was spent in teaching me that I wasn’t a lesbian but instead a free spirit who had been locked in her cage too long. Two weeks into our life as sisters Anya brought a little toy from her homeland to my room and that night she got to play out a fantasy of her own, playing my Craig.

I wrote him about my experiences that summer, not sure what his reaction would be. Thankfully my summer adventure only served to spice up our sexual escapades. In the years that have gone by since, I have wondered whatever happened to my newest “little sib”. Many times while visiting with Susan my mind has wandered and my eye has lingered. I know it’s ok. Craig looks too.

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