Subject: A Father’s Perdition part 13 (gayincest) This story is completely fictional any references to names, places, situations are made up. If you enjoy the stories posted here please support fty/donate.html ———————— Feel free to contact with comments and suggestions. I enjoy hearing what everyone thinks. Email: ota Wickr: lucasdwyer1 If you would like updates on when I plan to post new chapters feel free to follow on twitter. Twitter: lucasstories ———————— I take my sons hand in mine looking down at his sweet face as he looks up at mine, so loving, trusting, but I catch a hint of suspicion in his eyes, like he knows what I’m going to do with him. As I lead him to the hallway Dan places a hand on my shoulder stopping me, I look at him and see lust but it’s masking something else; he leans in close so Oliver can’t hear he whispers “I’m so proud of you right now son be sure to give that boy a night he won’t ever forget.” I smile at him then lean in giving him a gentle kiss on the lips. He then steps up to Oliver crouching down in front of the boy he says “your daddy has something special planned for you Ollie, it will bring you two closer together but you’ll need to be a really strong little man tonight okay?” Oliver is just beaming, nodding his head excitedly as he hugs his grandfather tightly. Once Dan steps aside I take Oliver’s hand again and walk with him down the hallway. We reach the door to my old room, so many memories in here and I’m about to make another with my precious son; Eric stands just inside smiling he says “everything is ready Hen.” I lead Oliver into the room and sit him on the edge of the bed then kneel in front of him, my hands on his knees as his little legs dangle over the side. Eric is about to step out but I turn to him and ask almost pleading “will you stay babe?” He stops dead in his tracks turning to face us I can see the full range of emotions coursing through him before he says “really Hen?” I smile at him and say “of course, both of his daddies should be with him tonight.” He steps back into the room shutting the door then walks over kneeling next to me he strokes Oliver’s cheek the boy looking between us, smiling bright, joy emanating from every pore of his little body he asks effusively “daddy, what’s my big surprise present” he’s practically gasping for air he’s so excited “do I get it now daddy, can I please have it now???” My nerves are getting the better of me as I suddenly feel sick to my stomach and ready to just call this off, what I’m about to do to this sweet boy is nerve wracking and he’s excitedly begging me for it. Eric gently rubs my shoulders snapping me back to reality, I see Oliver looking at me curiously waiting for an answer. I look at Eric, he’ll back up whatever decision I make, I know that because he cares for Oliver as much as I do and he may not be showing the same level of emotions I am but I know him well enough that I can be certain on the inside he’s freaking the fuck out. I take Oliver’s chin in my hand then lean in and kiss him tenderly on the lips, his mouth opens accepting my tongue as I gently make out with him only for a short moment then break our kiss and say “daddy does have a special present for you but it’s not the same type of gift like what you received earlier” he cocks his head now curious “this gift is something far more important for our relationship honey, daddy wants to have another type of play time with you.” Before I can continue my talk his eyes widen, his voice softens into almost an excited whisper “are you going to put your penis in me” he asks. I smile at him while nodding my head, admiring how bright he truly is and how much he’s learned in the short time we’ve been here. He squeals delightfully “oh daddy I’m so happy!” I can’t believe what I’m hearing, my boy is excitedly telling me how happy he is that I’m about to sodomize him. I know he’s seen a lot in the past week and a half but I don’t think he understands the pain he’ll go through. When we worked the plugs into him Dan used a desensitizing cream so he wouldn’t feel anything but this time we won’t be using anything to numb the pain; he will feel everything from the moment my cock head pierces his tender ring to the time I bottom out inside him. I slide my hands from his knees up his thighs and under the hem of his shorts resting them there as I speak to him again “Oliver I’m going to need you to pay attention to what I’m about to say” my voice more authoritative to get his full attention, once I have it I continue “I can tell you’re excited…” I pause for a moment gathering my thoughts then say “this could be difficult for you but you’re a strong boy and this will only make you stronger.” He nods his head letting me know he is paying attention and understands but also his body continues to shake with excitement. I squeeze his thighs gently and continue “I don’t want you şişli travesti to be scared” I say but he interrupts, smiling proudly he says “I’m not scared daddy.” I kiss him gently on the forehead then say “I know baby but this can be scary so just remember daddy loves you.” He throws his arms around my neck squeezing me tight and says “I love you too daddy, so much!” This boy is ripping my heart out right now but I’ve talked enough and if I’m going to do this the time is now. I lean in kissing him softly on the lips, our tongues entering the others mouth as I hook the bottom of his t-shirt, we break our kiss momentarily to lift it up and over his head. I then reach down to his khaki shorts and gently tug at the button, opening it then gripping the zipper, the sound as I slide it down sends chills through my body. From my left Eric says “lift your butt Ollie” and when he does I gently pull his shorts down until they fall off his legs and to the floor. My baby is now sitting in front of me in just his underwear, I place my right hand on his hard little nail that’s straining against he front of his briefs. He moans into my mouth softly as I gently stroke his cock through the fabric, feeling his whole body shiver when I do. With my left hand I gently caress his flat nipple which also sends a shiver through his body. I move my hands to his waist gripping him, lifting him then moving him deeper onto the bed as I climb up with him and support myself over him never breaking our kiss. I actually feel like I could very well have a heart attack it’s beating so hard in my chest. I kiss my son deeper hoping he’s feeling this electricity that I feel between us as I sense Eric climb onto the bed with us. He reaches around me, his hands moving down my chest unbuttoning my shirt then I break my kiss with Oliver kneeling so he can remove it. He reaches next to the button on my shorts undoing it, sliding the zipper down, the sound again causing my body to shake. I climb off the bed momentarily standing to allow him to remove them, lifting my left then right leg. Having gone commando today I am now completely naked in front of my son, not his first time seeing me this way but this time feels so very different. I feel as if towering over my boy with my hard cock pointing straight out as it drips precum would terrify him, instead he’s looking at me with a yearning in his eyes he needs his daddy and he knows his daddy needs him. Eric’s leaning his head on my shoulder, both of us admiring my son and how brave he’s being I ask rhetorically “he’s not going to stop me is he?” The question lightens the mood momentarily as he chuckles, “sorry Hen I don’t think he will.” “I love this boy so much bro and I’m scared shitless right now” I say, he replies “me too but you’re the sweetest man I know and you’re going to make this so special for him so” he then smacks my ass and says “stop stalling and get in there.” I give him a shitty look for figuring me out then climb back on the bed to Oliver as he lays waiting for me. I support myself over my son again, leaning in to kiss him deeply, my tongue pressing into his small mouth, hearing him moan a muffled “daddy” makes my cock throb. I get back on my knees staring down at my son as he looks up at me with nothing but love and admiration. I ask Eric to go to the other side of the bed near Oliver’s head and kneel on the floor. When he does I tell him “I’m going to need you to comfort him but also you may need to hold him down.” I can see a flash of fear when I say this, he understands what I’m asking of him and it’s nerve wracking as hell but we’ve both been through this and I know he will help Oliver get through this just like I helped him when we were boys. I move to Oliver picking his legs up by the ankles and resting them against my chest. My hard cock is now laying on his groin. Seeing it next to his little nail is impressive and how far up his tummy it goes, `fuck it’s going to be so deep inside my boy’ I think to myself. I exchange looks with Eric seeing him watching my cock, likely thinking the same thoughts. I slowly start moving my hips, sliding my cock over Oliver’s hairless groin, dripping a trail of pre as I do; I need to do this but I’m so fucking afraid. I move back a bit then lean down licking my pre off his groin and lower belly before sucking his little nail into my mouth. “Oh daddy” he whines as I suck his hard little cock, running my tongue around his little pink cock head then down the underside of his shaft. The boys body shudders as I do, “daddy” he softly whines again but I know this feels good for him. After a few minutes working his nail I lift him up until just his head and upper back are on the bed. I tell Eric to crawl up and straddle him then suck my boy. He hurries onto the bed and in this position I tell Oliver “stroke daddy’s cock while we play with you baby.” He reaches out quickly with both beylikdüzü travesti hands unable to wrap them around Eric’s thick piece but does his best and begins to stroke. Eric moans, feeling my boys soft hands sliding up and down his shaft, over his cock head just as we taught him. Eric takes Oliver’s cock into his mouth and I dive into eating his small ass, moaning as I push my tongue into his hole. The sounds of sucking and slurping echo off the walls of the room as we feed on my little boy. He’s moaning and wriggling around as we give his as much pleasure as we can before I cause him pain. I dig my tongue as deep as I can tasting my son from the inside, his moans tell me all I need to know, my boy is in heaven right now having his two daddies show him how loved he is. As soon as I pull my mouth away he whines “more daddy, please more” as he begins to thrust his little hips upward begging me to rim his ass more. “Daddyyyy pleeeease” he whines louder, his hips now thrusting frantically demanding my tongue. I quickly take two fingers and slide them into his tight wet sleeve, he’s still open enough from the plugs so they go in with minimal pressure as I search and find his tender prostate. As I rub it he starts to go wild, now grunting like a primal animal, Eric picks up the intensity in which he’s sucking the boy as I jab at his button. As he grunts I hear “d-daddy, f-f-feels g-g-gooood.” I shove my fingers deep then pull out, shoving back in repeatedly grazing his button each time causing him to whimper or whine loudly with each passing. I can feel his hole throbbing with the rate of his heartbeat, my finger moves at a more rapid pace fucking my boys gorgeous ass while my sexy boyfriend sucks his little cock as we try to bring him to orgasm. “D-d-dadddyyyyy” he cries “tingles” then his body starts to shake and his hole clamps down on my fingers. At the height of his orgasm I see Eric’s eyes widen as he lets out a muffled “mmmm” then what sounds like “mmmm yeah” and while I’m not sure what’s happening, he’s loving it. Ollie’s body continues to shudder, his whines lessen though as Eric eases up on sucking him then releases him. I ask “what happened bro?” He grins and says “little man shot some piss in my mouth.” I can tell Oliver’s embarrassed when he hears that because he quickly and apologetically says “I’m sorry daddy” but Eric’s quick to stop him saying “no buddy it’s ok, I really liked it” he looks at me and grins as he asks “do you have to go pee now?” My poor boy still looks embarrassed when he says “yes daddy Eric.” Eric leans in taking the boys cock back into his mouth then looks to me. As I’m pulling my fingers from his hole I tell him “go ahead and pee baby, Eric wants to taste it.” It takes some time and I can see my sons facial expressions change as he’s trying to let his stream flow but it’s an awkward moment for him and he’s suddenly pee shy. After some frustrated grunts, a lot of concentration and wriggling around he finally sighs and his body relaxes while Eric’s face lights up as my son drains his bladder into my boyfriends mouth. When it’s clear Oliver has finished, Eric releases the boys cock and I gently set him back down on the bed. Eric looks at me and says “dude that’s like nectar from the gods.” I smile at him shaking my head never having understood his love of piss but I won’t ever judge him for it. Oliver lies on the bed still panting, his breathing returning to normal yet still looking so precious. I lie down next to him propping myself on one elbow I look into his eyes, still a bit glassy but he turns his face towards mine and gives me the sweetest, happiest smile. Eric has moved off the bed now kneeling on the floor close to Oliver’s head. I look up at him then back to my son and say “I think it’s time for what’s next baby… are you ready?” This time there’s a little uncertainty in his eyes but he says with a slight shake to his voice “yes daddy.” I can hear Eric gulp, hell I do too as I kneel between his legs then take a pillow and tell Oliver to lift his butt, when he does I slide it under him. My heart races as I move into position, lifting his little legs up and then motioning for Eric to hold them back. He takes hold of the boys ankles pulling his legs back, exposing my sons pink little hole that is only slightly open. I lube my cock generously then pour some on his ass before working two fingers inside to spread some around. Once I’m satisfied I start to rub my cock head around the rim of his hole spreading pre that is leaking profusely now when I hear Oliver say “daddy” his voice now a slight tremble “I’m scared.” I look at his face seeing the apprehension, then to Eric who is filled with both angst and lust then look back down at my son I say “I know baby” as I press my cock forward. His body immediately tries to repel this invader, his hole which had been slightly open slams shut. “I need istanbul travesti you to relax son” I say with a grunt as I apply more pressure. “Open up for daddy” I groan, pushing harder against his ring, feeling it stretch only slightly but not enough to get inside. Eric leans in closer to his ear whispering to him then I feel it.. his hole opening more so I give a strong push piercing his ring which snaps around the ridge of my cock with a soft pop. “Oh fuck” is all I can manage to groan as I look into my sons eyes, which are now wide and watery, his mouth slightly agape I wait for what comes next. His hands claw at the sheets and I can feel him struggling to get away while Eric holds him in place; then he cries out “D-d-daadddyy it it it h-hurrrrttttssss.” It pains me to see him cry and hear the pain in his voice but there’s no turning back now, I learned that from Dan. I grip his small waist then thrust again pushing an inch deeper. He lets out a scream “no daddy” while he tries to wiggle back towards Eric but he wraps an arm around the boys legs and with his other grips a shoulder to hold him still and keep him in place. “I told you it would hurt son” I say trying to keep him from hearing the strain in my own voice “remember daddy loves you.” Tears are streaming down his puffy cheeks as he tries to talk between gasps for air “It h-hurts d-da-daddy” he howls as I continue pushing deeper. There’s so much resistance I begin to wonder if I’ll be able to get inside him fully. I push harder getting another inch, he squirms more. “I feel full daddy” he cries. “I know baby, almost there though, try to relax and open up for me” I whisper to him, trying to keep my voice soothing. I pull back then thrust forward, getting about four inches inside him, he yelps and cries harder. I pull back again and thrust, five inches.. fuck I’m so close to burying my cock I pull back once more then with a hard thrust slam all seven inches inside his tight sleeve. The skin of my groin makes a loud slap against his soft buttocks, then he lets out a scream as the pain hits. I support myself over him, watching as he throws his head from side to side, his small body thrashing on the bed beneath me, weeping and begging me to take it out. I remain still, letting him get used to feeling me deep inside him. A few minutes pass, his crying slows and his breathing becomes less erratic so I ask “are you doing ok sweetie? Does it still hurt a lot?” He nods his head and it’s safe to assume he’s meaning it still hurts quite a bit. “I’m sorry it’s hurting but in time the pain will go away and you’ll love when your daddies put their big dicks inside you.” He tries to give me a weak smile as I tell him “I’m going to start fucking you now, it’s going to hurt but I know you’re really strong and can take it.” “Y-yes daddy” he whimpers. I begin to slowly pull my cock back until just the tip is inside him, then slide it back inside him slow but steady until my groin is pressed agains him again. “See, I knew you could take it” I groan, feeling his insides clamping down on my cock, squeezing it, trying to push it out. I pull back again, slow, steady, then gently ease my cock back in. I start long dicking him, picking up the pace as I go, watching him wince each time I begin to push inside. I build the pace over the course of several minutes until I’m giving him a true fucking. Eric keeps kissing him on the forehead while holding him in place as I begin to slam my cock into his hole. A few times I pull all the way out, as I slam my cock through his ring he cries out while clawing at the sheets. “Fuck him Hen” Eric growls as he watches me plow my son. “Aww fuck yeah babe, I’m gonna breed his little hole” I grunt as I thrust into him “then you’ll breed him and we’ll make him ours.” My grunts and groans increase as I give him a proper fucking “take daddy’s fucking cock, you’re making me feel so good” I moan as my body slams into his. I look down at his hole stretched around my cock, I can see it’s already red and puffy, his chute draws out with my cock, I can feel his heart racing through the pulsing of his hole; at this moment we are one, I feel closer to him now than I have in my whole life and just as my cock pulses firing that first rope of cum into his belly, he cries out “DADDY” his eyes wide, feeling the warmth fill him as I thrust my cock deep breeding his tight guts, feeling the warmth of my load envelope my cock I groan “take daddy’s load, feel it fill you up baby.” I start pounding him hard again, watching as tears stream from his reddened eyes down his tear stained cheeks. I’m using my cum as lube as I drain every last drop from my nuts into his velvety sleeve which is now milking me for everything I can give him. I look into Eric’s eyes which are filled with nothing but lust now, I lean closer to him and kiss him deep as I grind my cock into my sons belly, having just fucked him the way Dan fucked us. Oliver knows I love him, I’ve made that very clear but right now he’s learning his purpose, pleasing me, pleasing the man I love and most of all he will soon please the man who raised me and made me who I am. I owe Dan nothing less.

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