A Father’s Story


Another chapter in the ever incestuous Matson family. Sorry it took so long but life and a limited access to the internet has caused delays. Sorry, but that’s life.

I would advise that you read A Solder’s Story and A Nephew’s Story before reading this. Whereas those two are more or less stand-alone stories, this one this one does

I want to thank TryingToTry for her help in editing this story.


Once again, Death had raised its ugly head and taken the one person who I had loved all of my life. This woman, who gave birth to me; who loved me; who took my virginity; who gave birth to two of my children; who gave birth to my sister, my wife, my Rachel; who loved me after I lost my Rachel; was taken from me in a senseless accident with a drunk driver, two and a half times over the limit. He walked away unharmed.

I wanted to kill him. I was no stranger to killing. I had been in the infantry in Viet Nam. I had done things I would never tell anyone about. Things I was not proud of. So, I knew that I could kill that bastard. And I wanted to.

But, the Courts of the State of Vermont prevented me from doing it by putting him in prison for twenty-five years to life.

I was devastated. Losing my Sarah all but destroyed me.

We had been living in the same house for the past fifteen years. To everyone we were Mother-in-law and Son-in-law. No one, not even the children knew the truth.

After mom’s second husband, “Uncle Freddy” was killed, also by a drunk; Mom, Rachel and I with the children bought house large enough for all of us. We lived like this through the loss of Rachel to a cerebral hemorrhage, until my youngest, Melissa moved out.

Then Mom and I bought a small cottage and lived there together. It seemed the natural thing to do, a mother-in-law and Son-in-law living in the same house.

All of the children came to the funeral. Sally and Freddy; and Terry, Deborah, Robert and little Melissa. They were all there. Trying to help me and help to ease the pain. Sally and Terry, who lived in Great Britain, wanted me to go back with them, but I couldn’t.

At fifty years old, I was alone, for the first time in my life.

I found relief in the anti-depressants that the doctor gave me. The Valium and other drugs whose names I don’t recall. For a couple of weeks I was in a drugged stupor. Hallucinating, thinking I was still making love to my Sarah and Rachel.

My daughter, Deborah had stayed with me. Her husband, Dennis, was on an extended business trip. She nursed me back to sanity. She weaned me off of the drugs and forced me back into the classroom.

Did I say that I am a full professor in Astro-physics in a rather reputable university in Vermont? Well, I am. And Debby brought me back to that world.

It was difficult having Debby leave. I had come to lean on her and depend on her to keep me on the ground. But, when her husband returned, she went back to him.

I was alone again, but now I could handle it a little better. I lived alone, teaching, attending meetings and doing research. Back to my life.

One night, about three months after Debby left, I got home and checked my phone messages. Debby had left a message. She sounded upset. She wanted to talk to me; it was important.

I immediately caller her. She was really upset. She had a fight with Dennis. She told him that she was pregnant. He went ballistic. He didn’t want children. He had insisted that she have an abortion. If she didn’t have it aborted, he would throw her out. She refused to end the pregnancy.

I told her that she should come and stay with me.

The next day Debby showed up at my front door. She was standing there with her bags in her hands.

Debby was about 5’6, with short golden blonde hair. She had a small thin build, smallish breasts, slim waist, round hips with a lovely firm butt and wonderful shapely legs. Her belly showed the barest hint of her pregnancy.

She was my beautiful daughter. I took her in my arms and hugged her. She started to weep.

We went into the house and she went into Sarah’s room. We sat on the bed and talked. She told me that before the marriage, Dennis said that he wanted to have kids. However, right after the wedding he changed his mind.

“I don’t want a sniveling, crapping, little turd around. My time is far too important to be wasted on something like that,” he told her with a laugh.

“I thought that he would change his mind when I told him that I was pregnant,” she wept into my shoulder.

Five months later Debby gave birth to my grandson, Daniel. Debby didn’t want any part of Dennis so she gave Danny her maiden name, thus my grandson was named Daniel Matthew Matson.

Shortly after Danny was born, Debby and Dennis were divorced. Debby got full custody of Daniel. Dennis gladly gave up all rights to him; in turn there would be no child support.

I had argued that the bastard should pay something, but Debby was adamant about it.

“I don’t want him to have any connection with Daniel. canlı bahis Anyway I will be able to support my son all by myself,” she told me.

Just before getting pregnant, Debby had received her doctorate in genetic engineering. Her paper, on something far above my head, was very well received and she was offered a number of very lucrative job offers.

After her breakup with Dennis, Debby accepted a job not far from the University where I taught.

Over the next year, Debby, Danny and I lived in the cottage. Having Debby and Danny at home was heaven. I wasn’t alone and I couldn’t ask for better company. Debby was wonderful, witty and charming. It seemed that we were always laughing about something.

After a bad or stressful day, I would calm down soon after getting home. Taking care of Danny was my joy, he was such a happy baby and although there were times he wasn’t, they seemed to be few and far between (selective memory?).

Each night Debby and I would have dinner together after putting Danny to bed. I have never been one for early dinners and neither was Debby. We would enjoy leisurely dinners and sometimes break open a bottle of wine.

Afterwards, we would either do some work or sit and watch TV, doing more talking and laughing than watching.

I would usually sit in my stuffed armchair and Debby would lounge on the sofa. There were times, after she had a tough day that we would sit on the sofa and cuddle.

Sometimes, the three of us would go out to dinner. Debby wanted to take Danny, even when he was an infant because, as she said, “I want him to learn how to behave in a restaurant.”

I couldn’t count the times when the waitress or waiter would tell me how beautiful “my son” was, or what a lovely wife and child I had.

At first I would correct them, but I quickly stopped that and just thanked them, telling them that I wholeheartedly agreed. It gave me sort of a perverse pleasure to think that they thought an old man like me could have such a beautiful wife and son.

When Debby would go on business trips, Danny and I would have Grandpa/Grandson, guy days. As far as I was concerned my life was perfect.

About a year and a half after Danny was born, Debby had come back from a conference in England. After Debby put Danny to bed, we sat in the living room having a glass of wine, talking and laughing. She had told me about her presentation and the conference and I told her about the times Danny had going to the Zoo and park.

Although we had not eaten, neither of us wanted to get up and prepare dinner.

We had a couple glasses of wine and I was beginning to feel all warm and comfortable. I said that I was going up to my room to get changed and Deborah said she was too, but she was going to call for Chinese take out first. I thought that was a good idea.

I came back down I was wearing a sweatshirt, a pair of flannel pants and slippers, a real fashion statement. Debby was wearing a heavy robe and a pair of fuzzy slippers. Like father, like daughter.

As we were waiting for the food to be delivered, Debby opened another bottle of wine. As I nursed the glass of wine, the food came and we ate. The food made me feel better, but I still felt a little buzz

We sat in the living room Debby on the couch and I in my armchair. She told me that she had visited her Aunt Sally and her brother Terry.

Sally is my daughter and half sister and Terry is my son and nephew. Sally and Terry think that they are aunt and nephew. They are now married…to each other and have three children. I’ve known this for years and so did Mom.

Debby said that she had suspected something but was surprised that her intuition was right. She had known that Sally always loved Terry, and that years ago, when they were in their teens, Terry had confided in her that if Sally wasn’t his aunt he would have tried to seduce her.

At the time Debby thought that it was so funny, her brother having the hots for his aunt. Even though Sally was only three months older than Terry.

Debby told me that they are so happy that it was a pleasure to be with them. She was so pleased that they had found such happiness, something that has thus far eluded her.

Then she laughed strangely and looked at me in a funny way.

Debby was going to get up and fill the glasses once again, but I told her that I would do it. I got up and got the wine bottle and filled our glasses.

When I returned, Debby patted the couch next to her and said, “Please sit with me, Dad.”

I sat down next to her and she put her arms around me and hugged me.

“Dad, I don’t know what I would have done without you. Taking me in like you did. Being here for Danny and me. You are so wonderful.

“But, sometimes I wonder if you want to be stuck with Danny and me living here. I really don’t want us to be a burden. Oh, Daddy, I love you so much,” she said with a far away look on her face.

“I love you, too. You and Danny. I love having you here with me. I wouldn’t want it any other way,” bahis siteleri I said

Then I asked, “Is this a way of telling me that you are leaving?”

I was in a panic. Had Debby met someone? Was she going out of my life? I didn’t know what to do.

All of a sudden I realized that I was in love with my Debby. I wanted her to be with me forever. I didn’t know what I would do if she left.

“Do you want me to?” she asked smiling.

“No, I don’t ever want you and Danny to leave. But, that is selfish of me. I will understand if you want to. It would be easier to find someone you could love if you were on your own. Then you could find that happiness that has eluded you. You know that you will always have an available babysitter,” I answered, my heart breaking but trying to take the high road.

She laughed and said, “Daddy, you are the best baby sitter in the world, and as far as finding someone to love, I love you, and you are right here with me.”

We hugged tightly.

I looked into her eyes and said, in a quiet voice, “Debby, I love you and I love having you here with me. But, you should have someone your own age, someone to be a father for Danny.”

Debby lightly kissed me and whispered, “Daddy, no one could be a better father for Danny than you. He loves you so much, and so do I.”

Then she kissed me on the lips. A hard passionate kiss.

It took all of my will power not to return the kiss. But my body betrayed me; I began to get an erection.

I pushed her away and sternly said, “Deborah, I am your father, you can’t kiss me like that.”

She just smiled at me and whispered, “Why not Daddy? I know that you are my father, but I want you. I want you more than anything else in this world.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes and said softly, “Oh my sweet, beautiful Deborah, I love you so much…but that would be incest and…”

She interrupted me and said, “Daddy, that is the last argument I would expect from you.”

“If you are talking about Terry and…”

She put her finger on my lips, silencing me and said smiling, “I’m not talking about Sally and Terry. I’m talking about you and mom, and Grandma.

“Daddy, my love, I know all of your secrets. I know that Mom was also your sister and that Grandma was your mother. Daddy you had four children with your sister and at least one child, Sally, with your mother, I don’t know for sure about Freddy.”

I stammered, “But…how…”

“Oh, my sweet loveable father, she laughed. “What do you think I do? I’m a geneticist. I work with DNA.

“When I was in school, who’s DNA do you think we look at first? Our own. It came as quite a shock when I first looked at mine. I thought that I screwed up the tests. But, after about a dozen or so times with the same result…I knew there was no mistake. My mother and father were brother and sister,” she explained.

As she talked I thought that I was lost, my whole world was falling around me, I didn’t know what to say. I always thought that I would be able to keep that secret. We had never told anyone. We had worked out all of the documents to make it look like there was no familial connection between us.

I looked down and started to cry, “Oh god, Debby, I’m so sorry.”

Debby took me in her arms and whispered in my ear, “There is nothing to be sorry about, my love, my daddy.”

I looked into her eyes and slowly brought she brought her lips to mine. She softly kissed my lips. I returned her kiss. Then, I kissed her again, a soft butterfly kiss.

Then she pulled me into her and kissed me hard and passionately. I held her to me and returned the kiss with passion and lust.

My tongue pushed between her lips and she immediately opened her mouth and accepted it. Our tongues caressed and explored each other’s mouth.

My hands caressed her body. Moving all over her back from her shoulders to her shapely, firm ass.

She lay back on the couch, pulling me on top of her.

I broke the kiss and began to kiss my way down her jaw and onto her neck.

She held my head to her, moaning that she loved me and wanted me.

I spread her robe open to find that she was naked underneath. I kissed down her chest and moved up her breast to her nipple. It was erect.

I took her nipple in my mouth and softly sucked.

Debby moaned and pressed my head into her chest. I continued to kiss and suck on her breast.

Debby reached down put her hand into my pants and started to stroke my dick.

I rose up and once again kissed her lips; I moved my hand moved between her legs. She spread them and I began to caress the lips of her vagina. I slowly ran my fingers up and down, feeling and spreading the wetness that was coming from her.

I moved one and then two fingers into her vagina. Debby pushed her hips up into in hand and groaned louder, as I began to rub and tease her clitoris.

She was pulling on my dick, stroking it harder and faster. Her soft hand felt fantastic and I bahis şirketleri knew that I would be coming if she continued.

All of a sudden Debby let go of my cock and wrapped her arms around my neck and mashed her lips into mine. She was pushing up into my hand as I flailed at her clitoris with my fingers.

She began to screech “Oh DADDY, DADDY, DADDY, I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU”

Her body began to shake as she was over taken by her orgasm. She then went stiff and let out a high pitch whine. Her whine built into a scream and then a gasping for breath.

I held her tightly as she orgasmed, I kissed her face, her neck and her lips.

As she came down, Debby looked into my eyes and said, “Daddy, I want you, I need you in me…please make love to me.”

She was pulling my pants down as she said this. I lifted myself up and took off my sweatshirt.

I looked down at Debby. I hadn’t seen her body since I had last changed her diapers.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was a goddess, my Aphrodite, my Venus.

Her breasts were firm and round, her areolas were like pink rose petals with their erect nipples slightly darker. She had a small waist and a flat belly. Her hips flared out accentuating their roundness. She had a small triangle of golden hair that went between her shapely legs, so light that it almost looked like down.

I scooped her into my arms and carried her up the stairs and into my bedroom. I lay her on the queen-sized bed and whispered, “This is where I want to make love to you.”

Debby smiled up at me and as she held her arms out said, “Come to me my love, be mine as I will be yours.”

She spread her legs as I lowered my body onto her. I kissed her lips. She pushed her tongue into my mouth caressing and fondling my tongue.

Debby reached down taking my erect dick into her hand and guided it between the lips of her vagina.

I pushed my hips forward and the head of my dick entered her sopping wet channel.

I looked down at her face. She was looking into my eyes and smiling. She silently mouthed, “I love you” as I pushed my dick further into her.

I slowly continued to push my dick into her until I was completely inside her. Our hips were pressing together, our pubic hair entangled.

I held still, fully inside of Debby. We looked into each other’s eyes. We knew what we were doing. I was making love to my daughter and Debby was making love to her father.

I lowered my head and softly kissed her lips. She returned my kiss with equal softness.

I pulled my head back and looking in her eyes, I said, “Oh, Debby don’t ever leave me. I couldn’t live with out you. I love you so much.”

“Daddy, you have nothing to worry about, I am yours forever. I will never leave you…ever.”

I began to pull my dick out of her, I stopped when only the head was still in her and then I plunged back into her.

As I rammed my dick back into her she gasped and threw her hips up into me. We entered into a rhythm. Plunge, withdraw, push up and fall back. Over and over we played the rhythm that has been played since Adam first met Eve.

We played the music of love and we danced the dance of lovers. Nothing could bring two people closer, could create a union more intimate than we had at this moment.

We entered a union that could only be made by two people, who had a complete commitment to each other. The commitment that Debby and I were making to each other right now.

Not only the physical union of our bodies but a union of our spirits, of our souls. We were together and would never separate again.

I was now plunging my dick into Debby with abandon. Debby had her legs locked around my waist, pulling me into her as deep as possible.

I was moaning, just sounds no words, I was beyond words. Nothing I could say could be more eloquent than the passion and love that our bodies were expressing at this moment.


I had felt my own orgasm building, coming closer, becoming more and more imminent. But now as Debby began to scream, I lost the little control I had retained. I rammed my dick as far into her as I could. Pushing through her cervix and began to ejaculate into my loving daughter’s womb.

Again and again I shot my cum into her, and it seemed that with each pulse, Debby would spasm around my dick squeezing and sucking me with her vagina.

I roared out as I was engulfed by the unbelievable pleasure. I was lost in a world of delight the likes of which I had never experienced. I was lost with this wonderful, beautiful woman who was loving me with everything in her body and soul.

We were lost but we never wanted to find our way back. We wanted to remain here together, united, being one for the rest of time.

But, it’s as if the gods who created us, jealously guard that paradise of pleasure. They allow us to taste it for only a short while and then force us back into the mundane world we live in, no matter how we fight to remain.

Slowly, ever so slowly our lust and passion abated, until finally spent, I collapsed onto the bed next to her.

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