A Feedee’s Story Ch. 04: Dominance

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Kneeling on her kitchen floor, hands tied behind my back and my face in a trough full of delicious, fattening food…that’s when she really took control.

I should have seen it coming: the way she paraded me around in public in too-tight clothes. The way she’d draw everyone’s attention to us before making me gorge myself on obscene amounts of food. The way she’d show her affection by lovingly caressing and hefting my gut, as if to remind me that I and my massive, fat body are all hers.

I certainly didn’t mind it — she made me huge, but she also made me happy. I even anticipated what she wanted so she’d never even have to ask. In many ways, I had already submitted to her. And she knew it.

She played with her clit as I worked my way through the piles of food she’d prepared for me. I wished my hands were free, not because I didn’t love being tied up, but because it all tasted so good — I could have shoveled the food in my mouth even more quickly. The air was filled with the sound of our heavy breathing, punctuated by her occasional moan or gasp.

I licked the last remnants of food from the bottom of the trough. She was a vision: she looked regal, a queen admiring her loyal subject, her massive thighs spread as she slowly, lazily rubbed her clit. Her hips, already sizable when she stood, looked even bigger — the chair could barely contain them. I gazed at her, temporarily rendered breathless by her beauty: her round, soft belly curving down between her legs; her large breasts, appearing to challenge the laws of gravity; her big, fleshy arms tapering to dainty hands that slowly and steadily pleasured their owner.

I marveled at her body, wondering once again how one woman could possibly have been blessed with such a rare combination of beauty and wit, all wrapped in a soft, fat, jiggly package. I remembered when we first met, the first time I saw her body. And I remembered how her size once dwarfed my own; now, I realized, my own growing body made this fat goddess look positively dainty in comparison.

I would do anything for her.

Her sultry eyes, lids heavy with lust, gazed down at me. “What a good piggy.” My heart leapt; no matter how many times she called me her piggy, each time was as exciting as the first. I was so proud of myself to have pleased her. “Come here and kiss your queen,” she said, her voice taking a more commanding tone. I leaned back onto my knees, the weight of all the food I’d consumed dragging my swollen gut towards the floor. I paused for a moment to catch my breath, knowing I would struggle to stand. Before I could, she spoke again, more sharply this time.

“Stay on your knees.”

I nodded wordlessly, grateful to avoid the effort of hefting my large frame off the ground. I made my way over to her, stopping when I reached her legs. Up close, they were even more captivating; her large thighs could easily envelop my head. As if she’d read my mind, she threw one leg over my shoulder, her heel digging into my back canlı bahis as she pulled me closer to her clit. Her thigh was so immense that it obscured everything on one side of my face; all I could see was her. She wanted it that way.

I turned my head to the side and kissed her inner thigh, wanting desperately to offer her the same pleasure she’d given me a thousand times over. My reward was a soft moan; I watched her fingers slide into her wet pussy, and I leaned forward, eager to caress her clit with my tongue. Without a word, she pulled her fingers out and pressed them against my lips. I could taste her pussy on her fingers, sweeter than any food she could ever make.

I caressed her fingers with my tongue; she responded by sliding her fingers into my mouth, allowing me to taste her more fully. I moaned involuntarily; my cock was straining against my already-too-tight boxers.

“Such a good glutton, swallowing everything his queen desires.” She rubbed her clit harder, her breathing quickening. “But you don’t get to taste your queen just yet,” she cautioned. “You’re not full enough.” Her hand left her clit and reached for something on the table; her giant thigh still blocked my vision. Her hand returned to my line of sight, this time with a funnel, and I smiled confidently, knowing there was no way I would ever disappoint her.

“Let’s get you comfortable.”

She helped me stand, my hands still bound behind my back. She gripped my swollen belly and smiled at me, making me go weak in the knees as always. She bent down and slid my boxers off as my cock stood at attention. She gripped my cock tightly; then, grinning mischievously, she took it into her mouth.

“Oh, god,” I exclaimed, unable to control myself. Just as quickly, she pulled her mouth off my cock.

“Not yet, piggy. You haven’t earned it yet.” I wanted to be furious, but I was putty in her hands.

She sat me down in her chair; I could feel a cool, slick wetness on my ass, left behind from her dripping pussy. She bent down and kissed me passionately; again, I found myself wishing my hands were free, if only to wrap them around her and pull her close to me.

We broke our kiss, and I could scarcely take a breath before the end of the funnel was forced between my lips. My queen moved behind me, her soft, fat belly pressing into the back of my head as she filled the funnel. As the thick, sweet liquid rushed down the tube, I closed my eyes, ready to show her that my obedience and dedication knew no bounds.

I belonged to her.

I swallowed the first mouthful – the thick, creamy, chocolatey shake cooled my insides as it made my way down my throat, settling in the minuscule amount of space that remained in my already-stuffed gut like mortar between brick. I quickly realized that swallowing bit by bit wasn’t going to work: as soon as I gulped down the first mouthful, the next filled my mouth with alarming speed. I breathed heavily through my nose. She sensed my tension.

“Don’t bahis siteleri try to sip it, piggy – you’ll never get it down fast enough,” she said. “Open your throat and let it flow all the way down to that fat belly. Let it fill you up, get you fatter.”

I took her advice and concentrated on relaxing my throat. Sure enough, the mixture started flowing more easily, and my breathing slowed as I surrendered control of my body to her. She moved closer, her tits resting on my shoulders.

“Good boy,” she cooed.

A jolt of pleasure surged through my body, stuffed beyond what I once thought were my limits. I was hers, a blank canvas to be molded and shaped into the pig she desired, and I couldn’t be happier. My thoughts were interrupted as the mixture ceased flowing into my stomach. I felt a sudden emptiness as the funnel withdrew from my mouth – I couldn’t believe it, but I’d finished every drop of the fattening concoction she’d made for me.

“I’m going to make you absolutely enormous,” she breathed, her lips inches away from my ear. I felt her teeth nibbling lightly on my earlobe, her massive tits pressing against my back as her hands explored my taut belly and moobs. I moaned, as much from the tremendous amount of food I’d just consumed as from sheer desire. And then, the warmth of her body was gone. I heard the creak of the floorboards as she walked out of the kitchen, followed by a few moments of silence. I remained in the chair, my swollen gut weighing me down, wondering what was next. Then came the gentle hum of her vibrator.

“Come join me, piggy,” I heard her call from the living room. “If you can manage to get up, that is.”

I felt a brief panic as I wondered if I’d be able to stand without her help. Rocking back and forth, I built up enough momentum to rise from the chair. I made my way unsteadily to the living room. As I walked, I noted with some surprise that my belly – normally so wobbly and jiggly – was so stuffed that it hardly moved.

I entered the living room and took in the sight before me: her beautiful, fat body awaited me on the couch. Her colossal legs were spread invitingly, and one chubby hand held her belly at bay while the other gripped the vibrator buzzing against her dripping clit.

“Come here,” she moaned. I moved closer, mesmerized by the sight of her. I stood right in front of her, proudly displaying my large and growing body. She looked at me hungrily, letting her belly drop down as she reached out to grip my hard cock through my underwear. She deftly pulled down my boxers, and my newly-uncovered cock sprang to attention. Her delicious fat jiggled as she slid forward on the couch, eyeing her prize pig. She slid the vibrator between her gargantuan thighs, her soft, velvety fat holding it in place against her clit.

“Such a conundrum,” she teased. “I want to make you so fat that your belly covers your cock, but then I wouldn’t get to do this.” I gasped as she expertly wrapped her mouth around bahis şirketleri my pulsing cock, sucking the length of it for one agonizing stroke. “What do you think, piggy?”

“I think-…” I gasped as she gently licked a strand of precum from the head of my dick. “I want to be as fat as you want me,” I finally moaned.

“Good answer,” she grinned. My legs wobbled involuntarily as she took me in her mouth again. Her teeth lightly scraped the length of my hard cock as she enveloped every inch of it with her eager mouth. I could feel her nails sinking into the doughy flesh of my ass as her hands gripped my wide butt. I felt a powerful orgasm building inside me; my legs wobbled again and my cock pulsed.

With a heartbreaking *pop*, she pulled my cock out of her mouth before I could cum. I was practically mad with lust, and she knew it. She slid back on the couch and spread her legs once again, beckoning me forward with one of her chubby fingers.

“Keep eating, piggy.”

I dropped to my knees without hesitation, and the weight of my body seemed to shake the entire apartment. I bent forward and moved toward her dripping pussy, pausing to enjoy the cushiony fat of her inner thighs. I dove in eagerly, lapping up her juices as she moaned in ecstasy.

“Look at you,” she breathed. I looked up at her and saw her gaze was directed at the full-length mirror on the wall to my right. I looked in the mirror and admired the sight: my belly was almost touching the floor, and my ass and thighs looked positively enormous. She placed a finger on my chin, turning my head back to look at my goddess.

“Your belly will touch the floor soon,” she said. There was no trace of a question in her voice, only certainty – she knew it, and I knew it. “And then it will spread.” I nodded obediently, and her pudgy hand pressed on the back of my head, guiding me back to her crotch. My tongue traced her clit, pausing only occasionally to lap up her nectar. I was in heaven.

Suddenly, her hands gripped the back of my head, pressing my face further into her crotch. Her whole body tensed, her head thrown back with her mouth open in silent pleasure. A guttural moan escaped her lips, and I felt her stomach tighten. Suddenly, her whole body seemed to push outward, and she screamed with pleasure as she squirted again and again, all over her obedient piggy.

I sat back, beaming with pride and coated with her juices. Her breathing slowed and her moans grew quieter until finally, she opened her eyes. Looking at me with a mixture of lust and affection, she stood up and patted the couch, motioning for me to sit in her cum. I struggled to my feet, my hands still bound behind my back; I realized I must have digested some of the massive meal I consumed for her, because my belly wobbled and jiggled as I stood.

“Your turn, fat boy,” she murmured as she untied my arms and pointed to the couch. I sat down, my cock pulsing both from anticipation and from the feeling of her juices dampening my wide ass. She straddled my legs and our fat bodies pressed together as she slid my cock inside her. As she began milking my aching cock with her still-dripping pussy, she leaned in close.

“You belong to me.”

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