A Few Days Together Ch. 04


We had gone out for coffee only to find it was later than we’d thought. So we had brunch and wandered around the shops, before coming home around midday. It was a hot day and we were both sweating and in need of a shower. When we got home I was the first to strip off and head into the shower. Soon after, you join me. I hand you the soap and you wash my back and neck, and then down to my arse, which you linger over longer than required. I turn and wash the soap off my back before lathering my hands and returning the favour. I wash your back and neck, massaging your shoulders and pressing my thumbs into your blades.

Then I run my hands down to your buttocks and wash both cheeks thoroughly, and the crack in between with a soapy finger. I run my hands under your arms and it tickles you and you pull away, but I slip my hands up to your breasts and pull you back toward me. I massage your soapy breasts and in that moment making sure I get your breasts really shiny and clean is the most important thing in the world. And I make sure I do a very good job.

The feel of your breasts in my hands, and your hardening nipples rolling between my fingers, is enough to make my cock start to stir. Pressing it against your soapy cheeks, and sliding it along the crack of your soapy arse, while my hands continue to slide around your breasts, is enough to make it rigid.

Soon you take my hands from you and you turn to face me, and we kiss. You take the soap from your body and cup my balls and begin massaging them as we continue to kiss. You suggest it is time we get out of the shower and I readily agree. We rinse ourselves off and dry ourselves, before going into esenyurt escort the bed room.

I lay on the bed and before you even lay next to me you already have my cock in your hands, sliding your closed hand up and down my shaft. You lie against me and I pull you toward me and we kiss. I part your lips with my tongue and you suck on it, and then you go down and suck on my lower lip, pulling at it with your teeth. We continue kissing while your hand slides down and gently squeezes my balls, rolling them between your fingers. I reach for your breast and knead it gently before leaning down and flicking my tongue across your hard nipple.

You push me on to my back and in one motion you are straddling me, your hands on my chest. Your pussy lips are parted by the length of my cock, and you begin to move your hips so that it slides along the outer lips of your pussy, the tip of my cock nudging your clit with each movement. I can feel your wetness and it lubricates my rigid shaft rubbing under you.

You slide further down now and bend down and start licking my nipples, now one, now the other. You take one in between your teeth and bite gently, then harder, while your fingers clamp and squeeze my other nipple. I arch my back at the sharpness of the sensation, my cock presses into your stomach.

You slide down along the length of my body and in that one motion you take the tip of my cock in your mouth. You swirl your tongue around its head, and then run your tongue down each side of the shaft, before running it back up to the top and taking it once more in your wet mouth. I can feel you going up and down on my cock, avrupa yakası escort while your hand finds my balls and pulls at them and then rubs them together. After a while you swap positions and you start sucking on my balls while your hand pumps my cock, wet with your saliva. I look down at you and I can see your other hand is between your legs, fingering your pussy.

I tell you I want to fuck you and you nod, while rolling one ball in your mouth. You then take my cock once more in your mouth and suck on it for a moment before you eagerly come up and straddle me, lowering your pussy over my wet cock. I take each of your breasts in my hand and put my mouth over one nipple as you slide yourself down over my cock. It feels amazing. You hold that position for a moment, and then slowly you start lifting yourself and lowering yourself upon my cock. And with each downward thrust, I push up, lifting my hips off the mattress, to meet you. I shift my hands down and around and I grab your arse, and use this grip to help drive you your pussy down onto my cock.

We fuck like this for a while and then you stop and shift positions slightly, pulling your legs out behind so that you are now lying on top of me, your breasts firm against my chest, our legs entwined, my cock buried deep inside you. Your eyes are closed and I feel your pussy clamped around me and you start to grind yourself against me. I hold on to your arse and feel both cheeks clenched as you grind yourself against me, my cock thrusting deeper each time inside you. Soon you tense up and you hold yourself still and your pussy anadolu yakası escort clamps tighter around my cock. Then you relax upon me and open your eyes and you kiss me. I tell you to lie on your stomach and you slide off me and position yourself flat up on the mattress, while I get up and move behind you. Your arse looks amazing. And I take hold of each cheek and gently massage them, each circle opens you up and I can see your anus, glistening with wetness from your pussy, and below that I see your lips parting and closing with each motion of my hands. You lift your hips involuntarily and I know that you want me back inside you.

I push my hard cock down so that the tip of it finds the entrance to your pussy and then I lean forward and put my hands on the mattress on either side of you and slowly push myself inside you. I withdraw and thrust back in, and with each movement I lower myself closer to you, so that finally I am on my elbows, my mouth is close to your ear, and I can nibble on your lobe while my cock pushes deeper and deeper inside you. With each thrust I can feel your butt cheeks pressing against my stomach and parting against me and it feels amazing.

Soon you put one arm out in front of you, your palm against the wall, and you use this to steady yourself and to push yourself down against me with each of my upward thrusts. And as we fuck, harder and faster, your breathing becomes sharp and you emit a low moan from back in your throat. And we keep fucking, faster and harder, until finally, I can’t hold it back anymore, and with one final thrust I stop and hold myself against you as I come, and come again, inside you.

I collapse down upon you, exhausted, and you turn your head to the side, and look back at me, and I lean around and we kiss. And the room is full of the smell of both of us, and the heat and our sweat, and you laugh and suggest that we perhaps need another shower. And I suggest I need another shower and then a long afternoon sleep, and you laugh again.

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