A Final Request


Due to life, we could not be together. We kept calling it off, but would find each other. It continued for a couple of years and finally, she being stronger than I, called it off. This was one of the last emails she sent me and my response to her.

Hope you like it. It is my first submission

Please Do not copy or use without permission…


Her e-mail…

I would like to ask you for one final request. A fantasy I have always had, since we started seeing each other.

It is one that I shared before and for some reason or another it didn’t happen. It is the one where I am handcuffed (or hands tied) and blindfolded. I had sent it in a few separate emails and it had to do with me sitting on you.

… I want to then climb on you my back to your chest wearing only a black skirt, blk bra & a pair of high heels…. want to play with myself while sitting on you straddled not letting you touch any part of me….. My legs completely apart, I stroke my clit feeling my build up. Next thing I feel is canlı bahis şirketleri your hands reach for both of mine to tie them behind me….. I feel you enter me and you lean me forward…. Spanking me continuously, two more quick smacks and I shutter. You grab my hips & start moving me forward and back….

I remember it but just not sure if you’d be willing to do it. I can’t seem to imagine myself doing it with anyone else or if i would even want to do this with anyone but you. …

Just thought I’d at least make the request… Just something to consider.

My 1st response…

Of course I would want to do something like this. I would do anything to make your fantasies come true. I still think of you and miss you. Are you sure you want to do this?

I get no answer, but I did send the email very late at night. Unfortunately I am a night owl and can’t sleep. I keep re-reading her e-mail and send the following.

My 2nd response…

I keep re-reading this and imagine you. You are so sexy and amazing. I can imagine your scent canlı kaçak iddaa and your taste. I can smell the shampoo in your hair. The taste of your lips. I smell your scent as I imagine you sitting on me. I am getting harder and harder and you won’t let me touch you. I can hear your breathing quicken and your pussy getting wet as you play with yourself. I can feel your body on me, the softness of your skin.

At some point, I don’t remember when, my pants and underwear are off. My hardness is touching your skirt. It is the only thing separating me from entering you. You are moving, getting yourself off, faster and faster. I can’t resist kissing your neck. Tasting your skin. I am so wanting to caress your breasts, pinch and pull on your nipples. I want you to want me inside you. You continue touching yourself, faster and faster. One hand rubbing your clit while the other hand has two fingers inside you. I swear I can hear your wetness and smell the juice of your pussy coating your fingers. You begin cumming, making me moan. You are breathing fast and hard.

I canlı kaçak bahis can take it no longer and grab your elbows, my hands sliding to your wrists. I pull your hands behind you and the next thing you know, they are handcuffed. You feel the cold, hard steel a strange contrast to your hot skin. I lift you slightly, unable to withstand it any longer, and enter your pussy with my hard, pulsating cock. How I don’t come in that instant, I don’t know. We sit there, enjoying being connected. I flex in response to you squeezing me with the muscles of your cunt. You start moving up and down on me, allowing me to penetrate you, over and over. I lean you forward and spank you. Your ass heats up and reddens in response. I hear the crisp, clear smacks as I spank your ass, first on the right side and then on the left.

You are moaning and making all sorts of wonderfully sexy noises. I grab your hips and start sliding you up and down on my cock, faster and faster, thrusting harder and harder into you. You tell me you are coming and I feel you squeezing me, bringing me closer and closer until I am cumming, filling you, being with you, being inside you, feeling you breathing heavily,….You are amazing.

Is that what you meant? 😉


I hope she writes me back…

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