A final show from Dwayne

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A final show from DwayneA final show from DwayneA week later I was once again at work; that black bastard Dwayne was off.Towards the end of the afternoon I got a text from my sweet Anita, telling me Dwayne just had left and I had a video available when I got home. Once again I came back home almost after midnight and was really very tired; but Ana’s laptop was there in the living room, waiting for me.Ana and Dwayne were naked in bed. I knew my sweet wife was on her period; so, I watched as the black man fucked her in her tight asshole…He pumped her buttocks wildly and when he was going to finish, he pulled out, tore off the condom, and shot his load across her exposed back. Then he collected his own cum with a hand and smeared it with his fingers on Ana’s mouth. She finally gave him a wild blowjob, as he grunted like a bear.He just sat there on the bed, relaxing and grabbing the back of Ana’s head as she bobbed up and down on his huge hard black dick. Later he came in her mouth and he made her swallow every drop of his sticky warm cum…They both had a rest pendik escort and then Dwayne dragged Ana out of the bed.I could hear them still inside the bedroom; maybe he made her bent over the sofa at one corner close to the window, far away from my visual.The few things I could make out was Dwayne telling her: “Take it, bitch…”.Ana was just moaning and begging him: “Give it to me, harder and deep…”So; he was fucking her sweet cunt, although Ana was on her period…I could hear just Ana’s moaning and her black lover’s grunts, as they fucked wildly. The slapping sound of their bodies was even louder than my sweet wife moans…. Finally Dwayne grunted heavily and then I knew he had come in her. They went to the bathroom and I could hear the water running for about five minutes. Then they both came back to the bedroom.Ana opened her legs wide and Dwayne moved his head between her sweet thighs. Suddenly she started to moan, as the balck man licked her asshole.After few minutes, he rose and took her ankles, putting them to rest on his shoulders. Then he rammed escort pendik deep Ana’s asshole, impaling her to the hilt.They moved as Ana moaned in pleasure. He smiled as his black serpent was going deeper in my wife’s anus even deeper with each stroke. Finally he filled again her thight asshole with cum. He slapped her buttocks and went off to the bathroom.Ana managed to slip from the bed and crawled to the laptop. She looked into the camera, sent me a kiss and then turned it off.When I went to bed, Ana was there, waiting for me, fully naked: her beautiful legs spread wide open; her mound glistening in the soft light. She said she was horny, because Dwayne had only fucked her in the ass. She was aroused now and she needed my hard dick in her pussy.Ana straddled me and I felt her nice cunt going down to meet my hard cock. She impaled on me, as we both watched Dwayne fucking her on the laptop.After I came inside her, Ana started to cry; telling me she loved me, but Dwayne’s black dick was the best thing she had ever fucked in her life.She confessed me pendik escort bayan that in the last sex sessions with that black bastard, she had been thinking about asking him to stop; but she first wanted to talk with me. She went on explaining that she had no emotional attachment to Dwayne; it was just purely sexual. That she didn’t expect things would be like that, but almost had a need, a burning desire to have sex with him. Ana looked happy, smiling and swearing she would never leave me out again. The following Wednesday I got a message from her asking if Dwayne could come over. I wrote her back saying that it was fine for me…That same morning I had got some fresh news going around through the office: that black bastard Dwayne would be soon transferred to the East Coast and then we would never see his stupid face again… and my loving Ana would be free at last…Later that night when I got home, Ana received me wearing an incredible black nightgown and high heels. We went to the bed and I made her bend over on her knees and elbows. I fucked her doggiestyle, while we both watched in the laptop as Dwayne rammed his huge hard black dick from behind deep in her cunt; there in that same bed, just few hours before…Ana screamed in pleasure… on the screen and between my hands…

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