A Form of Repayment

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“What can I ever do to repay you?” she asked, looking sincerely into my eyes as we sat in the front seats of her SUV in a mall parking lot. I had just helped her (at her insistence) in a technological manner to move a legal matter forward.

My immediate reaction was to reassure her there was nothing needing repayment – that’s not how true friendships work. However, Mandy insisted there must be *something* she could do. I gave it a couple minutes’ more thought as I appraised her, the situation and our long-lasting friendship. Mandy was very easy on the eyes – so much so, I absolutely loved being seen in public with her, where there was a chance people would wonder how someone like me (a bit nerdy, to be honest) could land a woman like Mandy. Striking brown, shoulder-length hair with auburn tints, beautiful, deep brown eyes with little flecks of gold when the light hit them just right, a smile to die for and a pleasantly-full (but not over-full) figure.

It was certainly true I had been in two minds about providing this service for her – I was uncomfortable about a lot of things with the situation and this latest act was really pushing the boundaries of a reasonable friendship. I had been in doubt about my willingness to carry through with it right up until a few minutes before I acted. But now it was over with and a palpable sense of relief filled the SUV, the windows starting to fog over as we sat in the rainy parking lot.

A security vehicle drove by in the distance and Mandy turned the engine on briefly to dissipate the fog from the windows – we didn’t want mall security nosing into why we were sitting here so long. We’d been platonic friends for quite a few years (I’d wanted to be somewhat more than platonic on a few occasions and I thought perhaps Mandy had, too, but never both of us at the same time, so nothing ever progressed), but both married to others until very recently. Mandy was in the process of divorcing, while my wife and I had come to an “arrangement” whereby our mutual sex life was deemed dead (she had no interest and hadn’t had for several years) and I was free to quietly do whatever (the less said, the better).

As I gazed at Mandy, a couple potential “repayment” methods did rise to the forefront of my mind. Would she go for either of them? Probably not – but was there any real harm in asking at this point? Even if she declined, our friendship was too deep to suffer – we’d still be friends for life.

“Do you have any ideas, yet?” Mandy questioned, bringing me abruptly out of my trance-like state, as she turned the engine off again, the windows now clear and revealing the fairly torrential rain spattering off the parking lot and the hood. The drumming on the roof was somewhat muted by comparison – or I had just learned to tune it out by now.

I looked Mandy directly in her hypnotic eyes – even her glasses had been a little fogged-up before, but now I could make good eye contact, also making sure to flash her my all-too-absent-these-days smile. I answered hesitantly “Well, I do have a couple ideas, but I’m not sure you’d go along with either of them?”

Mandy smiled back at me – she truly did have a beautiful smile – it changed her whole face and overall appearance, strengthening her jawline and drawing me in toward her. The wide console in the SUV prevented the *physical* drawing-in, of course. “Try me!” she suggested.

“Okay”, I went on, making sure to speak very slowly and precisely so there was no chance she might mis-hear or mis-interpret. I was perhaps only ever going to get one chance at this. “I would very much like for you to let me familiarize my lips and tongue with your womanly parts, your mons, your labia, your vagina, your clit. I want to caress your intimate parts and taste your intimate juices, right from the source.” I stared Mandy in the eyes throughout my request. She never even blinked until I paused.

Mandy glanced down at her hands, twisting in her lap, before raising her gaze to look at me again. “I…, I don’t think I can quite do that. That would be crossing a line I don’t think I want to cross right now, at least until my current situation is finalized.”

She must have seen my expression sadden, as she quickly added “That’s not to rule it out from ever happening, but not at this point in time, I’m sorry.” I noticed her smile had faded, too, as she pursed her lips and furrowed her brow a little, as if trying to think of some other solution.

My request had obviously thrown her for a bit of a loop, as she didn’t ask for my alternative suggestion right away, so I quickly raised it: “I do have an alternative…”, causing her to brighten up and look me in the eye again.

“And that might be?” she asked, expectantly, face almost glowing with that smile again, obviously eager to provide something in the way of encouragement for me.

“How about you let me see you in your underwear, maybe lingerie? No touching, no pictures, bakırköy escort no video. Just let me gaze upon your beautiful body, up-close, for a few minutes?”

Mandy again hesitated, casting her eyes downward, “Ummmm…I’m not sure. I was expecting something more along the lines of a nice steak dinner or something like that? You know I have to come across as squeaky-clean for a few more months…” As she completed her reply, she raised her eyes to meet mine once more and gave me that smile I can never refuse, dazzling me into submission. She could play me like a well-loved musical instrument, manipulating me every time to meet her desires. And even as I knew this was happening, I continued to let her do it to me. The alternative (no Mandy as an important part of my life) was unthinkable.

I put on my happier-than-I-really-was face for her. “Sure – a steak dinner works too – just remember that one will be in *addition* to the one you already promised me for my birthday in a few weeks.”

Flashing her most awesome smile of the day, Mandy said “Great! Now, we’d better both get going before traffic gets too busy, what with the weather, it being Friday, getting toward rush-hour, etc.”

She reached over the ridiculously-wide console for a hug and I responded in like. It did mean we didn’t really hug properly and it took considerable effort to NOT let my right hand cup her left boob. It was just an overall awkward angle for a hug. I buried my face in her neck and breathed that lovely aroma only Mandy possessed, my lips resting on the flesh just below her right ear.

All too soon, hug-time was over and I let myself out of her SUV, jumped down to the parking lot, closed her door, opened my own driver-side door and entered my own car, trying to minimize the effects of the pouring rain on myself. Once in, I started the car, waved across to Mandy and off she drove. I was extremely crestfallen, dejection sweeping over my demeanor. I sat in the lot for a couple minutes before gathering myself and heading out into traffic.

The following Wednesday, we met up for our steak dinner. I drove to Mandy’s house and she drove both of us a few miles south to a steak chain we’d visited before. The meal was very pleasant, with good beef, a shared bowl of mushrooms and a shared (expensive) bottle of red. We had no issues finding things to talk about – Mandy and I had always been this way, finding each other very easy company to keep. As we shared a chocolatey dessert, Mandy seemed to lose some of her self-assurance as she struggled for words “I’m really sorry I couldn’t give you one of your first choices…” I put my hand over hers, gave it a gentle squeeze and assured her it was okay.

“Mandy, I understand – and you’re right – this is not a good time – you have to stay well-behaved until your current situation is resolved. Maybe after – but thank you for not saying ‘never’, really – thank you from the bottom of my heart.” She blushed and looked down at the nearly-empty, shared dessert plate. Mandy’s so gosh-darned cute when she blushes – you can see it even through her makeup.

She got the check, paid it and we returned, uneventfully, to her house. Entering through the garage, she asked me if I was interested in another bottle of wine. Sure I was. Having only a single bottle between us was a bit unusual – in the past, we’d often have the equivalent of a bottle each over the course of a long dinner. She got another bottle of red and used some fancy gadget to open it, the whirring sound getting my attention as I watched.

Once open, she poured two sizeable glasses and we paced around the kitchen/dining area as we talked more and drank. Mandy seemed nervous, as if there was something on her mind and she didn’t quite know how to broach it. She refilled both glasses, took a large swig from her own and said to me “I just need to go upstairs for a minute. Help yourself to whatever…” and with that, she took her glass upstairs with her. She was a sight to behold as she walked down the hallway toward the foyer and the stairs, swinging her womanly hips in a manner indicating she was feeling no pain and all woman. I love the way her butt-cheeks wobble when Mandy walks like that. And she knows I do!

I could hear the squeaky floorboards up above me as Mandy moved about her bedroom, then the water in the pipes as she either flushed or ran water in her master bathroom. More creaking floorboards, then a period of silence. Was she coming back down?

At least two full minutes passed before she called out “Can you come up a minute, please?”

My heart jumped into my throat and a swallowed hard, a few times, to push it back down where it belonged. I walked down the hallway, made a left onto the stairs and immediately noticed the upstairs lights were mostly out. The contrast between the brightly-lit downstairs and gloomy upstairs caused me to stumble on the beşiktaş escort next-to-top step, nearly falling but making myself very glad I’d left my now-empty glass on the counter downstairs.

I made the left into what I knew to be Mandy’s bedroom, pushing the door ajar enough to enter. I glanced at the bed and stopped dead in my tracks. In the dim light (there didn’t appear to be any lights on in the bedroom, sitting area or bathroom at all, the only light being from the stairway and through the window to the left of the bed), I could see Mandy on the right side of the king bed, atop the fitted sheet. The top sheet, cover and duvet were piled next to her, on the left side of the bed. Her head and upper body were propped up on a pile of pillows against the headboard and she was looking straight at me. She had re-done her hair into an up-do, exposing the beautiful line of her neck and exaggerating the contrast with her firm jawline. She had removed her glasses and had her arms raised over her head, hands linked together.

And I could see why.

She wasn’t naked, but wore nothing but close-to-transparent dark gray or black lingerie. With her hands raised as they were, her sizeable breasts sat perfectly upon her upper chest, pulled there by the upward stretching of her arms. The bra was almost sheer, with darker trim. She filled it very well indeed, with her large areolae drawing attention in contrast to the majority of her bust. I gulped.

Mandy’s right leg was raised at the knee, foot flat on the bed, while her left projected straight down the length of the bed, toes pointed slightly. I couldn’t really see much of her panties, with the way she was laying and the lack of bright light, but she did appear be wearing a pair.

Mandy spoke “I couldn’t bear to see how disappointed you were when I declined both your suggestions last week. So now I’ve had a few glasses of wine, I decided to make it up to you and give you your wish after all”.

I could hardly believe my ears. And I still wasn’t believing my eyes. In the dim light, Mandy was absolutely, incredibly beautiful. And utterly desirable. She could have been twenty-five, she could have been fifty – it made no difference to the vision before me.

I realized I was still standing in the doorway and stepped into the room proper. Three steps were enough to put me at the foot of the bed, looking up the length of Mandy’s body. It was too dark to tell if she was looking directly at me, or had closed her eyes. “What do you want me to do?” she asked, “just remember, no touching!”

I didn’t know what to say. I had literally no clue what she meant by that. Did she want me to instruct her on poses? Could I ask her to touch herself? Only one way to find out…

“Mandy, you are absolutely stunning. I have never, ever been in a room with somebody so desirable. Do you mind if I add more light, just a little?”

“Whatever you want, although be warned you might not want to add too much – the dark can hide a lot of faults” she responded.

After glancing around the room, I settled on turning on a light in the sitting area behind Mandy and to her right. That way, the light from there reflected off the walls in bedroom, providing a little additional, indirect illumination. Certainly enough to see Mandy more clearly.

She was indeed wearing panties, some sheer dark color to match her bra. I wondered what the crotch was like and what she would look like from behind. Maybe I’d get a chance to find out, tonight. But where to start, top or bottom?

“Okay, Mandy, how about you bring your arms down and cross them UNDER your boobs? Can you do that for me?” I questioned. She smiled and readily complied, tucking her arms under her lovely chest and wobbling her boobs into place, resting on her forearms. Gosh, they looked delicious,

She offered immediate gratitude for the suggestion “Thanks! My arms were killing me – this would have been a better way to prepare for you.”

I reached out to tweak her left nipple, hoping to see it rise to attention. She caught on quickly “No! No touching, remember?” I had to admit to myself that WAS part of my original request – she display herself in lingerie and I not touch. I withdrew my hand. But I did note she hadn’t physically refrained me from touching – she was only using words. Powerful words, but words nonetheless.

“Can you raise your left leg like your right one?” I asked Mandy. She slowly complied, bringing her knees together as she did so. This made the size of her hips and pelvis more apparent, stretching her panties slightly, the trim indenting a tiny bit into her flesh.

“Now open your legs for me, as far as you feel comfortable doing.” I was becoming more assertive now.

Very, very slowly (deliberately teasing me, I was sure), Mandy opened both legs simultaneously in a vision of synchronized sexuality, as she revealed beylikdüzü escort her pubic area, thinly-shielded by the sheer, black panties. I cursed myself for not turning up the lights a little brighter when I had my earlier opportunity. But best as I could tell from the bottom of the bed, there was no darker patch down there – she appeared to be clean-shaven, or at least trimmed very, very neatly. I needed to see closer.

“I’m going to get onto the bottom of the bed, but I’m not going to touch you, okay?” I assured Mandy, as I placed my right knee and then my left onto the end of her bed, still about three feet away from where her own feet rested, as she lay there with a lot of her intimate parts on display – if only I could see better.

With my knees now on Mandy’s bed, I could lean forward onto my elbows and elbow-walk my way up closer to her private area, those parts I had fantasized about and lusted after for so, so long. As my head neared Mandy’s pelvis, I could see she was indeed shaved, her labia protruding slightly either side of her dark slit at the bottom of her mons. I leaned in closer, straining my eyes to soak in every detail of this up-til-now forbidden zone.

She must have felt my hot breath on her mons, as she once again re-iterated “no touching!”, this time in a somewhat breathier voice than previously. I wanted to extend my tongue and lick her so, so badly. But we had a deal. I wanted to reach up and pull the gusset of her panties to one side and kiss those flowering lips, slipping my tongue between them, all the way up to tease her clit from its little hidey-hood. But instead, I just inhaled through my nose, deeply.

As the first waft of Mandy’s secret juices hit my nose, I was nearly overcome with lust right there. I very nearly came in my pants. I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth, getting the best of both worlds as I soaked-in Mandy’s private aromas while exhaling hot breath onto her mons, causing her to moan a little herself. How I wished I could touch her!

Looking up, I noticed Mandy clutching and unclutching her fingers around her upper arms – she obviously wanted to do something with her hands to perhaps relieve the tension we both knew was building between us. Could I instruct her to touch HERSELF, giving myself a ringside seat where I currently was, inches from her intimate area?

“You can take care of yourself, if you want” I whispered to her.

In no time, her right hand snaked down her belly and her fingers slipped inside the waistband of her now-pungent panties. I saw her middle finger snake between her slippery labia, opening them wider and affording me a glimpse of her inner magic. The intensity of her aroma grew a hundredfold as Mandy slipped her finger inside the entrance to her passage, thoroughly wetting her finger pad in the natural and personal lubricant her body was creating. How I longed to suck upon that finger, rolling my tongue around its delicious coating!

She soon retracted her finger a few inches, tracing it back up between her now-distended labia and applying a circular motion around the hood of flesh covering her clit.

All this was happening less than six inches in front of my face. I had found my personal heaven. The scents coming from Mandy’s cunt, the sounds of finger-on-flesh as she massaged her clit through its hood, the moans of pleasure emanating from her throat, the vision of Mandy’s aroused privates now visibly leaking fluids – all I was missing was the sensation of touch, denied that by our agreement.

Was Mandy far enough along to let me touch her, to want me to add touch to the stimuli coursing through both our senses now? How could I find out without breaking her rhythm – she was surely close to her own peak by now? I watched as her left hand started to pinch and grab her left breast through her bra, twisting her nipple until it became inflamed, tweaking it as she neared her own climax.

I took a chance.

Scooping the sodden panty material to the side, I slipped the first and second fingers of my right hand between the bottom part of Mandy’s lips, aiming for where I believed her entrance to be. She didn’t immediately object, so I took this to be a good sign and pushed deeper, forward, into her passage. This resulted in Mandy starting to buck her pelvis as the onset of her climax hit. She let out a guttural cry and her vaginal muscles tensed around my fingers. She was incredibly hot inside and literally dripping. The soft walls flexed and hardened, flexed and hardened, flexed and hardened. My fingers were squeezed tightly together and it felt like she was crushing them with the force of her orgasm, clamping down upon them and not letting go.

Her cries had subsided into low moans as her muscles began to relax. I gently and slowly withdrew my fingers from Mandy’s love tunnel, taking care to scoop as much of her juices with them as I could. I raised my hand to my mouth and feasted upon her tasty secretions until my fingers were dry.

Mandy smiled down at me “How did you know I needed to squeeze something, feel something inside of me as I came, enough to push me totally over the edge in such a satisfying manner?”

Obviously, I didn’t. So I just stayed silent – and relieved.

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