A Fortune Teller Thanksgiving


A Fortune Teller Thanksgiving

by de Vere

This Thanksgiving, during the Covid pandemic, may be different for your family. Rather than a large family gathering offering you a smorgasbord of sisters, mothers, cousins, nieces, mothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews’ girlfriends and the usual delights, you may be alone or with a small group not including anyone to swap body fluids with. To those of you, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and give you this story to allow you to imagine and dream of next year.

It was our second Thanksgiving together. We met at DragonCon. She was Princess Leia and I was an Imperial Storm Trooper. We joked that I took her hostage. We screwed each other’s brains out wearing our costumes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not into rape or anything. It wasn’t like that. We played out that Princess Leia decided to seduce one of her captors away away from the Dark Side. She succeeded beyond her expectations.

Kellie made a pretty hot Princess Leia. Maybe a little chunkier than the real thing but, then again, the original didn’t have C-cups. I’m normally not into such big boobs, but can you imagine Princess Leia with Cs—bordering on Ds? It was meant to be.

“Destiny,” she told me.

Now, I know what you are thinking: how did a nerd like me ever convince any girl to marry me? If you read my first two stories, that is exactly what you are wondering. Turns out we were nearly perfect for each other. She went to college close enough to visit easily. Before long, we were traveling to conventions small and large around the country. We married the month after we graduated. Along the way, she convinced me to portray Luke Skywalker. You’d be surprised how many people enjoy watching Leia making out with her brother.

On second thought, that won’t surprise anyone. Everyone knows that is hot. Some just refuse to admit it. I suspect they think it is even hotter than the rest of us. It’s like those closeted gays who beat up gay guys. The harder you work to suppress your own feelings, the louder you scream about it.

Ginnie was already there. This was the first time I’d seen my sister since the wedding 5 months before. She came out to greet us as we got out of the car. Skinny girls look so incredible in tight sweaters. Ginnie’s clung to her boobs like a layer of skin. It was so cold I was surprised not to see nipple poking through, but I suppose puffy nipples behave differently from others. She hugged her sister-in-law first, then me. Those breasts pressed into my chest, and she held that hug a little longer than appropriate. She let go too quickly.

Her daughter peeked out at us from behind Ginnie’s leg. Kellie said, “Hi, Minnie!” The 3-year-old smiled. My wife looked up from the little girl to her mother. “Oh, she looks exactly like you.”

“That’s what everyone says,” Ginnie answered.

Kellie was a better woman than I deserved. Intelligent, funny, pretty enough in her own way, and we shared almost all the same interests. My sister is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and we share a strange bond. It is not just that Ginnie took my virginity. That would be enough, but it barely scratches the surface.

This was going to be a weird Thanksgiving.

The best way to handle it was to try to ignore each other. Easier said than done when six people were sharing the same house for five days. Kellie noticed over the first couple of days, and even asked me if I had a fight with Ginnie about something. “No, we haven’t fought in years. Not since we were adults.”

There is no way I am going to tell my wife our true history. That might even be worse than our parents finding out. So, we went about prepping the big dinner. I’m pretty useless in the kitchen, but sometimes they trusted me with a knife for some chopping. Wednesday morning, they let me tear up loafs of bread for the stuffing. My sister and I had done this since we were kids, so I knew what to do. Ginnie sat down next to me, as we had for a couple of decades and we tore slices of bread into tiny pieces.

“Feels like old times,” she said.

“Sure does,” I answered.

“Some of my favorite memories,” she said. When I gave her a narrow-eyed look, she added. “I said some of them. Not my favorite.”

“Mine either.”

We kept our hands off each other. I kept enough distance to avoid even accidentally brushing my hand across that perfect ass of hers. Ginnie had not changed at all since college. If anything, she might be a couple of pounds lighter. It must take a lot of energy chasing a toddler around all day. Minnie might be shy, but she is not lacking on energy.

As usual, we ran out of a few items needed for tomorrow’s feast. Condensed milk. We ate more potatoes before the big day than expected. Someone forgot to get marshmallows. There were about ten things in all. Since I couldn’t help cook, I volunteered to make the food run. The stores would be full of other people who forgot their turkey or something else. It was bloody cold as I got into the car. Even my heavy jacket failed canlı bahis şirketleri to keep out the frost. Just before I turned the key, a knocking sound came from the passenger window. A puffy, blue and blonde silhouette appeared in the gloom outside. I hit the unlock button.

“Finally, we can be alone for a minute,” Ginnie said, climbing in.

“Good idea.”

“Thought we should talk,” Ginnie said.

“It’s been hard trying to act normal,” I said.

“They will look after Minnie. I think they want me to leave her with them more often.”

“She’s adorable. Lucky for her, she got her looks from her mom.” It was about 8:00, and the first store we stopped at was still full of panic-shoppers, so we decided to try Whole Foods. Their prices kept some of the crowds away. And their stuff is high quality. We found everything we needed, all without the toxic shit. It was fun, and we acted like a couple of teenagers. She smacked me in the back of the head with a bag of marshmallows from 20 feet away and I zapped her ass from closer than that with a rubber band I freed a cabbage from. One of those thick rubber bands sure to leave a welt. She still laughed.

We were still laughing when we drove home. Because of our unplanned detour, we took another route home. Right past a familiar sign in red neon. FORTUNE TELLER. Sprinkles of rain began dotting the windshield.

“Hey, let’s stop!” Ginnie sounded really excited, but the weather was going downhill, and we were almost home after being in a half-hour long checkout line.

“Come on—it will be fun.”

It was a lot of fun the last time. “Remember what happened.”

“What can happen now? Besides, she will tell us something new this time.”

“If she’s still alive. Her granddaughter’s probably running the place now.”

Familiar scents of hippie incense and mustiness greeted us inside. The curtain hung separating the fortune-telling room from whatever went on inside the house. My sister may be the most gullible person on earth, and it is possible may be contagious. Either that or it is a family trait.

The curtain parted, pulled aside by a bony claw. The white-haired old witch shuffled into the room. If anything, gravity had pulled her stooped figure over more in the last few years. “I know you. The Star and the Hermit.”

We looked at each other, surprised at her memory. Or was it memory?

“Sit down. I suppose you want a reading.” She shuffled the cards, then placed them before me to cut. Taking only the top 4 cards, she laid then down face-down, then began flipping them.

“There is a wife now.” Another card. “And a baby.”

Ginnie asked, “The cards told you that?”

“The cards tell me everything. What is it you want to know?”

We stared at each other for a few seconds before Ginnie answered. “Everything.”

The crone cackled like it was the funniest thing she ever heard. “That is not how the cards work.”

“Then tell us what they say.”

She flipped another. It was that Destiny card again. “Your destiny still awaits you,” she said before flipping the 4th card. A tower. A lightning bold was striking its phallic tip, and flames burned in its windows. A blonde maiden was falling headlong from the tower alongside a dude swan-diving. “And there will be difficulty. Danger. A crisis.”

I asked, “What kind of crisis?” Not because I believed this shit, but you never know.

“As I told you before, the cards do not tell everything. Only a sense of what is to come. The Tower may mean disgrace, deception, even ruin. Combined with Destiny, though, it is likely less a disaster, more crisis. It may be nothing worse than a flat tire.”

Ginnie asked, “But it could be worse?”

She dealt another card, across the two center cards. Three naked people stood in front of snow-covered mountains. An angel is blowing a horn toward the naked blonde woman’s tit. “The Judgment.”

“That sounds bad.”

“It’s quite good, combined with Destiny. If Destiny had been reversed, it would have been worse.”

“So, we aren’t cursed?”

“What some call a curse, others cause a blessing.” The fortune teller cackled again as her bony fingers retrieved the cards. “Unless I am mistaken, my predictions have been quite accurate about your good fortune.”

“She missed the pregnant thing,” I said once we were safely outside.

“I probably wasn’t pregnant yet,” my sister answered.

We drove home quietly, me thinking of judgment, and Ginnie—well, I guess she was thinking of something else. When I slowed to turn right into our neighborhood, she said, “Keep going.”

“They are expecting us.”

“They will know there were crowds. They won’t expect us back for another hour or so.”

I kept driving. When we got to the church, Ginnie told me to turn. I did, and drove around to the far side of sanctuary where no one could see the car from the road. Killing the lights and the engine, we sat there silently for a few more seconds.

Ginnie reached down and unbuckled my belt. I just canlı kaçak iddaa sat motionless. No discussion, no kissing. She went right for my pants. I could think of no reason to stop her.

Pants around my ankles and her head bobbing up and down in my lap, Ginnie made this slurping sound, a noise which might have sounded disgusting if caused by something other than my sister sucking so hard on my dick. She may have made the same noise that other time she blew me, but I was so overwhelmed with everything right about then, I may have missed something. There are those times when the physical pleasure, the emotional impact or the sheer beauty of the sight makes something truly amazing, but when all 3 happen at exactly the same time…

My DNA squirted into her mouth. Her tongue slid along the vein at the bottom of my cock as she sucked to swallow, and that caused yet another spasm of ecstasy that spewed inside her mouth before she finished swallowing. Then another and another as she struggled to keep up.

I hate to admit this, but my sister gives the best head. I didn’t have a tremendous amount to compare her to. But there were a few; after losing my virginity, I became much cooler and had a few successes with the ladies. I really can’t chalk it up to how gorgeous she is, because all I saw that night was blonde hair. Kellie has a blonde wig for her cosplay, and when she wears it, it is never this good. It’s either that my sister is extremely good at sucking dick, or it is the whole taboo thing. Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. Probably both. I guess I’ll never know for sure, but I sure enjoyed it.

I undid her jeans and reached down inside. We still had not said a word since parking. Destiny does not require negotiation. The full size of her bush surprised me. No arrow carved into it. Felt like she had not trimmed in a while. I really wanted to see it, but the light was so damn dim on that side of the car, if she’d been naked I wouldn’t have seen anything. The inside of her panties were already moist, but the second my fingers touched her, they were soaked with her hot body fluids.

Her head lay back against the headrest and her eyes closed, but one hand grabbed my thigh as I dug a finger into her. A little halting sigh came from her other lips. I had no trouble finding her little pleasure dot this time, and rubbed against it while plunging my finger all the way inside her. Then two fingers. She pressed back in the seat like the car had been shot by a catapault.

I had her moaning and squirming and breathing like she’d run a marathon, and inside she was so wet my hand was dripping. I played with her clit, rubbing across it, around it, pinching it between my fingertips, then sticking my fingers back up inside her. Whatever gave her a reaction I kept doing to her. I knew when she was starting to come because she grabbed my wrist and starting to call on god, which seemed a little sacrilegious where we were parked, and I wondered about that damn Judgment card. That lightning and all. It was raining pretty hard by then, so I just thought lightning was going to strike us dead.

Instead, my sister came. She held my wrist, keeping my hand there, so I kept playing with her snatch, and damned if she didn’t come all over again a few minutes later. I was glad when she let go of my hand, because my fingers were pretty worn out by then.

When sure she was finished, I sucked her juices from each one of my fingers, and from the palm of my hand, and from my knuckles and the back of my hand. It was drenched, and her juices are sweet and addictive as drugs. Then I put my hand back over her bush and her dripping lips and just held it. Neither of us said anything until Ginnie said, “We should be going.”

I turned on the lights and then the wipers, which swept across the windshield. Not a single raindrop moved, nor did they when the wipers arced back down. “Oh, shit!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Freezing rain.” For those of you who may live in warm climates who have never experienced this plague from God, freezing rain is the worst-case scenario. Not only when driving, but especially so when you are. It falls as rain, but the ground temperature is below freezing, and when the rain strikes any surface, it immediately coats it with a sheet of ice. That includes the road. I put the gear into drive and hit the gas lightly. The wheels spun, and instead of moving forward, the rear end of the car started to pull to the right while the entire front end stayed in place.

Barely noticeable, but the entire parking lot had a slight slope, built on a little rise of higher ground. Down-slope lay the width of the parking lot, ending in a patch of trees. Beyond that was a creek. During normal times, crossing the parking lot and up the little rise to the road would have been nothing; on ice, we might as well try driving up an Olympic Super-G run.

My sister asked, “What are we going to do?”

“We sure as hell aren’t driving out of here.”

“Maybe it will turn to regular rain and melt it.” Ginnie canlı kaçak bahis had a point. I had not heard of freezing rain in the forecast, and I have seen that happen so many times I cannot count. Still, I let my foot off the brake just to see if the car might coast forward. It slid sideways again. I put her in park. That’s when the snow started falling. Those big, heavy flakes that look like feathers. “Maybe we should walk.”

“Give it a few minutes,” she insisted.

It was worth a try. At least a layer of snow might give a little traction. She started laughing. “It’s not that funny,” I said.

“Oh, it’s not that. I still think it is hilarious you married a Kellie. Remember when I tried to hook you up with a different Kelly? The first night we went to the fortune teller?”

If I lived a thousand years, how could I forget the night I lost my virginity to my sister? Lost isn’t quite the word. Gave. Willingly. “It is ironic, isn’t it?”

“Does she have any idea?”

“None. And that will not change.”

“Good idea,” she said. The flurry had become a blizzard, and the windows were rapidly being covered by a layer of pure white.

“Maybe we should start walking.”

My sister slowly unzipped her parka. “I have a better idea.”

“Ginnie—I haven’t even been married six months, and you want me to cheat on my wife?”

“It’s not really cheating, is it?”

“It’s the very definition of cheating.”

“How do you figure?” Before I answered, she continued, “The way I see it, I had you first. But, since it can’t go anywhere with us, there is no actual threat to her.”

“Well, why don’t you explain it to her, then get back to me.”

“I already blew you.”

“Yeah, well, that is not exactly the same, is it?”

“Are you saying you don’t want to?”

“I’m not saying anything like that. I’m trying not to say anything at all.”

“So, you do want it?”

“I’m not an idiot, I’m a newlywed.”

“Same difference.” I really hate when my sister makes a great point. “Come on, let’s get in back. It will only take two minutes.”

“Two minutes?”

“Oh, I forgot. You are good for ten. Maybe fifteen tonight?”

She climbed over the console between the seats. I remembered when she did that before. Her ass passed only inches from my face then, too. Remember when I told my sister all she had to do was ask? Well, she asked, and I was hard as a rock and facing a half mile over ice in a snowstorm.

I put on a few pounds, making it harder to squeeze back there with her. She had her parka off, and another tight sweater underneath it captured my attention. As I unzipped my jacket, she touched my face.

We kissed.

At my wedding, she kissed me on the lips and smiled at me. This time, she kissed my lips and opened hers for my tongue. She caressed my face and I grabbed her boob. After that, it became a flurry of hands and lips and tongues like two starving people thrown a pile of barbecue ribs. If we were sharks, it would have been a feeding frenzy. In a few seconds, I had my hand up her shirt and she had her hand inside my pants.

While licking her neck, I whispered in her ear, “How long have you been planning this?”

“2 years.”

I doubted that. A beautiful woman like her does not lust over a nerdy guy for 2 years. But, this did not seem a good time for an argument, not with tit in hand and all, and she was working on my belt buckle, but it was her left hand, so she was fumbling around. I wanted to give her a hand, but her tit felt amazing. Our front teeth smacked together, and we both let go to reach up to make sure nobody had lost one. She started laughing, but it hurt like shit.

“Your lip’s bleeding.”

“That’s what that taste is.” She kissed me again, sucking down my blood, I guess, and it felt hot. I don’t remember any pain after that.

“Watch out, you will stretch my sweater.” So I pulled it up to her armpits. I swear that was the same black bra she wore that last time we were in back of a car here at church. There wasn’t a whole lot of light making it through the snow quickly building on the windows, but enough to see her breast bulging as I squeezed it. I kissed her neck again, then between her collar bones, then between her boobs. She had my pants undone about then, so I lifted up so she could pull them off me, and I pulled one tit out of her bra and sucked on it. I hadn’t sucked her tit since before she had a baby, but it felt the same, and from what I could see, breast-feeding Minnie had not changed anything about it.

I wonder if Minnie sucked on this thing this hard?

Again I lifted my ass off the seat so she could slide my boxers over my hips. I really wanted to keep sucking her boob, but for the second time that night, she had a better idea. She climbed right over me, straddling my lap, her arms around my neck. We stared into each other’s eyes. The light on her face was too dim to show color, but I swear I saw blue. Her tongue licked her upper lip ever so slowly. I lifted her little ass up, and she lifted my hard-on and aimed it at her. I looked down as much to see her body swallowing me up like that first time as to see her bush. The light on the side of the building fell across her lap, and I could see the full, blonde bush in all its glory.

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