A Friendly Massage


The tow truck driver dropped me off at home while on his way to the repair shop with my car.

Since I forgot to get my keys out of the car before he left, I knew I was going to have to enter my home thru an emergency tunnel we built in case of emergencies. The entrance was so well hidden that you would have to know it was there to find it. Entry was by my thumb print and not a key. I made my way to the hidden door in my office and slipped in quietly. I always lock my office door when I leave, so I knew that if anyone was at home they would not know I was there.

I quickly powered up the monitor for my survielance system to check and see if I was alone. As I went through the various cameras, I found my lovely wife Sharon out by the pool with her friend Diana. Being a bit of a voyeur, I turned up the volume to hear what they were saying.

For the most part it was just mundane everyday stuff. When I heard Diana tell my wife that her back was bothering her, and Sharon offering a backrub, my interest picked up. At first Diana declined, but when Sharon persisted, she finally agreed. Sharon pulled the cushion off the chase lounge and told Diana to undress and lay face down. At first Diana protested and asked what about me coming home early, so Sharon picked up her cell and called me. She made the usual small talk and then asked me what time I would be home. since it was late morning, I told her that I had a late lucheon meeting at 2:30 that would last until atleast 6. she illegal bahis said okay and hung up and then turned to Diana and told her I would not be home before 6.

Sharon told Diana that she was going to get some oil and for her to undress and be on the long cushion when she got back. Watching Diana disrobe brought a huge bulge to my pants. for a 50 year old woman she still had a pretty nice body. I figured her breasts for a C cup and marveled at her dark areolas with plump nipples in the center. she had a landing strip down south and had just stretched out when Sharon returned with the oil, a couple of candles and our Bose Wave Player. She put on some soft music, lit the candles and then knelt down at Diana’s side to begin the massage.

She started at Diana’s shoulders and spent quite a bit of time in that area before moveing down to her lower back, occasionally brushing the tops fo Diana.s very white creamy butt cheeks. She then skipped totally over her buttocks and went to Diana’s feet.

It was obvious by the cooing that Diana’s feet were one of her more sensitive areas. As Sharon worked up Diana’s calves, I thought I notice Diana ever so subtley shift her legs slightly apart. Both ladies seem to have entered into a slightly different zone as they both had gotten quiet and their breathing had become more shallow. Needless to say, my dick was as hard as it had been in several years as I watched my wife’s soft hands travel up and down Diana’s legs.

As she got closer illegal bahis siteleri and closer to the tops of Diana’s thighs, I was sure I heard a muffled moan. I was not sure who it came from, but the air was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Suddenly, Diana began sitting up and turned towards Sharon. she reached for Sharon’s head and pulled her down into a deep kiss.

At first Sharon seemed to pull away, but very qyickly it develped into a deep passionate kiss with lot’s of tongue. Sharon broke the kiss and suggested they move to our bedroom. Diana quickly grabbed her clothes and followed Sharon up the stairs to the master suite. Fortunatleyfor me I had installed 3 hidden cameras in our bedroom so I could capture video of our passionate evenings.

Sharon was pulling off her clothes as they entered into the bedroom and once again they embraced into a deep passionate kiss. Diana, suddenly pushed Sharon down on the bed and climbed on top. As they resumed their kiss, they both began humping against each other.

After a few minutes Diana broke the kiss and began kssing her way down Sharons neck and chest stopping on her B cup breasts. She spent a great deal of time on the breasts-to the point that I was sure Sharon had a couple of mini orgasms. She continued her kisses down til she found herself face to face with Sharon’s pussy. She nipped and licked around the edges until Shaorn was begging her to fuck her-then she licked her outer lips and literally attacked canlı bahis siteleri Sharon’s clit. Sharon was bucking wilding against Diana’s face and when Diana inserted 2 fingers inside Sharon’s love tunnel-that was all it took and a wild earth shattering orgasm insued. I have never seen my wife come so hard or so wildly. It seemed to last for over a minute before she pushed Diana away and grought her upo to her face.

She began to lick herself off Diana’s face,savoring every drop. Once she was satisfied she had gotten it all, she dropped down between Diana’s legs and preceeded to devour her very wet snatch. I was not aware that my wife was such an avid pusy eater, but as she sucked on Diana’s engorged lips and fipped in and out of her love canal onl to go up and circle her clit and nip at it and put Diana right on the brink of orgasm and then pulling away and blowing on her clit to cool things down-I knew she had done this before.

as Diana raced towards orgasm, sharon suddenly pursedher lips and make a tractor like sound-brrrrpp on Diana’s clit and the explosion was almost atomic in nature. she was screaming so loud I could actually hear her down in my office.

While they layed with each other and cooed and kissed in teh after glow- I reached down and grabbed my cock. Prexum was all over it and I jacked it up and down quickly and in less than 30 seconds shot a powerful load all over my desk.

I quickly cleaned things up, shut down the monitor and left through the tunnel. I called for a cab and was picked up by my front gate. I had the driver take me to a local theatre where i watched the new 007 movie before returning home by cab. My wife greeeted me at the door as if nothing had happened.

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