A Full Body Massage


I show up to the apartment early. I’m pretty nervous. I’m not sure how far I want to go with this. My friend assured me it would totally be up to me. I contemplate just walking away but something makes me ring the doorbell instead. It’s soon opened by a tall, well-built man with short grey hair in a military cut. He wears simple grey slacks, sneakers and a white t-shirt tucked in.

“Debbie?” He smiles.

I nod and reflexively smile back, smoothing my red broomstick skirt. I’ve worn it with a black satiny t-shirt and black high-heeled sandals, leaving my long brown hair loose and curling around my shoulders.

“I’m Richard,” he says, offering his hand. When I reach out to shake it though, he draws me into the foyer and places a hand at the small of my back to gently propel me down the hall. Even that small intimacy makes me blush a deep scarlet. How on Earth am I going to make it through a full massage?

“Your friend Lisa, told me I’d have to take a firm hand with you.”

He’s certainly doing that! We reach the door at the end of the hallway and he opens it for me, then again applies gentle pressure to send me through the doorway in front of him.

The room is painted a very pleasant sage green with natural wood accents. There’s a blend of refreshing citrus scents in the air and some wooden flute music plays.

His voice is low and close to my ear as he says, “You will need to remove all of your clothing then you can slip under the towel on the table. I’ll be right in and we can see what I can do to relieve all the tension in your body.”

The hot breath on my ear, the rumble of his low voice, and his hand on my back all serve to start my motor running. I feel a little tingle between my legs. Okay, I’m going to let this man touch me everywhere, do things to me that another man has not done in several years. I need this. I finish my little pep talk to myself and begin stripping down, hanging my clothes on a hook to the side, and kick off my sandals. I lift the bath sheet on the table and lie down, face down on the massage table. The towel covers me from just under my arms to my mid thigh. I feel… somewhat exposed.

A sharp rap sounds at the door.

“Come in,” I reply, attempting to make my voice sound strong.

I hear the door open and close and feel a strong hand slide over my calf. “All ready I see,” Richard says softly. “Now, when Lisa made the appointment for you, she said that you want the full body massage. Do you still want that? Are you willing to put yourself completely in my hands?”

As he asks the question, I feel his fingertips stroking lightly up and down the back of my calf. It’s mesmerizing and arousing at the same time.

“Yes,” I reply, feeling calmer than I have for the past hour and a half.

“Good, I believe you’ll bursa escort have a very enjoyable experience that I hope you will want to repeat. We’ll start with your shoulders. Simply try to relax, take deep breaths, listen to the music and let me work the tension out of your body.”

I try to do as he says, taking relaxing breaths and concentrating on how good it feels simply to have someone else touching me. As a large woman, I tend to feel invisible and people seem to go out of their way to avoid contact.

“You have beautiful hair,” Richard murmurs as he draws it aside.

“Thank you.”

His fingers slide over my neck and I feel they are slick with oil as they stroke my upper back and press into the flesh. I carry a lot of tension in my neck.

“I love this little mole on your shoulder. It’s very sexy.”

I feel myself warming to his flattery, even if I do have trouble seeing what he does in a mole. Hmmm, wonder if he’s taken some Ecstasy? He didn’t seem like the type and he didn’t look drugged up to me at all. Maybe he’s just good at his job.

More warm oil pours across my shoulders and his fingers spread it out almost teasingly, drawing small patterns over my shoulders. He begins working down my right arm, pulling it forward and up so my hand is flat against his chest for a minute as he works up to it. He feels very solid beneath my palm.

His hands are gentle on the soft flesh of my inner arm, stroking and smoothing. He tucks my right arm down and in to my side then moves around the table to my left arm, repeating his ministrations and the stroking of my inner arm that makes me shiver.

“Are you warm enough?” Richard asks.

“Yes.” And getting warmer.

Richard tucks my left arm in to my side then moves to the other end of the table. He picks up each foot in turn, kneading and working them until they are thoroughly worked over. He uses more force than he has with any other of my body parts. Then he sets them down and I feel one finger tip lightly on the base of each foot, tracing a path from my heel to my toes. My body involuntarily shakes and I feel my pussy contract. A low laugh reaches my ears.

“You’re body is very responsive,” Richard says softly. He circles both my ankles with his hands like steel bands as if to let me know he can manhandle me but is choosing to treat me gently. I feel him release me and there is no contact for a minute. Then he is back with more oil pouring over my calves.

Richard’s fingers smooth the oil over my muscles and press outward, kneading the tension out of the muscles. He works his way up to my knees and uses a gentle touch on the flesh of my thighs, barely teasing his fingertips over the sensitive area. I feel his fingers reach up under the towel then tease back down and begin to stroke the bursa escort bayan flesh in earnest.

“Are you ready for this towel to go?” Richard asks silkily.

Oh God! I am so ready. My pussy is so juicy just from what he’s been doing so far and I wonder if I’m creating a little pool on the table.

“Yes,” I reply meekly.

I feel the towel slide slowly down my body over my ass and off, as if he were revealing some delectable surprise.

“Lovely, just lovely.” I hear him murmur low.

A trickle of oil runs across my ass and his hands start to caress and fondle my ass as if he were really enjoying this. I’m beginning to believe he might be. His fingers have worked down my ass to the flesh where my buttocks and thighs meet. He draws little circles then cups my derriere.

“You have a beautiful ass, Debbie.”

His hands move upward to my back and begin massaging me, working outward to my sensitive sides where he strokes ever upward. His hands reach the sides of my full breasts and caress them with just the tips of his fingers then work back down to my ass. His hands leave me for a moment then I feel him press the cheeks of my ass apart and a little oil trickles over my anus. His finger begins to stroke around my anus, over and over then across and back. He circles it again and again, stroking over it occasionally. Just as I’m getting used to this I feel him start to push a finger tip in.

“Um…” I start to protest but he overrides me.

“Shhh, remember you put yourself in my hands. I promise you’ll like this. You’ve liked every thing else I’ve done so far, right?”

I have to agree. Even the stroking of my anus has been delicious. I try to relax as he strokes me and slowly pushes a finger in just a little ways. It’s so tight and a little uncomfortable at first but the new sensation is a novelty. His slick fingertip swirls around. It’s in about two inches now and I’m getting to like this. Then he pulls out, but it’s soon replaced by some other pressure. It presses in again and fills the space vacated by his finger. It seems more securely inserted and doesn’t move around the way his finger did.

“You have a lovely anus for a nice little butt plug,” he murmurs in my ear. Then I feel the vibration and nearly jump. Oh God! His hand is on my back holding me down and then stroking soothingly. It’s a shock but it feels soooo good.

“You see? I promised you’d like that.”

Oh, and he was so right.

The vibration stops but the fullness remains and my nerve endings tingle at the assault.

“Time to turn over,” Richard whispers in my ear.

His firm hands grip my shoulders and help me turn on the table so that I’m spread before him, naked to his gaze in the dim room. He picks up a bottle of oil and pours some on his hands, escort bursa rubbing them together before going to the head of the table and reaching out over me to cup and fondle my breasts. His thumbs tease the nipples, back and forth so that they stand up.

“Such lovely full breasts,” Richard voices his approval.

I want to say that he has lovely, large hands too but as I open my mouth, I find myself simply moaning. I quickly close my mouth.

He chuckles. “Very good my dear, just let yourself go. The more you can do that, the easier my job will be.”

I certainly don’t want to make his job difficult.

He releases my breasts gently, not letting them simply fall, and walks around the side of the massage table. His hands roam the soft expanse of my belly, caressing and gently teasing, then he slides one hand down to cover my curly mound. He simply rests his hand there for a moment, letting me feel his gentle pressure.

A single finger dips into the well and swirls around.

“So nice and wet,” he says approvingly. “I think you’re ready.”

I wonder what for but I don’t have long to wonder. He turns to the counter and when he turns back I see a vibrator in his hands. It is covered with a condom and clearly thoroughly lubed.

“Time for a little more internal massage.” His left hand gently guides my legs apart and I feel the vibrator press against the lips of my pussy. He uses his fingers to open me and presses the vibrator in at the perfect angle. I’m so ready for this that I cry out at the wonderful pressure of just the dildo sliding in.

“Yes, that’s right. Tell me how good it feels. Do you like that?”

I moan again and he turns on the vibration. I grip the sides of the table, my legs shaking. The fingers of his left hand join the party, massaging my clit.

“That’s just the lowest setting, we’ll build up a little here. Mmmm, you’re getting juicier and juicier. I’d like to taste that one of these days, if I may. Let’s ramp it up a little.”

The buzzing gets more intense. As I near the brink, he flips on the vibrating butt plug still in my anus and I shoot over the edge into orgasm, moaning and writhing in gibbering abandon.

I feel my orgasm pulse through me. This is where I’d normally stop but Richard doesn’t let me and I feel another intense wave roll through my body and then a third. I’m incoherent when Richard finally turns the vibration off and I feel the hard, thick length slide out of my swollen pussy. I feel a warm, wet washcloth stroke between my legs as he cleans me up. His fingers reach down and remove the butt plug from my anus. I feel him cover me with a warm blanket as my body quickly cools.

Richard moves to the head of the table and strokes a hand down my cheek as he smiles down at me. “Rest for a little bit. That was very intense. I’ll come back for you in a little bit.”

I hear him leave the room and my eyes slide shut. I’m so very sleepy. The warm blanket, dim lighting and soft music lull me. This was the best birthday present ever.

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