A fun night with my X and her sister Pt. 3

A fun night with my X and her sister Pt. 3I was in heaven, Jane and Elen playing with my cock. They took turns sucking and licking my cock. I opened my eyes and watched as they shared my cock, but they’re lips never met on my cock, one mouth or the other, not both at the same time. Now knowing that Jane might be bi, I wanted to test it out. So I put my hands on both their heads and pushed their faces towards my cock at the same time. Jane went high and took my knob in her mouth, while Elen went for my balls and sucked them. Nice but not what I wanted. So I tangled my fingers in their hair, moving Jane’s head down, while pulling Elen’s up. They met on my hard shaft and their lips touched as they pleasured my cock. Then I pulled both heads up my cock till they were kissing my knob and each other. Then up a bit more till they were just kissing each other. To my delight they didn’t resist, they went for it, mouths open tongues in and then they were kaçak iddaa lost in each other, so I let go of their hair and they carried on kissing, getting more and more into it, fondling each other breasts, pulling and pinching nipples, which Jane loves, and it seemed Elen did too from the little gasps of pleasure escaping her lips and Jane put the pressure on. I watched the two girls making out between my legs while stroking my cock. It was so erotic watching these two horny women kissing I almost came over both of them. Then they stopped kissing and looked into each others eyes, and Jane said, “s*s you’re a wonderful kisser”. ” You’re not so bad yourself s*s”. They both looked at me stroking my cock and Jane said, ” Don’t you dare cum you horny fuck, we’ve plenty of time for the later, in fact we have the whole night, if that’s ok with you s*s?”. ” Yes it is s*s”.I said, “Ok boss ladies, I’ll do what I’m told”, and I stopped stroking kaçak bahis my cock. “Now I think it’s such a nice evening we should eat out her on the deck, and seen as no one can see us we’ll do the naturist thing and go naked, agreed???”. The girls nodded agreement. Then Jane jumped up shouting, “Oh fuck, I have to go and lock the door in case anyone walks in on us”, and off she ran.Elen stood and slowly slipped her dress off, twirling round to give me the full show, her super sexy ass looked so inviting and her soft full bush made my cock twitch. She looked down at my cock bobbing between my legs and giggling said, ” I see little Peter likes my pussy, now come on big Peter strip, it was your idea so get them clothes off now”. I stood and my shorts slipped down and I stepped out of them and then pulled off my T shirt, standing before Elen totally naked my cock rock hard. Elen came to me and pressed her head against my chest purring güvenilir bahis ” Oh Peter you’re so hairy, it like cuddling a big teddy bear”. She rubbed one hand thru my hairy chest while the other gripped my cock. Jane appeared in the doorway and looked at us, Elen’s back was to her so she didn’t see her, she kept fondling my cock and rubbing her face in my chest hair moaning softly. Jane smiled and mouthed to me, ” I think s*s likes you a lot”. I smiled back. Jane then removed her clothes and played with her pussy and tits as she watched Elen snuggling up to me and rubbing my cock on her stomach, painting lines of pre cum over her puffy little belly. Jane broke the spell when she said, ” Ok s*s enough for now, lets eat and then you can play with Peter some more if you’re a good girl and do as you’re told and finish up all your food”, We all laughed. Elen still had my cock in her hand and before she let go she used one finger to rub over my knob collecting pre cum on the tip, then she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it, saying, “I don’t know what’s for main course, but desert tastes wonderful”. ” Ok enough you two, into the kitchen and help me with the food.

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