A fun night with my X and her sister Pt. 4


A fun night with my X and her sister Pt. 4We all went into the kitchen to get the food ready. I was ordered to set out the dishes and cutlery and open more wine for later. I brought in the glasses from the deck and poured us all a glass to sip while getting the food ready. I stood watching the girls with their backs to me at the counter preparing clod meats and salad. Both their sexy ass’s wriggling as they worked. Elen’s plump round ass looked so inviting the spread between her legs revealing her dark pussy hair. I so temped to go over and take her from behind. I wanted to pull her back a bit from the counter push her head forward, she resting her hands on the counter, me coming in behind her rubbing my cock between her butt cheeks, placing my hands on her hips and pushing my cock further in between her legs splitting her warm wet pussy lips and hopefully making her moan. Jane has a wonderful ass too, a bit bigger than Elen’s also her lighter bush showing from behind. Elen asked Jane, ” How are we going to keep Peter hard so we can both have our fun with him. With two pussies to pleasure and him not getting any younger, do you think he’ll be able to keep it up”.”Oh don’t worry Elen. I know horny fuck has some Viagra with him, he always has when he come to visit me. Seen as he doesn’t get to get into my pants very often he likes to make the best of it, so he pops a pill and he’s like the fucking energiser bunny,,,, goes and goes and goes!!”.Elen laughed saying as she turned round fondling her beautiful full round breasts, ” Well I’m going to be his Jessica Rabbit and this little bunny wants to fuck long time”. We all laughed and my cock bobbed some more.”Later s*s, ok foods good to go lets bring everything out back, Peter be careful with desert cock there we don’t want you stubbing it on the door and killing it before we’ve had some fun”. I seemed to be the butt of all Jane’s jokes, but it had always been like that between us. The lady has a sharp tongue, but it’s all in jest with her, no harm meant. I had decided that over the food I was going to get my own back, also in jest, but I was going to put both of them on the spot over their lesbian tendencies. I wanted to ask a few sticky questions of both and see what answers I got. I always knew Jane leaned towards been bi, I had no problem with that I found it like most men a turn on. I had always wanted to see her with another woman doing kinky stuff like earlier dikmen escort when she was making out with her sister, I found that so hot watching the two of them kissing and fondling each other. I also wanted to find out if sexy Elen liked been spanked like her big sister. I thought she might from the way she liked having her hard nipples pinched, so I hoped a double spanking might be on the cards later. Then this wonderful picture formed in my mind of Elen over Jane’s knee been spanked. I nearly came on the spot, but managed to stop.We all sat at the long table together me in the middle with a sexy naked babe at each side. the girls from time to time as we eat playing with my cock and I fondling one or the others breasts, or slipping a hand between their legs to find a very wet warm pussy. We ate mostly in silence apart from the groping of breasts, cock and pussies. When the food was finished we pushed the table away and sat there and began to chat naked like it was the most natural thing in the world to be sitting there, sisters and an X husband both girls playing with his cock. The wine flowed and the conversation turned more X rated if that was possible. Elen admitted that sometimes she would play with her pussy while imagining fucking me behind Jane’s back. Jane told her that she was just a little slut and we all laughed. Then I asked, “So Elen you liked making out with your big s*s, tongue wrestling and pulling each others tits and nipples”.”Oh yes I did. I do so like been with an other woman from time to time. I find women are so much better at pussy licking than men, don’t you s*s??”. Jane went bright red, saying, ” I wouldn’t know I’ve never been with another woman till an hour ago, and she is my sister, I must be really fucked in the head”.” Wait till I get my head between your legs and lick your pussy we’ll see then how you feel”. Then Elen stuck out her very long pointy tongue. Jane gulped. ” Fuck” I said, ” You have place for that in you mouth”. Elen sluttily licked her lips and laughed saying, ” Wait till I tease your ass with it later”. ” He likes a finger better in his ass”, Jane said, and she laughed too. ” Oh yeah very funny, wait till I fuck both of your asses and then we’ll see who’s laughing”. Elen leaned in and grabbed my cock purring, “Oh yes please Peter I want little Peter all up in my slut ass, I’m sure s*s will enjoy watching you ass fuck me”. “Elen you filthy eryaman escort little bitch, what are you like, some kind of common whore”. ” Yes s*s I’m a whore, but I love it. You’re not such an angel yourself, fucking your X when ever you get the chance, waiting here for him with your legs open pussy primed longing for him to stick it in you. You love your secret dirty little fuck sessions with him. You cant wait to have his hands all over your body, sucking his cock down your troth and offering him your ass to fuck, and you call me a whore. Lets face it s*s we’re both whores,, right???”. ” Yes Elen we’re both whores, so lets not waste time and get to what we do best,,, whoring!!”. I thought there was going to be a fight between sisters, but then they both began to laugh and all was ok. “Ok girls lets move this little party into the bedroom we can all be more comfortable there. We’ll open the French windows and can still enjoy the warm even breeze. You two get ready I want to go and fetch some of my little blue pills so I can stay hard to give both of you a really good fucking”. Elen said, ” s*s I have a wish. Peter when you come back after popping a pill I want to lead you by the cock to the end of the garden and go on my knees and suck you there by the fence where someone might be able to see us, I find the thrill of been caught such a turn on it makes my pussy drip, will you please come with me Peter, would you mind awfully if someone saw me sucking you off”. My cock twitched. Jane said, “There you have your answer, he’d let you suck his cock in the middle of an airport, horny fuck”. I stood took Ellen by the hand and pulled her up off the seat, pulled her into me and kissed her long and full on the lips as my fingers probed her dripping pussy. When I broke off I said, ” Elen it would be my pleasure to have a beautiful sexy lady like you suck my cock in the garden, I be back in a minute. “You two are just a pair of sluts”, Jane said. I pulled Jane up from sitting too and pressed her and Elen into each others arms then pushed both heads together, their lips met and it was like lighting a fire. Lips entwined tongues going to work as hands roamed over breasts and found wet wanton pussies. I said, ” You two play till I get back, kissing and groping only, no pussy licking, I want to watch that little show and be the first to see it, ok”. They both nodded and I left to get my little etimesgut escort pills. I returned to see what I thought might be the sexiest think I’d ever witnessed. I came to the door out to the deck and stopped as I saw Elen and Jane in each others arms, and this nearly blew my mind not to mention my balls. They were both fingering each other and the offering each other their fingers for licking and sucking. Elen pulling her fingers from Jane’s pussy and licking them. Jane doing the same. Then Elen fingering Jane and letting her taste her own pussy from Elen’s fingers. It was so fucking sexy I found it hard not to just watch stroke and shoot my loan, my balls were ready to blow big time. I shook my head and walked out onto the deck saying, “Ok enough, if you two keep that up I’m going to cum on the spot”. They both looked at me with dreamy eyes and broke off. ” Ok Elen I’m all yours lead me to your preferred place of cock sucking”. Elen smiled came over turned taking my cock in her hand and pulled me towards the steps to the garden. I had no choice but to follow. ” Are you two both fucking nuts”, Jane asked. ” Could be but we’re also both so fucking horny”, Elen answered as she lead me to the end of the garden by my cock. She looked around for a good spot where we might be seen if anyone passed by and then when she was happy with her choice she dropped to her knees and began to gobble my cock, one hand fondling my balls as her head bobbed up and down over my shaft. Elen was in cock sucking heaven and I knew she would make me cum very quickly if I let her. I looked back to see Jane standing on the deck watching us while she fingered her pussy and pulled her nipples. I nodded with my head for her to join us, she shook her head, no. I nodded again pleading with her, she shook her head again, this time a little unsure. I nodded once more. This time she mouthed. ” Fuck it” and ran down the garden and went on her knees beside her sister and they both shared my cock while kissing each other two. Then Jane pushed Elen aside and took all my down her neck, her hand pushed between my legs and a finger teased my ass. I spread my legs a bit and her finger slipped gently into my ass, she found the spot she knew so well and massaged it. I knew it was lights and I was going to cum, I could never hold back when Jane did this to me, she knew it too so she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I looked down to see Ellen watching as Jane worked me up to a wonderful orgasm. My body tensed and my balls shot rope after rope of cum down into Jane’s belly. When she had me sucked dry she let my cock fall from her mouth and said,” Now lets get horny fuck here into the bed room and see if we can revive him for some more fun”.

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