A Gap Filled with Dad/Daughter Love


The gap between my stories, “A Very Seductive Dad”, when a handsome loving dad takes his beautiful young daughter’s virginity and “A Father/Married Daughter Affair”, when she is caught in bed with her dad by none other than her husband, is finally addressed in this new sexually explicit rendition of uncontrollable lust and love.

All the characters in these stories were 18 or older when having sex. The stories are purely imagination taken from some truth. You, the reader must be the judge as to what is fiction and fact. If you do not enjoy sex or taboo/incest stop reading now and don’t bother to be the judge and jury of my character in your comments. I will only delete them.

I will try to tell some of the main events that led up to the story that my darling understanding loving husband wrote about. I am forever in debt to him for his willingness to understand me and put up with my strong sexual desires for my own dad and for helping me cope and even encourage me to fulfill my desires with him up until his untimely early death.

The following snippets are just teasers for the reader to loosen your clothes, panties or shorts and enjoy your own sexual desires.Reach between your legs and take control. Cum with me, if you will, in ways you never dreamed possible….you might just enjoy it and feel better afterward!

Hop on the back of the old “hunting/fishing truck” that Daddy and I used quite often and watch as he bends me over the old worn full vinyl seat and spreads my full ass cheeks, then fills me full of his large hard cock from behind on one of many deserted old roads on his large farm. bakırköy escort

Hide in the closet in my room at home when I was still in school, working part time and wait patiently as I lay naked on my bed fingering my hot pussy and pinching my hard nipples in anticipation of him slipping quietly into my room spreading my smooth shapely legs and without any foreplay ramming his thick cock as far as it would go in my pussy. Can you hear the slapping of his big heavy balls against my ass and the sounds of my long red manicured nails clawing at the sheets as he relentlessly rams his strong hard body into me? Listen as my moans match his grunts and with each thrust we are both closer to the best orgasm either has ever experienced. It will be the ultimate high! Do you hear my muffled groans of multiple orgasms into the pillow after he has flipped me on my stomach and entered me from behind? Did my mom hear us? Will the wet cum stains of our elicit coupling remain the next morning? Should I change the sheets tonight so Mom will not find out?

Daddy knows I can not resist him, his tanned muscular body laying on top of me…. his massive uncircumcised veined cock stretching my tight pussy beyond imagination….his soft, yet hard lips and long tongue darting deeply into my mouth or pussy.

He tells my maid of honor, my best friend and cousin, to watch the door because he needs to give me a wedding present. Daddy locks the door as the guests are being ushered into the church. He lifts my veil and kisses me, not as a father normally kisses his daughter but as my lover forever. beşiktaş escort My lips burn with desire for him and my lipstick is smeared but I don’t care, for I cannot control my lust and desire for him to fuck me once again. His hands release my large soft tits from their confines palming them and immediately I am under his spell.

I feel my head getting light as Daddy is once again taking complete control of “his” daughter.

My head spins as I seem to be floating above the room looking down at what is happening. I “see” my husband-to-be in another room within hearing distance with the best man and the minister waiting to see his bride for the first time that day as his future father-in-law bends his daughter over the back of a wing back chair and lifts her wedding gown onto her back.

I have lost control of my body and “she”, my unruly pussy, has again betrayed me….. again!

His big hands have pulled her dainty white silk panties to one side and has spread her perfect round cheeks apart. The aroma of a fully aroused pussy fills his nostrils and inflames his ego as one hand fishes his penis out of his pants, then guides the head of the monster cock through her sloppy wet velvety swollen lips briefly touching her hard meaty clitoris. She shudders as a small orgasm races up her body into her throat and makes her gasp loudly…maybe too loudly! Then she feels the familiar foreskin sliding back over the bulbous helmet as her dad forces his “wedding present” into her soaked receptive pussy.

She is lost in her own lust for pleasure and gratification and forgets beylikdüzü escort just where she is or even who she is. Nothing can bring her back but the relief of an orgasm only her daddy can provide. The bride feels the vicious pounding and hears the so familiar sounds of raw sex and moans as the sweet scent of her pussy and his manly meat become one again as husband and wife.

Does she hear the frantic knocking on the door and her friend telling them to hurry up? Is the church quiet now as the music continues waiting for the bride to appear?

I now feel the connection of our bodies and souls as Dad’s cock is furiously ramming into me and my body has drifted back down to the chair. My pussy is having convulsions one right after another as he delivers his fertile seed deep into my womb. Will I get pregnant by my own father? I am on the pill! I fell his semen ripping me apart so hot and thick, the pungent aroma of his cum. He is now grunting and growling as he pulls out with a sucking sound…the sound I have heard so many times before. I am full of his cum….grab a tissue for God’s sake and stuff it into my gaping pussy!!! He tucks his flaccid swollen prick back into his pants and pulls my panties back up. He unlocks the door and Ann rushes to my side to freshen me up. She knows of our relationship and says nothing.

I walk down the aisle only five minutes late with my dad and lover to meet my husband to be. Dad’s cum is escaping out of my pussy and running down my legs as I get to the altar to see my other lover. Our eyes meet as Dad kisses me and gives me to my husband. I am in a state of shock and awe….. I am in love with two men. Is that possible? Yes, it is and it worked well for many years after my husband found out about our relationship. More to cum!!!!

I will tell you more of the events as I described if you wish but for now I will publish this first chapter.



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