A Gay At The Courtyard


I’m a rather dashing an exiting twenty-five year old man, so let me tell you a secret. It’s about something that happened to me when I was just twenty-two years old. My friends and I used to hang out at ‘the courts’ a courtyard in the city which I lived in, where all manner of people would gather to drink alcohol, play games and make out.

On one such occasion I’d had quite alot to drink and met a young man called Liam. I’d been reading Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and this man was (to me anyway) the living embodiment of the vampire Lestat D’Lioncourt, a long blonde haired brat prince utter God of a man.

At that time I had never had sex with a man or woman and had never even realised I could have feelings for a man. I approached him while utterly under the influence and made what was almost definitely a very good impression.

I had been drinking almost all afternoon and was being practically dragged around the city centre by friends laughing to myself and generally having a good time. The last place they had taken me to was McDonald’s where I had ordered a happy meal, to get hold of the most amazingly fun toy car I had ever seen.

It was one of the wind backwards and it moves forwards ones and it was blue with white stripes. I approached this man and drunkedly introduced myself. “Hiiiiiiiii, my name is Nick and I think you are the coolest person ever.” He was wearing illegal bahis his long leather Trench coat with new rocks, black jeans and a red open shirt over black t-shirt. He had shoulder length blonde hair with violet eyes and just a little rough stubble.

“Hi Nick, my name is Liam” when he flashed his bright smile at me I died inside. “I wanted to give you this…” I said, handing him the toy car. “It’s a present” I told him.

He sat for a full ten minutes playing on the pavement with the toy car with me watching him, when my friend Joanna went over and decided to tell him I really liked him. I heard him say I was cute, then he came over to me and held my hand. We walked around the corner complimenting each other on dress and music taste (I was wearing black jeans, black shirt, black hair and guy liner) and into a more secluded part of the courtyard where the walls almost surrounded and unless somebody looked down from one of the top windows, they wouldn’t see us.

By this time I was holding onto his hips as well as his hand and acting very much like a woman with a crush. I stood with my back against the wall and he stood I front of me, he was a good foot taller than me so I felt very much the woman too. He Bent his head and kissed my neck, moving in really close. He then rubbed his nose lightly against my cheek and slowly found my lips with his. I could feel his cock illegal bahis siteleri harden against my jeans and realised mine was too.

I moved my hand further around his hips and moved him closer as we continued to kiss with parted lips, massaging each others tongues. I lightly squeezed his ass and guided his hand toward mine. With my other hand I started lightly touching his hard muscular stomach, he had a full six pack and i suddenly wanted this man inside me.

I pressed my hand down into his black jeans and squeezed it into his boxers. His cock was thicker than mine and would probably really hurt my virgin asshole, but I didn’t care.

I undid his belt and turned around, pulling my trousers down and revealing my ass and loosing my eight inch erection. He pushed me up against the wall lightly and kissed my neck while he put on a condom, then I felt his big hard cock pressing against my ass cheeks.

He touched up my asshole with his fingers for a minute or two, rubbing on some of the extra lube from the condom and squeezing one full finger inside. He was breathing really Heavily and it felt warm against the back of my neck, and I loved the warmth of his cock pressing hard against my ass cheeks. “You’re so tight” he whispered.

“I’m a virgin and I really want you to fuck me right now, so please fuck my virgin asshole with your big hard cock”. It was to canlı bahis siteleri much for him and he immediately slid his hard cock all the way inside my very tight asshole. I grunted for a second, but the extra lubed condom really helped.

He pushed his cock inside my ass really slowly, which was nice at first, but I quickly started to want more. I pushed my ass against his cock, pushing it hard inside me. We both gasped and moaned. Then he started to fuck me faster and faster.

I loved how tight his cock felt in my ass and I felt so full up when he had it all the way inside. Our moans became louder and louder as he grabbed my hips hard and pushed in and out of me. Then I knew he was going to cum. As he climaxed and his moans got unbearably loud I tensed the muscles of my ass, squeezing my cheeks tightly around his big cock.

I felt the warmth of his seamen explode inside the condom in my ass, flowing out of him. He pulled out, and as I turned around he went to his knees and put his lips around my cock, moving his head forward and back. I immediately grabbed hold of my cock and started furiously masturbating, then I came into his mouth hard, while he massaged my balls, I was still fucking his face till every drop came out.

When I took my Cock from his mouth, some drops of cum flowed down his chin and he wiped at them with the back of his hand. We put our cocks away and kissed some more, then had a cigarette together before walking back towards my friends.

I told them we had just kissed and Liam never told them any differently. He tried to fuck me again a few years later at a party, but that’s a different story.

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