A Girl Called Sami Ch. 10

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Bonnie hadn’t been seeing Roy very much as the spring semester moved steadily towards spring break; in fact, they both knew that they were pretty much, ‘over’, and neither was losing sleep over that fact.

Their parents had come to the same realization, as well, and the pressure on the both of them from home was non-existent for all practical purpose.

Bonnie had gone on dates, usually a result of a sorority sister fixing her up with a friend of a friend. Bonnie played the part and kept up the façade, but she knew that at this moment in her life, her heart belonged to Sami.

Only thing was that Sami was oblivious to that little gem of knowledge.

When Bonnie returned from the holiday break, she brought her car with her, the one that her parents had given her for Christmas. Now, room 204 had two sets of wheels, one having a top for rainy days; in New Orleans, there are lots of rainy days

“What a sweet ride, baby,” Sami commented, appreciatively, as she looked over the new Civic.

“You know, of course, that if you need to use it, you can,” Bonnie told Sami.

“Thanks, baby, that’s sweet,” Sami said to Bonnie, and giving her a hug with an arm around her shoulders.

“Same goes for the scoot, you know; I’ve told you that before.”

“Me? Driving through traffic on two wheels? I don’t think so, Sami, not a chance in hell,” Bonnie replied and meaning every word; she’d ride all day long as Sami’s passenger but to even think about driving it herself? Not no, but, hell no!

Spring break was next week, and this year, Sami accepted Debbie and Charlene’s invite to join them in Biloxi for break. The twist was that Bonnie was going to be there as well, with Sami, which meant that Sami had to ‘fess up about Charlene.

Sami was sorta’ half-sitting, half-laying on her bed, her back against the wall when Bonnie walked in from class. Putting her textbook aside, Sami greeted her roommate.

“Hey, good looking, when you have a sec, we need to talk,” Sami said to Bonnie.

“Why, what’d I do?” Bonnie immediately said, fearing that she had somehow done something that had upset Sami.

“You haven’t done anything, baby, I just need to talk to you about a couple of things before we meet up with Charlene and Debbie in Biloxi, that’s all.”

Bonnie had stripped down to her panties and bra by then, and eschewing throwing on her ‘bum-arounds’, she marched over to Sami’s bed and fell against Sami-girl; leaning her back against Sami’s body and putting Sami’s arms around her, she lay her head on Sami’s shoulder and turned her head towards Sami.

“Okay, talk,” Bonnie said as she snuggled into Sami’s embrace.

And Sami told Bonnie about her and Charlene’s history.

“And you told me all of this, why?” Bonnie asked after a few minutes of silence while she processed all that she had been told.

“Because, some people would be a bit revolted that my cousin and I have been, and still are, lovers; because some people would think it disgusting and incestuous, and because when Charlene drinks, she likes to ‘go down memory lane’.” Sami said.

“You should also know that I’ve been with both she and her girlfriend Debbie, in threesomes,” Sami continued, “and don’t be surprised if either of them tries to get into your panties.”

Bonnie was silent for a moment; moving her hand so that she could rub the back of it against Sami’s breasts, she announced, “I’d do that, you know; I’d do that with you, I mean, if you ever want to.”

“Do what? Do Charlene or Debbie?” Sami asked, a bit of confusion in her voice.

“Well, yeah, that too, if you want me to, but I was talking about a threesome; you know, if you ever want to, with me, I’d do that,” Bonnie explained.

“Really?” Sami remarked in a veiled, leering tone, slipping her hand into Bonnie’s bra and cupping her breast, softly caressing it.

“Yeah, really,” replied Bonnie, her voice betraying her arousal from Sami’s fondling.

“We ought to give that some thought,” Sami said, then adding, “So, you’re okay with Charlene being my cousin and all?”

“Well, yeah, but you’ll still need to be punished for your naughtiness,” Bonnie said as she sat up to unhook her bra, “but first, why don’t you double check the door to make sure it’s locked,” slipping her panties off after she said it.


They had taken Bonnie’s new ride for the relatively short drive to Biloxi from New Orleans. Bonnie’s home in Gulfport was almost next door to Biloxi yalova escort bayan but her parents were on a cruise, along with Roy’s parents; so, no chance of running into them while on break.

Sami had scored a few doobies from Marcia to take with them, and she didn’t even have to ‘do’ Marcia for it.

It was agreed that if they were going to burn a joint on the drive to Biloxi, then Sami would drive. They only smoked half a joint but it was more than enough to get them into the zone. With Segar blasting from the speakers, the girls were enjoying life and living large.

“Do you think they’ll like me?” Bonnie asked out of the blue, her dope-paranoia showing itself.

“They’ll fucking love you, baby, don’t worry about that,” Sami assured her, “your problem will be keeping them out of your bed,” laughing after she said it.

“You know what we ought to do one night, you know, to mix it up a little?” Bonnie said, sounding inspired…and stoned.

“I’ll bite; what should we do?” Sami played along.

“We ought to pull names from a bowl or something; whoever’s name you pull, you have to screw ’em,” Bonnie said all proud of herself for having thought it.

“Huh!” Sami remarked, “That actually has possibilities, Bonnie-baby; I think they’ll like your game.”

Charlene and Debbie absolutely loved Bonnie; loved her naivety, loved her good looks and fine-assed body, and thought her ‘game’ to be a stroke of pure genius. Of course, that first night, the Tequila they had consumed probably contributed a bit to their judgment about Bonnie’s game.

The girls partied with the throngs on the beaches and in the clubs, having a wonderful time, just as they were supposed to do on spring break. They drank more than their share when out, but they took turns being the designated driver to get the crew safely home to Debbie’s place. Charlene had also brought some weed for them to enjoy and all in all, it couldn’t have gone better for the four of them.

The first two nights the girls stayed ‘coupled’ when they went to bed; Sami with Bonnie, Charlene with Debbie. The third night, they played a drinking game to see who would pick from ‘Bonnie’s Bowl’ and Charlene won; Charlene picked Bonnie’s name and shortly thereafter, took Bonnie by the hand to her bed, leaving Debbie and Sami together.

“Damn, so I guess that means you and I will have to screw, doesn’t it?” Debbie said, clearly joking when she said it.

“Well, we must do what we must do, Debbie,” Sami said as she started her walk to her bedroom.

“Coming?” Sami asked when she got to her doorway, the noises of sex-play able to be heard behind Charlene’s closed door.

“I damn well better,” Debbie asserted as she walked towards the waiting Sami-girl, unbuttoning her blouse as she did so.

Debbie did Sami; Sami did Debbie; Debbie did come.

They were lying in post-coitus contentment when, without a knock, Charlene walked in, her pubes wet from Bonnie’s tongue.

“Deb, your turn; the pleasure of your company has been requested by Ms. Bonnie.”

“Yes ma’am,” Debbie said, then leaning over she gave Sami a short but sweet kiss, “always fun getting laid by you, sweetie.”

“Back at’cha, baby,” A smiling Sami-girl said.

And as it always was when Charlene and Sami made love, skyrockets and stars were released inside of their private bubble of pleasure.

That was the only night that they mixed it up; for the rest of break, they stayed ‘coupled’, dancing with the one that brung ’em. Their last night in Biloxi, Sami and Bonnie made love tenderly; passionately, but so very tenderly.


Finals were a couple of weeks away; Sami’s Volleyball team won their second conference championship but lost at nationals, again.

Marcia finished the third piece of her ‘Sami project’ and sold it immediately. She told Sami that she was going to be Europe for the summer, studying in Florence but that she’d call when she returned at the end of August.

Sami and Jena were able to have a couple of hook-ups and still ran together in the mornings. One morning as they walked in their cool-down circles, Jena mentioned that Jeff would be gone all week, next week, and asked if they could get together.

“Sounds great,” Sami replied, “which night and I’ll schedule myself off at The Grille.”

“Let’s plan on Tuesday night, since that’s your regular night off, and you know what?” Jena responded.

“What?” yalova escort

“You want to do something a little different, maybe, you know, maybe a little kinky?”

“I can do kinky,” Sami offered, and suddenly having an idea float across her brain, she added, “In fact, what would you think of about this…”


“Still thinking about taking a break for summer semester?” Bonnie asked from her desk.

“Yep; I need to, Bonnie, I’ve hit it hard with full class loads for the past five semesters, so, yeah, I’m taking the summer off from school,” responded Sami.

“Me too, same reasons as you,” Bonnie agreed as she chewed on the pencil’s eraser.

“I’ll find a job back home and veg out for a couple of months; you know, give the brain a break,” Sami said as she lay on her back staring at the ceiling.

“And something else,” Bonnie added, “who’s this friend of yours that we’re going have dinner with on Tuesday? I know you told me, but I can’t remember her name for anything.”

“Jena; she’s the woman I run with every morning, remember? Graduate assistant in Microbiology?” Sami reminded her.

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry, baby, I know you’ve told me before,” Bonnie said, “Well, I’m sure we’ll gave a grand time.”

“Oh yeah,” Sami said with a smirk, “I’m sure we will.”

“What’s that smirk for, smartass?”

Sami wasn’t going to tell Bonnie of her ‘surprise’ but in that instant, rethought her position about that.

“Baby, remember before Biloxi when I told you about me, Debbie, and Charlene getting it on?”


“Remember what you said about being willing to do that, with me, if I ever wanted to?” Sami said with her eyebrows arched, as if prompting Bonnie’s memory.

“Yeah, and I meant that, but what does that have to do with…oh,” clarity suddenly coming to Bonnie.

“Ladies,” Jena said with a flourish when she opened her door to Sami and Bonnie, “Entre Vous, the gumbo is almost ready.”

Introductions were made and the girls followed Jena into the kitchen, sitting on bar stools at the counter to keep her company while she finalized their meal. Pouring them all some wine, they air-toasted each other and became social animals.

Jena’s dinner was superb, the conversation lively, and the wine plentiful. Sami suggested that she’d clean up from dinner and that she’d join Jena and Bonnie shortly. They argued to help, but Sami would hear none of it and shooed them out and into the living room.

“Here, sit here with me,” Jena suggested and patting a spot on her couch.

Bonnie did as asked, holding her glass for Jena to refill. Bonnie was a light weight with liquor, any liquor, and the wine was ‘almost’ getting to her. Sami’s definitely going to have to drive us home, thought Bonnie as she sipped her wine, appraising Jena’s ass as she chose CDs to play.

Bonnie was a bit nervous on the inside, pretty sure that she had understood Sami’s cryptic message, pretty sure that she was going to be in a threesome, at least, that’s what she thought she thought.

When Jena returned to the couch, she sat a bit closer to Bonnie.

“So how’s Sami to room with?” Jena said in way of conversation.

“Really great,” Bonnie said in truth, “she’s the best roomie you could have; at least I think so.”

“Yeah, I bet she would be,” Jena agreed, then sorta’ leaned into the back of the couch, her eyes on Bonnie’s face.

” ‘Course, I bet you’d be fun to share a room with as well,” Jena offered further, “I bet you’d be a lot of fun,” letting her eyes rape Bonnie’s body, and making sure that Bonnie saw it.

Bonnie had a rush to her brain when Jena said that last remark; but it was the look that really got her attention. What was it that she thought she saw in Jena’s eyes, Bonnie wondered.

“That’s sweet, thank you,” Bonnie humbly said, “I try to be a good roomie.”

Jena’s hand started brushing Bonnie’s hair from her face, moving it behind her ear, smiling when her fingers brushed Bonnie’s cheek and Bonnie closed her eyes for a nano-second, reacting to Jena’s touch.

“Like that, do you?” Jena asked, her voice soft, sultry, and full of promise of something.

“It feels nice,” Bonnie replied as she tried to ignore the warmth between her legs.

“Yes it does,” Jena said, and then, she leaned forward and nibbled on Bonnie’s exposed ear lobe.

“Jena, Sami’s…”

“Sami won’t mind, darling, I promise you,” Jena escort yalova said, interrupting Bonnie, “kiss me, you know you want to.”

And Bonnie did want to, in the worse way, and so she did. Bonnie Sue kissed a woman she just met tonight, a total stranger to her, and she liked it, did Bonnie Sue.

Jena took her time with her kisses and touches, which took a considerable amount of restraint; she wanted to be between this chickadee’s legs in the worse way. But, she took her time, letting her hand slowly travel up and down Bonnie’s thighs, slowly moving the skirt edge higher and higher as they kissed.

Bonnie was crazy-horny from Jena’s touches and kisses, so fucking hot that she thought she’d jump out of her skin. She didn’t even register that Sami had sat down behind her until she felt another pair of lips on the side and back of her neck; that, and a hand cupping and caressing her breasts from behind her.

Bonnie felt herself being pressed against the back of the couch, Sami and Jena now on either side of her; while Jena continued to explore Bonnie’s mouth with her tongue, her hand had found Bonnie’s crotch and she was softly running her fingers across Bonnie’s damp pubes, over her damp panties.

Sami had unbuttoned Bonnie’s shirt, exposing her braless breasts; Sami had suggested that she go braless, so Bonnie went braless. Once exposed, Sami’s mouth was on the tit closest to her and Jena was soon sucking on the other one, Jena’s hand now rubbing Bonnie’s love-bud under her panties.

“Oh damn, you guys, ya’ll are going to make me cum,” Bonnie announced with her head laid back and eyes closed.

“Oh yes, we will make you come,” Sami said between bites of Bonnie’s hard nipple, “but not now, this is just foreplay.”

“Why don’t we go to the bedroom sweeties, that a good idea?” Jean suggested, knowing it was a great idea; her own pussy was burning with desire for these two coeds.

“Oh yeah, that’s a great idea,” Bonnie quickly agreed and the first to rise from the couch, her shirt opened and showing her wet, red nipples and breasts.

There was no slow strip tease from any of them as they disrobed; no, they wasted no time in getting naked. Just before Sami and Bonnie joined Jena in bed, Sami leaned in to kiss Bonnie on the ear and whispered, “Remember that threesome you said you’d do?”

Bonnie smiled from ear to ear, and whispered back, “Thank you,” never loving anybody as she did Sami in that moment.

Jena and Sami placed Bonnie in the middle of the bed, between them, and proceeded to kiss, lick, bite and tease Bonnie Sue Madison of Gulfport, Mississippi, very much to Bonnie Sue’s pleasure.

Bonnie was introduced to that Sapphic staple, the Daisy Chain, that night; Jena eating Bonnie, Bonnie eating Sami, and Sami-girl positively devouring Jena’s sweet, bare pussy.

The good news for Bonnie was that she loved her first threesome.

The bad news for Bonnie was that she loved her first threesome and knew it wouldn’t be her last, not by a long shot.


Sami returned to their room after her last final exam of the semester knowing that she had aced that son-of-a-bitch, and was super happy.

Walking into their room, Sami found Bonnie lying on her bed with a shit-eating grin on her face, smiling like she had just swallowed the canary.

“What the hell is that wicked-assed smile all about,” Sami asked with genuine curiosity.

“Got a proposition for you,” Bonnie calmly said, not betraying her excitement from the phone call she had just received from her dad.

“How would you like to work with me at one of daddy’s stations, in Memphis and share an apartment for the summer?”

Bonnie’s father had a mini-broadcasting empire in Tennessee and Mississippi that included both Radio and TV stations. Bonnie had approached her dad about her and Sami working for him, during the summer. He had phoned Bonnie to tell her that she and Sami could work at the Memphis TV station for the summer, the one her uncle managed for her dad.

“We’d be interns, mostly ‘gophers’ and errand boys, but you’d also be able to work with the art department of the station because they’re short a hand or two,” Bonnie explained further, “and daddy said we could stay at the station’s apartment that he usually uses when he visits.”

“He also said that if he did come up, he’d just stay at a hotel since he’d be there only a couple of days,” Bonnie concluded.

“Sweet!” Sami exclaimed happily.

“So may I assume that you’re accepting the offer?” Bonnie teased knowing that Sami was on board with the plan.

Sami rushed to Bonnie and gave her a hug to end all hugs.

The summer of 2005 will be the best ever, Sami thought, as her head moved up and down between Bonnie’s legs that night.

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