A Glory Hole Makes a Bad Day Better

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Saturday had started out being a lousy day. Everything I did seemed to drive my mood deeper into the cellar. First thing was that my wife denied my sexual advances. This had been happening for quite some time. Mid afternoon, I had about as much as I could take. I decided I needed a break. I told the wife I was leaving for awhile. “And where are you going?” she asked.

“Just out for a couple hours,” I answered.


“I’ll know when I get there.” I turned, got in my truck and left.

I went to a nearby town, about thirty minutes from my hometown. I drove around until I decided to stop in the home improvement store. I looked around the store for a short while, not looking for anything in particular. While browsing through the power tools, I bumped into a young man who I thought was very attractive.

It had been such a long time since I had any desire for another man. I was out to my wife and agreed not to explore my bi-sexuality without her consent. Until recently, she had done a very good job of keeping me happy at home. I don’t know what happened, but she was no longer interested in sex. It started with her doing less to please me, while I still did what I could to make sure she was satisfied. At this point, it had been six months since we had any kind of sex with each other.

The man in the home improvement store didn’t do anything special to capture my attention. He was just there. I all the sudden needed to experience a little contact with another man.

When I was done in the home improvement store I went to the only adult novelty store in town. I hadn’t been there in years, but was hopeful it still had a video arcade with glory holes. After seeing that attractive young man, I needed to get some relief. I knew I could get it in one of those glory holes.

I browsed the videos and toys for a while before going to the counter to buy time in the arcade. I asked for tokens to feed the video machines. The woman at the counter informed me they use programmable radio frequency cards. She loaded the card with twenty dollars’ worth of time. She also instructed me on how to use the card.

I stepped into the dark arcade and let my eyes adjust slightly before going too far in. The arcade was set up in a kind of loop. There were three booths on either end against the outside walls. On the backside of the loop were eight on the outside wall and six in the middle with the doors facing the outside wall. I looked in one booth in the center of the middle row. It had glory holes on both sides of the booth. I thought, “What if I get men in both wanting something?” I chose the booth on the left end of the middle row.

I closed and locked the door as I stepped in. I loaded my card into the player and started filing through the illegal bahis available movies. I found one that intrigued me. It was an orgy of about twenty men. I sat on the chair and watched as I became more and more aroused. In less than a minute, my cock was straining at my jeans. I unzipped and let my tool spring to freedom.

Not two minutes after I released my trouser snake, a man came into the booth next to me. I could see him peak through the hole. Without a moment’s hesitation, he ran two fingers over the bottom of the hole. As I remembered, it was a signal suggesting I put my dick in the hole. I quickly stood and put my pole in the hole. The man on the other side of the wall began by stroking me gently. His hand felt fairly soft as it slid down the shaft. He squeezed the base then pulled his hand back to the end. He kept up this movement for a dozen or more cycles.

I was happy just to have another person touching my engorged penis. The man on the other side of the wall released me but quickly took me into his hungry mouth. His lips sealed around my shaft just below the glans. His tongue darted over the end, circling the opening. He kept this up for a couple minutes. It was feeling so good, I couldn’t help but moan softly.

The man then released his lip lock on my rock hard tool and began to slowly take more and more into his warm wet mouth. Once he got as much as I thought he could in his mouth, he circled his tongue around the underside of my aching cock. Pushed deeper to finally get the entire length into his yielding throat. I am not a particularly large man, but I could feel the tip of my member tapping at the back of his throat with every movement his talented tongue made.

I didn’t know how long I could hold on without cumming. The man had a gifted mouth and it had been so very long since I had gotten even a bad blow job. As he worked his magic, my moans became deeper and louder. My hips started to involuntarily rock back and forth. I was fucking his mouth as much as he was sucking it in. He even managed to swallow a few times. The contractions his throat muscles made took me to heights I don’t remember ever going. The feeling was incredible. I had never had a sensation so intense that I could not cum, but this had to be very close.

I was in complete ecstasy when he pulled back long enough to say, “Please, sir. I need you to cum.” He went back to work on my overheated phallus. He pulled my balls through the hole and squeezed them gingerly. That was all I needed to send me over the edge. Pushed hard into the hole and the man’s willing mouth and shot rope after rope of gooey spunk down his throat. He swallowed every drop, as near as I could tell. He didn’t stop sucking until I was nearly completely flaccid.

I stepped illegal bahis siteleri back for just a moment to collect myself. Once I had recovered, I rubbed the bottom of the hole with my two fingers inviting him to feed me his stiff unit. He looked through the hole and said, “Thank you. I appreciate the offer. I am not here to get my dick sucked. I just need to suck one once in a while. Thank you so much for feeding me your delicious cum.” In seconds, he was gone. I felt a little more than disappointed that I couldn’t help him feel as good as he made me feel.

I was about to end the video feed and pull my card, when the booth next to me came back to life. I waited for a little more than a minute while the new man got situated. I looked into the booth to see a tiny Asian man of about four feet in stature. He was pulling on his proportionately tiny pecker. It looked like it couldn’t be any more than three inches long, fully erect. Hell, my thumb was bigger than his little sizzler.

I was up for some oral stimulation, so I invited him to give me his dick. The man was so short, he could barely get his groin to the glory hole. He was uncut and oozing precum. I lowered my face to the hole and took the entire cock in my mouth. I sucked it for a few seconds when I detected a bitter taste. I didn’t remember a cock tasting this bad. I couldn’t keep going. I decided I would simply jack this Asian man until he came. He didn’t stay long enough for me to even take hold. He pulled his pants up and was gone before I knew it.

Other than the release I had with the first man, this stop seemed fruitless. I pulled the card from the reader and exited the booth. When I came around the corner and turned toward the door back into the main part of the store, I saw three young men standing together in the corner. They looked to be about college age; nineteen to twenty-one, give or take. “Bombed, eh?” asked one of them. I didn’t respond.

“Hey, we’re talking to you!” said another.

I grabbed the third one, a tall man. He stood about six feet eight inches tall. He was head and shoulders taller than the other two. I shoved him against the wall and pressed my forearm tight against his throat. “If you don’t want to see your friend die here today, you had better back the fuck off and leave me alone!” I growled at them.

“Take it easy man,” said one of the two shorter friends. “We were just having a little fun.”

I let off some of the pressure on the tall one’s neck. His face was red. He coughed as he was able to draw a decent breath again. I held him back for a while longer. “Don’t try anything,” I told them all. I glanced over the tall man. To my amazement, he was sporting a rather impressive boner. “Hmm,” I said. I reached up with my free hand and grabbed canlı bahis siteleri the large swelling. I stroked it through the thin Khaki slacks he wore. “Nice cock, son.”

The two friends stood in silent disbelief and could only watch as I wanked their chum. “What should we do, Randy?” one asked.

The tall one raised his hand and held it out to them, “Don’t do anything just yet.” I moved my forearm from his neck to his chest. He certainly wasn’t putting up any resistance. I continued my manipulation.

I stroked him for a minute or so, then said, “This isn’t good enough.” I found the tongue of his zipper and pulled it down. I put my hands in his fly and eased his schlong free from its confines. It was truly an impressive specimen. It was at least nine inches in length and so thick I could barely get my fingers around its girth. “Oh… My…” I sighed as I resumed my happy task. I looked to Randy’s friends. They were frozen in their tracks. Their mouths hung agape in amazement. I could see they too were sporting wood. Not as impressive as Randy, but they both were showing promise.

Randy was beginning to trust me more. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. His hip moved in opposition to my hand. He was actually fucking my hand. He started to move faster and his breath came deeper as he neared his orgasm. A small drop of precum appeared at the tip of his massive cock. I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. I captured it with the edge of my finger and used it to lubricate the shaft.

My jerking paid off in a few short minutes. Randy moaned loudly and squirted his load across the entrance of the arcade. The first shot landed near his friends’ feet. Each subsequent shot made less distance. With the seventh spasm, the cum covered my fingers. I squeezed the last drops from the tip. I let his spent cock fall from my hand and I immediately licked the nectar from my hands. It had been too long since I last tasted the salty flavor of semen. I sucked my fingers clean, not wanting to waste any more.

When we finished, Randy tucked himself back into his trousers. His friends still standing in the corner said together, “Wow… That was awesome!”

I pulled Randy’s head to mine and kissed him softly on the lips. He smiled shyly. With a nod toward the friends, I turned and left the store.

Before I could get into my car and leave, the trio came running out to stop me. “Wait,” yelled Randy. “My friends, Joe and Chad would like you to meet us for drinks next Friday.”

“I have to work Friday evenings,” I said.

“What time do you get off?” asked Chad.

“Ten o’clock,” I answered.

“Great. We will meet you at… say… Dubs, about ten-thirty,” Joe said.

“Okay, fellas. We’ll meet then. Oh, you do know I am fifty years old.”

“So?” asked Randy. “We like you anyway.” My new friends stepped away from my car and I pulled away, much happier than I was earlier in the day. My new friends and I got together the following Friday and had a great time.

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