A Good Teacher


A Good TeacherI had just turned 18 and sex was on my mind continually and has been from an early age. The only way to find some relief was to musterbate at least 2 or 3 times a day. I had a few girly magazines and I’d fantasize what it would be like to slip my cock in to the cunts of those women, or play with their boobs, specially the ones with real big ones. When I didn’t have those magazines in front of me, I would fantasize about some other women that I had seen who had some big cleavage showing, or a very short miniskirt etc. On one of such an occasion, a picture in my mind appeared of my mother. She was getting ready to go out after having taken another one of her long bath and walked through the lounge room in her bra and panties to get something from another room. Now her wearing this isn’t much different then a bikini that women or girls wear at the beach, but for me it looked heaps sexier. She still has a real nice body and good size boobs. Then a vision sprang to mind of her laying in the bath and I would walk in and see her laying there. I imagined her to have a shaved cunt, just as some of the women in my girly magazines and also see her good sized boobs. So as soon as she had left, I went into the bathroom and wanked myself. The same thoughts were still there and I shot my cum into the vanity basin. I wished that it was possible to see her taking a bath. I had already checked out if it was possible to look through the window and it was, as we have those vertical blinds and depending to which side they were closed, I could see the bath in the reflection of the large mirror. Trouble was she always took her bath in the afternoon when it was still daylight and that was too risky to stand there and perve through the window. Then one day she came home later then usual. She told me that she was real stressed out due to the long hours her boss had asked her to do and that she was going to soak herself in the bath. She picked up a book and off she went. Just what I’ve been waiting for. I heard the water running and waited about five minutes. My cock had already gone hard as I was thinking that I might get to see her naked in the bathtub. I went outside and made my way to the bathroom window. The adrenalin was pumping and my heartbeat was twenty to the dozen as I approached the window. Would the blind be in the right position, would I get to see her in the tub? With each step my excitement grew. My cock was straining in my board shorts.Yes, luck was on my side. The blind was in the right position and then I saw her. Just as I had fantasized. Woww, look at those nice boobs and yes she has her cunt shaved to a bikini line, just showing a small patch of curlies. As we live out in the country and have to be water conscious, she didn’t have much water in the tub and her cunt was clearly visible. Out came my rock hard cock and I began to masturbate perving on my mother. Fuck she looked nice laying there book in hand. Then I saw her moving her other hand onto her cunt and she began to slowly rub it. Her hand moving gently up and down on her slit. Fuck, I’m seeing my mother masturbating. I don’t think my cock has ever been as hard as this. She dropped the book and with that hand began to stroke her boobs. Feeling her now gone hard nipples. With her other hand she was rubbing herself near the top of her slit with two fingers. I couldn’t hold back any longer and let my spunk shoot out in a big arch, landing a couple of meters away on the ground. I thought I was never going to stop, as squirt after squirt shot out. I still watched my mother masturbating and I still had my cock in my hand. Not as hard as a few minutes ago, but still stiff. I once again began to stroke it and felt it getting hard again. Fuck, this was more then I had ever imagined in my wildest fantasises. She had her head back and her eyes were closed, as she kept rubbing her cunt. Her head came forward and she pushed one of her boobs up to her mouth and I saw her licking and sucking on her big, hard nipple. “Oh fuck mum, let meeeee do it. Your big boy wants to fondle your boobs and suck on your nipples, play with your cunt.” I nearly said it out loud. I saw her arching herself and she was rubbing her clitty a lot faster now. Her mouth was open, as if she was saying Ahhhh’s and Ooooo’s. Her arse was bucking as she made herself cum and I shot another load of spunk to the ground.That view was enough to keep me wanking for the next few weeks to come. I just couldn’t get the picture out of my mind and my cock went hard every time I thought of it. I wanted to perve on my sexy looking mum again, but she kept having her bath or shower when it was still daylight. Frustration was getting to me. Then one afternoon it got the better of me. I thought what the heck; there are no neighbours that can see me looking through the bathroom window. Mum had already been in there for some time now and the thought of her laying there playing with herself just urged me on to have a look. Again that mighty adrenalin rush came over me as I got closer to the window. My cock throbbing in my shorts. Fuck, she didn’t even have the blind closed as tightly as the last time and I could see her reflection in the mirror as good as if I were in the bathroom with her. She was rubbing her cunt again, just like the last time. I let my stiff cock out of my shorts and began wanking. I noticed that every so often she would look up towards the mirror and I’m sure she gave a smile. Surely she couldn’t see me. The reflection in the mirror was at the wrong angle to her. Then she leaned forward to reach for something. As she laid back, I saw that she had a rubber looking penis in her hand. Ooooo fuck Mum, yeeea let me see you fucking yourself. Sure enough, she put it to her cunt and I watched it going deeper into her. She was still rubbing her clitty with the other hand. She began to move that cock in and out of her cunt. Sometimes slowly, then faster. A-h-h-h Mum, you don’t know what you are doing to me. I wish that was my cock fucking you. She was fucking herself quite fast now. I saw that cock going in and out of her glistening cunt. I again watched her reaching climax, as I shot another load of spunk towards the ground. I stayed there and watched her dry herself, which gave me a real good look at her nice, still firm boobs. I’m sure I could have spunked again within in a few minutes, but I didn’t have the time and made my way back to the lounge room as soon as I saw her putting the towel around her. I wanted to get a feel of those boobs, but I didn’t like my chances. By the time she came back in the room, I was back watching TV. Although she had a skirt and top on, in my mind I saw her as if she was naked. My eyes wandered from where her cunt is to her top. Woww, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were still hard and very visible. I looked at them for what must have been an eternity, feeling my cock stirring. I looked away and felt myself blushing.”Are you alright?” She asked giving me a smile. “Irrr, errr yes mum.” She then sat down and I found myself looking at her nipples every so often. She again caught me out a few times and always just gave me a smile and each time I would blush even more. Why were her nipples still so hard? I had never noticed that on her before.Over the next week I didn’t get a chance to perve on her, as we had a lot of rain and wouldn’t you know, it was mainly towards evening. So I had to make do with looking at the girly magazines again and bring myself off into tissues. Sure was heaps better when I could just let my spunk fly out and let it land on the ground. Something I noticed, mum was dressing a lot more casual around the house. Hardly ever wore a bra anymore and her skirts looked to be shorter as well. Maybe I hadn’t noticed it on her before. One evening during that rainy week, she was sitting opposite me watching TV. From where I was sitting, I could see a long way up her skirt and I didn’t think she had any panties on. I kept on looking up her skirt. Just then she moved her legs a little more apart and with the light filtering through her cotton skirt, I could see that she really wasn’t wearing any panties and I was looking straight at her cunt. My cock did a summersault in my board shorts and it was now like a tent pole. Me thinking:-‘Fuck mum, you’re teasing the hell out of me, I want to come over and put my hand up your skirt and touch that cunt of yours. I’ll let you play with my prick if you want to. You can also watch me wank my cock in front of you, just like I’ve watched you in the bathroom fucking yourself’. I made a couple of feeble attempts to get my stiff cock out of the way, but it was no use. It was too late now anyway, she looked over and said, “You’re very fidgety tonight, is everything ok?” I saw her looking at my stiff cock, as she was speaking to me. Naturally I blushed heaps. She was still looking at my cock.”Don’t be embarrassed, I know that your hormones are easily stirred up at the slightest provocation. Don’t forget that I’ve seen you heaps when you were growing up, mind you it wasn’t as big as that then. You’ll do some woman proud one day. Wish I could find someone like that again. You must have inherited it from your Father. Although from what I can see, you’ve done even better.” “Ohh Mum, you are making me all embarrassed.” “Son, you’re old enough for us to have a man to man, well as your Father is no longer with us, man to me talk. You don’t have to get embarrassed with me; after all it’s a woman that you have to please later in life. So who better than your Mother to explain things to you.” She had a valid point there, but I still felt uncomfortable that my cock was still poking straight up and Mum still hadn’t taken her eyes of it. “Were you thinking of one of the girls at school to get you all hard, or maybe of one of the girls in those magazines you keep in your room or maybe something else that got you all stirred up?” Fuck, she knows about my magazines. What else does she know? Had she seen me perving on her through the bathroom window as well? Does she know that I’ve seen her playing with her boobs and fuck herself with that rubber cock? I can’t tell her that I got hard looking up her skirt and seeing that she had no panties on. I can’t tell her that I wanted to come over and touch her cunt and fondle her boobs. As all this was going through my mind, my cock was at its peak. “Errrr, errrr, no Mum, was nothing.” “Well over nothing, your dickie sure gets itself into a state of arousal. It must feel uncomfortable for you to have it so constrained when it’s sooo hard.” Fuck Mum, what are you saying? Does she want me to take my cock out? Does she want to have a close up look at it now that it’s all grown up? She’s been looking at it all this time and that gave me even more reason to feel exited. Just then she leaned back in her lounge chair and her short skirt rose up with her. It stopped short just where her cunt began. With her legs now more apart then before. I could see her cuntlips clearly. They were glistening in the light filtering through her skirt. I tried once more to shift my stiff cock to one side, but it was way too stiff and it felt that I would break it by trying too hard. She must have seen me trying to move my cock. Still in her reclined position, she said “Why don’t you take your shorts off and be more comfortable. I told you that you don’t have to feel embarrassed with me. See I haven’t got much on myself and it feels real nice.” With that she reached down and lifted her skirt up even higher. I now had her wet looking cunt in full view. Fuck Mum, what are you doing to me? My balls are starting to hurt from all this teasing. Fuck, I needed to touch that wet cunt, feel that wetness on my fingers, or better still, slide my hard cock up her, just as some of the older boys talk about at school. How their girlfriends let them fuck them, or let them put their cocks in their mouth. I sure could do with any of that right now. I wish I could go to my room and wank. Anything to relieve the ache in my cock and balls. If I went to my room, she’d know that I would be wanking myself.”Awww you big sugg, come over here and let Mum do it for you, I’m used to it. Your Father used to let me take his pants off.” I did get up and as I walked the couple of meters to where she was, my cock was sticking straight out. My eyes were fixed on her glistening cunt. A hundred thoughts went through my head in that short distance. I was being lured across a chasm. One that no close relative should ever cross. I knew that it wasn’t just a matter of taking my shorts off. I had sex on my mind. Did Mum feel the same? If she didn’t, then why was her cunt in full view?I don’t remember taking that last step towards her, nor her slipping my shorts down exposing my raging cock. I had my eyes closed and felt a hand being placed on my cock as I stood naked in front of Mum. She let her hand slide lightly along the full lengths of my throbbing cock and back again. “My, you sure have grown since the last time I saw you naked. Your already bigger then your Father was and you still have more growing to do. You’re going to make some woman very happy.” I opened my eyes just as my Mother came towards my cock with her mouth open and I then felt her hot lips close over the head of my cock. She let it slide further into her moist, warm mouth till I saw she nearly had all my cock in her and felt it touching the back of her throat. She held me there, just lightly moving her tongue over the hard shaft. Fuck, my Mum was sucking my cock, just as the boys at school were talking about. But hold on, I can’t brag about this. Don’t think it would go down well if I told them “Guess what, my Mum sucked me off last night.” Who cares, it felt soooo good. She placed her hand on top of mine and guided me towards her wet cunt and showed me how she wanted me to stroke her. She placed it on her hard, swollen clitty and rubbed it with my hand. At last I could touch her, feel her wetness oozing out. Just as well she wasn’t moving my cock too much in her mouth; otherwise I would have shot my load down her throat.There was now no return to the other side of that wide chasm that we both crossed a little while ago. We are having i****tuous sex. But what of it? It felt soooo fucking good and the perversity of it made it even more exiting. How many Mums’ would suck her son’s raging cock? Let him see and feel they’re ever soooo wet cunt? I was in heaven. She was commanding the movements of my fingers on her clit. She was pushing my fingers harder on to it and was making them rub faster. I could now see her clitty protruding between her wet cuntlips and it felt real hard to touch. I didn’t know until then that women have that. The boys at school never mentioned it. Mum was starting to move her mouth up and down my shaft. Ahhhh that felt soooo fucking good. Then she moved her hand away from mine and motioned for me to continue to rub her clitty. She pulled her top up and her boobs bounced out and she began to fondle them. I also took hold of one of her boobs and fondled her stiff nipple.I knew I couldn’t make it last much longer, what with one hand on her wet cunt, the other fondling her boobs, touching her hard nipples and having my cock buried deep in her hot mouth. That was just too much for me and I knew I was about to shoot my load. I began to move back so as not to fill her mouth with all that spunk that was about to erupt, but she took hold of my arse cheeks and pulled me even closer and took my cock all the way into her mouth. It again touched the back of her throat, as she pulled me further on to herself. Fuck, she wants me to spunk into her mouth and with that thought, my cock exploded. I felt wave after wave of cum shooting into her mouth. I don’t think she expected me to have so much cum in me and she had problems keeping up with it. I didn’t think I was ever going to stop either. Just when I thought I had finished, another squirt would come out. Mum was swallowing the lot. As I was cumming, I could no longer rub her clitty and she took over bringing herself off as I was filling her mouth with my cum. She kept my cock in her mouth for a few more minutes after my last squirt of cum. Was she expecting me to shoot more down her throat? She just gently sucked on it and let her tongue roll along my still reasonable stiff cock.There was an awkward silence for a while as we both came down from our euphoric state. I had put my shorts back on as a matter of shyness and had moved back to my lounge chair. Mum was still in a state of undress. She had made a feeble attempt to cover herself up, but her boobs were still showing from under her top and her skirt didn’t cover her glistening cunt. She had her face buried in her elbow and I saw her shaking her head a few times. I’m sure I could hear her making slight sobbing sounds. I went over to her and asked if she was alright. She didn’t look up, just nodded her head. “Mum, I want you to look at me and tell me you’re ok.” She raised her head and I saw there were tears in her eyes. She stretched her arms out and I let her hug me. “Baby, what have I done? It’s so wrong, pleeease forgive me. I should know better. I just felt so turned on when you’ve been watching me take a bath and see you wank yourself as you watch me.” Fuck, she did see me perving on her. What did she say? It turned her on? To hear her saying that, turn turned me on. Ohh no, not again!! I felt my cock getting hard again. “Mum, its ok. What you did felt reeeal nice. I wanted it too and you do turn me on as well.” “But you’re my son and we shouldn’t ………….” She didn’t finish the sentence, just hugged me tighter. “Mum, I find you very attractive and it’s ok with me what we did. I won’t be telling anyone. Maybe you can teach me to become a good lover.” She hugged bahis siteleri me tighter and her sobbing had stopped. Her boobs were still only partially covered and as we were hugging each other, I placed my hand on her firm, voluptuous breast and started to explore the full roundness of them. I thought Mum would brush my hand away at any moment, but she let me continue. I lifted her top up a bit further and they were now in full view. I fondled one of her nipples with one hand, whilst the other hand was kneading her other breast. My cock was back in the same stiff predicament as it was earlier. Oooohh fuck, it felt nice to play with her boobs. Mum leaned a little forward and to my surprise, took her top completely off and then leaned back in the armchair and watched me play with her boobs. “You like my boobs, don’t you Baby.” “Oooohh yeees Mum, they feel and look great.” “See how hard you made my nipples by doing that?” She took one of her nipples and pulled it upwards and then let it back down, repeating the action several times. It was now bigger and harder then the other one. “You’ve always loved my boobs, even from the first day I let you suckle on them. Do it now for me baby, suck on my nipples.” I was about to do that anyway. I wanted to feel her hard nipples in my mouth. I lowered my face on to one and started to suck on it. She placed her hand on my head and ran her fingers through my hair, letting out little moans of contentment. “Ooohh yeea baby, suckle on Mummies tit, let your tongue roll over them. “Oooohh my God, it feels sooo fucking nice.” Did I hear right, did she really say “fucking?” Just to hear her say that word, nearly made me cream my shorts. I saw her other hand go down the side of her body and then felt her beginning to rub her clitty again. She was getting herself really sexed up judging from the eagerness she was rubbing her clit. I let go of her nipple and knelt in front of her as she continued to masturbate. I could see her fingers rubbing her wet, glistening cunt. “You like watching your Mum do this. Fuck it turns me on to let you watch me. Just as I love it when you watch me taking a bath.” I now had my cock out as well and was stroking the hard shaft. “Baby, did you like it when you saw me fucking that rubber cock?” “Yes Mum, that was so exiting to see it disappear into you, it made me spunk heaps. I still wank myself when I think about it.””Do you want to watch me using it again?” “Ooohh Mum, would you? I want to see you shoving it up yourself. See it slide in and out of your wet cunt.””It’s in my bottom drawer of the dressing table.” My feet have never moved so fast. I handed it to her. It was bigger then my cock and had veins and bumps on it. I again knelt in front of her, minus my shorts. She placed it at the entrance of her slit and it began to enter her. She had hold of it with a couple of fingers at the end of it and began to push it up herself. I had to let go of my cock, as otherwise I would have spunked. I saw just about the full lengths of it go into her and she was now beginning to fuck herself. “You like watching Mum fuck, don’t you. Watching this big cock go in and out of my wet cunt. Ooohh fuck, this is such a turn on. Here put your hand on it and feel me fucking, feel how wet my cunt is.” I placed my hand over hers. I just couldn’t belief that my Mum would let me do this. We got a nice rhythm going. Some of her cunt juices were getting on to my hand now, as we pushed it as far up her as possible. “Give me your other hand.” She placed it on her swollen clitty and was rubbing my hand on it again. Then she took both of her hands away. “Sweet baby, keep doing it, fuck your naughty Mum. Shove it all the way up me. I’m going to cum for you.Yes baby, you do it better then me. I can feel it touching my womb when you shove it into me. Ooohh Baby, put your mouth over my wet clitty and lick it. Do it just like you did to my nipples. Take it in your mouth and suck on it.” Fuck, I wasn’t sure about that. What would it taste like? I sure wanted to please Mum. That way she might let me dildo fuck her again. I gingerly placed my mouth over her clitty. It was as big and hard as her nipples. My tongue made contact with it and I felt Mum give a shudder. It actually tasted quite sweet to my surprise and I enjoyed the feeling of it in my mouth. “Ooohh Baby, that is sooo beautiful, aaahhhh yeees, lick and fuck your sooo naughty Mum. Baby, I’m cumming, push that cock as far as you can into me and hold it up there, I want to feel it when I cum all over it.” Her body stiffened and she let out a mighty Yeees, yeees. Then her body began to shake all over. The dildo was still sticking out of her and I saw her cunt juices flowing over it.With satisfying Mum, I wasn’t able to play with my own cock. I began to wank it, still kneeling down. “Baby, stand up. I want to see your cock shoot its load. Stand between my legs.” I was getting very close and felt my spunk surfacing. “Yea baby, I want you to shoot your spunk all over your naughty Mum. Make her feel the slut that she is. No Mum should let her son watch her as she’s fucking herself, let alone get him to lick her clitty out. So now cover me with your spunk.” With that, she leaned back in her chair running her hands over her body. Pushing her boob’s together, lifting her hard nipples into the air and shoving the cunt juice covered dildo all the way up herself till I couldn’t see it anymore. She had the whole lot in her. “Aaaahh Baby, I feel that cock touching my womb, just as your’s would. Now baby cover me with your hot spunk.” No sooner had she finished saying that and my cock erupted. It was just as powerful as that day when I was watching her in the bath and I was able to shoot it a long way and let it get soaked up on the dry ground. Now I watched it land on Mum. Squirt after squirt of thick globules shot down on her. Yes, I was getting some perverse satisfaction out of it. With her free hand she was rubbing my spunk all over herself.” She was whimpering, “Aaaahh my baby you’ve got soooo much spunk in you, you sure would fill my cunt up with it, shoot some of it on my cunt now.” She took the dildo out and I shot spunk on her gaping hole. I wanted to plunge my cock into her and before I could, she pushed her dildo back up her. “Baby I’m shoving your spunk into me, oooohhh it’s making me cum, ooohhh fuck yeees, your spunk is making me cum, oooohhh fuuuck, oooooh ……….. ooohh …………” Her whole body shook fiercely. I knelt back in front of her and saw her cunt juices gushing out over her dildo which she still had hold of. I leaned forward and put my mouth over her cunt. She moved her fingers away and I now had the butt of the dildo and her swollen cuntlips in my mouth and letting her juices ooze into my mouth, thinking ‘my Mum sure tastes sweet and sexy’. She had calmed down a bit, but I still had my mouth over her cunt. I wanted to drink every bit of her sweet juices. “Baby, you sure are something special. I love you soooo deeply, I want us to be together forever.” After a tight hug and a sweet good night kiss, we both retired quite exhausted, to our own bedroom. I fell asleep as soon as my head went on the pillow. It was still dark outside when I woke. The memory of last night came into my head. Did we really do that? Was it just a live like dream? Did Mum really suck my cock? What about her wanting me to shoot my jism all over her? Watching her Dildo fucking herself. These thought flashed before my eyes and had an instant reaction on my cock. I removed the sheet covering me and began to jack off on the pictures displayed in my mind. I imagined her sitting on my stiff cock and letting her wet cunt down on it. I could see my cock disappearing into her inch by inch. I felt the warmth and her slippery wetness engulfing my shaft and saw her firm boobs quiver, as she began to ride herself on my cock. ‘Mum I’m spunking you, feel it shooting into your cunt’. I said it half aloud as it shot into the air.sleep overtook me once more only to be woken, some time later still very drowsy, feeling moist lips upon mine. A tongue was tracing the contours of my lips. As I opened them, it minutely penetrated into my mouth. It felt very arousing as my Mother continued to let her tongue explore. I let my tongue move forward and they met. It felt as if a charge of high voltage electricity went through me and my body hairs stood up, not to mention my cock. She placed her arm under my head and drew me closer to her. Our tongues now entwined, feverishly darting from one mouth to the other. Her hand slipping under the sheet and encircling my stiff shaft, letting out a murmur, mmmmmmm.She stopped kissing me. “How’s my baby this morning? Did you sleep well?””Yes Mum.””It’s all wet down there. Did my baby have a wet dream?””I eerrr, errrr —–“She smiled at me with a sheepishly. Sure she knows I jacked off earlier.”I brought you a cup of coffee and it’s nearly time to get up, otherwise you’ll be late for school.”Fuck, I don’t want to go today. What about this stiff shaft of mine. I won’t be able to concentrate anyway. All I’ll be thinking about is sex, sex and then some more. You can’t just tongue kiss me like that and then walk away. That’s fucking teasing. What’s more, she was standing there in a very sheer negligee and with the light from the window. I saw she had nothing on under it. Her boobs, nipples and the sparse hairs on her mound were clearly visible. She sure had a nice figure. I reached my arms out for her to come back down to me and said:- “Mum, I’m not going to look for a job today; I don’t feel up to it”! “Baby you have to. You must think of your future. We have lots of time that we can spend together.”With that, she bends down and ripped the sheet off me, exposing my stiff cock. Her eyes focused on it , smiled and walked towards the door.”Now drink your coffee!”I sang out: – “Mum you’re a prickteaser.”She turned and laughed. “You’ll just have to do what you did earlier, won’t you!” With that she was out of the room.I shouted after her: – “Just you wait; I’ll get even with you.”As I predicted, school was a waste of time today. Every few minutes my mind would relive last night. I ended up wanking twice trying to get my cock to a somewhat softer state, but that was only a very temporarily solution. I had read somewhere that there are males who have a permanent hard on. Shit, I hope I’m not getting it. How would I be turning up at school with my cock bulging in my shorts all the time? I’d be made the laughing stock. I could just see the girls looking and snickering at me. Let alone all the ribbing I would cop from my mates. Still for the moment it does go down for a while after I jack off. I’m wondering how often my mates have to wank. When I got home there was a note on the table advising me that Mum won’t be home till late and that there is something to eat in the fridge with instructions as to how long to cook it in the microwave. I was hoping that she would come home at her usual time, so that we could sit and watch TV together and I could fondle her. I slipped under the shower and enjoyed the cool water cascading over me, as it was quite a warm day. When I towelled myself down, I noticed that I actually had a lot of pubic hair. I loved the way Mum has hers neatly trimmed and it made it so much sexier to see her smooth cuntlips. When she was sucking my cock, my hairs were covering her mouth when she took it to the back of her throat. Do guys trim down there? I hadn’t heard or seen anything about it. I think it would be nicer for Mum if she didn’t have to content with my hairs and if she didn’t like it, they would soon grow back. I found some scissors went to work cutting them. It was actually exciting. My cock went hard as I was doing it. I looked in the mirror and thought that my cock was even bigger now to look at; after all, a lot was hidden by the bushy hairs before. Looking at the reflection of my stiff, hairless cock in the mirror was enough enticement for me to jack off once again. Just as I was about to shoot my jism, I turned and faced the bath tub and fantasized that Mum was lying there and I was letting my cum shoot all over her. Fuck, I’ve done nothing else but wank myself all day. I’ve made up my mind to say to Mum that I want you to let me fuck you. I want to feel what it’s like inside that wet hole of yours and to let me shoot my spunk up you. I must have fallen asleep in front of the TV. When I woke, Mum was already sitting in the chair opposite. She must have already taken a shower, as her hair was still a bit wet and she wore the same negligee as this morning. She couldn’t have dried herself too well, or did she do it on purpose, as in parts it clung to her skin, making it even more transparent. The flimsy material did nothing to hide the dark outlines on her already stiff nipples and the material clung to her damp boobs. It reminded me of some pictures I’ve seen from a wet T-shirt competition. I had wanked myself over those boobs many a times. Mum would easily win one of those contests. She sure has a nice set of boobs. She caught me looking at them, but this time I didn’t blush, or look away and was rewarded with that enticing smile of hers. She shifted her eyes towards my shorts, where my cock was already bulging. I got up and walked over to her, dropping my shorts on the way and letting my trimmed cock sway in front of me. “Oooohhh baby, what have you done? You’ve hardly got any hairs left. Wwooww, what a size you have now I that I can see it all. Did you do this for me? I love it.”She reached out and took hold of my cock and guided it straight into her mouth and made it touch the back of her throat. Ooohh yea, this is heaps sexier. I can now see Mothers lips touching the very base of my stiff cock. See her lips opening and closing over my shaft. She flipped open her negligee, totally exposing herself to me. I reached down and fondled one of her well rounded boobs. Feeling her nipple, this was as stiff as my cock. She moved her hand to her clitty and began rubbing it. Her cunt was glistening with her juices. She already had her first climax and was already working on her next one.I took a step backwards and my cock slid out of her mouth. I didn’t want to spunk just yet. I had other plans. I knelt in front of her and began to lick those sweet juices of hers. She lay back in the chair and opened her legs wide and her juices were cuming thick and fast. I’ve now really got to like her taste. “Yeees my baby rub my clitty and I’ll cum for you. Ooohhh yeeeaa, that’s it. Keep rubbing it like that. I’m going to cum for you noooww. Drink me, swallow Mum’s sweet juices. Ooohhh fuck, I can’t stop cuming. I’m cummmming again. Ooohh fuck, this is sooo special letting my baby eat me out. I just want to keep cumming for you. Fuck I can’t stop it”Her floodgates had really opened and she was actually squirting her juices into my mouth. There was also a different taste mingled with her otherwise sweet juices. Mum had lost all control and there was wee mixed with her juices and I kept on drinking her till her quivering subsided. She was stroking my hair. I eventually got up and put my lips against hers and began to kiss her. At first her lips remained closed and I traced them with my tongue. I could smell her sex on my face and taste it in my mouth. She began to respond to my kisses and opened her lips just slightly. Enough for the tip of my tongue to enter her mouth. She put her arms around me and pressed me tightly against her naked body. Her tongue now also was darting into my mouth. Our kisses and hugs became very intent for quite sometime.”Baby, take me to bed.” She got up, leaving her negligee behind on the chair, took my hand and we walked naked towards her bedroom. She threw the sheets back and sprawled herself across the bed. I eased my body on top of her and her nakedness felt so beautiful against me. We continued where we had left off kissing each other. Her naked body was beginning to move very lightly beneath me. Was she getting turned on again? I still was, as my cock didn’t get any relief from before and it was pressing against our tummies. “Mum, please let me fuck you. I want to feel what its like to be inside you and fill you with my spunk.” There, I’ve said it, well it was more like blurting it out. “Pleeeease Mum.” She squeezed me harder to herself. “Ohhh baby, I wanted to hear that. I’ve been waiting for you to ask me. I didn’t want you to fuck me because I’ve asked you to so. I wanted to be sure that you wanted me. That you desire me. Of course baby you can fuck me. I’ve wanted that huge cock in me ever since I first sucked it. I know it will fill my cunt up. Ooohhh yeees baby, fuck me now. Ram your hard cock into me and let your spunk fill me.” Her legs slid open and I placed my knob against her still glistening hole. She reached down and inserted it. “Yeeees baby, slide it up me. Push your whole lengths into me. Spunk me.”The sensation I felt as my cock slid into my Mothers warm and wet cunt is indescribable. I felt the walls of her cunt encompass my cock as it slid further into her. I led it slide back a few inches and then pushed it further into her. There were still another couple of inches protruding and I wanted my trimmed pubic hairs touch hers. I wanted Mum to have all the cock I could give her. She was bucking her cunt onto me each time on my forward push and each time my cock buried itself deeper into her. I thought to myself, ‘Mum is sure one hell of a fuck’. Not that I could compare her with another woman. My cock still wasn’t totally up her and I felt that there was some obstruction touching the tip of my cock.”Aaaahhhggg, baby, your cock is soooo huge. It’s touching my womb. Oooohhh fuuuck, which feels sooooo sexy. Can you feel your cock touching my womb?”So that was what I felt. canlı bahis “Yes Mum, your sooo beautiful to fuck. I want my whole cock in you.””Push hard against me and hold it there, then let me push against you. I’ve never had a cock big enough to reach my womb. Grab my arse cheeks and pull me towards you. I want your monster cock inside my womb.”I did as she said and suddenly I felt my cock enter another hole. Fuck it was tight and it clammed itself over the head of my cock as soon as I had entered it. Mum grabbed my arse and pushed it down onto herself.She became near hysterical and began to scream, “Fuuuck baby, your monster cock is in my womb, push, push, yea push it more, ooohhhh fuuuck I’m cumming, baby I’m cumming for you, aaaahhh baby, baaaby……”She dug her nails into my arse and pulled me hard against her. I felt the jism rising in my balls. “Mum, I’m cumming too. Oooohhh yeees. I’m going to fill you with spunk. I’m going to shoot it straight into your womb.” With that my cock exploded and I squirted load after load into her”Oooohhh baaaby, I can feel it shooting into me. Aaaahhh fuuuck, fill Mummy’s womb with it, ooohh baby, baby, baby……Tears appeared in her eyes and she took my head towards hers and with a wide open mouth began to feverishly kiss me, rolling her wet tongue around mine as her tears were streaming down her face and the saltiness entered our mouth. We kissed like that what seemed an eternity and I still had my cock in her and felt wetness running over it and down my balls. She muttered things like ‘You’re beautiful, I love you, I love you, I love you —–‘”I love you too Mum, your beautiful. I love being so close to you. I love your skin touching mine and I love having my cock in you, it feels so nice. Are you going to let me fuck you from now on?””Sorry about the tears before. They were of mixed emotions. I’m happy that you really loved what we did, but I also felt guilt of letting it come so far. The loving feeling we are sharing at the moment is so beautiful and very special to me. Baby, of course I’ll let you fuck me from now on. I can feel your cock getting hard again. Baby, you’ve wound my sex clock up to the fullest.”We continued to tongue kiss and yes my cock was getting hard again inside that so wet and slippery cunt of Mums and she began to thrust her hips up against me, as my cock was getting harder and harder.”Baby, roll over on your back. I want to show you something.”My cock slipped out of her wet cunt and I could see it all covered in spunk and Mums juices. Once on my back, it stood straight up in the air. Mum knelt over it and I saw it disappear into her mouth. She was licking my cock and then my balls clean. Then she straddled me and let my cock slide back into her and began fucking me. I just laid there and let her ride herself on my stiff cock. This way I could see her boobs bouncing up and down. I reached up and cupped them with my hands. They felt heavy each time they sunk into my hands. Her juices were running down my cock again and it didn’t take long for Mum to climax again with lots of Oooohhhs and Aaaahhhs. She leaned forward and kissed me again. She let my cock slide out of her and moved forward till her cunt was next to my mouth.”Baby, I’d like you to taste my wet cunt. Just try it and see if you like it.”I put out my tongue and she moved right up to my mouth. I gingerly began to lick her and she tasted different then when I’ve licked her before, yet it wasn’t totally unpleasant. The smell of her sex was drifting in to my nose as well. I knew there was a lot of my spunk in her, which was mingled with her sweet juices and was oozing out of her. I began slurping it into my mouth. Fuck, I never thought that women liked to have their cunts licked out after having it filled with spunk. Fuck, I’m eating my own spunk and I’m liking it. She moved closer and her cunt was now covering my whole mouth. “See, you do like it and I love having that done to me. Yeeees baby, eat my cunt out. Your tongue feels sooo nice inside me. Swallow our sex juices.”She began to play with her swollen clitty. I had a close up view and it was much bigger then last time I saw it. She was stretching it with her thumb and a couple of fingers and as it got even bigger, she began to wank it. Ooohh fuck Mum, I didn’t know you could do that. She saw my eyes were fixed on what she was doing. “You like watching me wank my big, swollen clitty. You’re surprised to see it get so big when I wank it. Aaahh yeees baby, I’m cumming again. Drink my cum juices. Aaahh yeees, I’m going to cum into your mouth. Fuck I love having your mouth under my cunt when I cum. My baby is drinking all my cum out of me. Ahhh yees, nooow I feel it flowing. Drink Mummy’s juices.”There was no other chasm to cross. We had leaped over the final one. The ‘Normal’ World lay on the other side. But then what is ‘Normal’ apart from a cycle on the washing machine. From that night on, having filled my Mothers mouth and cunt with my jism several times, we now share the same bed. I can now fondle her well rounded boobs or touch her wet, shaved cunt whenever I want. That also applies both ways. I’ve on occasion woken with a hard on, only to find Mum sucking on my cock, or stroking my hard shaft. She told me that I’ve awoken her sexual desires so much that she thinks about it for most of the time. I’ve also woken a few times where she had her hand on my cock and with the other she was dildo fucking herself. She knows that I love watching her do that, so she has no inhibitions about it now. It was on one such occasion I woke, as the bed was shaking and Mum had my cock in her mouth and was fucking herself. The sheets were pulled back and she was hunched over me and working her dildo in and out of her cunt. “Sorry baby for waking you, but I had this real sexy dream and woke all turned on and your cock was all hard. Please baby, I want you to fuck me. Come round the back of me.””Sure Mum now that you turned me on as well, I want it as bad as you.””Want to know what my sexy dream was?” “Ohhh yes please Mum.””Hope you don’t get jealous, but I got home and you were still out when I got the hots, so I was fucking myself here on the bed and the door suddenly opened and you and your friend Jamie walked in on me. There was nothing I could do. I felt very embarrassed for both of you to see me fucking myself. Then you said to Jamie, ‘This is my Mum, she does it a lot. Do you want to watch her?’ To which he answered ‘Oooh fuck yeees.’ Then both of you sat on either side and I continued to fuck myself. You took your shorts off and stroked your shaft and fondled my boobs. I saw Jamie’s cock nearly bursting out of his shorts and told him he can take them off and that he can fondle boobs as well. Are you jealous?” “Ahh no Mum. I know Jamie has been talking a lot about sex and how he’d like to get himself a fuck. Gee I wish I could tell him this. He’s often said what a good looking Mum I’ve got, bet he’d love to be able to fuck you.””Baby, you telling me this is turning me on even more if that’s possible. As I said I want to leave the dildo up me and I’d like you to try something different. It is part of my dream, but in place of the dildo, it was Jamie’s cock in me. You were both fucking me at the same time and it was sooo fucking nice having a cock in each hole.” “Mum you sure you want me to ass fuck you? I don’t want to hurt you.””Its ok baby, your dad sometimes did it and I always loved it and it enhanced my orgasm tremendously.” She reached under the pillow and handed me some lube.”Here, put some of this on.”In one of my ‘Girly Magazines’, there was a picture of a guy fucking this woman in her arse and I had wanked myself a few times looking at it. I found it to be very perverse, yet it still turned me on. I thought that they were only pretending, but here is my Mother wanting me to do the same. For some reason there was a tremble going through my body. It was an adrenalin rush like you get when you do something forbidden. My hand was shacking as I guided my cock towards her pucker. I was amazed that the head of my big knob actually entered her tight hole. “Ahhh yes baby, ahhh that feels gooood. I’ve wanted this. Do you like having your cock in my tight arse? Now I’m really going to fuck myself. Can you feel the dildo up me?””Oooh yeees Mum, I can feel you fucking. I feel your rubber cock going in and out of you.” “Bet Jamie would love to have his cock where my dildo is. Do you think he would?””Ooohh fuck yes Mum, we could both be fucking you and fill you up with heaps of spunk in both holes.” “Ooohh baby, what a turn on telling me that. I’ve seen Jamie checking my boobs out whenever he’s here. I just might let him see more then my boobs next time he’s here. Have any others told you that you’ve got a good looking Mum?” “Some have.””Bet they would love to come here and wanting to fuck me. You’d get so jealous seeing your Mum having all those young, hard cocks fucking and spunking me, wouldn’t you? Ooohh Baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ooohh fuck, push your cock hard up my arse, shoot your cum up me now.” I grabbed her hips and furiously began to fuck her arse and as my cock was about to erupt, I held her hard against me and as it began to shoot the cum up her, I half shouted, “Here you fucking sexy Mother of mine, cop this up your tight fucking hole.”A few days later, Jamie did come round to watch a DVD I had bought. We were about half way through watching it, when Mum joined us. She sat in her favourite lounge chair near the TV. Jamie was sprawled out on the carpet. It was a very warm evening and Jamie and I only had our board shorts on. Mum wasn’t wearing very much either. Just a top and her very short mini. There were a few magazines and newspapers lying on the floor and she said, “Here Jamie, I’ll pick those up and get them out of your way.” She bends over and her boobs were nearly falling out of her top. I could just about see her nipples from where I was sitting and Jamie was a lot closer. I saw him looking at Mum’s boobs. She picked those up and put them away, then came back and squatted down to get the rest of them. As she did that, her mini rode up to be virtually non existent and you guessed it, no panties to be seen. She took her time to collect the rest of the papers, all the while having her cunt semi exposed right in front of Jamie. She shifted her weight to reach for some others and for a brief moment her cunt was in full view. I saw Jamie’s jaw drop and he just stared at it. “Sure is hot tonight.” Mum was saying, as she settled back in her chair, tucking her legs up under her. There were beads of perspiration trickling down her cleavage, making her top cling to her boobs and with her legs tucked under her, I could just make out her cunt lips as they glistened from the light coming off the TV. Jamie would have a birds eye view from where he was and he had his head slightly turned, but not in the direction of the TV. Fuck Mum, you’re letting Jamie perve on you, just as you said you would and I’m getting a hard on. “Wish I could take my top off like you guys. Look, its getting all wet.” She traced her boobs with her hands, making the material cling even more, divulging the roundness of her firm boobs and her hard nipples even more.”Go on Mum, I dare you, what do you reckon Jamie?” He blushed. I then double dared her.”Double dare me, will you. Jamie would you mind if I did?””Eerrr why no….””Ok son, on your head be it, right Jamie?” As he looked up to give his answer, her top slid over her head and her firm boobs bounced free. She took the top and began wiping the perspiration from her cleavage. Jamie’s eyes were glued on her boobs. She took a lot longer then necessary to wipe them. Separating, lifting them as she wiped. She was putting on a fucking good show for us. Mum looked over to me and saw my cock standing straight up in my board shorts and gave me a smile. She was still fondling her boobs, but not with the top anymore, just her bare hands. Cupping them from underneath, making them bounce as she let them go. “What do you reckon Jamie, not bad for an older woman?” As she leaned forward to let him have a birds eye view”Errr yes, they are very nice.””A lot of girls would love to have boobs like these. They are still very firm as well.” She proudly cupped one with both hands, leaned a bit more forward, “Here you can feel how firm they are.” She reached out for his hand and placed it on her boob. “It’s ok, you can touch it.” She took her hand away and Jamie was now fondling it. Without touching my cock, I nearly spunked at the sight of Jamie playing with my Mothers boob. I could no longer hold back and walked over to them and placed my hand on her other boob.”Ahhh I see, you boys like to play with my boobs and I’m naughty aren’t I.””No Mrs….. It’s real nice to let me feel your first breast.” “Ahh Jamie, your sweet, please call me Fay from now on. Haven’t you ever touched a woman’s breast before? What about some of the girls when you were at school?””No, I’m a bit too shy to try it.””Well, we will have to see to that. Would you like me to help you overcome your shyness?””Yes please.” Jamie said nervously.”Ok, I’ll help you, but you’ll have to promise not to talk about it to your other mates, otherwise I’ll have to stop helping you.””I won’t, I’ll promise Mrs….. I mean Fay.””You are a sweetie.” She reached up and gently lowered his head to hers “You deserve a nice kiss.”Her open mouth meet his and I watched them kiss. I moved my hand to her now dripping cunt and began to play with her clitty. They were still kissing, no doubt she had her tongue in his mouth, but strangely enough, I wasn’t jealous. In fact I was getting that same indescribable pleasure of perversity as when I first shot my spunk all over her as she had asked me to do. Jamie’s cock was in the same state as mine, rigid. Mum’s hand wondered up Jamie’s leg into his shorts and she’d be touching his hard cock now. I took my shorts off and began to play with my cock whilst still fingering her dripping clit. Her other hand came up as well and she now pulled Jamie’s shorts down, exposing his rigid hard on. She made herself more comfortable. She lifted her arse a little and said to me,” Be a sweetie and take it off.” I slipped her mini skirt down to her ankles and she kicked it away. Now she laid there totally naked. She had everything on show for us. Spreading her legs a bit wider apart, she said,” Why don’t you show Jamie how I taught you to lick me and I’ll show Jamie how a woman is supposed to suck on his cock.” Most of his cock disappeared into her mouth and her head moved back and forth along his shaft. I pulled her cunt lips apart and let my tongue dart into her wet hole and also flicked her engorged clitty with my tongue. Her sweet juices were streaming out of her and every few seconds I swallowed them. Jamie’s head was tilted back and he was making gargling noises. He was at the point of no return and Mum kept on sucking him. I came up for air and told Jamie to let his spunk shoot into Mum’s mouth.”You like Jamie to fill your mouth with his cum, don’t you?” She nodded her head, opened her mouth wide and took his cock all the way into her mouth. Jamie’s body began to shake as he emptied his penned up spunk down her throat. Mum was swallowing as fast as she could, but like me, Jamie had gallons of spunk to get rid off. When she had swallowed it all and his semi stiff cock came out of her mouth, still glistening with some cum on it, Mum asked him if he liked that and that she enjoys having her mouth filled with spunk and that she also likes to have her cunt filled with it. “Jamie, did my baby tell you that I let him fuck me?” “No he hasn’t.””Yes, I’m teaching him how to really satisfy a woman. Do you want to watch as he fucks me?” There was his eager ‘yes please’ again Mum opened her legs again and I got between them and inserted my hard cock into her wet cunt. I was slamming it hard into her. I needed to spunk, as my balls were beginning to ache. “Yes baby, fuck me hard. Slam that monster cock into me. Fill me full of spunk.” She had one hand on Jamie’s cock and it had gone all hard again watching us fuck. “You want to fuck me too, don’t you? I want that nice virgin cock of yours to fuck me.””Aaaahhh boys, I want you to both fuck me over and over. I want both of your cocks up me, but I’ll show you how that’s done another time. For now, you can just take it in turns to fuck me. You guys sure don’t take long to get hard again. Look at you Jamie, you’ve only just spunked and already your cock has gone hard again. Is it because you’re seeing me being fucked? See how my baby is pushing his solid hard cock in and out of me? I want you to do that with your virgin cock to me too.”Hearing Mum talk like that and seeing her playing with Jamie’s cock, was really turning me on and I felt my jism welling up inside of me. “Oooohhh Mum, I’m cumming, yeeesss nowww, aaahhh fuuuck, its cumming, yeeea Muuum, I’m spunking your cunt nowwww.””Yeees baby, I can feel it. Fill Mumies cunt up. Ooohhh I’m cumming too, aaahh baby……..”I let myself collapse on top of her once my cock had offloaded all my spunk and Mum was kissing me all over my shoulders and neck as well as my mouth, pushing her tongue in and out of it. Fuck that was sexy. “Baby you’re so beautiful, you make me cum so many times with that big cock of yours. I love us fucking. Baby, are you sure you’re not going to get jealous if I let Jamie fuck me? You didn’t seem to mind when I sucked his cock off. I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.” “Mum, its ok. I want Jamie to have his first fuck and what better person then you to do it with. I want to see him fucking you.”I moved off Mum, taking my slippery cock out of her. “There you go Jamie, put your cock in Mum’s hole and fuck her good. You saw how I did güvenilir bahis it. Now shove that stiff cock into her and blow her full of cum.””Aaahhh Jamie, your virgin cock feels so hard in me. Ahhh fuck I’m lucky having two young studs with big, hard cocks to fuck me. You’re both such good fucks to have. Baby, can you see his cock fucking me? Do you like seeing your Mum getting fucked? Bet all your mates would love to fuck me, but I’m only letting you and Jamie fuck me whenever you want. Ahh baby, come here, Mummy wants to suck on your cock.”I put my still slippery, cum covered cock into her mouth and let her suck on it. I felt it getting stiff again, as Mum was working her warm mouth up and down my shaft. Every time Jamie pounded her, my cock went to the back of her throat. Then Jamie was letting out Ooohhh’s and Aaahh’s as he was approaching his climax. Hearing that and knowing what it feels like as your cock is starting to shoot its load, made my balls twitch and I felt my jism coming.”Mum, we’re going to fill you with spunk, how do you like that? Keep sucking, I’m about to shoot it down your throat and Jamie is already filling your cunt up. Now swallow this.”Mum’s car was already in the carport when I got home. I threw my bag in the corner and sang out, “I’m home.” There was no answer. I walked down the hallway past the bedroom Mum and I now share together ever since we crossed that final chasm when Mum first let me fuck her. The door was slightly ajar and Mum was lying naked on the bed fast asleep. I walked in; she was lying on her side facing the door. One of her voluptuous boobs and her cunt lips in full view. I bend down and took her boob in both of my hands. Feeling her full roundness and lightly moulding it. My mouth went to her firm nipple and I began to suckle on it. She made a soft murmur sound, but continued to sleep. My eyes wondered down to her cuntlips and they appeared to be swollen and glistening with wetness on them. I moved my hand down and touched them and they sure felt very moist. I traced my finger just inside of them and it felt sticky in there. By this time my cock was bursting to be let out. I let my shorts drop to the floor and I now had one hand on my cock, whilst the other continued to play with Mum’s sticky cunt. She again let out a murmur and turned to lay on her back. I’ve fallen in love with the taste of her juices and this was a good opportunity to satisfy my hunger for it. I climbed onto the bed and parted her cuntlips for my tongue to enter. As I did so, I could see globules of whitish stuff in there. Looked like cum to me. I scooped some up with my tongue and sure enough it tasted just like when I lick Mum out after I’ve spunked her. We hadn’t fucked since yesterday and surely this can’t be from then. As I’m totally addicted to her cunt and whatever comes out of it, I continued to lick her.”Oh Jamie, haven’t you had enough yet? You’re wearing me out. You’ve already fucked and spunked me three times so far.” I looked up and Mum still had her eyes closed. So Jamie has been here and fucked Mum and here I am licking his cum out of her. I didn’t say anything. Let her think it was Jamie. That perversity came over me again. I wanted Mum to have heaps of fucks, I only wished I had been here and the three of us could have fucked together. We still hadn’t tried to have two cocks up her as she had suggested some time ago when I was ass fucking her and she had the dildo up her cunt. She had said that she wanted Jamie’s cock in there as I’m ass fucking her. “That feels sooo nice. You’ve learned a lot when it comes to pleasing a woman. Jamie you are getting me all turned on again. Come up here and let me kiss you. Let me taste what’s in your mouth.”She opened her eyes and saw that it was me that was eating her out. “Oh baby, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please don’t be angry with me. I should have known it was you. You’re the only one that loves eating me out after I’ve been spunked. Are you angry to find out that Jamie and I fucked? Please don’t be, please……..”I moved up till my head was above hers. “It’s ok Mum, after all it was me that brought Jamie here to fuck you in the first place.” I lowered my head and began to kiss her. Letting her taste her juices and Jamie’s spunk in my mouth. She reached down and placed my hard cock against her orifice and it entered her already cum filled, sticky cunt. I only lasted a few minutes before adding my spunk. Mum hadn’t cum at this stage.”Baby, lie on your back, I want to cum in your mouth.”She sat on top of me and placed her oozing cunt over my mouth and rubbed her clitty as my tongue was inside her soggy, cum filled cunt. Fuck, I’m really addicted to the taste of her sex.”Baby, I’m about to cum. I’m going to let my juices squirt straight into your mouth. Fuck I love you eating me. Baby I love you. I’m so pleased that we can have sex together. Ohhh yeees, I’m cumming, yeeeesss, drink Mummies juices, aaaahhhh ……..”She let herself fall backwards on to her elbows and I had my mouth over her stretched out cunt as the first squirts of her cum entered my mouth. Yes it was actually squirting out of her. Load after load went into my mouth.”Baby you make me feel sooo good. You give me the best sex I ever had. I must be one of the luckiest Mums there is.”After I had drunk all of her juices, we laid there in a tight hug with our bodies facing each other. I felt her boobs pressing against my chest. An arousing odour of sex was emanating from her. I gave Mum kisses, letting my tongue explore hers and sharing our saliva. My cock, which was still semi rigid, began to stir. Still kissing, Mum reached down and began to squeeze it. Feeling the hardness of it and in no time I had a full, stiff erection. “God you young studs sure recover quickly. Baby what would you like me to do with it?””Let me put it in your mouth and you can gently suck on it.”I turned over and my erection was pointed to the ceiling. Mum went between my legs and began to fondle it. Rubbing my shaft and licking it. Placing the head of it into her mouth. Letting her saliva dribble over it. Occasionally taking it deeper into her mouth. “Ohhh Mum, that feels sooo nice. I love you sucking on my cock. I’ll always remember the first time you did it and you urged me to spunk into your mouth. You are such a sexy woman.”She took my cock out of her mouth, but continued to rub my wet shaft and said: – “Ah I love hearing that, thank you for the compliment. Its you that is making me want sex all the time. This lovely cock of yours that is forever hard is difficult to ignore. Just look at it how big and hard it is now. Seeing and feeling it gets me turned on. It wants to be fucked all the time and I want my baby to be happy and satisfied. It wants to be fucked again now, doesn’t it?”She got up and straddled herself over my cock and with her hand she guided it against her tight arse hole. Lowering herself a little, I felt my cock pushing against her pucker and then the head of it slid into her. She let herself get used to it and then lowered her arse more till my cock was all the way in. Then she began to ride herself.”Ohhh yeeees Mum ride my cock.” With her facing me as she rode herself, I could perve on her quivering boobs. I took hold of her nipples and lifted them upwards. Now each time she lowered herself, it would stretch them and it lifted her boobs as well. She let herself all the way down and my whole cock was now deep in her arse. She put her hand on her clit and began to rub it whilst rocking herself back and forth on my cock. Her juices began to flow like a fast dripping tap over my cock and soaking into the sheets beneath me. I let go of her nipples and took over rubbing her now very visible, hard clit. It was close to an inch above her cuntlips and very engorged. I hadn’t seen it that big before. “Here, do it like this.” She put her thumb and a couple of fingers on it and began wanking it like a tiny cock. “Ooohh fuck, I’m cumming already, having your big, stiff cock in my arse feels soooo fucking good. Lift your hips up and down for me. I want to feel your cock moving inside of me. Ooohhh yea baby, I feel it moving all the way up me. I want to feel a cock in my cunt as well. Bury your fingers in my cunt; push them as far as they go. Aaahhh baby this is the big one, ram your fist up me hard, ohhh fuuuck yeees.”Her cunt began to squirt her juices again and landing on my stomach time and time again and they were running down my hips and my arse was now laying on very soggy sheets.Jamie is my best friend and I had introduced him to my mother where she let him have his first fuck. He did come back one other time and when I wasn’t there and they fucked. I found out as I was licking her out that night and she still had cum in her. Since then Mum and I’ve been talking and we agreed that it would be fabulous for Jamie and me to fuck her at the same time. I’ve been anal fucking her a few times now and she has been fucking herself with the dildo whilst my cock has been in her arse. On those occasions she’s been saying how fantastic it would be to have Jamie fuck her in place of the dildo.He rang me this afternoon and asked if he could stay at our place for a few days, as his parents were going away and he wasn’t much of a cook and would my Mother mind if he stayed over and eat with us. I told him I’m sure Mum won’t mind. When I got home, I told Mum and she said of course he can. He can have your room, now that you’re not using it since we are now sleeping together.The following evening he arrived just before dinner. We retired to the lounge room afterwards. Mum and I sat on the lounge and Jamie made himself comfortable in one of the big lounge chairs. I had my arm around Mum and every now and then, she would give me a quick kiss and each time my cock would get harder. I moved my arm and let my hand fall inside her top and began to fondle her well rounded, firm boob. Now my cock was really tenting my shorts. Mum placed her hand over the top of it and fondled it through my shorts. Of course Jamie could see what we were doing and his cock was in the same predicament as mine. “Baby move down a bit, there is enough room for the three of us on here. Come and sit next to me Jamie.”As she wriggled down to make room for him, her short mini crept up somewhat and just barely covered her shaved cunt. I continued to fondle her boob, but this time Mum put her hand down the inside my shorts and placed it on my stiff cock and gripped it tight to feel the hardness of it and also stroked it. “Jamie, you can put your arm around me too, you’re just about part of the family these days.”Soon as his hand came over her shoulder, she guided it to the inside of her top and placed it on to her other boob. She was now getting both her boobs fondled. Her other hand went to touch Jamie’s cock, also from the inside his shorts. We sat like this for a little while enjoying touching and fondling each other. She leaned forward, took her hand off our cocks and saying how hot it is sitting between us young spunks and took her top off. Her beautiful boobs were in full view now.”You guys don’t mind if I sit here like this. You can still fondle them if you want to.”I took the one closest to me and cupped it with both hands. Fuck, I love feeling her boobs. Jamie had taken his into his mouth and was sucking on her stiff nipples. I had to take my shorts off, as it was too uncomfortable for my erection. Mum immediately put her hand back on my cock and letting her fingers run up and down my shaft. “Jamie, you must be uncomfortable as well, why don’t you take your’s off. Apart from that, I like to have both of your cocks in my hands.”Seconds later, Jamie’s cock was free and pointing towards the ceiling and Mum took it in hand. “Aaahh this is nice having two young, hard cocks in my hands and having my nipples sucked as well. You boys really turn me on. I can feel I’m getting all wet. Baby take Mummies skirt off and play with my hot dripping sex.”Her naked cunt was now at our disposal. I went between her legs and placed my mouth over it and flicking my tongue over her clitty. Jamie was still fondling her boobs and they were tongue kissing. I got up and said I’ll be right back. I fetched her dildo and returned to my position between her legs. “Jamie do you want to see how I dildo fuck Mum? She can take the whole lot up her cunt.””Ooohh baby, what a good idea. Ahhh baby, let Jamie fuck me with it. He’s never done it. Come up here and I’ll suck your cock and you can watch Jamie fucking me with it.”We swapped places and Mum took my hard cock in her mouth whilst I watched her getting dildo fucked.”Mum why don’t we go to the bedroom. It’ll be more comfortable.””Yes, your right.”Whilst I was in there getting her dildo, I also slipped the tube of lube under the pillows. So when we got there, I told Mum to kneel on the bed and I squeezed some of the lube on her tight, little pucker and rimmed it with a couple of my fingers. Then got behind her and put my cock against it and gently began to push till the head of my cock slipped inside her arse. Holding it there till I felt her push against me and making my cock slide further into her tight, hot arse and I began fucking her.”Jamie, get in front of my slutty Mum and shove your cock into her mouth. Did you know she wants both of us to fuck her at the same time? One in her arse and another up her soggy cunt, but I’d like to see her having another shoved down her throat as well, but for now we will fuck her till half way through the night. Blow her mouth full of spunk. I’m just about ready to shoot it up her arse. Ahhhh…. yeeeeeesss, I’m shooting your arse full nowwwww.”Jamie’s cum was dribbling down the corners of her mouth, as she couldn’t swallow it fast enough. We rolled over to one side, but I kept my cock in her arse. It felt nice there and it hadn’t gone totally flaccid. I reached around and played with her clitty and she kept pushing herself onto me, feeling my cock in her arse. I knew she was desperate to cum. “What was that you mentioned a few minutes ago? You want to bring another one of your friends here to fuck me? As much as I’d like that, but do you think that’s a good idea? What if he goes around bragging about it? It would spoil everything.””Hey Jamie, I’m thinking of Dean. You’d agree that he could be trusted and jump at the chance. I know he’s never been with a woman and on a few occasions made remarks like ‘saw that spunky Mum of your’s’, or comments like that.””What, your friends think I’m a spunky looking woman? Tell me more, I like that. Do you think that they would want to jump into bed with me?””I’m sure they would, given the chance. I’ll invite Dean over for tomorrow evening and I won’t mention anything. You can check him out and take it from there.””Oh son, I’ll be as nervous as a school girl on her first date, but ok, he can come for dinner as well.”I could tell that it was exiting her to think that she might have three of us young studs to fuck her. She asked me to roll on my back, as my cock was getting hard again in her arse as we were talking and she wanted me to start fucking her arse. Seeing Mum riding herself on my cock, with her wet cunt outstretched and wide open, got Jamie hard as well and he knelt in front of her and slid he’s cock into her. I felt his cock rubbing against mine through the thin skin between her cunt and arse, as he began fucking her.”Aaahh your hard cocks feel sooo good in me, yes I’d like to have another cock to suck on right now. I’m going to love having you three young spunks fucking me. Aaahhh fuuuckkk I’m cumming thinking about it.”She threw her arms around Jamie and planted her open mouth over his and they were feverishly tongue kissing and his cock was still rubbing against mine as he continued fucking Mum. Jamie and I lasted a lot longer this time, as we had already filled her with spunk only a short time ago. So we let her feel the full might of our cocks in her. Jamie was pounding her cunt twenty to the dozen and I had hold of Mum’s hips and kept slamming her down on my cock.I spotted her dildo lying close by and grabbed hold of it and put it in her crack above where Jamie’s cock was and started pushing it into her soggy cunt. With each inward stroke Jamie was making, it went further up her.”Ahhh baby, that’s making my cunt sooo full, aaahhh yeeees, shove it up me.”Her body started to tremble and she let out a scream, sounded like “fuuuuuckkkkk.” and her juices literally came gushing out, flooding over our cocks and soaking into the sheet under me. I had a handful of her juices that had gushed over the dildo into my hand and I raised it to her mouth and let it dribble into it. She was eagerly lapping it up and licked my fingers as well. Jamie at this stage had spunked her once again and it was getting washed out along with her juices as soon as he took his cock out of her drenched cunt. I put my hand in there and scooped up whatever came out of her and she was lapping it off my fingers as fast as I could feed it to her. That took me over the edge and I shot my cum into her arse once more.”Now I know why you like eating me out after I’ve been spunked. It tastes real nice and soooo sexy. I’m getting turned on licking it off your fingers. I wonder if other women taste like that. I am a lucky woman to have you guys fucking me. Baby, let me sit on your face and lick me out, but don’t drink it. I want to eat it out of your mouth.”She lifted herself off my cock, turned around to face me and lowered her drenched cunt over my mouth. I saw globules of white cum and sucked them into my mouth. She took her swollen clitty and tweaked it with her thumb and a couple of fingers.”Honey, that’s a real turn on for me when you lick the spunk out of me. I’m going to bring myself off and let more of my sweet juices into your mouth for me to drink. I love tasting my juices as well and I’ve never told this to anyone, but I have at times wondered how other women taste. Aren’t I slutty?”The last bit was said under her breath as she climaxed into my mouth.

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