A Great Massage


A Great MassageI walked naked through the dark gym to the open door at the other end and saw a massage table, a lit candle and another card to read. As I entered the room, I closed the door and was immediately enveloped into an intoxicating manly scent that the candle could not take away. As I crawled face down on the massage table and read the card, my cock was already hard and leaking and I fell asleep naked and was quickly introduced to Drake and his incredible hands. They were warm and the pressure was incredibly perfect as the hot oil and my sweaty muscles helped his fingers glide across my legs and over my butt cheeks and across my back and into my shoulder blades.“That feels sooooo good!” I said.I heard a knowing mumble and the hands got a lot more intense.I was filled with cum from my Trainer Brad and fell asleep on Drake’s massage table dripping wet with sweat and cum and the room was hot and I was drenched in hot sweat.My cock was dripping and hard as I was facedown on the table. I felt a light tracing of fingertips along my legs and the pressure and repeated strokes became much more pronounced and deliberate. Drake had the magic touch with just enough strength to deliver muscle relaxation and an added something that was truly male generated pleasure. Drake’s hands were all over my ass as he kneaded into my butt muscles from the sides and at one point he spread my legs open and massaged my cheeks from the pucker out to the middle of the butt Drake’s fingers must have seen my leaking pucker and his finger would slip inside my pucker every now and then.I heard his mouth as I imagined him licking the cum from his finger tips and then all at once Drake’s mouth was on my pucker and into my wet hole I felt his aggressive tongue as he licked and eventually fucked my hole with his driving hard tongue. I moaned at his advances and he went in deeper.I felt his hands on my lower back as he dug his thumbs into my muscles and worked his way slowly up my back. Once he reached my shoulder blades he moved his tongue up and his body slid up my sweat tempobet giriş covered back and his warm body was on top of mine and his wet chest and my wet back were cemented together with hot sweat and massage oils and Drake felt so good on top of me.His hands were on top of my shoulders and he licked the nape of my neck as his cock slid into place in my warm sweaty hairy crack. His hard cock slid up and down across my pucker and I squeezed out more of Brad’s cum and Drake’s dick got very wet with the sweat, oil, and cum and in once quick motion Drake took his hard meat and I felt him search as he found my hole and punctured it with his leaking head. He moved it into me and held it for a second as I realized he had made his entry into me and then all of the sudden his snake was forced all at once in a quick breath taking move to my deepest spot and thru my second ring.He held himself there as my breathing leveled off and his hands stroked my sides as he lay on top of me and completely inside of me. I squeezed my pucker and anal muscles around his giant snake and he knew I was ready for the internal massage. I lifted us both off the table for a second so that my own snake could find a more comfortable position.As I rose up my butt Drake took his opportunity to pull halfway out and push it back in me again. I moaned with pleasure and he pulled himself off my chest and did amazing push-ups into my wet hole. He kept changing positions on the table and at one point I had my ass off the table and my dick dangled as Drake fucked my ass silly with his engorged member. I felt like his burning cock was a hot poker that was burning itself deep into my wet, warm and slick body.A little while later, Drake slipped and slid all over my back as his fuck stick never let up on my ass. He pounded me hard and deep and ground himself into my second ring. He whispered something in my ear about how the cum already inside me made this session really hot. I whispered to him that it was Brad’s cum and he said he knew as he long dicked me for a while tempobet yeni giriş and looked at Brad’s cum as it coated his snake as it fucked into my tunnel.He reached forward and pushed my elbows so that I would fall flat on the table and he went back to deep push-ups inside my wet tunnel. All of the sudden his hot snake went spastic and he jerked himself deep into me as he unloaded his hot cream deep into my inner pucker. His moans turned into groans as he finished squirting his hot boys deep into my canal.He collapsed on top of me and continued to massage my sides and neck. Eventually he pulled out of me and removed his hard meat from my ass and I felt so empty when it popped out completely. Immediately I wanted him back inside of me. He wanted me to turn over and he massaged my legs as I watched him raise them up and eventually his mouth was lapping up the fresh cream he contributed to my love canal.His mouth was hungry and his hot cream was sucked out of my body as he licked my swollen pucker with an eager tongue. He tasted my balls and they were hard and full and when he saw my hard leaking cock he re-adjusted and suck me for a while then he leaned into kiss me full on my lips as his cock once again rammed deep inside of me.I moaned with pleasure as he bit my lower lip and fucked his hard cock deep into my cum-filled manhole. He probed his tongue deep and hard into my mouth at the same time his meaty wet fuck stick probed my throbbing anus.He was on top of me and we kissed each other chest to chest and then he grabbed my calves and held them as he pulled his chest off of me and fucked his coated cock like a piston into me until he could not hold on and he began to spray and squirt my insides yet again and Drake moaned much louder and he was much more forceful with his fucking strokes.He pulled out of me again and walked around the table still hard and dripping in cum.I quickly devoured and cleaned his hot wet cock and watched him squirm as I deep throated his member. Then he began to use the oil to massage my tempobet güvenilirmi pecs and down my trail and eventually he began to stroke my cock and I was extremely hard.Quickly his mouth was sucking my cock as his hands massaged my inner thighs. The sensation was so intense that I shot my load deep into his mouth and as I squirted my ropes of cum, Drake moaned with pleasure with the taste of my hot creamy boys.He didn’t miss a drop and I remained hard even after his hot mouth was removed from my wet shaft.He stopped for a moment as I closed my eyes only to feel the table shake and then a warmth encompassed the head of my cock as I looked up in time to see Drake lower his butt onto my cock and he plunged down on my meat all the way to my wet soaked pubes. I then watched in amazement as he fucked my cock with his hard tight ass as he continued to massage my stomach and pecs. He pinched my nipples at times and even leaned forward to kiss me while he rode me hard and I bucked up into him at times because I can’t just sit still when I am the top on the bottom.The third time I fucked up into him he lost it again and his cock was flinging cum all over both of us. My face felt like I had cum confetti all over it and I could feel Drake’s cum as it hit my pecs and stomach as well and back on his chest and face.This site drove me over the edge as I unloaded my cream deep inside of him as he sat down fully on my exploding tool. He moaned with all the cream in his hot hole and then he collapsed on top of me and I popped out of him as he leaned up and we kissed and held each other on the table. We were in a state of bliss as Drake whispered in my ear how much he had dreamed about my ass. I told him I knew because I caught him checking it out at the first gym.We laughed and then there was a loud knock at the door and Drake said it must be midnight and I should go check out the main gym with the others. I asked him if he was going to be out there and he said that the trainers clean the private rooms and then enter the main gym at twelve thirty.I told him I would look for him. He laughed and said he would find me. I walked out sweaty and naked into the dark main gym and it was also very warm. I decided to rinse off my sweat and fluids in the shower.As I entered the shower, there was a hot guy there already rinsing off…

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