A Handyman’s Memoir Ch. 44


“Hey man, how’s it goin’?” Ron said. It was my usual late afternoon phone call from him to set up the next days work.

“It’s goin’ good, buddy,” I said. “Just finished up that kitchen faucet job for the Hendricks.”

“Good,” he said. “Hey, I got a call requesting you tomorrow. A Mrs. Millbanks? She said you’d know who she was.”

“Wow. I had a teacher in high school with that name,” I said. “I guess maybe it’s her, huh?”

“Oh maybe. That’s cool,” he said. “So anyway, she’s got a bunch of little stuff for ya tomorrow. She wasn’t too specific, so I’ll just put you down for that. Nine o’clock at 2480 River Drive. I think it’s right out by you somewhere. If you get done early give me a call.”

I pulled out my old high school yearbook to refresh my memory, and Mrs. Millbanks looked just the way she was stuck in my head — big glasses overwhelming her small face, pulled back hair, and conservative clothes. She was younger than I remembered, thirty maybe, which would put her in her early to mid forties now.

It turned out she lived about a mile upriver from me, on the other side, in a house I’d been by many times on the water. I pulled in her driveway and she greeted me at the door.

“Steven Mills! It’s so very nice to see you again!” she said with a big smile.

I’d forgotten what a small woman she was. Her appearance had made a great leap forward, with attractive, small black framed glasses, and short hair that was nicely styled.

“My, you’ve gotten even taller!” she said. “You were always so tall and . . . muscular, but my, you’ve really . . . well, you don’t want your old teacher going on about that, do you? My how you’ve grown!” she said with a laugh, mocking herself.

“You look terrific Mrs. Millbanks,” I said with a smile. “Is life being good to you?”

“Please call me Margie, Steve, or Marjorie if you want to be formal,” she said. “I always think it’s funny that most of my students never knew my first name. Seems odd doesn’t it?”

“Marjorie Millbanks? Now that’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman,” I said. “Somebody should write a story about you.”

“Oh Steve!” she laughed, and her eyes twinkled. “You have grown into a gentleman haven’t you. It’s probably good for business isn’t it, flattering your old lady clients.”

“Well I only do it when it’s true. And nobody with a smile like that is old.” I said.

“My goodness,” she said, looking a little flustered. “We’d better get you to work before . . . let me show you what I have for you.”

There was lots of ‘small stuff’ jobs to do — loose drawer pulls, sticky drawers, a window that wouldn’t open, a mirror to hang.

“So how’d you find out about me?” I asked when she brought me a lemonade.

“I ran into your old friend Mark at the bookstore the other day,” she said. “My, he’s a handsome one now too isn’t he? I can say things like that now that you’re so far out of school.”

“I hope he didn’t tell you too much about me,” I said.

“Too much?” she asked. “You haven’t been in trouble, have you Steve?”

“No, nothing like that,” I said.

“Good. So, have you settled down and got married yet?” she asked.

“Nope, still having too much fun. What’s the old saying? Sowing my oats? What’s that supposed to mean anyway?” I asked, falling back into our teacher/student relationship.

“It has to do with spreading your seed around,” she said, looking a little embarrassed as she said it.

“Ah, thanks Mrs. Millbanks. You always were a good teacher. Margie I mean.”

“Did you think so back in school?” she asked. “I always wonder what my students think of me.”

“Yeah, you were good,” I said. “I always liked you.”

“Not as much as Bonnie I imagine,” she said. “Ms. Burns?”

“Oh, Ms. Burns . . .” I said with a faraway look in my eye.

“Oh, Ms. Burns,” she said with a smirk. “I know you boys all had a thing for her. She had to leave the school you know. She was caught having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with one of the boys.”

“Really!” I said, wishing it was me, and Margie smirked again. “How do you do it, all you teachers?” I said. “I mean there’s so many attractive kids, especially these days.”

“Oh there were ‘way back in the olden days’ when you were there too you know. You were one of them,” she said with yet another smirk, which I was beginning to like. “I don’t know how we did it. I guess . . . and I can only speak for myself . . . I married a man that kept me satisfied.” She blushed heavily. “You know, you’re the first student I’ve ever had this conversation with.”

“I’m a long way from a student Margie,” I said. “So what happened with Ms. Burns?”

“She was single. I think it’s harder for them,” she said. “She and I spoke about it after. We’re friends you know. He was a very attractive boy and . . . it’s really unfortunate how those things end up. Often there really is love and ‘mutual consent,’ but society doesn’t see it that way. His parents certainly didn’t.”

I was surprised by Margie’s sensitivity. Back mersin escort in school she always came across as pretty conservative. I noticed she had a wedding ring on, but hadn’t spoken of her husband in the present.

“So that man who satisfied you ‘way back in the olden days,’ are you guys still together?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said quietly, “yes we are. My secret weapon doesn’t have many bullets these days though.” She blushed heavily again. “Listen to me, getting way to personal with you.” She looked me in the eyes. “You should have gone into social work or something. You’re very easy to talk to.”

“I am sorta in that business,” I said. “I like to make people happy.”

“Do you fix broken women often?” she asked with a mix of curiosity and sadness.

I smiled. The things she had said made me wonder if she had been, or was, involved with a student, now that her husband had run out of bullets.

“I’m happy to talk about anything you want you know,” I said. “Teaching and learning and counseling works both ways now that were both adults.”

“I’d forgotten how sweet you are Steve,” she said. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that some day.”

I went back to work and finished up Margie’s projects, and a few more she found.

“You know, we’re neighbors,” I said as I finished up. “I live right across the river about a mile downstream.”

“Really?” she said. “Down near the bridge?”

“Just before that. There’s a big wooden boat parked at my dock,” I said.

“No!” she said with big surprised eyes. “That beautiful wooden cruiser? That’s your place?”

“Yup, I’ve been there about a year,” I said.

“I Paddle my kayak by there all the time!” she said. “I’m not surprised we didn’t recognize each other . . . you’re so . . .and I’ve changed a bit too.”

“The years have been good to you Margie,” I said. “I’m glad the big glasses are gone.”

Margie laughed. “They were pretty bad, weren’t they. I can’t believe you’re my neighbor . . . Steve Mills, right across the river,” she said with a far off look in her eye. “Wait’ll I tell Bonnie.”


That weekend I was reading a boat magazine and sipping a beer on my dock when a kayak came by, hugging the shore.

“Hi Steve,” Margie said as she approached.

“Margie!” I said. “This is so cool!”

“I know, it’s crazy isn’t it?” she said, smiling as she came to a stop at the side of my dock. “I’ve lived here for fifteen years, and you drop right out of nowhere.”

“Life works in mysterious ways,” I said.

“Ms. Burns says high,” she said with that delicious smirk of hers.

“Bonnie Burns and Marjorie Millbanks. I swear to God I’m gonna have to write a story,” I said. “I’ll warn you though, it might be dirty.”

Margie smiled the most beautiful smile I’d seen yet from her.

“Join me?” I asked. “I’m just chillin’ out.”

“I’m not really dressed for it,” she said. She had on a conservative bikini top and a pair of the school’s gym shorts. “I try and get a few miles in on the weekends. Trying to keep those old lady arms at bay.”

“You don’t need to dress for anything around here,” I said. “Stop on your way back. I’ll make some snacks.”

About an hour later she came back. She beached her kayak on my lawn and joined me on the dock.

“Salami, cheese and crackers is the best I can come up with,” I said. “Beer, wine, something harder?”

“Beer’s good,” she said with a smile.

I returned with a few in a small cooler, and we settled into some small talk.

“This place used to be so run down,” she said. “It looks so nice now.”

“Oh, thanks,” I said. “It was actually a gift from a friend of mine who passed away. Some friends helped me work on it.”

“What’s the story with this boat?” she asked, looking at Connie. “It wasn’t here last year, was it?”

“Nope. I bought it last fall and spent the winter on it down south,” I said. “Gonna do it again this year.”

“It’s so beautiful. Can I see?” she asked.

I gave her a tour and then we settled back in on the adirondack chairs on the dock.

“You’ve got quite a life, wintering down south and all,” she said.

“I’ve been very lucky,” I said. “The school teacher life’s pretty nice too, with summers off.”

“Yeah, I guess,” she said. “It goes by so fast, and it gets kind of boring with my husband gone so much.”

“Why would anybody want to be gone from you?” I said.

“He’s a factory rep for a company that makes oil drilling equipment. Ever since he took the job he spends three-quarters of his year in the Middle East and Russia. All over the place really,” she said, sounding sadder and lonelier as each word came out.

“Wow, so you really do need a handyman,” I said, and she smiled sadly.

“He thinks we need the money, but we did fine when he worked around here,” she said. “I think he likes the freedom of being on the road. Listen to me, getting personal again. You certainly are easy to talk to.”

“I’m easy all the way around,” I said.

She looked mersin escort bayan at me as she ate a cheese cracker and sipped her beer.

“Bonnie thinks I should get you into bed,” she said matter-of-factly, with a twinkle in her eye.

“Mrs. Millbanks! What would the PTA say!” I said with mock disgust.

“Fuck the PTA,” she said.

“Only if they’re as attractive as you,” I said with a smile.

“Oh my! Do you ever say the wrong thing?” she asked with a laugh. “I can only imagine what goes on in all those houses you work in. Single women. Lonely housewives. They don’t stand a chance.” She paused for a moment. “That look in your eye tells me I’m right,” she smiled.

“I never push things, but nature does take it’s course now and then,” I said.

“That’s what’s so seductive about you. The ‘not pushing’ is exactly what pushes,” she said and I smiled.

“Well then, I’ll be able to honestly tell the judge it’s not my fault when it comes time to throw me in jail for having too much fun,” I said.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had too much fun,” she said with my favorite smirk.

“You are a seriously attractive woman Marjorie Millbanks,” I said as I stood and reached for her hand. “Ms. Burns has got nothin’ on you. It’s a little warm in there, but whaddya say we get this boat rockin?”

“Oh my God!” she said quietly and nervously as she took my hand. “I should be careful what I wish for I guess.”

The old boat has pretty good ventilation, but it was pretty warm in the forward cabin that day. The big bed looked inviting though, as it always does in the soft light, and Margie’s eyes looked inviting too.

“What are you, like a foot and a half taller than me?” she asked as I held her against me and kissed her.

She was a tiny little thing. I tried to find my way into her big bikini top, but the latch was on the front, and she popped it open. It was more of a sports bra really, and it had been holding back her full beauty. Her tits expanded in all directions when they were released, and I smiled.

“You shouldn’t hide yourself like that. You’re beautiful,” I said, and I got down on my knees as I slid it off her arms and took her lovely tits in my mouth. As I suckled I pulled down her gym shorts and panties and my hands went at her crotch from both the front and the back.

“Oh God Steve!” she said quietly as her knees wobbled. “I don’t know if I’m gonna make it through this.”

“You’re about to have too much fun Mrs. Millbanks,” I said, still nuzzling her tits as I slipped four fingers into her steaming hot pussy, two from the front, and two from the back.

She went from staggered to flying in about fifteen-seconds, and fifteen-seconds later she had a nice orgasm, my two hands the only thing holding her on her feet. She started laughing breathlessly after it passed.

“Good Lord!” she laughed. “I know they didn’t teach that in school.”

She gradually got her sea legs back, and I was able to let go of her.

“No ma’am,” I said, smiling up at her. “Did I get an A?”

“A+,” she smiled. “Now let’s see if I remember any of my lessons from way too long ago.”

She pulled me to my feet and got on her knees. All I had on was some running shorts that I wear for swimming sometimes, and they were massively bulged out in the front.

“Something looks like it wants to get out,” she said, glancing up at me. “Holy shit!” she said when she pulled down my shorts, and she started laughing.

“Is it that funny looking?” I said with a smile.

“No, I’m sorry,” she said as she tried to get her laughter under control. “When Bonnie comes to visit we always watch porn, and when a guy’s got a huge one she always says, ‘Now that’s a shlong!’ I Just heard her say it in my head.”

“She sounds like fun,” I said, and I moaned as Margie took my cock in both her hands. “You know, knowing you’re gonna report on my performance to Ms. Burns makes this unbelievably hot. Not that your not hot enough.”

“She gonna want in on this you know,” Margie said, stroking me firmly. “She doesn’t live around here any more, but she comes to visit. We sunbath by the river. So your high school dreams are going to come true Mr. Mills.”

“Oh my God,” I said. “Can I tell Mark about this, or would you rather I keep it between us?”

“Let me think about it,” she said, and she took the end of my cock into her small mouth. “I’ve never tried this with anything this size. Look, it’s longer than my whole face!” she said, holding it upright with her chin at the top of my balls. “And these . . .” she said, sucking my balls into her mouth, “they don’t fit either. What are you gonna do to the rest of me? You’re gonna rip me apart.”

I moaned my pleasure at her fondling and licking and sucking, and she looked up at me like being ripped apart would be the best thing in the world.

“I’m no good at this . . . and I’m dying to know what something this big feels like,” she said, and she sat on the edge of the bed. “How do you want me?”

“How escort mersin do you want me?” I said.

“Oh my God!” she said quietly. “Can it be lots of ways? Because I’m feeling the need for lots of ways.”

I smiled and pushed her down on the bed. I grabbed her legs, pulled her towards me and pushed them down near her chest as far as they’d go, opening her pussy up wide. She whimpered and looked at the blue sky though the skylight hatch above her, and I gave her already wet pussy a big lick with my tongue. She groaned and I wiggled the tip of my cock around on her clit before pressing it into her nice big-lipped pussy, an inch at a time until I was less than halfway in.

“Oh God that feels good Steve,” she said breathlessly, “but please tell me there’s more.” She lifted her head and looked at the five inches left to go. “Oh God! Not that much! Holy! . . . “

Sweat was beading up between her tits and on her face in the warm cabin, and my whole body was getting a nice sheen from perspiration. I pressed into her again, and started a slow thrusting, giving her a half-inch more each a time.

“Oh my God!” she said. “Fuck! I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know!”

‘You know,” I said when I was getting close to full depth.

“Oh fuck yeah I do! I fuckin’ know!” she said loudly. “Oh my God!”

She went silent, and she looked out through the hatch at the blue sky again, with wide eyes and an open mouth. I fucked her tiny body slowly and deeply.

“I know guys like to be in girl’s throats,” she said breathlessly, “but they usually go in from the other direction. What the fuck!”

“Would you be more comfortable in another position?” I asked.

“Maybe,” she said, and I pulled out. “God almighty!” she said. She was dripping with sweat and breathing heavy.

“You okay? We can go in the camp where it’s cooler if you want,” I said.

“No I like it here,” she said, and she took a deep breath, rolled over and got on her hands and knees. “Maybe that monster’ll go in better this way. I love it like this.”

“Mrs. Millbanks, you have a beautiful pussy,” I said, and I smiled. “Those are words I never thought I’d say.” We both laughed.

I pressed my cock into her, easier this time.

“Oh dear God!” she said. “I didn’t know I went that deep.”

“That’s an old song isn’t it? ‘My pussy’s as deep as the ocean, my pussy’s as deep as the sea’? I sang, and we both laughed again.

“Oh God! Laughing with you in there feels amazing!” she said.

I started to fuck her again, slowly at first, and she grunted and moaned her approval. She felt amazing, her small body clenching my rock hard cock tightly, coating me with cream from deep within her. Her hips were slippery with sweat, and rivulets ran down her back to her neck when she lowered her head to the bed. I fucked her faster, but not hard, and she was clearly building towards something big. I went balls deep and fucked her hard, and we slapped together loudly in the small, warm cabin, Margie’s voice getting louder, raising in pitch, her breathing getting erratic, and then her body started to tense and she groaned so deeply I’m sure all the fish in the river heard her and scattered. She came like a woman who needed it bad. Really bad. And right at the crescendo, with me slapping wildly into her, she went down like a rag doll, not moving a muscle, and not looking healthy. At all.

“Margie?” I said. “Are you okay?”

There was no response, and no movement. She seemed to be breathing but she was out cold, and I didn’t know if she had just passed out or had a stroke or a heart attack or what.

I knew Lee was home earlier in the day, before her evening shift at the hospital, so I ran up on deck and yelled as loud as I could towards the little strip of woods that separated us.


I went back down to check on Margie, but there was no change. I decided to make a run to my camp for my cell phone, and I was sprinting across my dock naked when Lee came running through the woods. I took her to Margie.

“She’s breathing. Help me roll her over,” Lee said calmly. “I guess I don’t need to ask what you were doing. How long’s she been out?”

“Just a couple minutes I guess,” I said.

“You got anything to fan her with? We’ve gotta cool her down,” Lee said as she tipped Margie’s head back and put two fingers in her mouth to check her tongue.

I fanned her with a pillow and Lee held up her legs.

“That’s good,” she said. “If she doesn’t come around in a minute you’ll have to call 911.”

Margie stirred. “You okay honey?” Lee said, lowering her legs and going to her side. “What’s her name?” she asked me.

“Margie,” I said. “You okay Margie?”

She looked confused and embarrassed. “What’s going on?” she asked.

“You fainted honey. You’re okay now,” Lee said. “Try and take some deep breaths if you can. In a couple minutes we’ll get you up were it’s cooler and you’ll be fine.”

“Who are you?” she asked Lee.

“I’m Lee honey, I live next door,” Lee said. “I’m a nurse. Don’t worry honey, I’m one of Steve’s girls too.”

“You’ve got your own nursing staff to take care of us all? This is quite an operation,” Margie said, and her wonderful smirk told me she was indeed okay.

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