A Heart Shaped Ass For Valentine’s Day


Do not read this if you are not at least 18 years old. Feedback appreciated.

The day was Valentine’s day and I was reminded of this as Jane gifted me a wet, slurpy, wake up blow job on my early morning erection.

Jane’s expert and much practiced cock sucking skills eventually rewarded her with a fine load of cum and me with ever welcome sensations of effortless orgasm. It always seems like such a win-win situation! She gets breakfast in bed and I get a blow job.

I relaxed back on the pillows, cleared my head and remembered that the day was to be spent touring the area with some relocating home buying clients, a surgeon and his wife from Denver. This tour would give the wife her first look around the area and maybe an idea of some specific homes that they might like in the nicer surrounding towns.

I smiled at Jane as she slipped her mouth from my softening cock and I spotted, looped around my cock and balls, the red ribbon and heart that she’d first given me six years ago. She smiled and licked her lips. A good start to the day but I had to hustle to get back in time for the evening’s preparation and festivities.

The doctor had visited with me about a month earlier, now his employment negotiations were concluded, his contract was signed and he was back in town with Mrs.Elphin. Our mortgage guys had run his credit and pre-approved him for a very large loan. It was going to be a big deal if all went well.

Tonight my wife and I were hosting a masked Valentine’s party for eight couples including us. We held or attended couples parties typically about three times a year. Always on Valentine’s day, usually one planned by the girls for their own version of ‘Independence Day’ and a theme party for what became known as ‘Mammorial Day’. They always got wild with lots of swapping and group action. The only rule being that the girls were in charge. They nodded approvals for anything and everything their man might do before it happened and pleased them selves what they did with each other. The only given was that the hostess would perform felatio on a lucky draw winner to help get the party started. Jane, being quite the performer, was delighted that it was our turn to host and thought this to be an excellent tradition.

Until yesterday the guest list comprised ten couples but Jane had told me that four of our friends might not be attending. Two of the guys worked together and were out of town on a business trip. One of their wives didn’t want to party alone and the other one was trying to figure out how to spend time with a lesbian lover that nobody but Jane knew about. So Jane was left with the mission to get them to show up anyway, and the lesbian lover too if that’s what it took.

Jane is bisexual. It started with a roommate in college and the stories she told me of their adventures were great fodder for fantasy and sex. She was happy to be bisexual when I met her and throughout our relationship she has enjoyed that as an important aspect of her sexuality. I’ve been happy with it too. She is totally feminine and totally hot, she likes girls like herself. She’s hooked up with some stunning pussy over the years and when it’s been convenient for all involved she’s invited me to share.

I met up with Doctor Michael and Mrs. Elphin at the Four Seasons Hotel. The doctor introduced his wife, Helen. She was incredibly attractive. Elegant and classy, about the same age as Jane, 32 years old by my estimate and some 12 or 15 years younger than he was. She had amazing eyes, and a smile that just made me want to stare at her forever. She had shiny, shoulder length, wavy, brunette hair, one hell of a body wrapped in tight blue jeans and a loose sweater that didn’t hide a shapely and sizeable pair of breasts that rode high on her chest. The rear view was nothing less than incredible. The heels on her black boots were slightly too tall for a real estate tour but who cares? She was about 5′ 10″ with the boots on. Her handshake was firm and her smile was radiant. We took coffee in the lounge and went over the details of the homes I’d be showing them during the course of the day. As we prepared to leave, the Doctor reached out to shake my hand, I was momentarily baffled and noticing my confused expression he explained that he would be going to meet some people at the hospital and just Helen would be touring with me. “She’ll be the one who makes all those decisions anyway.” He added. He asked how long I expected to take and I said that I had as long as Helen needed. He mentioned that their dinner reservation with his future colleagues was for eight o’clock and suggested that if we were back by seven all would be well.

Opening the car door for Helen I couldn’t help but appreciate the gorgeous length of her slender legs as she clambered in. I held the door open until her purse was settled between her feet. Moving around to my side of the car, I started the engine and invited her to feel free to adjust her seat and the thermostat to make herself comfortable.

I made courtesy bakırköy escort calls to agents and homeowners to let them know we’d be visiting. Three of the four homes we planned to visit were vacant. We had a few others on a drive-by list and if they looked better than their pictures, they might also get a visit.

My next step was the usual one on such occasions. I took the map book out and held it towards her so that she could get a general idea of the route we’d be travelling. She held the corner of the book with her right hand and pulled it and me slightly closer as she tried to get a closer look. She asked questions about distances between towns as she swept loose strands of hair from her beautiful face. Every time she did this she exposed huge diamond studs on pretty pink ears. She maintained eye contact as I explained the plan, all the while her absolutely delicious fragrance bombarded my olfactory senses. It was a classic fragrance that I recognized but couldn’t quite place. I’d be delighted to smell and stare all day.

We hit the road. She shared an amusing story about their rental car pick up and went on to explain in more detail what she hoped for in their new home. She was a pleasure to be with. During a pause in conversation, as Helen studied the map, my mind flitted back to what Jane had told me of the intrigue surrounding the Valentine’s party. Where would it all lead? I was smiling. Helen noticed it and asked why I was smiling. I looked at her in a way that let her know that I was wondering whether or not I should explain. “Go on, you can tell me, you look like the Mona Lisa.”

I laughed aloud and told her I was thinking about a complication surrounding the guest list of a Valentine’s party we were hosting that night.

“What sort of complication?” She asked.

My smile broadened again. “I don’t know if I can tell you that, one or both of us might be embarrassed.”

“Of course you can tell me, I’m married to a surgeon, nothing embarrasses me and besides” she paused “I’m very discreet and highly trustworthy.”

After a long look beyond fluttering lashes into her deep hazel eyes, I told her with a smile that I’d take her word for it and I explained the situation in detail.

She laughed, she smiled that smile and said “I’d love to hear how it all turns out.”

“You’re more than welcome to attend if you like.” I replied.

“Great idea, what time will you be getting started?” she asked.

“People are invited from nine on, so we’ll be in full swing by eleven.”

“Full swing by eleven?” She giggled. “Great, I’ll tell Michael, but we’ll need masks.”

“Well, yes, our parties have been known to get rather exciting and nice newcomers are always made to feel, uh, wanted.”

I hoped to gauge her reaction further by staring at her but needed to watch the road so I half gauged her reaction and decided it was favorable. She was smiling to herself. She shifted in her seat, crossed her right leg over her left and leaned on the center console “Mmmm I like sex and it’s nice to feel wanted.” She stated “but I don’t get enough.”

By now I knew I was being played or in for a great afternoon.

“Have you ever fucked a client?” she asked me quite bluntly.

“No, never” I honestly replied without choking. “Although I fucked a couple of friends that became clients later.”

“Would you like to fuck me?” she asked as her right hand reached for my thigh and slid slowly over my hardening cock.

“My mission today is to help you find the home of your dreams Helen, and if mutually enjoyable sex will help you decide, then I’m here for you. The fact that you are stunningly attractive and incredibly sexy is a big bonus. Why do you ask? Would you like to fuck me?”

She continued rubbing my cock through my trousers. She smiled expectantly and stared at me as she ran her tongue along her upper lip. “I think so, yes. Would your wife object?”

“If she saw you she’d understand and probably want to join us, she’d like you a lot.”

“Ohhh, I can’t wait to meet her. We should fuck first though, you know, just in case she doesn’t approve.” She winked and raised her eyebrows at me as she gave my cock a tight squeeze.

“The second house on the list is vacant, its the nearest one, we’ll be there in a few minutes.”

She squeezed and rubbed my cock again as she leaned in to whisper. “Can we fuck in every house? That’ll help me decide which one I like best.” She kissed my neck as she withdrew and settled again in the passenger seat, eyes fixed on the road ahead now.

“We can try, after all it is Valentine’s day.” I smiled “but there are hundreds of houses to show you.”

“I don’t need to see them all today.” She quipped.

We pulled into a circular driveway, I stopped at the front door, Helen jumped out and I followed more casually. I opened the lock box and used the key to open the door. I called my “hellos” to make sure that the empty house was indeed empty. beşiktaş escort Helen entered the foyer. Once inside I latched the door and turned to fall into a deliciously long and wet exchange of mouths and tongues. Her arms came around me and mine around her as we pulled each other into a passionate embrace. Our bodies pressed together, my cock hardened against her, her breasts flattened against me. She sucked hungrily at my tongue, she loosened an arm and cupped my balls before starting to undo my belt.

My arms slid over her back, I unclasped her bra, releasing her full breasts. I brought my hands around her flanks to caress them briefly as she worked on my zipper. My thumbs flicked across her hardening nipples as I lowered my hands to her zipper, slid it slowly down and then quickly unsnapped the brass button that held her tight jeans closed.

She broke our kiss and led me to the living room. “This is the living room.” I mentioned. “24 x 17.”

“Fuck me.” She demanded. We stood separately and undressed quickly as we stared at each other. She moved to the sofa, I lay across her and kissed and sucked every square inch of her neck, throat and breasts as my left hand began to explore her calves, knees and thighs.

Working slowly higher towards her sex as my mouth released her nipple and descended to her belly, pausing to lick, suck and kiss her, tracing a wet line towards her clean shaved mound. Her legs opened.

“Yessss, eat my cunt.” She begged. I was surprised but delighted with her language. Her words went straight to my cock. I maneuvered to where she wanted me to be and began to delicately lick her slit from bottom to top. She eagerly let me know that she wanted it harder and sooner, she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her dripping sex as her legs parted wider. I sucked and drank her nectar, nibbled her clit aggressively, fingered her hole with my left hand and reached for her breasts with my right. I felt she wanted it hard and she was getting it hard but she pulled me harder and screamed for more, she screamed through an orgasm “You fucking, lying cock sucking cunt.” It occurred to me that perhaps she had something else on her mind besides me.

My face was covered with her juices and my cock was straining for a wet surround, I slid up her body and kissed her hard, she sucked my mouth, savoring every drop of her own taste. My cock found its way to her sex and she opened to let me in briefly. The head of my cock was barely inside when she broke our kiss “Let me suck it.”

I withdrew and stood beside the sofa as she took the head of my cock into her gorgeous, smiling mouth. She sucked hard on it, swirling her tongue around the rim and into the slit.

After moments she paused, holding my shaft in her right hand she pulled her mouth from my cock and asked me to fuck her hard.

I complied, it was a tight fit but it was a good fit and she expertly clinched and pulled me to every place she wanted to feel it. I braced against the arm of the sofa. She stared down at our joined sex, enjoying the vision of every beautiful stroke. With her hands scratching at my back she tightened her legs around me, closed her eyes, let her head fall back and she fucked me as if her life depended on it.

The approach of her orgasm was enough to bring on my own and I slammed a load of cum into her as she screamed more abuse. “You’ll never put that fucking cock near me again you fucking cunt.” Followed by “Yesss, harder, ohhhhh yessss, yesssss, yessss, fuck yesssss, fuck me, yesssss, again, yessss, please fuck yeahhhh.” I’d never heard a woman scream louder than Helen did in those minutes.

We slowed down together. Eventually calm, our breathing getting steadier.

“Is there something you might want to tell me.” I asked. She smiled, then chuckled.

“Yes, to put it bluntly, you might as well know that my husband and I haven’t slept together since he told me he was gay three months ago. Now I wish he’d found out three years ago.” She smiled a smile that told me it was ok to smile too and I did.

“By the way” she added, “you’re the only person I’ve told.”

“Why me?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you one day but more than anything I need a Valentine.” She said.

I gazed into her eyes and kissed her. Suddenly I understood. She kissed me back and held me tightly. At that moment it felt as if we were meant to be there. That somehow she now knew that it wasn’t her fault and it was ok to move on and be who she wanted to be.

We hugged a lot because I think she needed to. We dressed and toured the house. She explained more and it became clear that she had every intention of staying with him in whatever way they could make it comfortable. She answered my earlier question by explaining that it was me because she could see I was honestly horny, she had deduced that I was willing and she sensed a mutual attraction that wouldn’t cause me complications at home.

We moved to the second house and we fucked again, beylikdüzü escort this time it was less urgent.

She asked about my circumstances as we drove on to house three. I further explained my current availability and the openness of my relationship with Jane, how we both fucked other women. She smiled a knowing smile that said she understood it all and leaned in with a kiss that said a million things. At the third house I fucked her from behind as she leaned on the window ledge of the master bedroom. I came inside her as she came. I held her as she gazed out over the beautiful pool and landscaped grounds. She pointed out that the tennis court looked as if it had been recently resurfaced. I assured her I’d make the appropriate inquiries.

When my cock slipped from her she turned to me. She looked into my eyes as she dropped her hand between her legs. She cupped her sex then brought her fingers and palm to my chest. She rubbed our combined cum on my chest and she proceeded to suck and lick me there. She sucked and nibbled each nipple in turn. I was amazed at how sexy this woman was. When she was done with that she wanted to kiss me. Of course I readily permitted it. She dropped to her knees and sucked my cock until it began to harden. Then she let it loose and told me how beautiful she found it, she said it was her favorite cock. I smiled at her. I stroked her cheek, she came up and we kissed again. My fingers found her wetness and I masturbated her as she leaned back against the window, She came gently and I knelt to drink her as her thighs trembled softly against my cheeks.

“Do you like pussy too?” I had to ask her.

She held my head in her hands and whispered to me “Yes I love pussy but I love this too, I miss it so much, don’t ever stop this please.”

There were some complex thoughts in her head, so much had changed in her world. These I figured were her interim conclusions. Maybe I was the doctor for a day. I decided to go along for the ride.

On the way to house four she asked to see and I offered a picture of Jane. She studied Jane’s picture for a long time. She smiled and commented that Jane looked very sexy. I told her that Jane could be a wild woman and with luck the two of them would hit it off. “Will you tell Jane about our day?” She asked.

“Yes, I will. Maybe we can tell her the details together sometime.”

“I’d like that.” She said.

House four was still lived-in and the owners were home. We stole kisses and teased as we toured but didn’t get to fuck. She sucked my cock briefly in the basement but fear of losing my license persuaded us to wait for a while. It was a nice house but didn’t have the pool or the view from the master bedroom that had now become pre-requisites for Helen.

House five was a vacant property on the drive-by list. We chatted and fucked wildly in the kitchen. I lifted her ass off the cold granite counters and pounded her until weak kneed and content. She dropped to the floor and sucked and licked my cock clean as I leaned back against the center island. I paused to look at her beautifully sculpted heart shaped ass as she washed her hands and face in the sink. She wiped down the counter and rinsed a sponge in the sink. She turned towards me with a paper cup in hand. Before I could react, the freezing cold water was tossed on to my body, the shock had me run away and around the island, a tactical battle developed and we wrestled with cold water before collapsing into a heap of hugs and laughter.

All the sucking in the world couldn’t get me hard again so we decided to move on.

“We’re buying house number three.” She said as she reached into her purse and dialed a number on her cell phone.

Her side of the call informed her husband that she’d found the perfect house, she reminded him of which one it was based on the details we’d reviewed that morning. She said we needed to write up the contract. After checking the time and confirming things with me, it was agreed that we’d head back to the hotel and write it up. The Doctor could sign and give me the deposit check at 7 p.m. when he returned from the hospital. From there I’d try to contact and arrange to meet up with the seller’s agent on Sunday or Monday.

She told him that they had a party to go to after dinner. Her side of the conversation led me to believe that he wasn’t too enthusiastic and she happily confirmed she’d be attending alone but maybe a little later.

We rode the elevator to their suite, holding hands, kissing, staring. Once inside their suite we settled into a leisurely and mutually fulfilling 69. She still tasted like heaven must taste and although I have orally worshipped more than my share of pussy, it felt as if this one was made just for me. Her sex was sweet and dripping wet. I needed to swallow frequently and every time I did, the sounds made her suck harder on my cock. Her cunt flowed as she reached orgasm and her thighs tightened around my face as her own face fucked my cock. She lay with her head on my thighs, her dripping pussy leaked on my chest, I watched it slowly close as her soft, sexy lips retracted. We untangled ourselves and lay back together. I softly made mention of my observation of her perfect heart shaped ass and as my words trailed off, she put a finger to my lips and whispered “one day.”

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