A Helping Hand Ch. 06


Author’s note: This is a continuation of a story written by myself as well as AnnaVenus69. Please see her stories page for Chapter five. And again, thank you for your votes/comments/feedback on this series.


“Holy shit!” I exclaimed suddenly glancing over towards the clock sitting on the end table. “I’d better call my brother and tell him that he’d better look for another partner for golf this morning!” The last thing I wanted to do was go golfing, especially with two very hot delicious wet cunts still staring me in the face.


“Yeah honey?”

“Keep your golf date…I have an idea!” Kay told me.


“Well…Linda and I are going to go do some shopping.”

“Shopping?” I asked incredulously. “Shopping?”

“Special shopping…the naughty kind!” she said with a knowing wink.

“What do you mean, the naughty kind?” Linda finally asked.

“You’ll see,” Kay said with a knowing smile towards the two of us. We soon after began dressing though I was still reluctant to do so. Though the thought of continuing on with our naughty little adventure still left me hard and aroused, I was all but pushed out the front door carrying my golf clubs. Kay walked out with me giving me a sexy affectionate kiss at the car as I threw my clubs in the trunk. Added to that, she lifted the lightweight sweater she was wearing revealing her still braless breasts, pressing them fully against me just as Don Black, our next-door neighbor came out to get into his car. It was too obvious, and I caught the surprised look on his face as he glanced over towards us, offering a weak little wave, then reaching for the door-handle of his car, missing it…twice before forcing himself to actually look away from us in order to find it.

“Ah, morning you two!” he said with an almost embarrassed grin, which is when Kay stepped away, her breasts fully exposed though only for a moment as she readjusted herself, once again tucking them away.

“Morning Don honey!” Kay cooed flirtatiously. “Just giving the birthday boy here a little good-luck this morning, he’s going golfing.”

Don looked back towards his own home. “Maybe I should take up the sport, though I doubt Susan would ever wish me luck like that!” he said with a mile-wide grin on his face. Then to my surprise, Kay once again lifted her sweater flashing poor Don once again with an unexpected peek at those gorgeous twin orbs of hers.

“Damn Kay! You really do have gorgeous tits!” Don exclaimed sounding dumb-founded, as was I as I finally closed the trunk, realizing as I did when looking down that I was once again sporting an erection.

“Obviously…” I began in a near-whisper, “you’re still fucking horny aren’t you?” I said teasingly.

Kay giggled, “Yes darling, I am. Now…off ya go!” Turning once again, re-flashing me those hard pointy little nipples of hers. “Have a good time, and keep in mind that we’ll be waiting for you when you get home this afternoon!” Kay said with a mischievous grin.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed suddenly remembering something. “Remember? We invited Pete to come over for a barbeque this evening! Should I tell him something’s come up or something?”

Kay glanced down at my very obvious erection. “I’d say something’s come up alright,” she giggled again, now reaching down to fondle it briefly as she did, then paused thinking. “Is your brother seeing anyone?” she asked.

“Ah no, not really.”

I saw the smile on her face.

“You’re not thinking…”

“Why not? Pete’s handsome, and it might be fun for Linda to meet someone else.”

“Maybe…but Pete’s my brother!”

“So? Linda’s my sister.”

She had me there. And I know I must have had a semi-frowny face showing as Kay reached up with her fingers turning it into a smiley one. “Not to worry…when you get back, the three of us will have plenty of time to fool around some before the barbeque, so…go have fun, think about the two of us being naughty together while you’re away.”

Now I was smiling as I pulled out of the driveway, smiling even wider as I realized that Don was only then getting into his own car. My mind wasn’t on golfing however, it was on wondering what Kay had in mind by taking her sister “naughty shopping” as she’d called it that entertained me as I drove along.


It had been damn near impossible to concentrate on golfing, not with the image of my lusty, naughty little wife and her sister on my mind. Even Pete had mentioned that I was truly off form today. I had told him that Kay’s sister Linda was staying with us for a while, and that he’d meet her later at the barbeque, but that was all I told him, even as tempted as I was. And though we’d always been close, sharing most everything that we ever did, or that ever happened to us, I just wasn’t ready to tell him that I’d been fooling around with my wife’s sister, let alone that she had been as well!

I couldn’t get home fast enough either, wondering even as I pulled into the driveway what if anything those two horny little sisters might be up to. Much to my delight, I found canlı bahis şirketleri out moments after entering the front door.

“Enjoy your golf game?” Kay asked from the living room.

Her question didn’t even register however, my mind had gone numb. There the two of them were, naked ass to ass kneeling on the living room floor, it became quickly obvious that they were connected together by some sort of double-dildo, and had been happily fucking one another with it when I entered.

“Ah what?” I questioned my eyes glued to the two of them in one of the most decadently erotic poses I’d ever seen. Linda laughed.

“I don’t think he heard you,” she giggled with a lustful expression on her face.

“Ah no, don’t think that he did,” Kay laughed back as I continued to stand there watching the two of them.

“That one of the things on your list?” I asked Linda pointedly, now smiling.

“Matter of fact…” she smiled back. “Amongst many,” she added with a groan as Kay humped back a little more forcefully against her sister, driving a portion of that double-dildo more deeply inside her.

“Honey? Why don’t you get undressed, sit down on the couch, and I’ll tell you all about our naughty little shopping spree while you continue watching us!” Kay suggested. I noticed the sudden blush spreading across her sister’s face when she said that.

“Oh, this should be good!” I said as I began stripping out of my clothing, my cock already stiffening at the prospect.

“Oh baby…it was, it really, really was! Trust me!” Once again Linda’s face grew even more crimson, though she finally spoke.

“Even I have to admit, I had NO idea that my sister had such a wickedly naughty side to her!” she said grinning, then groaning once again as Kay pressed her sweet well-rounded ass against her sisters, and knelt there rotating it against her.

Now naked, aching, and with a very hard stiff cock jutting out in front of me, I took a seat on the couch facing the two of them. “Well? Tell me about your erotic little adventure!” I stated curiously.

“Well, of course I took Linda to ‘Mischievous’,” she told me. I knew the place well, having been there several times myself.


“Well, we browsed for a while of course, talked about all the naughty wicked looking toys they had there, amongst other things,” she said with a backward glance towards her sister, once again thrusting against her, eliciting another soft moan from her in the process. “Then, we tried on a few sexy little outfits. You remember seeing the older woman with the shoulder length blonde hair?” she asked me.

“Yeah? Why?”

Kay giggled. “Well, I had talked Linda into trying on a really skimpy little outfit, but it was a size too small on her, so I asked the sales lady, that blonde that works there if she could find us a size larger. She came back with another one, but happened to catch me standing behind Linda as I stood there playing with her breasts.


“Yeah, really!”

“Then what happened?” I said becoming even more curious, more aroused as I slowly began fisting my cock, listening, still watching as the two of them continued to kneel against one another, slow fucking one another with the long fat thick toy.

“Well, she then stepped into the dressing room with us, helped me remove the tiny little thong Linda was wearing.”

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, already feeling a bubble of pre-cum fuck juice leaking out of the tip of my cock. “Then what?”

“Then…she helped me into the sexy little cut-out bra,” Linda said joining in, fucking back against my wife, which caused her a sudden intake of breath when she did.

“Yeah, and as she did that, I reached around and pinched Linda’s nipples right in front of her! Said something about making them stand out better, harder in order to see what they looked like poking out through the cut-outs of the bra!”

“Fuck!” I groaned just imagining that.

“Oh, but it didn’t stop there either!” Linda went on excitedly. “So now this woman, is looking, examining, and sort of doing what Kay here was doing, adjusting, readjusting, and fondling my breasts, though making it appear as though she was just trying to more properly adjust me. Which is when she stated that she had an entirely different outfit that she thought I’d look even better in. Instead of just going to get it however, she first helped me out of it, once again with Kay’s help of course…”

“Of course!” I said grinning.

“But when she came back, she was holding two different little bits of nothingness, and said that we should each try one of them on.”

“And so?”

“And so…we did!” Kay smiled even more widely than before. “Which is when it REALLY got interesting!”

“Oh fuck!” I groaned wishing I’d been there. “FUCK you two, don’t keep me in the dark, tell me what happened next!”

The girls proceeded to tell me the rest of their naughty little encounter with the blonde-haired storeowner. She’d begun to question them about the “purpose” of the outfits, if they were looking for something just canlı kaçak iddaa sexy, or really naughty…and what it was they wanted to accomplish with them. Which is when Kay had actually confided in her, that it was a naughty continuation of a birthday surprise for her husband, and that the two of them were planning even more of a surprise for me later on that evening. The more Kay told the woman, the more excited she became, and the more explicit their conversation went as well with more and more outfits being brought into the dressing room to be tried on, with the woman now helping, touching, and more or less fondling both women every chance she was given in doing so.

“Tell him the best part!” Linda urged her.

“You mean this isn’t?” I said half ready to shoot my now urgent load on someone, I sat there anxiously waiting to hear the rest.

“Not by a long shot!” Kay grinned. “We must have tried on a dozen differing outfits when she left to get the two of us something very, very special, and a bit kinky as she’d put it. We were both horny as hell by this time, and I couldn’t help but reach down and slip a finger inside Linda’s soaking wet little cunt.”

“Nor I!” Linda added. “So as Kay stood there fingering me, I soon began doing the same thing to her…”

“Which is when…” Kay said interrupting, ” that the sales lady came back!”

“Oh fuck!”

“You’ve got that right!” Linda giggled. “So…there we were, standing there fingering one another, this woman enters the dressing room, sees what we’re doing to one another, drops the two outfits she’d returned with on to the bench, drops to her knees in front of the two of us, and proceeds to start licking the two of us alternately back and forth!”

“FUCK!” I exclaimed excitedly. “She did? Seriously?”

“Seriously!” Kay moaned pleasurably.

“It was fucking wicked!” Linda stated. I smiled hearing her use of the vulgarity. Linda had indeed come a long way since all this had begun, her comfort now in not only hearing the words, but in speaking them to highlight her arousal was refreshing.

“So there we were,” Kay continued, “Linda and I standing there together, now playing and sucking one another’s breasts while…”

“Casandra,” Linda interjected.

“Yes, while Casandra…took turns fingering, then licking us back and forth…back and forth.”

“Which is when…” Linda began, blushing.

“Which is when…I came, and literally exploded all over the surprised woman’s face!” Kay admitted.

“Oh fuck!” I said once again, realizing my vocabulary had become not much more than the two words I’d been repeating over and over throughout the entire story.

“Then I did,” Linda grinned.


“And…she hurriedly rushed over so that I could pour out my juice onto her face too.”

“Fuck!” I moaned, not bettering my vocabulary.

I didn’t realize the girls had stopped fucking one another until Kay actually stood. “And guess what she gave us for being such interesting customers?”

“Ah…ah…what?” I stammered still envisioning this wild little dressing-room orgy the three of them had enjoyed together.

“This!” Kay stood retrieving some sort of belt with what appeared to be a life-like, albeit a thinner shaped penis attached to it. “You ready for this now?” Linda asked her sister.

“More than!” Linda sighed expectantly. “I’ve been wanting to see what that feels like ever since I saw the two of you doing it earlier.”

“What?” I had to ask curiously, still in a little bit of a fugue after having heard their naughty little story. Meanwhile, Kay was already strapping on the belt, positioning the rubber-stiff cock in front of her, which looked obscenely wicked. I then watched as Kay retrieved a special bottle of lubricant, holding it out towards me. “Want to do the honors?” she asked.

Like the naughty little girl that she was, Linda smiled turning towards me still on all fours, presenting her luscious little ass in the process. “Use plenty of it!” she told me with only a little worriedness in her tone of voice. “I’m still a…a…virgin there,” she finally finished.

Now I understood.

“You don’t mind do you Jack?” Kay asked me. “You are after all, a bit thicker around, and for her first time, I thought this might be a little easier for her to handle.”

“Ah no…no, not at all!” I stammered as I began applying the pearly like substance around, and then gently inside her tight puckered little opening. Hearing Linda groan expectantly, excitedly, told me just how aroused these two horny little bitches really were.

“Oh, and Jack?”


“Once I’m inside my sister’s ass…how about you…get inside mine!”

“OH FUCK!” I said once again in agreement.

After I had thoroughly lubricated my sister-in-law’s ass, Kay placed the head of the life-like prick against her sister’s opening. “You tell me if it’s too much,” she warned her as she began to worm the head inside that tight puckered opening.

“Ohh, ohh!” Linda groaned wantonly.

“Too much?” Kay asked worriedly.

“No! canlı kaçak bahis NO! Not at all!” Linda grinned hotly looking towards me. “Oh fuck sis…so this, so this is what you feel like?” she asked breathlessly.

“Even better!” Kay winked looking towards me.

That was my cue, so I stood and wandered over behind where Kay was standing, and began lubricating her ass. “Ready?”

“Oh baby…more than!” Kay trembled excitedly.

Placing the hard stiff head of my prick against my wife’s beautiful ass, I began to ease it inside that tight puckered opening of hers. As I did, Kay moaned in acceptance, easing her own phallus inside the opening of her sister’s ass simultaneously, causing her to moan just as lustfully as she was.

“This is fucking amazing!” I pronounced as I felt the entire length of my shaft now slipping inside my beautiful wife’s ass.

“Oh fuck…yes, yes it is!” Linda proclaimed as well. “Push it all the way inside me now sis…ALL-THE-WAY!”

It took a few moments to coordinate our chain-fuck, but we somehow managed it. Moving with Kay, fucking her, as she in turn moved against her sister, fucking her. Linda was busily frigging her clit with another hand-held vibrator as Kay continued slow-fucking her sister’s ass. I was pleased to see that the image of the three of us could be easily seen in the floor-length mirrors we’d had installed along one wall of the living room. From the side, it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen before in my entire life. The sway of my sister-in-laws breasts as she humped herself backwards against my wife’s fucking prick, and me bent slightly at the knee behind my own wife as I stood fucking into her, holding on to her full breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples just the way she liked.

“Damn!” I stated a moment later.

“What?” Kay asked.

“Wished we were getting this all on film!” I said somewhat sheepishly, not quite knowing how that suggestion might come off.

Kay smiled. “Oh honey…but we are baby, we are. That was another surprise we wanted to show you later,” then Kay pointed up towards the bookcase where I noticed she’d placed our video camera much earlier. “Thought it might be fun to watch ourselves later, while we masturbate one another again,” she stated. “What do you think?”

“I think, I have the most beautiful, wonderful, wicked naughty little wife any man could ever hope for!” I told her.

“Hey! What about me?” Linda asked.

“Well of course…and the most beautiful, wonderful, wicked naughty little sister-in-law any brother-in-law could ever hope for too!” I leered happily.

The girls giggled, then laughed, and then the fucking began in earnest.

I was so worked up that I knew I wasn’t going to last for long. And I told Kay as much.

“I’m pretty close myself baby,” she admitted, “But when you do…pull out and squirt it. I want to feel it shooting up onto my back and ass,” she told me. Still watching the three of us in the mirror, knowing this was all being captured on film as well made it even more erotically exciting. Seeing a nice healthy cum-shot on film later would be equally exciting as well, I thought silently.

“Almost…there!” I moaned only moments away, picking up the tempo slightly as my cock eased in and out of my wife’s tight precious ass.

“Do it baby! Do it! Fucking cum all over us!” Kay wailed in what had obviously become the beginning throes of her own climatic release. Hearing that was about all it took. I felt that first delicious knot of pleasure gather inside the length of my shaft, felt it begin to charge its way forward just as I thrust one last time before yanking my prick reluctantly out of Kay’s ass, and came.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed watching the first enormous ribbon of white pearly spunk discharge from the end of my prick. It leapt from my cock with such velocity that it completely overshot my wife’s back entirely, tossing itself like a length of coiled rope high into the air, actually landing on Linda’s back instead of my wife’s. Crazily, that seemed to trigger the beginnings of her orgasm, which she announced a millisecond or so later.

“Fuck me Kay! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I’m cumming!”

I pumped out another deliciously hard-felt streamer of fuck-juice, watching it fly from the head of my dick, this one landing on my wife, shampooing her hair with it instead.

“Oh yeah, come baby, come! Shoot it baby! Shoot it! Cover me in your hot creamy fuck juice!” Kay wailed, now climaxing too as she continued to hard-fuck her sister, the ‘thumping’ of which must have been stimulating her own clit, as that’s all it took to take my lovely wife over the edge.

Together, I heard the wet sloppy splash of their respective cunt-gushings, even as my prick continued to jettison streamer after streamer of prick-cream all over the two women as I now proudly stood actually aiming it towards them, surprised at the continued volume as well as the still forceful amount that was being tossed their way.

Kay’s spending was running down her legs by now, drenched, puddling upon the floor. Likewise, Linda’s own little sea of ecstasy was still spraying upon the carpeting as well, soaking it with her sweetness which I only then wished I was lapping up instead of seeing it so uselessly wasted the way that it was.

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