A Hike in the Woods


It had been almost 12 years since I’d seen Tom. It had been longer than that since I’d last fucked him. God, those were the good days. I remember his dick pumping in and out of me, full of seed and youth and virility and everything wonderful. But I’m getting ahead of myself…today we’re going geocaching. He’s wanted to go for a long time, but it just never worked out. We live over 3 hours away from each other and it seems like every time I’m available he’s not, and vice versa. Until today…

I kiss you hello, you act surprised. Playfully, I lick the end of your nose and grab your hand, pulling you behind me. We take off up the hill, gps in hand, backpack stuffed with a blanket and small travel pillow, ready for an old-fashioned romp in the woods, just in case. After we’ve been hiking for 30 minutes or so, I stop and turn around to kiss you again, a little more aggressively this time. My tongue goes to battle against yours, your arms wrapped around me, crushing me against you. I can tell you are hard already, maybe from watching my ass, or maybe in anticipation of our mission to fuck ourselves silly.

Your hand goes straight to my butt, squeezing and grabbing me. Your kiss grows more desperate and I break it to save us both. “We still have a little ways before the cache, don’t get yourself too worked up yet”, I say with a twinkle in my eye. You growl something at me, but I don’t hear what you say because I’ve already started working my way back up the hill.

Beep, beep, beep, beep. “We must be getting close,” I yell back to you. As I move in around the area where the cache could be hidden you catch up and look over my shoulder at the gps receiver. “Looks to me like it’s over here, but these things are only accurate to 30 feet or so, so I guess we’d better start searching.” I take off one way while you go the other. I’ve been looking around for 10 minutes, there really aren’t that many good hiding places around here, so it’s got to be obvious. I don’t want to read the clue yet, so I sit on a huge rock and take my pack off. I open the pack and pull a couple of things from it. I spread the blanket on the top of the rock so I’m a little more comfortable. I enjoy watching you searching every nook and cranny, trying to find a Tupperware box full of toys, just to please me. You look up and see me watching you. “Get over here” I purr, “I don’t want to wait any longer”.

You oblige me, of course, and when you reach me, I grab your hands in mine and pull you down beside me. I lightly trace around the edge of your face with my fingertips. I don’t want to rush this, we’ve waited too long to be in a hurry now. My lips follow my fingertips, kissing your whole face. I want to memorize this moment. Your lips find my own and they’re so incredibly soft. I am shyer now; we’re doing what we’ve talked about for so long, I just want everything to be perfect. Your mouth opens under mine, and I feel your tongue enter my mouth, searching for my own. I meet you more than halfway and you go crazy…I can’t keep up with you. “Slow down, boy” I whisper against your lips. “Sorry” you mutter back, “I can’t help myself”. I know the feeling.

My hands are twisted through your hair, holding your face to mine. I feel your hands, hesitant at first, reaching for my breasts. I press myself into them, trying to convey to you that yes, that’s a good thing! You take the hint, and massage me through my shirt. I remove one illegal bahis hand from your hair and, finding your hand, move it under my shirt. “Oh”, you say, and then each hand has its own breast and nipple to play with. My hands then move under your shirt up your chest. They’re cold, and I feel you wince through our kiss. “Sorry” I murmur, and finally I tear my mouth away from yours and push you down onto the rock. You’re lying in front of me now, and it’s such a beautiful scene. I tug up on your shirt and replace my hands with my mouth. I want to kiss you everywhere. Your hands move to my sides and you pull me back up to your mouth so I can kiss you there some more.

I feel your fingers tweaking my nipples, tugging, twisting, pulling and pinching them. I’m in ecstasy and you know it. You pull me further up until your mouth finds first one hard bud, and then the other. You repeat the motions that your fingers were doing, only this time it’s teeth and lips and tongue. I moan in response and my reward is to feel your fingers digging in my flesh, I think you’re trying to swallow me whole, and that’s just fine with me. If I could fit my body inside your mouth right now, I would.

Instead, I opt to slide down your body, and position my mouth right at the top of your pants. I lick around your navel, tickling your stomach. I unzip and unbutton your pants, and I can feel the heat from your thick cock radiating to my face. I kiss you through fabric and feel your dick twitch a little. I smile to myself, knowing what’s going to happen next. You place your hands on my head, press yourself into my face and shudder at the contact. I pull back a little bit and give you a warning look. You remove your hands from my head, but I think you’ve gotten what you were after already.

I pull your underpants down and now I can see you in all your glory. I kiss the very tip of your cock briefly before I set my mouth on it like a vacuum. Sucking you, fucking you with my mouth, taking you all the way in until I can feel the tip of you in my throat. I gag a little until I’m used to the sensation. Once again I feel your hands on my head, moving me in the rhythm that you like. I don’t mind it this time. You whisper “Faster”, but I have my own ideas. I keep going at the same pace, only now I’m sucking only the head of your beautiful fat cock. I run my tongue all around the ridge, making love to you with every stroke. I get a taste of precum and wipe it all around my lips. You feel alternate wet warmth from my mouth, and the cool air around us as I remove my mouth from you just so I can stare.

You try to move your dick back into my mouth, but I’m not having it. I take you in one hand and start stroking you, up and down, and down and up. I love just looking at you. I wrap my lips around your head again, and suck you as hard as I can. I look up at your face and your eyes are closed tightly. I take my other hand and cup your balls, squeezing them gently, feeling how heavy they are. I move my mouth to them, sucking first one and then the other. You are about to go out of your mind, your fists are clenching and unclenching, I’m still stroking you and sucking you. You start to move your head from side to side, and I know you’re getting close enough that I need to back off, so I take my mouth off of your balls and resume licking your cock from base to tip, tip to base. You’re very uncomfortable now…you so badly want to cum, but illegal bahis siteleri I’m not going to let you just yet.

A few minutes later I can tell that you’ve calmed down a little, so I move my mouth back to your head and suck all around the ridge of it. I tickle you with my tongue and am rewarded by you sucking in your breath. Next I take you back into my mouth and resume fucking you with it. I suck you all the way down to your base and gently squeeze your balls. I want them to be bulging before you get to cum, I want as much of you in me as I can get.

You’re going crazy at this point, I hear your breathing getting more and more rapid, your feet are twisting around me and I almost think you’re whimpering but I’m not sure. I decide it’s time for something different.

I slide my body up yours until I can kiss your lips again. You practically attack me. All I can feel are lips and tongue and teeth and your hands are everywhere all at once. Lifting my shirt, undoing my pants, pulling them down, pressing between my thighs, squeezing my tits, holding my head to yours, how in the world do you do that all at once? My perception of reality is seriously altered. Tender and rough, hands and tongue, lips and legs, we are tangled together.

Then just as suddenly you’re gone, only to reappear with your face right at my crotch. I feel hot breath on my thighs and I’m afraid to even look down. You wash my inner thighs with your tongue. Your hands encourage my legs to part, and when they do I hear a “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about” before I feel your mouth on my labia. At first you’re all about gentle kisses and licking, and then more in earnest, sucking and nibbling. Every now and then I feel your tongue glide up my slit and flick my clit. It’s enough to drive a girl crazy, but turnabout’s fair play, or so they say. It’s my turn to whimper, and I’m very fidgety.

Your lips eventually find my clit and hang on for dear life. The sucking sensation I feel is so exquisite, just barely there, and then I feel your tongue flicking back and forth and around my clit. I’d swear you were writing the alphabet with your tongue, but it feels so good I don’t even care. I love how this feels, and wish it would never end, when I feel you slip a finger into my cunt. You work it in and out until it’s dripping, and then just as quickly you remove it and offer it to me to suck on. I lick it clean, I love the way I taste, sweet and tart all at once. You take your finger away and stick it back in my pussy. You slowly finger fuck me, and then you insert a second finger. This nearly sends me over the edge and you are very aware of that. You’re still sucking my clit, and now you curl your fingers up just a bit inside me so you can scratch that ever-elusive itch, my g-spot. You find it with ease, and now I can’t catch my breath. I am going to cum, and you’re going to be drenched, but neither one of us cares. I am wiggling all over the place, trying to get more of you in me; you’re trying to hang onto my clit with your lips. It’s like my cunt is an extension of my mouth, and you’re French kissing it ever so gently. When you stick the third finger in me, it joins the other two in rubbing my upper wall, and I am about to lose it totally. At this point you start a more frenzied attack on my clit, and that’s all it takes. Your nibbling and fingers and tongue have pushed me right over the edge and I cum on your face. canlı bahis siteleri Every muscle in my body clenches to the point of a spasm, and I stop breathing. I don’t want to breathe again because I know that will mean I have to come down from this incredible high.

Just as quickly as I cum, you’ve repositioned yourself on top of me. I can feel your cock rubbing against my opening, but I still can’t move. You’re kissing me, and I taste myself, I want to eat you alive and give it my best shot. My legs wrap around your waist and pull you into me. Your dick fills me full and I am quenched. You pump into me three times rapidly, covering yourself with my juices. After that you go more slowly, building us both up slowly. I start to recover from my orgasm-induced stupor, and now I can respond by moving my hips with you. My legs pull you deeper with each stroke, I want your whole being inside me, and nothing we do can get you close enough to me. This feels so damn GOOD! Your balls are full and heavy and I can feel them slapping against me with each thrust.

You pull out almost all the way, and I look at you, confused at first and then excited as I remember what you’re about to do. I close my eyes tight so I won’t know when to expect it, and then you rip right through me, sinking yourself all the way in. The sensation is so wonderful, I grip at you with my muscles as you move to withdraw and do it again. You slam back into me when I least expect it and this time I try to hold you in place, squeezing my kegels as tightly as I can. I hear you exhale sharply, and you simply stop moving, content to let me massage your thick cock while it’s in me. Pulling and pushing over and over again, until you can’t stand it. I’ve finally decided it’s time to let you cum. I push back on you and we trade places. I sit on your fat dick and ever so slightly begin to rock back and forth. I lean forward and offer you a mouthful of tit and you take it greedily. I grab your hands and pull them high over your head. I hold your wrists with my hands, but you break free and grab my breasts, squeezing them and pinching them together. Encouraged, I slide up and down your stiff pole, it’s so wet and slick now that it’s hard for me to grip, but I try anyway. I hear your breathing get faster and it’s matching my own. I begin to bounce on your cock, trying to get you deeper into me with each downward motion. My tits are bouncing with me, and I wish you could see me but your eyes are clenched shut. I reach back and tickle your balls, then further down to your asshole. I wet my finger with my own juices and then wiggle it around your ass. I cup your balls again, gently squeezing them, I can feel how heavy and full and loaded they are. It’s all for me, and I know this. I can’t wait for you to shoot your load right into my pussy.

I rock my hips back and forth on you, more and more frenzied. Our actions are now the same; ramming our bodies together and coming apart just enough that we have room to ram them back together. I hear you groan in my ear “I’m going to cum if you don’t stop doing that”, and I laugh. Nothing would make me happier, and I tell you so. “Cum in me now, baby”, “Oh God, I need you to fill me up”. With several quick thrusts I feel your dick lengthen inside me and I know you’re cumming now. You groan again, and I reach down to frig my clit and make myself cum quickly, squeezing you with all my might at random, milking your cock for every drop of seed I can get. I collapse on top of you and you kiss me on the forehead, lovingly. I feel like passing out, but at that exact moment I spy the elusive Tupperware box in a crack in the rock we’ve just fucked on. I love this game!

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