A Holiday in Looe Ch. 01

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Emma & Mark — On The Way Home from the Pub

Background: Looe is a historical fishing village in Cornwall (UK) just a little further down the coast from the coastal city of Plymouth.

All over Looe the pubs were closing for the night, disgorging their drunken patrons onto the narrow cobbled streets. Mark and Emma staggered out of the door of their own chosen drinking establishment and into the refreshing cool of the evening air. The street was filled with drunken revellers, milling around, laughing, staggering and just generally hanging around. The night still seemed young and nobody seemed interested in going home to bed. On the adjacent street which quickly turned upwards up a short hill, a young man had his back to the street and from his pose it was obvious that he was busily relieving himself over the shop door in front of him. Eager for a better view and maybe a glance at his prick and his shooting golden stream, Emma grabbed Mark’s hand and surreptitiously guided him over to the nearby wall. Making a show of affection by placing her hands around his waist, she drew him closer trying to ignore his beer breath, and used the excuse to take a good stare at the pissing man. Sure enough, the bloke was in full flow. Emma could quite clearly see his pissing member as he held it in his hands directing his spray up and down over the shop door. It was quite obvious that he was enjoying his piss immensely and that he was trying to spray as much of the shop door with his golden pee as possible. Emma watched on entranced by this free golden shower show. She wished she control her own piss direction as easily. She would love to be able to spray her golden juices all over somebody’s door just like this man was doing now. Several more seconds passed and slowly the shooting stream of piss leaving the dick of the man began to droop and wane. As soon as he was done pissing he tucked his dick back into his pants and walked off leaving a large obvious piss stain all over the door for the shop owner to find the next day.

Suddenly Emma realised that Mark was talking to her. Staring away from the piss stained door she focused her attention on her boyfriend.

“Come on let’s get something to eat,” he said breathing heavily into her ear.

“Fish and chips,” Emma suggested.

Grabbing her hand Mark set off down the crowded street. On their way, they passed a dark archway leading to a narrow walkway leading to the harbour front. Several feet inside the darkened enclosure, Emma could make out the forms of three women all squatting down over the cobbled floor. Although she couldn’t see their uncovered pussies, it didn’t take much to guess that these girls were in the act of relieving themselves over the floor. Mark however had missed the sight as she was sure he would have stopped for a good look. Feeling the growing ache in her own bladder, Emma was quite tempted to nip back and join them. In her mind she fantasised about entering the walkway where the women were busily peeing over the floor, and then pulling down her skirt and panties before joining them in a squatting position over the floor. She wondered how they would react as she started to spray her own shower of pee over the cobbles, her spent urine flowing over the ground to merge into the collective pee pool at their feet.

Just then they passed two more men who were in the act of relieving themselves. They had their backs to the streets, both hands holding their exposed cocks, aiming their flowing piss streams over the window of a camera shop. They were laughing whilst they carried out their acts of piss vandalism whilst on the over side of the narrow street two girls waited, obviously their girlfriends. Neither girl seemed to be proud of what her boyfriend was doing which Emma thought was illegal bahis a great shame. Had Mark not been with her then she was sure she would have gone over and offered to hold the cock of one of the boys. If she couldn’t spray her own pee over a shop window then why shouldn’t she help somebody who could?

As they progressed down the neon lit street they passed by the various assortment of small shops that formed the retail heart of the small Cornish town. Emma wondered as to Mark’s staying power. Normally he would have needed to take a piss of his own by now. On the same subject, Emma realised she too was getting ready for a pee. The urge in her bladder was getting quite acute by now and she realised that she would need to go in the next minute or so or otherwise the red panties she was wearing under her skirt would be getting a good soaking. Not that Emma had anything against pissing in her underwear. At home, on many an occasion she had purposely let loose with a strong squirting shower of her hot pee, straight out of her pussy and directly into her panties. She loved the lovely warm sensation as her piss flowed out of her muff lips and into her underwear, feeling the material dampen as it absorbed her hot piss. Then the lovely damp stain would grow as she pissed more and more of her hot urine into her panties. The feeling would grow spreading outwards around her crotch and down and around to cover her bum cheeks with her spent pee. Just remembering all the times she had purposely peed into her clothes was tempting Emma to have a quick go now. Just a little squirt she thought – nothing too much as to cause a running stream down to the floor for all to see.

Emma was just about to let loose a little pee into her panties when Mark suddenly stopped. Emma came out of her fantasy world of panty peeing and took in their surroundings. They were just a little short of the old stone church that lay to the left on the main street. On the same side and just behind them was a large open courtyard where the tourist information office was situated. On their right a line of shops continued down to a split in the road where the upward slope led back to their accommodation. Letting go of her hand Mark wandered off in the direction of the Supermarket mumbling something about only being a minute. Emma watched him go and was not surprised when he stopped in front of the shop window and started to fumble at the fastener to his pants. Within seconds Mark was taking a piss. From behind Emma witnessed the sight as the first of his piss started to play over the glass window, splashing off in all directions as Mark waved his pee stream back and forwards.

Seeing her boyfriend relieving himself made Emma realise just how desperate to pee she now was. She dare not risk a quick piss in her panties now as she wouldn’t be able to control the resulting torrent that would come gushing out of her pussy lips. Where could she go for a pee of her own? On the street people were still walking by, seemingly oblivious to the sight of Mark pissing on the supermarket window. If he could get away with it then why shouldn’t she? With her mind made up, Emma decided that she would take her own piss in the street as well. The next shop from the Supermarket had a short brick wall lining a small enclosure before the shop front. This was perfect for Emma. Going to stand by it she faced the street. Looking around she made sure nobody was paying specific attention to her before reaching up to her waist. With one deft motion Emma drew down both her skirt and panties all the way to her knees. Now she was stood in the street with both her nude bum cheeks and exposed triangle of public hairs that made up her pussy, on complete display to the entire world. Quickly Emma squatted down on the brick wall illegal bahis siteleri in front of the shop. The bricks were cold to her bare flesh and she felt the chill emanating through her skin as she drew herself backwards so that both her bum and pussy lips were hanging over the void behind the bricks. Within seconds Emma had started her toilet. Immediately her pussy lips parted to allow her pee hole to open wide sending out a thick, hot, golden spray of her pee shooting force from her hairy pussy and raining down to cover the wall with a running stream of piss.

The feeling of relief was ecstasy as Emma sat with her bum and pussy over the edge of the wall, busily taking a hot pee all over the brick work and then down to the floor below. The warm spray of her piss stream passing close to her thighs as it spurted out from her pussy was a stark contrast to the cold against her legs. Under her bare wide bum cheeks her hot golden pee spray continued to rain down over the bricks covering them in a large damp sheen. On the floor stone tiles below a small puddle was growing larger as Emma continued her toilet.

Emma marvelled at the sensation of taking a piss in public. Here she was with her panties and skirt halfway down her legs, her bum stuck out over a shop wall whilst she did her toilet in the open. People were still walking up and down the street and not one person was paying special attention to either her or Mark whilst they peed in the open. Between her legs her golden piss shower was still squirting strongly out of her pussy. Emma was enjoying her toilet in the street immensely. Wouldn’t this be fantastic fun if you could do this all the time, she wondered, still pissing over the shop wall below. She also wondered what the shop keeper would think in the morning when he saw her piss puddle on the floor and the tell tale stain on the wall. ‘I bet he wished he’d been here to watch me stick my nude bum over his wall and a take a piss in his garden,’ she thought.

Two men were passing her at the moment. One said something and poked his mate to gain his attention before pointing at the semi naked form of the pissing Emma. Panicking she tried to stop her pee, the hot flow off her shooting piss still emanating strongly form her uncovered muff. Fortunately they just laughed at her and started to walk off. Giving them a suitable reply with her fingers Emma tried to start peeing again but the shock of discovery had shaken her nerves too much. Reluctantly she clambered off the wall and pulled up her clothing to quickly cover her private parts from view. In her mind she was determined to come back tomorrow to visit the shop in daylight to witness how much of a mess she had made with her piss. Collecting Mark from where he had ended up after his own pee, staring into the book shop window, the couple headed off back down the street to the Fish and Chip shop.

The next twenty minutes passed without much excitement. Whilst standing outside the food shop busily munching on their meal, Emma took the time to fill up with lots of fizzy pop drink. She was definitely going to take another naughty leak before the end of the night and she wanted to have as much pee inside her as possible. Just before they finished Emma witnessed a group of girls in the car park opposite acting suspiciously. One by one each girl suddenly vanished from sight as she crouched down behind the back of a large sports saloon and it didn’t take much for Emma to work out that they were taking turns to relieve themselves. Her own bladder urge was growing by the second and she new it wouldn’t be long before she was ready to pee.

Discarding their rubbish Mark started to head back in the direction of their accommodation. Desperately Emma wondered what she could say to get Mark canlı bahis siteleri to allow her to find a suitably naughty place for her piss. Setting off after her boyfriend she caught up with him a few paces down the street where a narrow set of steep steps led upwards, a short cut between the shops and to the street adjacent to the building they were stopping in. Reaching Mark she looked up the steps and saw why Mark had not already started to ascend. About twenty steps up from the street a young blond haired woman was squatting with her bare legs parted wide. From her golden haired muff was squirting a long arch stream of clear piss, flying through the air to patter noisily over the steps near the bottom.

“Sorry!” the woman giggled not making any attempt to stop urinating.

“I’m next. You’ll have to wait if you want to come up,” said a second voice from the gloom of the steps behind the pissing blond. In the shadows Emma could now see a second woman, this time a brunette with long flowing hair, equally as pretty as the girl currently showing off her pissing pussy.

Taking a long good look at the spraying torrent of clear urine gushing from the pussy lips of the blond girl, Emma decided it would not be too much of a good idea for her boyfriend to witness anymore beautiful pussies, especially ones taking a piss. Grabbing his arm she yanked him away from the steps.

“If you want to watch somebody take a pee then you can watch me,” she said huskily in his ear. “I really need to go and I want to be really naughty. Understand?”

Mark didn’t reply, simply nodding his acknowledgment. Already an idea had started to form in Emma’s head as to where she could naughtily relive herself. Heading back on themselves they made their way to the harbours edge where all the large fishing fleet were moored for the night.

“I want to pee on one of those,” Emma said pointing at a big trawler moored nearby.

“OK, but be quick in case somebody sees you,” Mark replied letting go of her hand.

It took only moments for Emma to scramble aboard the trawler. Being a half moon, the high tide mark still meant that the boats were still relatively low in the water so it meant that Mark who was stood on the quayside had a perfect view as she started to pull down her short skirt and red panties. Discarding her clothing on a pile of rope Emma went to squat down in the middle of the wide deck. Ignoring Mark above her she stared down at her pubic triangle nestled between her legs as she got ready to pee. It was a clear night and as Emma suddenly started to urinate, it quite easy for both of them to witness her piss stream as it shot out from her pussy triangle and started to patter noisily over the deck of the fishing boat. Squirting harder and harder Emma watched with glee as the impact point of her shooting piss stream moved further and further away from her body. As her pee flowed over the deck it sent off running streams in all directions whilst her main shower continued to noisily rain down in one spot.

Emma’s relief lasted ten long wonderful seconds. Pissing over the deck of the trawler was not possibly as much fun as peeing over the wall in the high street, but yet it was undeniably as much as a turn on. Just as Emma’s finished her toilet a new pattering sound started to emanate from the wooden decking. Looking up from the view of her pussy as she did one last squirt of piss, she saw that Mark had produced his penis out of his pants and was in the processing of decorating the deck of the trawler with a piss of his own. Grabbing her clothing Emma started to dress all the time watching Mark directing his golden shower up and down the deck. By the time he had finished, the deck of trawler was covered with two large pools of cooling urine, glistening brightly in the moonlight.

Mark helped her climb out of the fishing boat and silently they made their way back to their accommodation. Both knew that their naughty toilets would be foreplay for the delicious fuck they would soon be enjoying.

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