A Holiday Inn Her!


I had known Karen for more than ten years and what had begun as a work relationship had moved to friends and eventually to lovers. Though our sex life was far from boring there were still a few things to discover. After a business meeting we stopped at the hotel bar for a couple of drinks. The bar was moderately busy and since it was a Tuesday night there was no waitress on duty. We found the waitress station open and camped there while shooting a few games of darts.

During the games several challenges were raised along with suggestive looks and remarks. After three shots of Irish Whiskey Karen and I were both feeling a bit loose. Karen had her shooters eye in focus and defeated me three consecutive times.

As I sat on my stool wondering if I should challenge Karen to another game, she leaned close and whispered in my ear, “Since you just got spanked, I think maybe it’s my turn.”

While she leaned forward, I realized our location gave us some unexpected privacy; there was a wall about six inches wide which designated the waitress station. As she whispered in my ear I slid my left hand to her neck and gently kept her there while my right hand moved to the front of her pants suit. While telling Karen that she would get her spanking and suggesting that she be patient I unzipped her pants and slid my hand inside to slide to the front of her panties.

Karen turned to kiss me and jumped slightly as my thumb grazed her lower lips. With that Karen looked around quickly and determined, as I had, that no one was watching us. She then leaned back a little and kadıköy escort grinned at me while sliding her hand along my thigh up to my rapidly hardening cock. We continued to kiss and surreptitiously stroke each other until my thumb grazed Karen’s clit and she nearly bit off my lip.

Right then Karen leaned back a little and after realizing her grip on me she slowly zipped herself up. The sparkle in her eyes told me she had something on her mind and I might be in for something interesting. She grabbed my hand and led me out of the bar telling me to stick close to her. I followed her to the rest rooms and we checked for occupants.

As luck would have it the men’s room was empty so I grabbed her hand and pulled her inside. We chose the handicap stall since it offered more space. In seconds Karen had backed me against the wall. I could feel her hard nipples, first on chest, then in my hands as she bent forward to bite my own nipples through my shirt.

I opened my shirt to give her better access but Karen had other ideas. She had my pants down in a flash, had fished my cock out of my boxers and was swirling her tongue around the head. She had one hand slowly stoking me while the other was buried in her panties.

I knew things would not last long unless I distracted her so I pulled her up saying, “It’s your turn.”

I used my tie to secure her hands leaving her at my mercy. Karen’s jacket lay in the corner and it appeared that her breasts were trying to escape her bra. While kissing Karen I slowly backed her against the üsküdar escort wall. I unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra, pushing it aside as my kisses trailed from her lips to her neck and finally to her chest.

I began tracing Karen’s breasts, alternating between rubbing and light pinches both through her silk blouse and under it. A low moan escaped her throat as my teeth found her turgid nipples and my right hand slid down to her mound. I continued licking and nipping my way down as I removed her pants.

Her soaked panties came next and as I licked my way up her inner thigh I placed Karen’s left leg on my shoulder, giving me more direct access to my prize. Her juices were leaking down her legs and I slurped greedily to get all I could. I ran my tongue across her swollen lips and lightly flicked her clit eliciting a gasp.

She squirmed in an attempt to get more of my mouth on her clit, I moved away from it while continuing to lick her pussy.

After nearly five minutes of torture I slid one, then two fingers inside her and started focusing solely one her red-hot clit. Karen bucked her hips forward and leaned into my tongue, humping herself to a knee-trembling orgasm.

When I stood to kiss her and let her regain her breath Karen licked my chin with gusto. After a couple of minutes I turned Karen around and she leaned forward, spreading her legs for better purchase.

I surprised her by quickly kneeling to lick her pussy again then stood to slide my cock inside her. She was so wet I slid easily in tuzla escort and I reached up to untie her hands. She grasped the handrail with both hands pushing back in an attempt to impale herself on my erection. I tried to fuck her slowly but the heat of her pussy made it impossible.

Suddenly Karen pulled away from me, turned around and engulfed my cock. She released the head with a noticeable pop and asked, “Don’t we taste great?”

I nodded, unable to form words as I concentrated on not coming. She stood up and backed into the corner beckoning to me. As I moved into her arms Karen slid her right leg around my waist and guided me into her.

Our movements started slow and as my tempo increased Karen’s hand moved down to rub her nipples. That lasted only a few moments as her clit required more attention slowly circling and increasing as her orgasm neared.

It was clear from her breathing that Karen was getting very close and I was not far away myself. Karen suddenly stiffened and bit my shoulder to keep from screaming. I held still until her orgasm passed, holding her close. Karen pushed me gently away.

Turning around and resuming a familiar position she said, “I’ve been bad, haven’t I?”

My cock was harder than I ever remember it being and I moved forward to rejoin Karen. As I did, I began to slap her ass giving her the spanking she had originally asked for. I kept on smacking her lovely behind as my cock plunged into her pussy faster and faster.

Karen began to coach me saying, “Cum for me Dok.” I did just that, shooting what seemed like gallons into her steaming cunt. We kissed for a few minutes to cool down then cleaned up as best we could. We went to the bar for a final drink before going our separate ways. I can’t drive past the hotel without getting hard. I hope this brings a smile to Karen…thanks for the memories.

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