A HOT day Ch. 02

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I live happily in Queensland, Australia with my little puppy dog. My partner lives in New Zealand and will be coming to live with me in the near future. I recently disclosed my bi-sexual tendencies to him and he encouraged me to explore them, so I created a profile and advertised on the Internet for a female lover. The story of my first time can be found here entitled “My First Woman” Since then, there have been a few adventures………..

A HOT day “Chapter 2”

We gathered together our cossies, towels and a light picnic, packed the car and set off. “Which beach are we going to Mary?” I asked, “Well, I rather thought we could check out that new nudist colony a few KMs north of Moore Park, what do you reckon?” “Sounds good to me, I’ve never been to one of those, you’ll have to tell me what to do.” “Mary laughed, “Baby, all you do at a nudist colony is take off your clothes and relax.” “Well I can do that” I laughed back.

We arrived at the colony 45 minutes later. The entrance was built like the front of a Spanish Hacienda, with large Stucco columns on either side if the main door. A wall about 3 metres high of white stucco went off in both directions seemingly surrounding the entire beach. We parked up, grabbed our stuff and heading towards the door. When we rang the bell, two young blonde girls opened the large solid door; neither of them could have been older than 20 years old.

The girls were dressed in very light coloured saris that just covered their breasts down to mid thighs. The door opened up into a courtyard, surrounded by a low building of the same white stucco, where a fountain was set in the centre of the courtyard and the water; sprouting 2 metres into the air before splashing into a large pool, looked cool and inviting.

The girls showed us to the ticket office, where we paid our $20 and from there, we were directed to the women’s locker and changing room. Mary led the way and soon we found ourselves in a long room with lockers against one wall and small cubicles against the opposite wall. Inside the cubicles were little wooden benches and some hooks on the wall for hanging clothes on.

Mary and I found our lockers and went into the cubicle opposite to get undressed. “Ok, we get undressed, then what?” I asked, “We go outside and have a walk around and see what facilities they have here, personally, I want to lay back and catch some sun, but we can have a look around first.” I took my clothes off and, when I removed my panties, I noticed that my pussy lips were still a little puffed up from our earlier session at my house, “Do you think anyone will notice my pussy has been purring?” I asked Mary; she just laughed and pointed to her own very swollen pussy lips, “If they care to babe, they will see right inside me from 10 feet away.”

We took our picnic basket, towels and some sun block and left by the door at the end of the locker room. When we got out into the sun, I only saw ten people, 6 playing volley ball and the other four relaxing on lounges watching the volley ball players, there didn’t seem to be anyone else around. Mary and I walked over to some empty lounges close to the volleyball court, put our towels over them and lay down to watch the game with the others.

The players where divided into sexes, three men against three women. It seemed funny watching the men’s cocks bouncing around while they moved around yozgat escort the court but it was equally as funny to watch the women’s breasts, and they were all very well endowed, bouncing heavily as they chased the ball. I had a look at the other watchers, they were all women and they seemed rather flushed as they watched the game. I wondered what was turning them on, the naked men or the women or both.

The players all looked to be in their mid-thirties and their bodies had been looked after. The men all had nice sized cocks even though they were soft and I wondered what they would look like when fully erect. At that thought, my pussy gave a little lurch, “Down baby” I thought. I looked over at Mary and I knew she was thinking along similar lines, her nipples were erect and she had a thin sheen of moisture along her top lip. “This is going to get interesting” I mused, “Knowing Mary, someone is going to get very lucky”

I turned my attention back to the game and watched the women. Two of them were blondes and the third brunette. The brunette was also the smallest but her breasts, in comparison to the blondes, where a lot larger, the areole were massive and the nipples perched in the centre looked to be the size of the tip of my little finger. I watched the brunette as she moved around the court, her breasts swaying from side to side and then bouncing up and down when she jumped for the ball.

After about 10 minutes the game finished and the little brunette walked towards me, she was breathing heavily and I got to watch her magnificent breasts move up and down, as she got nearer. The exercise must have excited her because I could see her swollen pussy lips clearly through the dark pubic hair that covered the entrance to her pussy. I was no less excited and I was sure she could see the juices that had started to leak from me.

She slumped heavily onto the lounge beside me, “Phew that was fun, but I’m knackered now,” “It looked like you were enjoying yourself” I said,” Too much like hard work to me in this heat. I’m Maggie by the way” I held out my hand for her to take, “Lenore, pleased to meet you. Have you been here before?” “Nope first time, in fact it’s my first time to a place like this ever.” Lenore turned to me, “It’s my third time in two weeks, my boyfriend Alex,” she indicated to the men on the other side of the court “ brought me here and I love it. Have you had a look around?” “Nope, Mary and I just arrived and thought the volleyball game looked interesting,” I said with a slight smile, “Ok, let me give you the grand tour.” She stood up, took my hand and led me off towards the sound of the waves.

We walked hand in hand through a gap in some bushes and arrived on the sandy beach. There were little cabins all along the beach front, “They’re for when it gets too hot or you want a little privacy” We ran into the sea, still hand in hand, and both collapsed in a heap when a wave hit us. We both laughed and tried to stand against the strength of the waves, but they were too strong and kept us on our knees.

We lay back and let the waves push us back onto the sand. I lay panting and laughing on the wet sand, Lenore beside on her hands and knees. I rolled over onto my back and Lenore leaned over me, looking into my eyes, her breasts touching mine. I could feel her hard nipples pressed into my breasts. yozgat escort bayan She looked hard at me then, smiling, she lowered her mouth to mine, kissing me deeply. I could feel her tongue running along the roof of my mouth as she searched for mine. When they touched, she sucked mine into her mouth playing with it with the tip of her tongue, it felt so erotic, I could taste her sweet saliva and I could feel my little clit start to throb.

After a few minutes where we both sucked each others tongues and gently squeezed each others breasts, Lenore jumped up, “Quick, come with me” and led me to the nearest little cabin. The door was open and I could see inside a large padded lounge/bed, it seemed to fill the whole space with only little gaps between it and the cabin walls. I jumped onto the bed while Lenore closed the door, then she lay down beside me. “I knew you would be fun to play with, I could see you watching me while I was playing volleyball. I was getting so hot knowing you could see every part of my body, my pussy was getting so wet.”

“You have a very beautiful body, I especially like your breasts,” I said as I lowered my mouth and ran the tip of my tongue around her erect nipple. I then sucked her nipple into my mouth and gently nibbled the end of it, enjoying the sounds of her gasping as I switched from one nipple to the other. I ran my hand down her stomach and in between her legs, searching for her clit. My middle finger slid over it and then gently pressed down on it, moving it around in little circles.

Lenore raised her hips off the bed to try and apply more pressure to her swollen bud. I dipped my finger into her hot tight pussy and then went back to playing with her clit. It only took a minute or so for her to cum. She held my head to her breast and bucked her hips up harder and faster as she rode her way through her orgasms. I carried on using my finger until she started to calm down then I slid down the bed quickly and replaced my finger with my tongue. Her cum tasted salty from our dip in the sea but it was pleasantly sweet too.

I placed my hands under her knees and raised her legs until her knees where touching her breasts causing her pussy to open up and make her little asshole accessible to me. Her clit was completely unsheathed and appeared to be begging for my tongue. I ran my tongue slowly up and down her thighs then when she was practically begging me, I placed my tongue into her hot wetness. With her legs so high she couldn’t buck so much and this allowed me to take my time to explore her. I gathered a tongue full of her juices and spread them over her ass, dipping the tip on my tongue just inside, feeling her muscles contract at the intrusion.

I got up onto my knees so I could slide my hand down to play with my own clit, but just when I got up there, I felt a hard object slide up and down my slit, it felt so good I let it carry on, then it paused at the entrance to my pussy as if awaiting permission to enter. I pushed back against it, feeling it spreading my pussy as it slowly sank into my depths. I gasped into Lenore’s pussy as it reached the bottom of my pussy, nudging against my cervix, I had not felt so full for years, it was glorious, and when it started it’s outward journey, very slowly, I almost fainted with shear pleasure.

I took Lenore’s clit into my mouth escort yozgat and as I sucked I flicked it with my tongue, she grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me into her, just as the hard object pushed hard into me. I didn’t know about Lenore but I was ready to explode.

Lenore opened her eyes and saw what was happening to me, she released my head then swivelled around until we were in a sixty-nine position. I immediately dropped my mouth back down onto her pussy. What happened next was so exquisite. The object started to really fuck my pussy then Lenore started to lick my clit. The feeling of being fucked hard and having my clit licked and sucked drove me to heaven and back three times, one after the other.

I remember screaming into Lenore’s pussy as the third orgasm hit me. The person fucking me had leaned forward to squeeze my breasts and I could feel breasts with very hard nipples pressing into the skin on my back. A woman. This was what sent me into orbit, I was being fucked and being sucked by two woman.

It took me nearly five minutes to come down from wherever they had taken me; I collapsed onto my side and looked at my two lovers. I saw one of the blondes from the volleyball standing there with a huge grin on her face and between her legs was a large strap-on cock, “Meet Sandra, she’s good huh?” Lenore said, “Good? She’s fucking wonderful,” I gasped. We all lay down on the bed with me in the middle, gently touching and kissing until I realised Sandra hadn’t cum yet.

I mentioned this to Lenore and together removed the strap-on. We got Sandra into the same position as I had been with Lenore underneath again. I let them enjoy some oral stimulation while I put on the strap-on, then I leaned forward and while Lenore was licking Sandra’s clit and pussy, I licked all around and in her ass. Lenore took hold of Sandra’s breasts and started to squeeze and massage them, pulling at the nipples until they stood out very hard. I knelt behind Sandra and ran the tip of the cock around the entrance to her pussy, over her clit and up and around her ass, then back down to her pussy.

I eased the cock slowly into her, taking my time as I remembered how wonderful it felt, then I started to slowly move out, stopping just before it came all the way out then I slammed it hard inside her, slowly out then hard in. I could feel her pussy muscles gripping the cock hard as I slide slowly out then relaxing to let me hammer it in to her. After a few times of this, Sandra seemed to get the rhythm and as I eased the cock out of her she moved away, then when I pushed it hard into her she pushed back hard doubling the feeling.

All of a sudden, Sandra went stock still and I heard her moan louder and louder, the sounds where muffled as she was moaning deep inside Lenore’s pussy but I knew she was ready. I gripped her hips and started to pound in and out of her, going as fast and as hard as I could until she raised her head away from Lenore and gave a very loud groan. I reached forward and gripped her hair and pulled her head back to me as I continued to pound away at her. After a few more minutes, Sandra kind of collapsed, her whole body went totally limp and when I let go of hair she fell forward, sliding off the cock.

Lenore reached up and took the cock into her mouth, sucking Sandra’s pussy juice from it; it was a beautiful sight as I watched this gorgeous woman slowly mouth fuck this hard cock. When it was clean she took it out of her mouth and smiled up at me. I looked up at Sandra, she was still breathing heavily, saying “Fucking hell” over and over again. I took the strap-on off and Lenore and I lay on either side of Sandra and helped her come down.

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