Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 29 A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 29 37 Paris Sunday evening It was almost time for dinner when I got back to my hotel. I put my shoulder bag down and checked my phone for messages. There was one from Raouf, the 40 year old Algerian who, on my first night in Paris, had greeted me with the blunt message, ‘Can I be the first in Paris to cum in your ass?’ He had got what he’d wished for and had said he might be able to meet again later in the week. His new message said, ‘Can I be the last guy to fuck you in Paris?’ I wondered if he meant tomorrow night as I was not leaving Paris until Tuesday. Either way, I would be very happy to meet him and told him so when I replied to his message. It appeared that he did think tonight was my last night. I chose not to correct him if it was important for him to think he was the first and last guy to have me in this great city. He might not be available tomorrow night. He sounded delighted that I was able to meet him again tonight but then there was a bit of a hesitation in his voice. ‘I don’t wish to offend you’, he said. This sounded ominous. He went on, ‘I guess you don’t like group sex, do you?’ ‘Well, it depends’, I said, not wanting to sound TOO eager. ‘I have some friends I can introduce you to’, he replied. ‘They do regular group fun and are meeting tonight. I could take you there if you would enjoy it?’ He sounded quite nervous. ‘Certainly, if you think they would like me’, I said. ‘I trust you would look after me with them’. ‘Yes, of course!’ he said. ‘The ones I know are nice guys and I will tell any others to be respectful with you’. ‘How many guys would there be?’ I asked, very intrigued. ‘It varies’, he said. ‘Not many. It is Sunday night with work tomorrow’. ‘If you would like me to do it, I will and I’m sure I will enjoy it’, I said. ‘Great!’ he replied. I want to watch them fuck you – and no condoms, yes? I want to be last to fuck you with their cum inside’. Sounded pretty hot to me! He asked me to meet him at Montmartre Metro station at 8.00pm. There was enough time for dinner before then and I thought I should have only a light meal if I was going to be group fucked. I went to the same restaurant as last night and had fish and a small salad with a glass of white wine for dinner. It was delicious. Then I came back to the hotel, showered and was ready to go at 7.30pm. I didn’t have to wait long for the Metro and arrived at Montmartre station at 7.55pm. Raouf was waiting at the exit for me. Seeing him standing there, I felt aroused just looking at this handsome man again. I remembered how memorably he had fucked me a few nights ago. ‘The apartment we are going to is quite small’, he said, as we walked along a narrow uphill street, the roadway glistening after a light shower. I wondered if I should have brought an umbrella. We walked only a short distance and Raouf buzzed a doorbell at an old apartment block. Once inside, we walked up three flights of stairs as there was no elevator. Raouf knocked on a door and it was opened almost immediately by a very hairy and bearded man with just a towel around him. He looked hot! ‘Come in, come in’, he said, smiling. He shook my hand. ‘I am Hakim’. He took us into a small living room. There were two more guys there just in towels sitting on a sofa and a single lounge chair. They rose as we walked in. Both were quite hairy and attractive. I was introduced to Farid, a tall athletic-looking young guy kaynarca escort with close-cropped hair and a neat beard and then to a swarthy, heavy-set middle-aged guy called Sami who had a thick black beard and intense dark eyes. Looking at all three guys, this was clearly ‘Hairy Night’! ‘I hope you like us’, said Hakim, looking a bit anxious. ‘You are all very hot men’, I said – and I meant it. ‘I don’t think anyone else is coming tonight’, said Hakim. ‘I hope you are happy to be bottom for everyone. We are all top’, he said, almost apologetically. ‘It is definitely not a problem for me’, I replied. Hakim put his arm around my shoulder and drew me close to him. He kissed me wetly and his thick beard felt great against mine. Then he handed me on to Farid who also kissed me quite strongly. I rubbed my hands over his body. He was quite muscular and strong. Then Sami pulled me towards him and kissed me. His beard was very coarse and he was a beautiful sensual kisser. ‘We can cum in you without a condom?’ he asked. ‘Yes, cum in me as much as you like’, I said. ‘And Raouf wants to be last to fuck and cum in me, I believe’. They laughed and joked with Raouf who looked a bit sheepish. ‘His cock will be drowned inside you’, laughed Hakim. ‘We all cum a lot!’ ‘Good!’ I said. ‘My ass is hungry tonight’. They laughed again and Hakim took us into the bedroom which was even smaller than the living room. There was a double bed in there but no room either side. You could only climb onto the bed from the end. They all took off their towels and I undressed quickly. All four guys crowded around, touching me in the small area of floor space between the bed and a small wardrobe which had a mirrored door. I couldn’t imagine how everyone would fit in that room if more guys had come tonight! Their cocks were very hard. I knelt down and reached for Hakim’s cock and put it in my mouth. He groaned immediately. Hakim’s cock was about the same size as Raouf’s – seven and a half inches. I ran my hands up and over his hairy body as I sucked. It felt very sexy. I then ran my hands over his ass and down the backs of his legs. Both were very hard and muscular and covered in hair. Then I moved on to Sami’s cock which was about seven inches and nicely thick with a big head on it. He sighed as I sucked him and I was able to deep-throat it as well. His body was also covered in hair and felt wonderful. Raouf was next and it was nice to suck his thick cock again. I looked up at him as I sucked and he gave me a beaming smile. Then it was Farid’s turn. His cock was closer to eight inches and quite thick. He really had a beautiful body that was taut and gleaming in the light. He was nicely hairy, too. I enjoyed sucking him. He was a strong pre-cummer and groaned the whole time I sucked him. It was very exciting to listen to him and imagine how he would fuck. Of all of them, I felt he would be the strongest fucker. I was looking forward to finding out if I was right. ‘We can 69 now, ‘said Hakim, inviting me to get onto the bed. ‘Can I be on the bottom first?’ I asked. ‘I want to eat all of your asses’. ‘Wow, certainly’, said Hakim, immediately climbing on top of me and lowering his cock down into my mouth. He started sucking me at the other end and was quite good at deep-throating. I would have to be careful not to cum! Hakim tried to push his cock deep into my mouth and I was in danger of gagging on it in that position. I managed to control it and then, orhanlı escort after a couple of minutes, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled his hairy ass down onto my face. He was extremely hairy around his asshole and it was great fun moving my tongue through the jungle of black hair that I encountered. I could hear him groaning and I could hear the other guys making complimentary sounds. I guess it looked good. Then Hakim flipped me over and sucked me from underneath. I reached down and deep-throated his cock, holding it down as deep as I could and licking his balls as well. He squirmed under me but I didn’t let go. Looking up, the other guys were watching with great concentration, playing with their hard cocks. They all looked fantastically sexy. After a while, Hakim lifted me off him and got up. I turned over onto my back and Farid’s hairy ass came down quickly onto my mouth and he swallowed my cock, too. He also managed to keep it down his throat and lick my balls. It felt superb but I could feel myself getting rather too close to cumming. He was followed a few minutes later by Sami who had the hairiest ass of all. As he lowered himself down onto my face, I couldn’t even see where his hole was! It was good fun searching for it, though, with my tongue. When I found it, he moaned and proceeded to lick and suck the head of my cock, which was now feeling very sensitive. I had to screw my eyes up as the feeling became almost unbearable. Luckily he soon stopped and Raouf gave me his ass to lick too. I enjoyed playing with his very hard cock as well. He also was a very good cock sucker and I had to stop him sucking too hard and fast as I knew I would cum if he kept doing that. He slowed down and I managed to calm down a little. This was a very intense experience with these beautiful hairy men. Raouf eventually lifted himself off me and I could see Hakim standing at the foot of the bed putting some lube on his cock. He gave me a seriously lusty smile. I sensed that if I thought the cock-sucking and ass-licking so far was intense, any moment now it was going to get a whole lot wilder. All four guys shared the lube. Watching them getting their cocks ready for fucking was awesome! Hakim came forward and got onto the bed. Lifting my legs back, he lubed my ass and then stuck his cock into me, sliding slowly right up to his balls. His cock felt incredibly hot and was stretching my ass open very nicely. He gripped my legs by the ankles and fucked me at a steady pace, looking into my eyes and smiling. ‘That is so nice’, he said. ‘I don’t think I can last very long’. The other guys started singing some kind of song in French, obviously designed to distract Hakim. He laughed and just started fucking harder. He stopped suddenly after a few minutes and told Sami to stop playing with his balls as it was putting him off. They all laughed and I could feel Sami’s fingers on my stretched asshole next. Hakim looked at me and shrugged, gripped my ankles harder and leaned forward. He started to fuck me much harder, which was fine by me. He looked really hot above me. Then he leaned down and kissed me passionately and groaned and I felt him cumming deep inside me. The other guys clapped and cheered. Hakim pulled out of me and Sami took his place. He fucked me for a little while holding my ankles but then asked to do me doggie-style. I turned over onto my stomach and he lifted me up into a kneeling position. He shoved his cock in and leaned tepeören escort right over me, fucking me hard and fast. I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my ass. The other guys were loudly encouraging him to fuck me harder and I felt busy fingers on my hole again at one point. Then Sami groaned very loudly and shot his load into me. I could feel that it was a big load that seemed to go on and on. He held me tight until his cock stopped jerking inside and then carefully pulled it out. ‘Don’t spill anything!’ said Raouf, anxiously. Nevertheless I could feel something dripping out of my ass and running down over my balls. The other guys laughed at his concern. Farid was next and wanted me to sit down on top of him. His bigger and thicker cock felt great as I sat down on it. It really stretched my ass open. He got me to lean forward and then fucked me really hard, getting very deep up inside me. After a while, he flipped me over and, holding my legs back as far as they would go, he hammered his cock into me, breathing heavily. The other guys stayed silent through this. Watching this very good-looking guy with a great body fucking strongly must have looked good. As I had suspected, he was the roughest fucker of the three of them so far. I expected him to cum quickly but he was able to keep that speed up for nearly ten minutes! He was obviously very fit. Then he suddenly slammed his cock as deep as possible into me and held it motionless in there. I could see in his eyes that he was cumming and his cock was jerking really strongly inside me as he filled my hole. He stayed like that for a few minutes and then carefully pulled out, trying not to spill any cum. He did well, making sure that Raouf would get his wish and fuck me with three cumloads in my ass already. Raouf got me to turn over and lie completely flat on my stomach. He got on top and shoved his cock inside me. He fucked steadily and deeply. I could feel the hot head of his cock a long way up inside me and I could also feel it pushing the other guys’ cum around inside my hole. Suddenly, he shouted and slammed his cock deep inside and hammered my hole. He filled me with his cum and withdrew almost immediately afterwards. Then he pulled my hole open to show the cum inside to the other guys. I wish I could have seen it! Then he came around to my face and got me to lick the cum off his cock. I sucked it greedily, making sure there was not a drop left in it. It tasted really good. I then turned around and saw a huge wet patch on the sheet. A lot of the cum had already leaked out during the fucking. Raouf helped me up and showed me where the toilet was. When I came back, the guys were all dressing in the living room, so I got my clothes on, too. Hakim offered coffee but Sami and Farid declined, saying they needed to get home. They left soon afterwards and Raouf, Hakim and I sat around and enjoyed the coffee and chatted. All three guys as well as Raouf had been born in Algeria and had come to Paris some years ago. Hakim was keen to hear about my travels and said I should do more group fucking as I was good at it. I agreed to take his advice! After that, Raouf and I left and walked together to the Metro station. He came with me on the same train for a few stops but then had to change to another line and kissed me farewell, saying he hoped to see me in Paris again some day. I continued on to my hotel. Luckily it wasn’t raining when I came out of the Metro station. Back in my room and feeling exhausted, I went to sleep without reading any of my book first. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

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