A Hot Night In The Closet


It happened to be a quiet rainy night at home, parents had just went to bed. I was sitting on the couch with my oldest brother watching a movie. My brother reached over and slid his hand down my panties. We try to stay quiet as to not wake anyone, I lay back on the couch and beg him not to stop. Before I know my pussy is soaked and his hand is covering my mouth so nobody hears my loud moans. I beg for more, I beg him to take me in the bedroom and fuck me all night. He stands me up, takes my clothes off of me and leaves them lay in a pile on the living room floor and ask if I’m sure about this, I’ll look at him and beg him for his cock. He carries my naked body into his bedroom knowing we have to stay quiet. He opens the closet door to his walk in closet where there is a mattress fully made on the floor of the closet, he lays my naked body on the mattress. He grabs the rope and ties my hands together and ties it to the pole going across the closet. He shuts us in the closet and slides the lock to the locked position. He stands over my face, straddling my mouth and demands me to open my mouth and give him a blowjob. I open my mouth as he slides his cock down my throat, he starts fucking my throat, telling me how good of a cock sucker his sister is. His moans get louder tasting his precum on my tongue, I start sucking harder knowing if I don’t stop that I’ll get a mouth full of cum after sucking him 2 hours straight. Eventually feeling his cock tightening up in my throat, I pull his cock out to where the head of his cock is laying on my tongueand I suck him wrapping my tongue around his cock. kocaeli escort His moans turn into screams saying he is gonna cum, I keep on sucking as his hips start bucking against my shoulders and he empties his cock on my tongue, thrust after thrust of his cock in my mouth. He finally pulls out, I open my mouth showing him his cum on my tongue. He begs for me to swallow his cum as he watches, I leave his cum lay on my tongue for 30 minutes, finally he watches as I swallow all of his cum.
i tell him to straddle my face so I can continue keeping his cock nice and hard. We get in the 69 position. Feeling his tongue on my clit as I start sucking his cock. He gets my pussy nice and wet, asking if my pussy is ready for brother’s cock, I shake my head yes. He slides his unprotected cock deep in my pussy, says he won’t be pulling out and is gonna stay in his sister’s hot box all night. I hadn’t told him that I had been flushing my birth control pills down the toilet for 2 months. I knew if we fucked all night that he would get me pregnant. Keeping my hands tied to the pole in the closet as he fucked my pussy, beggimg him to go deeper and make it hurt. Begging my brother to not stop, begging him.for his cum in my fertile womb. He asked if I was sure that I wanted him to cum in me and I said yes. He said if he came in me once that he would want to everytime, I told him he could cum in his sister as much as he wanted. After his 1st cum in my womb I looked at him and smiled and told him I wasn’t on the pill anymore. Big brother keeps fucking my pussy, tells me my pussy belongs to him now. He fucks me darıca escort all night in the closet knowing our parents were just feet away from his bedroom. He waited for our brother to leave for work before he pulled my naked body out of the closet the next morning, said he wasn’t done with me.
He went out in the kitchen and spoke to our brother and told him what we had done, he told my brother that Mom and Dad had left for work, that we would have the place to ourselves til that evening. We left the bedroom door open with me handcuffed naked to his bed. He told me he was gonna make sure I got pregnant by him.
About lunch time we heard the front door open as we was fucking, he said he wasn’t stopping because he was so.close to cumming. We heard footsteps coming back the hallway. We heard a voice ask what we thought we was doing, it was our grandfather, my brother said that he was pgetting pleased. Our grandfather whipped his cock and turned my head towards his cock and slid it in my mouth begged me to suck him. Before I knew it my brother was moaning heavy and his cock was throbbing deep in my pussy as he said he was cumming again, I begges him to go deep in my womb. I went back to sucking my grandfather’s cock as my brother emptied his cum in my fertile womb, he had already came 6 times in my womb. My grandfather looked at my brother and said I would end up pregnant with all that cum going in me that deep.
I started massaging my grandfather’s balls as I was sucking his cock, his moans echoed in the bedroom, said he was gonna cum in my throat, I kept sucking his cock gölcük escort and before he knew it he was unloading his cum in my throat as I swallowed it all not wasting a drop.
I asked my grandfather if he wanted to feel his cock in my soaked cum filled pussy and have his turn in my slutty pussy. My grandfather picked me up in his arms with my legs wrapped around his waist and his cock buried deep in my pussy and carried me to the livingroom and said that he was gonna make sure he got caught fucking his slutty granddaughter. He sat down on the couch with me still on his lap with his cock still buried deep in my fertile pussy. He said he was gonna let my parents catch him and my brother fucking me hard and filling me full of their cum. I was kind of nervous but said okay after my brother said if I did it that he would fuck me that night in my bed.
I started bouncing up and down on my grandfather’s hard cock for 2 hours straight, telling him how good his cock felt in me and telling him I wanted him to cum deep in my womb. My grandfather lays me back on the couch as he gets on me and fucks me harder and ask if I’m ready to take his cum, I beg him to cum in me as my brother sucks my nipples. As my grandfather is cumming in me and I’m screaming for more and screaming not to stop we hear the door open and it is my other brother, he ask if they are having fun with the whore. He pulls his cock out and puts it in my mouth and tells me to suck him off, telling me to suck him like I do evey day. Not paying attention to the time we hear the door open and it is my parents, they ask what we think we’re doing, all 3 speaks up and tells my Mom to ask DAD about it. Yes my DAD had me too. Yes I ended up pregnant after a 3 day fucking by DAD, my grandfather and both brothers.

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