A House party and my girlfirends young teenage cou


A House party and my girlfirends young teenage couThis is a story about something that happened to me when i was in my early 20’s, i haven’t shared this story before but after reading so many brilliant stories, i felt compelled to write more.It was a Hot & Humid summer Friday after work and my girlfriends family were throwing a house party to celebrate my girlfriends dad’s birthday. All of my girlfriends family were there her sisters, her cousins, aunts & uncles. In paticular her two teenage cousins were there, these two teenage girls dressed beyond their age and seemed very permiscuous. My eyes would wonder over to the legs and cleavage on display at most opportunities, they were both petite green eyed, brunette girls with perky b cup breasts and pale skin. both wearing matching summer dress’s that dropped low enough to show their cleavage and stopped high enough to get an occasional süpertotobet yeni giriş flash of the inside of their thighs. I played around a little with them using any excuse i could muster to touch my hand over their soft skin, and spent the night like that.Unfortunatley i spent too much time drinking in the sun at the party and eventually it took it’s toll, i was wasted and needed to crash. I saunetered upstairs to the bedroom and crashed out on the guest bed whilst the party was still happening downstairs. I have no idea of how much time had past when the noise of 2 girls whispering and giggling outside the door stirred me, then silence fell and i drifted back into my drunken slumber.Again i stirred this time to something quite different. before i opened my eyes i could feel that someone was touching me, my cock was rock hard and a hand süpertotobet giriş was slowly working the shaft of my cock, i felt a warm mouth take my cock and gently opened my eyes i looked down the bed and one of my girlfriends teenage cousins was there with her head down playing and sucking on my cock. i put my head back and closed my eyes, i knew that if i let this happen it could cause alot of trouble, anyone from the party could walk in and the reprocussions started playing in my mind, but the blowjob was so good i could not help myself i ran my hands over her head and guided her head to suck my cock faster and deeper i groaned as she satisfied me. Then i Heard a giggle from the corner of the room, i moved my head and looked in that direction. Her sister was in the corner watching she was sitting in a chair with her legs spread, she had no underwear süpertotobet güvenilirmi on and had her fingers in her tight bald pussy. This made me even hornier, as my cock was being sucked by one horny young teenage girl, i watched the other as she brang herself to a climax, it was too much i felt a rush through my body as my body tightened and i came deep inside her mouth, i could here her gagging but didn’t care, i had to finish, i waited until every drop of cum was gone till i released her and let her up. Suprisingly when her head came up she looked at me and giigled, with a little cum in the corner of her mouth. As i wiped the cum away gently we heard a noise outside the door, the girls quickly darted into a nearby cuboard and hid. My girlfriend came into the room, i quickly closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. She walked in looked at me and sighed then left the room. there was silence for a minute or two then the girls quietly came out the cuboard look at me and giggled then left the room.I closed my eyes and with a smile went back to bed. By the time i woke up the girls parents had already taken them home and i didn’t see them again for a while after that.

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