A husband, pretending to sleep, is used by his wif

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A husband, pretending to sleep, is used by his wifThis is a true story, something that I have wanted to happen for months, if not years. My wife and I have been together for 11 years, married for the last 4 and have, until the last 2 year, had a very active sex life. But due to her stressful job and working in excess of 70 hour weeks our sex life has dwindled down to once every month, if I’m lucky.I still find her insatiably attractive, taking a glimpse of her massive 36H breasts whenever she is getting dressed and staring at her tight, trimmed pussy whenever I get the chance. She is the perfect woman in my eyes with a body to die for, a UK size 14, which is why I am constantly horny around her. I’m a very average chubby fella with an average size cock, 6″ long with a 5.5″ girth, nothing special but she loves it.I have wanted to catch her masturbating probably since the day we started dating. The idea really turns me on. There have been a couple of times when I have arrived home from work when she has been on a day’s holiday to find her vibrator in her drawer and dildo under her pillow. It turned me on so much knowing she was fucking herself, something she would never admit. I wanted to catch her and watch her doing this, this was my aim!When we get into bed my wife will often sit on her phone, checking social media, doing a bit of shopping, for at least a half hour. In which time I generally fall asleep. She told me that I sometimes make sex noises in my sleep and she generally starts to just watch me in the light of her phone, she admitted that she once tuzla escort checked to see if my cock was hard. I thought, maybe I can take advantage of this!I tried most nights to stay awake while she was checking her phone, getting comfortable on my back, so she could look, and hopefully touch my cock, if she wanted. Nothing happened for a few month.Then one night, about a month ago, I was lay naked, as usual, in bed on my back. My left arm above my head, my right arm across my chest. I started to make soft moans, added with a few random words, to simulate I was having a dirty dream. My wife put her phone down and snuggled into me putting her arm across my chest.My heart was pumping hard with excitement thinking ‘this is it’, something I have dreamed about for ages is going to happen. She started rubbing my chest, slowly moving her hand lower to my thighs. She caressed the inside of my thighs for a couple of minutes then cupped my smooth balls with her hand. My cock was rock hard at this point. She moved her hand up to my cock and slowly started playing with it. She manoeuvred herself into such a position where she was playing with my cock with one hand and the other was on her pussy. I could hear the wet noises of her fingers probing at her pussy. I was so excited and horny, I just wanted to roll her over and fuck her hard and fast, coming all over her. But I waited.She slowly played with my aching cock for what seemed like an age. Then slowly she removed the covers, the cold air hitting my chest and the end of my cock was a real turn on. She moved herself down tuzla escort bayan the bed, I didn’t know what she was doing. I didn’t want to lift my head up in case she knew I was awake. I lay motionless. Still softly moaning and groaning.Then i felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth around my cock. She sucked my cock extremely slowly, probably careful to not wake me, she took me deeper than she ever had. I was ready to burst!My wife sucked my cock for only a few minutes whilst she fingered her little pussy, the noise of her fingers in her wet hole was tipping me over the edge. I was ready to come. As my wife sucked me deep I started to come, my balls tightening, come shot into her mouth, she took my cock deeper, her lips touching my balls, my come shooting straight into her throat. This was the first time my wife had swallowed since I first met her. It was such a turn on. I thought I was finished, I thought she was finished. How wrong was I?My wife kept on sucking, not coming up for a breath. My cock was still hard, I was still horny. I thought now was the time to “wake up”. I moved my hands down to her head, still bobbing up and down on my cock. I grabbed a handful of her hair with both hands and let out a loud groan, thrusting into her mouth. I said softly ‘what do you think you’re doing’. I seen my wife smile in the dim light, she said ‘sorry’ and started kissing me. I could taste my come, and I kind of liked it.I flipped my wife onto her back, kissed her deep and hard. I turned on my bedside light, i wanted to see her, I wanted to see how wet she escort tuzla was. I franticly pulled down her shorts and spread her legs, her trimmed, glistening pussy waiting for me. I positioned myself between her legs, pushing her legs back as far as they would go. I moved my tongue over her asshole, circling, tasting her pussy juices that had ran down into her ass. She groaned loudly and grabbed her ample breasts which were now on display, her pink nipples now rock hard.I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy, tasting her exquisite juices. I made my way up to her clit and licked like I had never licked before, making her come within minutes. My lips and chin soaked, I sat up and kissed my wife, making her taste herself as I shoved my cock into her dripping pussy. Whilst I fucked her as I hard as I could, I played with her massive tits, pinching her nipples, and she sexily explained that she had been sucking my cock whilst I slept and that she had swallowed my hot load of come. I looked at her in lust, asking if she liked my come, which she didn’t answer, just a cheeky grin.It wasn’t going to take long for me to come again. I was now sitting up holding my wife’s legs open, fucking her hard, watching my cock gliding in and out of her soaked pussy and her huge tits moving up and down in tandem with my thrusting. I needed to come. I pulled my cock out, lept up and sat over my wife’s face. Grabbing her hair, pulling her face into me, I pushed my cock into her mouth. As she sucked her juices off my cock, I shot more loads of warm come into her throat. Now I was finished.I dropped in a heap next her, we smiled and kissed, and slowly went to sleep embraced in each other’s arms. I have tried a couple of times to re-stage this, but unfortunately nothing as of yet has materialised.

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