A Jacobite Tale


Lady Anne Mackintosh was a real, historic figure from the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. She was a true heroine and brave, married to the head of her clan, who was a redcoat officer in the government army, however she herself led-out her Highland clansmen as “Colonel Anne” in support of the rebel Young Pretender, Charles Edward Stuart, often known as Bonnie Prince Charlie. Some readers, particularly in America, may know of the ’45 Rebellion in Scotland if you’re familiar with the Outlander series of books and TV.

This story is not about Lady Anne herself, but her little known cousin Lady Mary MacGillivray, a widow in her late 30s, who was also a beautiful Highland noblewoman supporting the Jacobite cause. Because the action takes place in the wild Highlands of Scotland, our characters would generally be speaking Scots Gallic as their first language rather than English, but for the sake of fantasy and to appease you Sassenachs, the dialogue here will be in the English tongue (thank heavens, because I can’t speak Gallic!):

Shouts and a loud bang, followed by the fizz of a musket ball flying past his head, shocked Lachlan into spurring his horse towards the nearby stone tower. Dismounting at the entrance steps, he ran upwards to the solid oak door, banging furiously at the knocker. Within a few seconds, a barred hatch opened and old servant Mackay peered out into the gloom. On recognising the young man, he unbolted the heavy door, opening just wide enough for Lachlan to enter with his basket-hilted, broad-sword at his side. Once safely inside, Mackay locked the door and Lachlan greeted the lady of the house coming fast down the spiral staircase, alerted by the commotion.

“What is it Lachy?” she asked breathlessly, for she knew the lad, as he was the son of her estate factor.

“The redcoats mersin escort are coming to arrest you” said Lachlan: “they’re fast on my heels”.

Without hesitation, she grabbed Lachlan by the arm, dragging him upwards round the stone staircase, calling for Mackay to run home as fast as he could, securing the tower behind him.

“Hurry” she said to Lachlan: “we have a secret place, a priest-hole near the top of the tower, where we’ll be safe”. Nearing the top of the stairs, Lady Mary stopped suddenly, reaching-up to take a lit candle and pulling downwards on the candle-stick secured to the wall. There was a click, springing a narrow opening, cunningly hidden in the stone. “Quickly, inside” she said, leading him into the darkness.

“My sword” he exclaimed, unbuckling his belt so that he and the scabbard could fit through the narrow doorway. Once they were both safely inside, Lady Mary pushed the door closed and placed the flickering candle into a small lantern above them.

Just in time, for they could hear through the thick walls of their hiding place, the muffled thumps of what was probably an axe at the tower door below, faint shouting and the unmistakable dull banging of musket fire.

The priest hole was a simple narrow cell of only five feet in length and three wide, just tall enough for them to stand upright. It was a tight fit for the two fugitives with Lachlan and Lady Mary facing each other, huddled closely in the semi-darkness.

Soon they could hear the faint sounds of soldiers having breached the door, searching and ransacking the tower. “Don’t worry, they’ll never find us in here” whispered Mary.

Half an hour passed and things quietened a bit outside, but it sounded like the redcoats had left a small guard, perhaps intending to catch their prey if escort mersin they returned to the tower from which it seemed they had escaped.

Lachlan became increasingly aware of the lovely lady sharing his confinement, feeling her body breathing in and out gently, as her fine round breasts pressed against him above her tight corset. He had always thought she was beautiful and shapely for an older woman and often had fond thoughts of her, some of which while stroking his youthful cock up and down at home in his bunk bed at night.

The lady herself had also on occasion admired this handsome young man, with his strong body and she had observed coyly his sturdy thighs and the good sized bulge under his plaid. Having his large masculine frame so close and the musky smell of a man made her lower parts open slightly and moisten as nature had intended.

Without a belt holding his Great Kilt (feileadh mor) together, Lachlan’s tartan plaid began to unravel as he stood rubbing gently against Lady Mary; it was gradually revealing his nakedness and increasing tumescence below. Lachlan tried to hold it together, but without room to manoeuvre, he could not stop it falling open to revealing his muscular torso and swelling appendage. His large prick was swaying slightly, rubbing against the lady through her fine silk dress and petticoats.

Lady Mary had been married since childhood, now sadly widowed, but was well experienced in the ways of men, so at feeling Lachy’s manpole throbbing at her groin, her lower parts began to flood with desire and her breasts heave. “Don’t worry” she said: “it’s nothing to be ashamed of” she gasped at the embarrassed laddie. “Grind into me, I’m loving it” she said shamelessly for a noble lady.

At that moment, there lust was aflame, Lachlan pressed his mouth mersin escort bayan to Lady Mary kissing her passionately, their tongues dancing together, moans escaping from deep within them. Lachlan grasped his cock at full stand, placing it roughly between Mary’s spreading thighs as they ground together. His large hands moved upwards, pulling down her bodice to reveal pert boobs with large pink nipples, which he fondled and tweaked until they rose in peaks at his attention..

“Love me, NOW” cried Lady Mary, so Lachlan reached down between their legs to roughly drag-up her dress and petticoats, revealing a dark furry bush and pink swollen vulva pulsing with moisture and desire.

Grabbing his huge, veined rod, Lachlan aimed and pushed deeply through parting lips right into the soaking hot core of his wanton lady, causing her to shout-out loudly with pleasure. She gasped again at the sheer size of him, as it stretched her almost to breaking point and she thanked heavens for having birthed three babies that helped her accommodate his massive girth.

Pumping deeply into her, he forced her up against the stone wall with a succession of powerful trusts, each harder and deeper than before. They both shouted and groaned as they clawed at each other, their faces contorted in ecstasy. On and on and on it went, love juices gushing freely to lubricate their rutting union.

After what felt like an eternity of bliss, Lachlan felt a building pressure in his swaying balls, a certain indicator of his explosion to come. He humped his rampant cock faster and faster into his beautiful lover, she yelping at every thrust. He could hold back no longer and with a deep groan blew a massive load, spurt after spurt of warm, white spunk streaming into her, as she spasmed and shook with her own thunderous orgasm at being filled with young, fertile seed.

The new lovers held each other close, gasping and breathing heavily, stroking one another’s faces, as if all the troubles of the world were gone-away and all they had was each other forever.

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