A Journey By Train – Chapter 2.

Anri Okita

She tasted so good I was reluctant to let her have her hand back. Eventually, I brought my attention back to inside the car and pulled out of the lay-by. I asked myself what I had started but was too excited by the promise of a wild adventure to doubt myself for long. I drove through familiar country lanes, much more slowly now that we were off the motorway but there was still the illusion of speed as the closeness of the hedges were a blur through the windows and the twisty lane held the promise of danger around every corner.I kept silent and let the girl dwell in her own thoughts. Glancing at her, I saw that she was still on display, skirt up around her waist and  panties lost somewhere in the footwell. Her pussy was naked and unashamed. For the sake of discretion, I thought it should be covered when we drove through my village. Only a few people would be around at this time of day, but I had a reputation to maintain and it would be foolish to take chances.“We are getting close to my home,” I said quietly, “it might be a good idea to cover up.”She seemed flustered as she replied, “Oh sorry, I was day-dreaming.”She leant forward to scrabble on the floor for her underwear.“They’re not vital,” I told her. “Just pull your skirt down a little way.”She wriggled the skirt down until she was at least halfway decent before glancing at me and blushing. I ignored her and slowed the car as I drove through the village before turning into my driveway.++++++++++I went into a sort of daze when she started the car again. The road was now totally different. Gone were the smooth open curves of the motorway, replaced by typical English country lanes, twisting and bending, and slightly claustrophobic. I was glad when it opened out enough for me to catch glimpses of the countryside. A checkerboard of fields, mostly green but some a bright almost garish yellow, which as a confirmed ‘townie’ puzzled me.I was jolted back to reality etimesgut escort when she suggested I cover myself before the next village. I’d completely forgotten about my skirt crumpled around my waist and my wet pussy on display. My panties seemed to have become lost somewhere so I just pulled my skirt down to cover myself as best I could. We drove into a small village of extremely des.res. little stone cottages and then out the other side. It occurred to me that I had no idea where I was or how to get to anywhere even slightly civilised. I could ask her to drive me somewhere or let me out at a bus stop, but something inside me didn’t want the adventure to end.She turned into a gravel drive and pulled up in front of a large house. A small silver-grey car was already parked there. She got out and walked around the car, opened my door, and helped me climb out. I turned to grab my bag and saw the edge of my panties poking out from under the seat. I bent to pick them up and went to put them in my pocket but she stopped me.“I think I’ll take those,” she said in that same commanding voice she’s used before, “And leave the bag, you won’t need that.”Meekly I handed over my crumpled panties and then followed her into the house. It vaguely crossed my mind to wonder who the other car belonged to. She opened the front door and ushered me inside. There was a large hallway with a rather grandiose staircase that went round three walls winding its way to the upper floor. She led me into what was obviously the living room with two deep and comfortable sofas and a matching armchair in deep red leather all in a semi-circle in front of an unlit open fire. She turned to me and fixed my gaze with hers.“Take off your skirt.” That same commanding tone, “It’s too creased to wear. I’ll have it ironed before you leave.”It seemed as though all choice had been taken away from me, so like a docile and obedient eryaman escort child, I scrabbled for the zip and slid it down my legs. I was in the process of stepping out of it when another person appeared in the doorway. When she saw me bent over and naked from the waist down, she gave a little gasp of surprise. My host and fellow-traveller turned, smiled, and planted a kiss on the lips of the new girl. Meanwhile, I stood, unsure what to do or what was going on, fully aware that the tail of my blouse was not long enough to cover my embarrassment.++++++++++“Hello, darling, what are you doing home?”“I knew you’d be back early so I took some time off. But what have you brought with you?”We both turned to look at ‘Train Girl’ as I had mentally named her, realising we had never got around to the proper introductions. She blushed as we looked at her and tried in vain to cover herself.“She’s someone I found on the train on the way home. She’s at a loose end so I thought I’d bring her home with me.”“Hoping to have fun while I was out?”“Hoping to have fun, yes, but with you here we can have even more fun. Isn’t she lovely?”“Very pretty, but why is she half-naked?”“She became a little soiled on the train and later in the car. Silly thing couldn’t control her urges.”My girlfriend raised her eyebrows and grinned knowingly. She slipped her arm from mine and ambled over to Train Girl and slowly walked around her. She lifted the hem of the girl’s blouse to get a better view of her bottom and the girl jumped in surprise. She was looking very nervously straight at me so I gave her a reassuring smile. My girlfriend looked at me and winked theatrically.“You’re very naughty,” she said with mock seriousness, “But I love you, and we haven’t had anyone new to play with for ages. Does she have a name?”“She’s bound to have but I’ve no idea what it is. We never got that far.”“Then I shall call her sincan escort Slut. After all, who else would be in a stranger’s house half-naked at lunchtime?”++++++++++I stood helplessly in the middle of the carpet as they stood side by side discussing me in the third person. I tried vainly to cover my nakedness but with little success. They talked about me as if I were a new plaything. I had half hoped and expected for the car journey to lead to some sort of fun and games but I hadn’t anticipated another party to become involved.The new girl was quite a lot younger and very pretty. Blonde and almost deliberately girlish with a cropped top showing off her pierced navel, a short skirt and knee socks. Despite her youthful appearance, she seemed as much in charge as her companion. When she walked toward me, I became slightly nervous. What had I let myself in for? Suddenly it seemed too much to try and run away. My underwear was gone somewhere and my skirt was now kicked into a corner. Unbelievably, my pussy was tingling with expectation.The girl disappeared from view behind me and I jumped when I felt the hem of my blouse lifted and my bottom was displayed to her. I know I was blushing frantically and when she said she was naming me ‘Slut’, my knees almost buckled. Her friend laughed out loud at this suggestion.“What a lovely name and it suits her so well.”I felt a hand gently stroking my buttocks and a jolt of desire went through me. When a finger slid along the valley between my cheeks and slid over my arsehole and lightly touched the entrance to my pussy, I had to readjust my position to stop myself falling over.“Oh my, her cunt is so wet.”Then, close to my ear, a stage-whisper, “You really are well-named, aren’t you, Slut? Tell us your name, say it out loud.”When I hesitated, I felt a sharp smack on my bottom and a sting of pain went through me. I think I may have yelped, partly in surprise and partly in pain. I wanted to run but my pussy commanded that I stayed. She bent close to my ear again.“Tell us your name,” this time more demanding.“S-s-s-s-lut,” I managed to blurt out.“And I am ‘Miss’ and she is ‘Mistress’. Got that?”“Y-y-y-es.”Another sharp smack followed my trembling reply. “Yes what?”

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