A Keyhole Adventure


A Keyhole AdventureA Keyhole AdventureMy earlier stories, “Seeing What I Could See” were fantasies based on a shred of truth, but this story is all fact from my early teen years.My fascination with women began at an early age as I spent a lot of time with my Mom until I was old enough to be left alone or help Dad on the farm. A lot of time was spent around women at our church or just running errands in town. Women then in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s dressed nicely. I was always checking out nylon covered legs wondering what the upper part looked and felt like, especially big legged women. My attention turned to Mom when I was about 10 yrs. old as she put on her stockings or removed them. She always sat on my desk chair in my room as it was near the only closet we had in our old farmhouse. I brought up the courage one day to ask if I could fasten her stockings…she showed me how the garters worked and even let me attach all four. The back ones were really interesting as she had to stand up and hike her slip up exposing her plump soft thighs, a lot different that her slender lower legs. She always made fun of her “bird legs” but her broad hips and ample behind gave her really nice, soft, thick thighs that I longed to see and touch. Her legs were never exposed as she never wore shorts so getting to see and touch her was a treat. She let me “help” her on several occasions until she told me she thought I knew how the garters worked, not realizing I wanted to see or touch instead. I felt small twitches in my groin at those times, but didn’t understand what was happening. To see and feel her soft, white legs with some spider veins visable due to the hard work she had always done was getting to view and touch something very private.Curiosity was satisfied for a time until guys at school started talking about girls “sprouting” breasts and boys getting “hard.” I was nearly thirteen at the time and was getting un-encouraged erections and of course learned to get encouraged ones too. I had to see more and feel more now, so one day Mom was getting ready in my room I walked in and asked to fasten her stockings…”again”, she asked, “I guess once sarıoğlan escort more won’t matter.” This time she was wearing girdle, something I hadn’t seen, so the garters were harder to stretch out to the hose. I fumbled a couple times until I gripped tighter and made the attachments. I also lingered a bit and opened my hand and felt her leg where it was its softest right near her hip…it felt oh so good. “That’s enough,” she said, “you be a good boy!” That last phrase was told to me every time I left the house from then on, even during my college years. I think she knew I was getting’ horny!Well, a couple summers later during our raisin drying time we had to turn some trays of raisins to finish the drying process. Dad and my brother were working some long rows far away from the house and instructed Mom and I to turn several short rows behind our house, about an hour’s work. It was a warm morning and Mom came out in a simple cotton dress instead of denim pants she usually wore for helping out. She didn’t even tie up her hair in a bandana either. We turned trays as a team, one on either side flipping the trays in one quick movement. It was stoop labor for sure and mindless after one caught on to the drill. I soon got the rhythm down and started to look around while working…WOW! Mom did not have on a bra! I watched her modest breasts swing and sway with her every movement! She wore an A-cup bra, but they seemed bigger when unfettered. She never caught me looking as I tried different angles to maximize the view. I even caught a glimpse of nipples too…surprisingly reddish-pink about ½ inch long by ½ inch around surrounded by Ritz cracker sized areolas! What a show! We started down the last row…should I reach out and touch? Should I ask to touch? Or should I ask why no bra? I decided to do nothing and just remember what I had just seen. That morning’s sights provided many a “jackage” sessions in a dark corner of our barn. Now I’d seen thighs and breasts…I wanted to see what was in between! How was the problem. Should I barge into the closet when she was dressing or undressing? I decided against that as it might involve Dad later…that would be bad for sure. Conspire, conspire, conspire.I continued to see the sights at school, for sure among the older girls and teachers. I developed a fine appreciation for shapely calves, even big ones on high heels…what a delight. I kept wondering how to see more at home when one night it came to me. Our old farmhouse had one bathroom with a door into each bedroom. One night I turned in before Mom took her bath which was rare. The light in the bathroom came on, I rose up off my pillow to see a shaft of light through the old-fashioned keyhole in the door. I could even see movement! The next day while home alone I took a peek…the round part of the keyhole was about ¼” with another ½” slot below. First thing I learned was not to let my forehead touch the doorknob. That made a noise plus made the knob move on the other side…I took notice. Also the keyway had a 60 yr. collection of dust and spider webs inside. I found a tiny brush and cleaned it out. It provided a good field of view across to the ledge of the tub about 5 feet away. I practiced a slow silent approach trying not cause the floor to creak. That part of the plan was ready, now I had to learn her routine while she was in the bathroom. After three nights I decided she was a creature of habit as each night was identical.On the first night of the deal my heart was beating as never before…the water started in the tub, she sat on the commode right next to the door, but out of view, the commode flushed, I moved silently to the keyhole as I heard the lid on the clothes hamper open. My field of view was from her knees to nearly her shoulders, just right…I could only see her left half of her body as she reached around an unhooked her bra and flung it in the hamper, then peeled off her panties and reached down to pick them up. For the first time a saw her wonderful wide hips and round white dimpled behind as she moved then to the left, her thighs now in full glory were a soft and white as I imagined…Wow! Next she sat n the edge of the tub and leaned in to check the water temp, I guess. The faucets were turned off and she stepped over into the tub and lowered her 49 yr. old body in as I got a little shot of free swinging breasts. I stayed by the keyhole and watched her bathe herself, the interesting part being when she lovingly washed her breasts one by one. She seemed proud of her body, something she never showed in public. I saw her knees draw up a she washed each leg and then paused as she spent extra time and few extra strokes between her legs as smile came across her face and her head tilted back for a moment of pleasure. Then, finished, she reached for the drain to let the water out. After a bit she arose and I got a full side view of her, at least to her shoulders, She quickly grabbed the nearby towel off the rack and began drying her face as a watched those breast gently sway…they must be B-cups, I thought, Mom was just too modest to show off. I saw her rounded motherly tummy showing she had carried two c***dren. I saw for the first time her upper thighs roundly come forward of her hips, a very sexy trait. Nearly dry she stepped over the tub and out, then…she reach down into the tube to swish out the remaining water. She was in a half-squat, back toward me and I finally saw it…A massive growth of straw-colored hair between her legs, still dripping some water…I was mesmerized by this. I was breathing so hard now. She reached between her legs with the towel and deftly dried the bush making it fluff out even more! She then turned toward the mirror and I saw again her left side now with a bush of hair protruding forward of her legs. What a show! I retreated to my bed to ponder what I’d just seen…I never saw her actual ”Mommy parts” but I saw a lot. I would view the show every once in awhile for several months but the show never changed.I saw Mom in a different light now as more than a Mom, but a sexual figure also. I’m somewhat glad I never asked to see or touch her breasts, but one never knows she might have said, “I was waiting for you to ask.” But most likely it wouldn’t have happened that way. Those keyhole adventures gave me much pleasure over my youth. Later on I dated some very attractive girls and ended up marrying a beautiful BBW that had everything body wise that I was seeking…39 yrs and going still. But I never give up a chance to “See What I Can See!”

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