A Kiss Led to This Ch. 09


It was a Wednesday morning, and Joe had just finished sneaking in the back door to see Sandi, having watched Keith’s tail lights disappear down the street minutes before. Sandi had unlocked the door and then met him in the back hallway wearing only a blue silk robe. Her erect nipples were pushing through the thin fabric, and her tiny sparse mound of pussy hair was in perfect view from the thin opening created by her big DD tits stretching the garment from side to side.

He reached out to kiss her but before he could she dropped down onto her knees, parking herself in front of him on a towel she had laid by the door.

“Good morning Baby,” he said. “Can I at least get a kiss?”

“Just be still,” Sandi replied, “I really, really need this.”

She reached up and undid the top of Joe’s pants, then slid his zipper down with one hand while she grabbed his hard and already leaking cock with the other. Reaching up between his legs she grabbed the top of his pants and underwear from the rear and yanked them down. By the time they passed his knees his shaft was deep in her soft mouth.

Joe stared down at her nicely styled brunette hair. Her head was angled to the right and her eyes closed as she sucked on his member, savoring the texture of the skin and taste of his salty member.

“Wow,” was all he could say. “Don’t I get a chance at you?”

Sandi shook her head “No” and ran her hands up Joe’s butt cheeks and back down along the crack of his ass, causing him to lean forward and push deeper into her throat.

“Ummm,” was her verbal reply.

She lowered her shoulders and slipped off her robe so Joe could get a good look at her naked body. As she sucked she ran her hands along both sides of his cock until they were wet, then reached up and circled his nipples, which responded by hardening.

“What about you?” he asked.

She repeated the hand wetting then did her own nipples, never taking her mouth off his rod.

“What’s got into you?”

She removed his cock from her mouth and rubbed it against her closed eyes.

“Apparently not you unless you care too.”

“Of course I do.”

“But you can’t,” she replied, stroking the smooth stiff stick. “It’s my anniversary and Keith is taking me out tonight. He’ll be expecting sex later and if I fuck you he might know it.”

“But sucking cock is alright?”

“Sucking your cock is always alright. In fact it makes my day. So thank you in advance.”

At that moment the cell phone began ringing in Joe’s pants on the floor. Sandi reached down but couldn’t get it out with one hand, so she latched onto Joe’s cock once again with her mouth and used her two hands to find and hand it up. Joe looked at the screen: it was Keith calling.

Joe showed the name on the phone to Sandi, who smiled, closed her eyes and began sucking harder than ever on her treat.

“Keith, how are you buddy?”

Masterfully Sandi began slowly deep throating Joe, then coming all the way back along his shaft, stopping by using her teeth to catch the ridge of his circumcised head.

“No, I didn’t know it was your anniversary. Congratulations and tell Sandi the same.”

“Are you sure?”, Joe said into the phone, “We don’t want to be in the way of you and Sandi’s celebration.”

Sandi carefully grabbed his balls and began massaging his prostrate, working her finger back toward his anus.

“I’ll check with Janice but I’m sure it will be okay,” Joe continued, ” we can meet you at the restaurant.”

Joe closed his eyes, his swollen cum filled cock was preparing to pump deep into Keith’s wife’s throat and find a warm resting spot in her stomach.

“Talk later, gotta run,” he replied and dropped the phone as he shot a massive load into Sandi’s mouth. He reached down and grabbed the back of her head with both hands, pulling her into him as he fucked her tonsils, assuring every drop made it into her system.

“Ummm,” she moaned as she sucked between breaths. Joe ran his hands gently through her tussled bob.

“Good morning again.” It was all he could say.

“You better go,” she said, “I’ve got to get to work if I’m going to see you later tonight.”

She stood up, naked and they kissed. Joe ran his finger up to her pussy lips; they were totally wet and dripping. He soaked his fingers by spreading her legs and inserting them one at a time into her lover hole and then pushed them into her mouth.

“I’d like to have you for dinner,” he replied, “or perhaps breakfast.”

They kissed again, tongues rubbing bahis firmaları together like old friends.

“Not happening,” she teased.

He made a small circle around her clit and after dipping his finger again circled both her rock hard nipples, and as usual he milked his shaft for one more drop to wipe behind her ears.

“See you tonight,” he said, and left with a smile.

Joe called Janice who agreed to the evening and asked him to pick up a card for them on the way home. Later that afternoon when he stopped to get the card he noticed there was an adult store around the corner from the stationary store. He had never been to one; if he needed porn he could find it easily on his computer. The strange thing was since he and Sandi first kissed looking at porn or any other woman never crossed his mind.

Curiosity finally got the most of him and he took a quick walk over just to take a look. Inside he found all the usual weird stuff one would expect to see such as dildos, cuffs and lubes. But as he walked by one counter one item caught his eye. He asked the glassy eyed girl behind the counter what it was and she pulled out the box. She explained it was a remote control vibrator. One part was a small curved silicone vibrator that could rub against a woman’s clit or be inserted. The other was a small matching remote that had three speeds, changing with each push of the button. The clerk reminded him that you had to be nearby to operate it, and assured him it would work across a table. Joe made the purchase and began the plan.

That night at the four of them met at a Mediterranean restaurant bar prior to getting a table. He looked over at Sandi walking in and immediately saw that under her white blouse she was sporting a blue bra with a lacy top. She smiled when she noticed Joe looking. It was his favorite bra, and he had taken it off her many times to get at her beautiful tits. She also had white Capri pants on with four-inch brown leather heels.

Keith of course was trying to impress everyone at the bar and looked like he was already half in the bag. They ordered drinks and sat at the bar. Joe excused himself to use the men’s room just slightly brushing Sandi as he went by. She knew this was the signal to wait two minutes then excuse herself so they could steal a kiss in the hallway.

Right on queue Sandi turned the corner meeting Joe. As he gave her a quick peck he slipped a small package into her hand. Sandi went inside the stall and opened the package. She wasn’t sure what to think when she opened it; to her it was a tiny purple silicone egg thing with a flashing LED light. She pulled the note out that lied below it.

In a note Joe wrote it explained that it was a waterproof vibrator to go in front of or in her pussy, and that the light meant it was turned on. It added that if she would do this for Joe it would turn him on since the tables in the restaurant were too wide for him to put his foot between her legs. It was signed “Happy Anniversary.”

Back at the bar Keith was already swaying and trying to rub Janice’s shoulders, a good sign he would probably not be much to deal with later for Sandi. Sandi returned and Joe had no idea whether his friend’s wife had actually put a vibrator in her pants for him or not. So he decided to find out.

He signaled Keith to walk across the room with him while Sandi sat down next to Janice.

Joe asked him if there was any plan for later such as a cake or anything else he could help with. Keith replied he had nothing planned for the night but knew he had to do something.

Then he began asking Joe what he was doing when he had called him in the morning. When Joe asked why Keith replied he said he had heard a phone drop; then a moan, then the line went dead. Joe quickly showed him his hand, saying he had been trying to do two things at once and had sprained his finger tightening a part when the wrench slipped.

It crossed his mind that the closest he really came to spraining his finger was when he stuck it inside Sandi so he could have her suck her juices off it, but decided this was not a good time for that.

As Keith accepted the story Joe reached into his pocket and hit the remote button.

At the bar Sandi was talking to Janice when she suddenly stiffened up in her seat. Janice put a hand on her as if to ask her if she was okay. Sandi pointed to her chest and adjusted her bra strap as if she had been pinched. As she did Joe could see spread her legs apart just a bit, and with one hand grabbed onto the edge of the bar kaçak iddaa like there was an earthquake happening. Sandi downed her drink and raised her hand for another, using the distraction to make an adjustment in between her legs.

As Janice excused herself for a bathroom run Joe hit the stop button and walked over to the bar while Keith made small talk with some other patrons.

“How’s it going over here?” he asked.

“Great, thanks.” Sandi replied. “Um, that little project you gave me to do seems to be malfunctioning, should I remove it?”

“I forgot to tell you, it’s working fine. I have a little button in my pocket that turns it on.”

“I see. For a moment I thought you were trying to electrocute me.”

“Do I continue or stop?” he asked.

“By all means continue, I’ll just pretend it’s part of you inside of me.” True to her word Sandi was going to give him one hundred twenty percent of anything he wanted, and if he wanted to blast her with a vibrator she was going to let him.

When Janice returned they were seated at a booth for four with each couple side by side. Keith ordered a bottle of cheap wine as they checked the menus. Joe took this opportunity to reach down and restart the vibrator. He watched as Sandi closed her eyes and enjoyed the vibration, holding the menu against her chest for a second and looking like she was shivering. As usual Keith paid no attention to the fact his wife was acting just a little strange.

As the orders were taken and normal conversation ensued Joe hit the up button increasing the vibration of the mini-dildo living inside Keith’s wife. He could see her chest turning red below her neck, a reaction he had seen often when Sandi’ pussy juices really began to flow. Her head was involuntarily turning a bit from side to side as she would often do when he had his tongue deep inside of her, and her tits must of also been getting engorged because her blouse looked like it was ready to pop a button.

Joe felt himself getting harder and harder just watching her, and he had to make an adjustment of his cock as he stared at her licking her lips. He had shot a load of cum with them wrapped around his shaft earlier and was fully reloaded to do it again.

Joe reached down to his pocket to turn the vibrator even higher not realizing Janice was talking with her hands in her lap. His hand hit hers as reached in, and he realized right then he should have moved it to the pocket away from her. The side of her hand hit the remote.

“What’s that dear?” Janice asked.

“A pack of mints. Want one?” he replied. He grabbed her hand under the table and put it on his rock hard cock. When she realized what she was holding she pulled her hand back and gave Joe that “are you kidding me?” look. Joe knew that she not only didn’t like mints what she hated more was when Joe tried to get sexual outside of the bedroom.

He wanted to tell Janice that just a week before in a coffee shop Sandi had actually jacked him completely off under a table. This occurred while the two of them sat talking to Keith’s sister who happened to stop by, finding they had met there “accidentally.”

Keith’s sister never knew that Joe accidentally didn’t wear underwear that day under his oversized gym shorts, or that Sandi had accidentally put a strip of KY jelly in her hand before she returned from the ladies room. As he had talked across the table Sandi had gripped the neck of his massive cock with her tiny hand and basically rubbed the farthest tip of his rod with her thumb so as to be as discrete as possible. It was incredibly exciting and he knew right away he wouldn’t last long under her firm grip.

As Joe came he leaned forward to reach for some napkins. Below the table Sandi had slid her hand up catching as much cum as she could, then wiped the sticky fluid it along her bare thigh to spread it around. When Keith’s sister stood up Sandi had covered her mouth as if to cough and in clear view of Joe licked the remaining cum off her hand. She had then told Keith’s sister how much she loved the coffee shop because of the interesting flavors there, and his sister had agreed.

When Janice put her elbows on the table to avoid feeling Joe’s hard on, Joe took the opportunity to move the vibrator to his other pocket and click the power up to max at the same time. Across from him Keith was pouring more wine and talking about his big work bonus. Joe didn’t hear a word, he was watching Sandi’s perfectly combed hair get a bit disheveled as she looked around the room, knowing that she kaçak bahis was about to cum right there and then.

Right as her eyes began to cross Joe signaled the waiter, who brought over the bottle of champagne he had brought for the happy couple. He arrived along with two other waiters who also presented a small piece of cake with a candle on it. As they sang happy anniversary Joe pulled out his phone and filmed Sandi cumming hard as Janice and the two of them toasted their special day.

He wondered if any of the waiters had looked down to see her stomach rolling while they sang, but they were probably too busy looking down her shirt to see her fantastic tits as the button on the top had finally burst open.

Joe reached down and shut off the pussy stimulator. A minute later Sandi excused herself to use the ladies room, and as she stood up from the booth Joe noticed that her crotch was completely soaked. He could see her panties through the wet white fabric, and make out a protrusion where no doubt the vibrator was working it’s way out of her pussy lips. Joe would have loved to push the dishes on the floor and buried his head in her love hole right in front of everybody, but again it was not really the right venue.

The rest of the night Sandi would keep a purse in front of her to cover her juice stains. Joe’s hard on would soften a bit then harden depending if he stared at Sandi or not. Crazy, he thought. He still never knew why she turned him on so much.

After dinner they presented their tickets at the valet stand. Sandi complained to Janice that Keith had probably had too much to drink and asked if it would be too much trouble for her to drive him home since it was on the way. Keith always had some sort of fancy new car and Janice liked to test drive them, so she agreed. As luck would have it Keith’s car came up first and they helped a swaying Keith into the passenger side. Joe told Janice to start and they would catch up.

As Janice pulled away from the curb Sandi put her purse on sher shoulder, moved in front of Joe, and put her hands behind her. She grabbed his hard shaft high and low through his pants, finding and rubbing the top with her thumb. Joe looked over at the valet stand where what Sandi was doing, as well as her wet crotch, was in clear view of the college age attendant. He gave Joe a “thumbs up” as Joe’s car arrived.

He tipped the driver and the two got in. By the time he turned out of the driveway Sandi’s hands were tearing at the zipper of his pants.

“Please, you beautiful man, I need this,” she said.

Joe’s cock found its way out of it’s enclosure and it stood straight up, slickened with dry and wet pre-cum.

“I need your cum in my mouth, my stomach, on my face, in my pussy, up my ass.”

As she bent over she undid her blouse and bra, releasing the 34DD’s with stiff pink nipples. Sucking hard she circled her own nipples, grabbing cock juice to lubricate them.

Joe reached down and restarted the vibrator; this time he could hear it.

“Sorry baby, had to take it out, it’s in my purse.”

Sandi reached into her purse and brought out the tiny vibrator. She popped her head off his rod and looked up at Joe. She rubbed the vibrator against his purple tip, then licked it the fluids off it.

“Oh god, Sandi,” was all he could say.

Suddenly Sandi put the pussy and cum lacquered device in her mouth, and return to sucking cock. Joe could feel the whiz and hum of the vibrator in her cheek. The feeling was amazing. Along with her soft tongue and the suction of her lips he was again ready to blast.

As he readied to cum the traffic light turned yellow then red, and as he stopped Joe noticed he had caught up to Janice, who was now right in front of them in Keith’s car.

Keith opened the window and began waving to them, signaling Joe to come up to them in the next lane.

Joe flashed the high beams just as he involuntarily began spurting into Sandi’s mouth.

“Ummmm,” she was moaning, trying to take all his cum without also swallowing the vibrator.

“Fuck!” he yelled. “Fuck yeah. Oh my god. Sandi.”

As the light turned green Joe opened the window and yelled out.

“Fuck, I’m in love with Sandi. Hey Keith, I just came in your wife’s mouth. Happy anniversary!”

By the time they arrived Sandi had buttoned up, reapplied her lipstick, fixed her hair and as usual looked like nothing ever happened. Ms. Proper again for sure, but for sure no one knew what a kinky, dirty, filthy cum loving slut she was for the man she loved. Joe had never felt so lucky and so in love.

The next day Keith called to thank Joe for meeting them for dinner, the champagne and being his best friend.

“My pleasure,” was all Joe could say.

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