A Late-Night Surprise


It had been a busy day. I had just got off work at about 2 a.m. I have two jobs: during the week, I work in construction, and on Friday and Saturday nights, I work as a bartender at my best friend Ted’s nightclub downtown from 9:30p.m.-1:30a.m. Since Ted and I have known each other all our lives, he’s a little partial to paying me extra ($18.50 an hour—not bad for 4 hours work, but his is one of the hottest nightspots in the city). I’m not vain, but my Greek/Italian background has blessed me well: 5″11, 185lbs, green eyes, smooth, dark complexion and a mane of long, chocolate-brown hair. Doing construction and working out at home pretty much keeps me in good shape. People tell me all the time I should be modeling or doing porn, and I’ve had many women (and men) slip me their phone numbers at the club. I just kind of laugh to myself. It’s very flattering, but somewhere in my world of madness, I happen to maintain a steady relationship with Tara, my girlfriend of 10 months. She’s a gorgeous blonde with a killer body and a wild personality. She always says we should spice up our sex life by trying something different, and I told her to “surprise me” one night.

I got home at 2:15, walked up to my door, and turned the key. I heard a slight groaning sound when I walked in. I knew it was Tara in my bedroom (possibly masturbating?) She stays at my place on the weekend, so I thought I’d surprise her by walking in on her totally naked. So, very quietly, I slipped of my boots and socks, unbuckled my belt, and let my jeans fall to the floor. I then peeled off my work shirt (it was a hot night) and pulled off my briefs and surprised myself when my 8.5″ uncut cock sprang out.

“I must be really horny,” I chuckled to myself. Then, like a sneak thief, I tiptoed to my room and leaned against the door. To my shock, I not only heard Tara moaning, but someone else, too. “A ménage-a-trois with another girl? Awesome!” I thought. Then, not being able to hold out ay longer, I threw open the door. I nearly freaked out at what I saw.

There Tara was, on the bed naked, sucking this huge dildo while some guy was eating her pussy! Part of me was pretty fucking pissed, but when he rolled over on his back and they both smiled up at me, the other part of me wanted to jump right in the middle. He was about my height, slender and toned (obviously an avid swimmer). He had shaggy blond hair and blue eyes. He also had a few tattoos and piercings, but the one piercing that caught my eye was the Prince Albert on his huge boner. I never was attracted to men before, but walking in on some other guy eating out my girl was some pretty hot shit.

“Hi, Jesse,” Tara cooed innocently. “You remembered I wanted to try something different, well I went out tonight and had my clit pierced.” Then, the dude moved so I got a clear view canlı bahis şirketleri of her shaved, pierced snatch. She had a little silver and pearl ring on one of her moist pussy lips. My boner was raging by now. She continued, “and then I thought it would be even sexier with another guy. So here’s Sean. He’s the one who pierced me.” I thought to myself, if she wanted another guy, she could’ve let me ask Ted. I at least know him and I know he’s checked Tara out from time to time, but here was a complete stranger, in my bed with my girl, her juices running off his chin like a kid who devoured an ice cream cone.

Sean rolled off the bed and walked over to me, his impressive package swaying as he shook my hand. I felt awkward, just all of us ass-naked like that. But nothing could’ve prepared me for what was next. Before I knew it, Sean had got down on his knees, wrapped his mouth around my swollen shaft, and started sucking me off. I didn’t know what to think. This wasn’t normal at all, but seeing the look of pleasure and delight in Tara’s eyes as she rotated the dong in her pussy, and the expert blowjob this hot stranger was giving me, sent me over the edge.

After a couple of minutes, Sean released my thick tool from between his sweet lips as he smiled, “That was great, man! Wanna get on the bed and continue? Was he kidding? That was all I thought about right now! After a hectic night, I was going to have some real fun with these two gorgeous blondes in my bedroom. I jumped on the bed and deeply kissed Tara. I loved her more than ever and Sean felt great, too, as he slid his tongue up and down my stiff dick. I made my way down Tara’s neck, nibbling her hot spot and taking one of her bountiful breasts hungrily into my mouth. All of a sudden I felt a euphoric surge inside of me spasm as Sean started soaking my stiff nutsac with his warm saliva. I was in some kind of heaven! He ran his tongue slowly across my balls, gently sucking on each one like a long-lasting lollipop. As I kissed Tara again and sucked her other nipple, I glanced over my shoulder and saw Sean looking madly into my eyes as his tongue began to probe my tight asshole. I never dreamed of experiencing anything like this, but I was on a serious high!

As I started making my way down to Tara’s sweet fuckhole, she stopped me and cried, “I want to watch!” I didn’t think I was ready at that point, but as Sean started running his tongue across, up and down my ass, I gave in and turned around.

Face to face, he gave me a sincere smile, and said, “C’mon, man, you ready? Let’s get humpin’ and pumpin’ and see whatcha got.” “Fuck, was this guy sex-crazed or what?’ I thought.

Just then, Sean pressed his mouth to mine, and slowly made his way into my mouth. His tongue was warm, soft and pierced as well. “This guy is full canlı kaçak iddaa of surprises,” I thought. He started running his hands through my hair, along my biceps, and finally cupped my ass in his strong, firm hands.

“You like this, don’t ya?” Sean whispered in my ear. I nodded, feeling a wave of sexual energy overwhelm me. He then worked his way down to my chest, running his tongue over my firm, chestnut-colored nipples. The sensation of the metallic stud in his mouth drove me crazy!

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” he murmured as he made his way back down to my still raging hard-on, and ran his tongue around the head. He sucked on it slowly, then took it in all the way to the base in 2 quick sucks. That’s something Tara couldn’t even do! He just bobbed his head up and down, enjoying the way my stiff rod filled his mouth. My legs started to shake, and in no time I felt my cum gushing out, and Sean was taking it all, squirt for squirt. As I rubbed my cockhead around his mouth, I told him it was his turn.

He winked at me and spread himself out on the bed. Tara was still playing with herself, but I was now overcome wit this urge to suck the life out of Sean’s thick meat. I started at his feet, and ran my tongue from there all the way to his inner thigh, savoring his musky, masculine scent. I just took in the sight of his hard, throbbing fuck-stick, then I took it into my mouth. I was slow, just licking the soft head, tasting his salty pre-cum. His piercing kinda scared me, but the intense pleasure on his face and the sexy grunting coming from deep inside told me to make him feel as good as he made me feel.

“Oh yeah, ooooh fuck yeah man, do it! Do it good, Jesse. Damn, that’s it. So fucking great, man. Fuuuuck yeah!!” I tried to deep throat him, but the ring made me gag a bit, so I eased up and took it slow. I worked back and forth with my throat until I started a steady rhythm. Sean started playing with my hair and tugging at it, which only made me even hotter until his hips started bucking. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to come in my mouth, but as he started to quiver in my mouth, he grabbed his pulsating cock and splashed thick white streams of nut all in my hair, face and chin, which dribbled on my chest.

Sean then laid me on my back, and not knowing what he planned next, surprised me by straddling my face and running his softening balls across my mouth. I was getting teabagged by this unbelievable stud! I licked and sucked my life away as he gave me an awesome handjob, choking my veiny tool with his clenched fist. To my delight, he instantly hardened again, and before we knew it, we both climaxed to shuddering, quaking orgasms, Sean’s seed coating my neck and chest, mine spurting on my tight stomach and running down my thigh. Sean leaned over me and lapped up all the cum canlı kaçak bahis off my sweaty, jizz-covered body. He then raised up towards me and gave me a slow, deep kiss, mixing our love juices together. I was so caught up in our rapture I forgot about Tara watching us. She just kept moaning and motioned for us to go on.

“You’re so hot, both of you.” She kept playing with her pussy and watching us. I turned to Sean who grinned, gave me a hard slap on the ass, and raised his legs, exposing his puckered asshole. He reached on the floor and brought out a bottle of chocolate syrup. He slathered some on his inviting anus and slipped two fingers in effortlessly. He removed his fingers, licked them clean, and grunted, “dig in, stud.” By now I wasn’t hesitant about doing anything. I obeyed his enticing command and started flicking his sweet rosebud with my hungry tongue. I had never experienced anything like tonight. All I knew was that I didn’t want it to end.

“Ohhhh, yeah. Eat that ass, fucker. Oh God, yeah. Taste that ass. You love eating me out, don’t you?” I nodded in rhythm with my vigorous head movements as he lifted my head and said, “roll over”. I knew what was coming. “I don’t know about this. It’ll hurt, won’t it?” I said cautiously, hoping he’d talk me into it.

“It’ll be cool. I promise I’ll be gentle.” He gave me an easy smile and laid me on the floor. He put my legs over my head and then I felt something cool and wet running down my ass. Sean had reached in that bag again (did he come prepared for this?) and pulled out a bottle of Astroglide. He rubbed one of his lubricated fingers around my sphincter, which made me giggle.

The feeling was incredible, not painful. Then he inserted his finger slowly. It made me wince a little, but I’m a big boy, and I’ve had worse physical pain. After a couple of minutes (and another finger), Sean whispered, “I think you’re ready now.” “Me too,” I replied as I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him to me for another luscious tonguing. He wrapped his muscular hand around his veiny tool and pushed it against my waiting hole. His dick was long, but slim, so the head slipped in easily. He proceeded to slide the rest in.

“You’re one hot fuck, Jesse. Did you know that?” Sean asked. He rocked back and forth until he was balls deep inside me. It was awesome how gentle it was, even when he started plowing me hard and fast. After a few intoxicating minutes, Sean started his virile groaning again, and with a vicious thrust, spilled his burning seed inside me.

“Aaaarghhh!,” I yelled, drowned in ecstasy as he loaded my ass full of sticky, juicy cum. He collapsed on top of me and his cock softened and popped out of my stretched hole. As I regained my senses, I noticed Tara had left a note on my pillow.

It read, “That was for you, baby. I told Sean beforehand to come back if you were interested. Don’t disappoint him. Love, T”. As I read the note, Sean leaned over my shoulder and whispered, “Don’t worry, he didn’t.” I just laughed as we kissed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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