A Letter of Intent

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?Baby, I’m so dangerously horny. Thinking about you again. Laying here so hard. Thinking of very naughty things to do to you. Thinking of telling you to meet me at the hotel room. I only give you the room number and the code to open the door. I also tell you to wear the black dress I like, with high heels, but NO panties or bra.

You get to the room and there is a note and a blindfold with a bottle of wine. In the note I tell you we have four hours to play, and that I intend to watch you moan for all four hours. I tell you to drink two glasses of wine and put on on the blindfold then lay on the bed, and not to peek at all. You do as instructed, and wait. After a minute you hear the door open. You are nervous and excited. You want to remove the blindfold. You hear people getting undressed……

Next you hear my voice, telling you everything is ok. I turn you on your tummy, and you feel me touching your feet, then calves. You get shocked when you feel another set of hand mirroring my touches…. Doing everything I’m doing. Touching you where I’m touching you. We move a little higher, touching the back of your knees, ever so lightly.

We slowly illegal bahis move higher, to your thighs. To the area between your knees and the dress. We gently lift the skirt up and over your butt. You feel our hands, gently stroking your butt. Then we take your legs and spread them. We can see that you are very, very wet. Your pussy is glistening and a drop of juice formed at the entrance of your pussy. You hear both of us say ‘hmm’.

Next you feel a finger inside you. Exploring you. You are totally excited and move your hips to meet the finger inside you. You use your hand to feel around you…..your right hand finds my cock. You knew I was on your right hand side. Your other hand finds his body. You move your hands down to his cock, and you gasp as you hold his cock. Surprised at its size. You find yourself getting wetter. We lift you up, and remove your dress completely. You feel nervous and exposed. You are sitting upright on the bed, and you feel us sucking on both your nipples, gently caressing your breast.

We begin to suck harder, and you respond with a loud moan. We caress your pussy, each of us stroking a side of your pussy. We move illegal bahis siteleri our mouths to your lower body. You hear us moan as we kiss your tummy..then you feel our tongues on your thighs, going higher. I reach your pussy, and we lay you down. I insert my tongue deep inside you, licking your juices, as your pussy is now constantly dipping juices. You reach for his cock, and pull him towards your mouth. You feel he is circumcised, and you open your mouth wide and take him in. Hmmmm. You love the way he tastes. You feel me licking your pussy and feel the buildup of an orgasm. I insert my fingers in your pussy and rub your gspot. You moan, while still having his cock in your mouth.

You take him out and start to stroke him. I get up, but continue working your gspot. You now take both our cocks, and stroke them. You alternate between sucking and stroking us. You are so turned on feeling so exposed. I get you down on all fours but you still want his cock in your mouth. You gasp as I enter you from behind. I fuck you gently, and deep. After a few minutes you feel us lifting you up again. I lay down and guide you on my cock. You slide your hips canlı bahis siteleri forward and back, fucking me while stroking his cock. After a few minutes he lifts you up, and I get out. I move to the front of you and I bend you down and give you my cock to suck. You feel his hands on your hips…..you heard him put a condom on, so you know what happens next. He teases your pussy , then enters you with one hard fuck. You gasp. You feel him grip your hips. He slowly stars fucking you. Deep and hard.

You love the feeling of his cock head rubbing past your gspot. You moan as you cum, but he’s not done fucking you yet. I lift you up, and now his cock is hitting your gspot directly, as he’s fucking you from behind. I look at you and see how awesome you look. I kiss you telling you that I love you. You are moaning as you are being fucked from behind into another orgasm. He lays backward, still with his long hard cock inside you, fucking you from behind. You feel me move down, and I start to lick you. you enjoy the feeling of getting fucked while being licked. Next, I lay on top of you, putting my cock near your pussy. Rubbing it. You feel my cock slide next to his, into your pussy. You gasp.

You really enjoy this full feeling inside your pussy. We continue to fuck you his way, with you moaning as you cum over and over. Next we lay you down, on your side, and continue to both fuck you like that…

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