A Life to Remember Ch. 01

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***This story is fictional although some of the experiences including joining the military are accurate. This is my first in a series of stories and I would appreciate any comments, feedback and suggestions.***

The door had been opened and I knew that no matter how much I wished it hadn’t things would never be the same again.

It all happened the last weekend before I was due to ship off to basic training. My parents after extorting an agreement from me to be hauled to every relative in Georgia’s house my remaining few days agreed to go away that Saturday night. Originally my plan was to invite my girlfriend Sarah over for some . . . quality time before an extended period of enforced abstinence. Unfortunately fate being a cruel bitch her Grandpa passed away and she’d had to go to Florida with her family.

Instead I invited over a handful of my friends mainly from the football team and we spent the afternoon eating, drinking the beer my parents had been kind enough to buy before they left and horsing around. Basically the same thing I’d been doing all summer but better on this instance since I knew I wouldn’t have an another opportunity like that for quiet some time.

As the day turned into night people went home until it was only me and my best friend Tommy sitting in lawn chairs in the back yard passing back and forth a bottle of bourbon I had liberated from my parents liquor cabinet. Tommy’s family lived just down the country lane and for as long as either of us could remember we’d been best friends. We’d played together, worked together, gone to school together, and even gone with each other on family vacations. We were best friends true enough but probably because we were both only children we were practically brothers.

The level of whiskey slowly dwindling we sat there laughing and talking about our shared experiences. Despite the laughter though the mood was somewhat somber. I was going to the Army in a few days and he leaving for college pretty soon thereafter. We both swore it wouldn’t happen to us but we both knew as we moved out into our insulated world we’d likely drift apart. Sad to be sure but a fact of life we’d seen time and again.

“So you excited about going to Vandy?” I said trying to ease the sour mood that had settled over us.

Tommy looked over but hesitated as if considering what he was going to say. “I’m not going to Vanderbilt,” he said finally, “I’m going to go to UCLA.”

“Holy fuck,” I said more then a bit surprised. Tommy’s family for generations back had gone to Vanderbilt for college before returning to take a position with the family firm, “How the fuck did you manage that.”

Tommy laughed wryly. “It wasn’t easy,” he said a bit sadly, “But I had a pretty good reason.”

“No shit,” I said shaking my head in disbelief. The South can be stubborn in about every way imaginable but when it comes to family tradition it is utterly and totally inflexible. “What the fuck could that possibly be?”

“Well,” Tommy said quietly as his gaze dropped to his hands, “I’m gay. If I go to UCLA I can finally be myself.”

If a UFO had swooped down from the sky and landed in the yard in front of us I doubt I could have been more surprised. Here was my best friend, a guy I’d gone out on double dates with. A guy I’d swapped conquest stories with. And he was into men?

“I’m sorry,” I heard Tommy say in a voice barely above a whisper, “I didn’t mean to disappoint you.”

When I looked over I could see Tommy’s warm green eyes shimmering with tears. “No, no,” I said finally, “I’m not disappointed just surprised.”

When he looked up at me I could a thin trail of tears running from his eyes illuminated by the moonlight. “Think about it Ben,” he said as he reached up and wiped away the tears with the back of his hands. “It isn’t that hard to believe.”

“The Hell it isn’t Tommy,” I said thinking about all the women he’d dated, “Christ man you banged Angie all last summer.”

“No I didn’t,” he said chuckling half heartedly, “She was the first person I told and she let me make up the stories so I’d be safer.”

Thinking about it, that made perfect sense. In rural Georgia if you’re known or even thought to be gay you will endure everything from ostracism and taunts from people you considered friends to regular beatings.

“Have you ever done anything?” I said suddenly curious, “With a guy I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mean.”

“Yeah right,” he said the sadness creeping back into his voice, “There’s a queer on every corner. What was I supposed to do blow Blake Johnson in the shower after practice?

This brought laughter from both of us. Blake I suppose was a good enough guy but I doubt there had been a bigger red neck in South Georgia in a hundred years. I had no doubt that if Tommy had ever tried anything with him he would have been beat within an inch of his life and whispers of a lynching would have started floating around the school.

“Well,” I said finally managing to choke back the laughter, “You’re a cute guy so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a guy out in California. Fuck they’ll probably be beating down your door.”

Tommy said there before he said uncertainly, “You really think I’m cute Ben, I mean really?”

In fact I always had. He was three or four inches shorter then me and had a smooth, lean body. Muscular but not to much of a good thing. Knowing what I know now I’d say he had a swimmers build. His best feature though was his face which had a sweetness and innocence to it that defied belief. Short blonde hair bleached almost white by the summer sun framing warm green eyes and full luscious lips.

“Yeah Tommy,” I said quietly, “You’re a beautiful guy. Christ man if I were gay you couldn’t keep me away.”

Tommy looked up at me suddenly serious. “Do you ever think about it? Being with a guy I mean?”

I hesitated carefully considering my words. The fact was that although I’d managed to put that side of me aside I’d always been interested in guys. I liked pussy of course but as long as I’d known anything about sex I’d caught myself stealing glimpses of other guys in the locker room studying their bodies, sometimes even thinking about them while I jerked off.

“Yeah Tommy,” I said reluctantly, “I’ve thought about it before.”

“Ever think about being with me?” he asked his voice betraying an enthusiasm I found more then a bit unnerving.

“I’ve never even imagined being with a guy who looked like you. Way out of my league,” I said trying to disguise my discomfort with awkward laughter.

“Out of your league?” Tommy said laughing, “Jesus man. I am many things but definitely not out of your league.”

I suppose he was right although I’d never really thought of it that way. Physically we were polar opposites. I had a broad, muscular chest tapering down to a defined six pack and slim, lithe runner’s legs. But whereas his face was bright and warm mine was dark. I had jet black hair and icy blue eyes which I always thought conveyed arrogance even if it was unintentional. Course I’d always been popular with the women so I guess there must have been some appeal even if I didn’t always see it.

“Do you uhm . . . ” I said carefully searching for words, “Want to go inside?”

Tommy nodded and we quickly went into the house. “Sit down Ben,” Tommy said as he flicked on the stereo. I sat down on the couch and stood there watching him as he started swaying slowly to the music. His hips moving back and forth as his hands roamed across his body. Finally gripping the bottom of his t-shirt and pulling it slowly up and off his smooth, tight torso.

“Jesus Tommy,” I said as I looked over his body. It was familiar from the locker room but now I was seeing it in a new light.

A broad smile flashed across Tommy’s face as he slowly turned around his back towards me. He looked over his shoulder as his fingers looped over the band of his shorts and tugged them down slowly exposing the smooth , tight globes of his ass. He slid them down his legs and leaned over his ass presented to me as he tugged them off along with his shoes.

“My God Tommy,” I said as he straighted up and turned around now looking almost bashful as if realizing for the first time he was naked, “You aren’t fucking cute, you’re absa fucking lootly hot.”

He blushed bashfully and walked from the middle of the room to where I was sitting on the couch stopping only a few steps away and sliding slowly to his knees. “I thought I had your seal of approval,” he said blushing even more deeply as he reached out and gripped my now hard cock through the fabric of my shorts.

His touch was like an electric bolt through my body and I felt my muscles tense. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Even more so when he slid his free hand up the leg of my shorts and gripped me with it, his warm hands folding around my shaft.

“Jesus Ben,” he said as his hand slid up and down my length, “It’s so hard but so soft. It feels like it’s on fire.” He reluctantly moved his hand and gripped the bottom of my shorts tugging on them even as I lifted my hips so he could get them down. Free at last my cock sprung up freed at last from their confines.

Tommy sat there for a moment looking at it in disbelief almost as if studying it before his eyes locked on mine. “Sarah told Angie you have a huge cock,” he said as he slowly gaze back down, “But I never realized.”

Really it wasn’t really all that big around six and a half inches but the fact I trimmed my pubes made it look even bigger as did the somewhat out of the ordinary thickness. It wasn’t a beer can by any stretch of the imagination but I’d never seen one thicker. Of course I’d never seen it that hard before either which sort of made me wonder why I’d waited so long to be with a guy.

Tommy sat there in silence for a moment his eyes back on my cock studying it as if taking in every feature. Eventually he reached out and gripped it again wrapping his hand around the base as he leaned forward and flicked his tongue out teasing the piss slit and getting a taste of the pre-cum.

“Wow,” he said as he leaned forward again licking up even more pre, “You taste fantastic.”

It almost seemed surreal looking down at my best friend as he licked my hard cock his eyes ablaze with desire. Even more so as he leaned forward and parted his lips sliding them slowly over the head of my cock.

Without thinking I reached out and put my hands on the back of his head, hair twisted between my fingers as I urged him forward. “You feel so good,” I said breathlessly as my cock slid through his mouth inch by inch.

As he moved he started humming and I could feel it vibrating against my shaft as he took the last of my cock into his mouth. His smooth face against my trimmed pubes. My head buried deep in his throat. I could feel the muscles of his throat quivering around my shaft as he gagged but he held himself there longer then I would have thought possible before he slowly slid off.

As the head popped out of his mouth he looked up at me his warm brown eyes aglow with tears. “Tommy,” I said trying to catch my breath, “I need to fuck you.”

He shook his head as an impish grin flashed across his innocent face. “Not a chance Ben,” he said still smiling, “I’ve waited to long. I’m not going to waste the easy load.”

I started to reply when he plunged forward taking my entire cock into his mouth in one smooth movement. Again he hesitated at the base for a moment before sliding off but this time he feathered his tongue against the sensitive underside as he moved. He might not have been experienced I thought as he started moving his head up and down my cock but he obviously had some natural talent.

All to soon I felt my nuts tightening and my cock throbbing. “Christ Tommy,” I said without thought, “I’m going to cum.”

Surprisingly he slid off and gripped my cock with his hand masturbating me to finish me off. Almost immediately my cock exploded spraying cum off his pretty, young face. Some into his mouth but most across his smooth cheeks dripping down onto his chest. “I just had to see you cum the first time,” he said as he reached up and wiped the cum off his face with his fingers.

I felt completely spent but as I sat there catching my breath and watching him lick each and every drop of cum off his fingers unbelievably I felt my cock starting to harden again.

Finished Tommy looked up at me nervousness flashing across his face. “Do you still want to . . . ” he said hesitantly, ” . . . you know . . . do me?”

Instead of answering I reached down and gripped him under his armpits pulling him up onto my lap. “Try to stop me little man,” I said using a nickname I’d given him years ago.

He nodded and wrapped his arms around me our bare chests pressed together and our hands roaming over each others bodies. Taking in every bulge and line. My lips playing across his neck teasing him before taking his ear lobe between my teeth.

“Ben,” I heard him whisper, “Fuck me. Fuck güvenilir bahis şirketleri me now.”

Needing no further invitation I reached down and gripped his hips lifting him easily and carrying him over to the desk in the corner before laying him down on his back.

I stood there for a moment looking down at him. He looked so cute. So innocent. “How bad do you want it little man,” I said as I reached down and ran the head of my cock up and down his ass crack.

“More then anything Ben,” he said as he tried to slide his slim body towards me as if trying to impale himself on my cock.

My eyes were locked on his as I positioned the head of my cock against his waiting hole and pressed forward. He was so fucking tight I was starting to wonder if there was any way I was going to fit but eventually I felt him stretching to accommodate me as the head slowly slid inside of him. I continued the pressure until I felt the head pop through his ring snapping around closed around the flared head of my cock head.

“Fuck,” Tommy said practically screaming, “That hurts so much.”

I hesitated reluctantly not wanting to cause my best friend any pain but his eyes popped open staring up at me. “It hurts,” he said whimpering as tears formed in the corners of his eyes, “But don’t stop. Fuck me Ben.”

Without a further word I pressed forward slowly sliding my hard cock into his ass. Inch after inch disappearing. His body trembling below me as I moved forward until finally at long last I felt my pubes come to rest against his smooth ass. His eyes were locked shut and I leaned forward my cock deep inside him kissing him lightly on the lips.

“You feel wonderful little man,” I whispered in his ear.

He opened his eyes hesitantly looking into my face just above his. “You feel huge,” he said with a half hearted laugh.

I nodded and straightened out before lifting his legs over my shoulders so I had better access. Slowly I slid out of him until only half my cock was still inside him. “Ready little man,” I said pausing.

“I’ve been waiting for eighteen years,” he said firmly, “I’m more then ready.”

I started sliding in and out of him slowly not wanting to cause him any discomfort but I could tell from his reddened face and clenched teeth I was completely unsuccessful.

“Ben,” he said his tear filled eyes still on mine, “Don’t fuck me like I’m made out of glass. I said I wanted to get fucked and that’s exactly what I meant. Fuck me like one of your cheerleader whores.”

I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my sweet, innocent looking best friends mouth. I doubted I’d ever heard anyone say anything that had turned me on so much. I nodded and slid out until only my head was still inside him. I hesitated for a moment gripping his legs tightly before I slid back into him in one long, hard stroke stopping only when my crotch slapped against his tight ass.

“Oh fuck Ben,” I heard him moan underneath me, “That feels so right.”

I didn’t even stop for a moment before I started pistoning into him riding his tight ass just like I would my girlfriends pussy. Slamming into him again and again. Our skin slapping together as I railed him. The desk shaking with my movements.

I could hear him moaning underneath me as I rode him. Begging me to go faster, harder. I picked up my pace drawing only a little way out before slamming into him. Seemingly impossibly deeper with each thrust.

“Fuck little man,” I said as I fucked him, “You feel so fucking good.”

I could feel myself getting close to cumming when I felt the muscles of his ass clamp down on my shaft. Looking down I could see wave after wave of cum spraying across his smooth, defined abs. I stayed inside him grinding my cock deep inside him and I felt myself explode in an orgasm more intense then anything I had ever experienced. My cock exploding as I painted his insides with my seed. I’d never fucked anyone without a condom before and I realized as my cock drained inside him I never wanted to again.

Spent I collapsed on top of him. Our sweaty chest pinned together, his cum smeared between us. “Thank you,” I heard him whisper breathlessly in my ear.

I chuckled to myself but reached down and lifted him again holding his slight body tightly against mine as I carried him into the bedroom.

I wish I could say that we were wrong and that we stayed in touch. We wrote back and forth for a while but eventually it tapered off as we both adjusted to our new lives. The morning my parents gave me a ride to the MEP’s station for inprocessing I saw him standing at the end of his driveway as we passed by waving sadly. It was the last time I saw him for many years.

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